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The Illustrated london News 1844

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No. 88 Vol 4 - January 6th

page 1

Page 1

Image: Presentation of the corps diplomatique to Louis Philippe, on Monday last


Page 2 1844

Page 2



Page 3

Page 3




Page 4

Page 4

Images: 1. Portrait of M. Sauzet, President of the Chamber of Deputies

2. The French Chamber of Deputies


Page 5

Page 5

Images: 1. The Raja of Putteella on his State Elephant

2. A Chinese Funeral


Page 6

Page 6


Page 7

Page 7


Page 8

Page 8

Images: 1. Chinese trophies at Windsor Castle (Guns)

2. The Great seal for Hong-Kong


Page 9

Page 9

Images: 1. His Royal Highness Prince Albert drawn by M. Baugniet

2. Illustrations from the story "Mabel Marchmont" by Thomas Miller



Page 10

Page 10

Articles : The Camarthen Assizes - The Welsh Riots, Literature, The Police


Page 11

Page 11



Page 12

Page 12

Images: 1. Alton Towers , the seat of the Earl of Shrewsbury

2. Visit of the Duc de Bordeaux to the Dudley Caverns

3. Interior of the Dudley Caverns

4. The Welch Church, Ely Place, Holborn


Page 13

Page 13

Immages: 1. Scene from the pantomime of "Harlequin in Tam O' Shanter" at Astley's

2. Finnoe House

3. The Rotheram Temperance Institute

4. Illustrations from The Eyeglass by Alfred Crowquill


Page 14

Page 14

Images: 1. Long short-sightedness

articles Shipping intelligence, Advertisments



Page 15

Page 15




Page 16

Page 16

Images: 1. The Kingstown and Dalkey atmospheric railway - starting of the train

2. George IV Obelisk- The atmospheric Railway,- The Kingstown station and Club-House

Fig 1. A vertical section of the pipe of the atmospheric railway

Fig 2.

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Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

mast head

YMCA founded in England

First Public baths opened in Liverpool

Disraeli's Coningsby published

The SS Great Britain goes to sea Dec 21 edition

1844 SS Great Britain


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January 6th 1844

mast head

  • Presentation of the Corps Diplomatique to Louis Philippe on Monday Last ' Front page.
  • ' Portrait of M. Sauzet President of the Chamber of Deputies'
  • ' The French Chamber of Deputies '

' The Raja of Putteealla On His State Elephant ' from a drawing by Emily Eden

' Chinese Funeral '

' Chinese Trophies at windsor Castle ' shows types of swords - blunderbuss - guns

' Great Seal for Hong Kong '

' His Royal Highness Prince Albert ' drawn by M. Baugniet

' Mabel Marchmont by Thomas Miller ' with small illustrations

' Alton Towers The Seat of the Earl of Shrewsbury '

' Visit of the Duc De Bordeaux to the Dudley Caverns - The Entrance '

' Interior of Dudley Caverns '

' The Welch Church, Ely Place, Holborn '

' Scene from The Pantomime of Harlequin Tam O'Shanter at Astleys '

' Finnoe House ' Tipperary. Small Engraving

' The Rotherham Temperance Institute ' Small

' The Eye Glass Written And Illustrated By Alfred Crowquill ' Three Engr. ' The Kingstown and Dalkey Atmospheric Railway - Starting of the Train ' plus two other diagrams of the train

' George IV Obelisk - The Atmospheric Railway, The Kingstown Station and Club House '

Prospects of the Session

Foreign Intelligence includes news from New Zealand and the eruption of Mount Etna and more

Country News

Ireland - The State Trials, Striking The Jury - shows a list of names of the jurors including the names of the persons objected to. Approx. 48 names listed

The Inaugural Address of the Trinity College Dublin Historical Society by Mr Magee BA

Metropolitan News

The Overland Mail - India and China .

The Court and Haut Ton at Windsor etc

The Illustrated London New Editorial with reference to The Committee onthe Labour of Children and Females in Coal Mines - Interment in Towns etc

Surrey Sessions Befor Thomas Puckle Esq etc Accidents and Offences includes Fatal Coal Pit Accident near Hulton in a coal pit belonging to the trustees of the late Duke of Bridgewater - Steam Boiler Explosion

Assize Intelligence - Carmarthen Assizes, The Welsh Riots - CHester Circuit, The Mormonite Case

Naval and Military Intelligence includes the Monthly Military Obituary and THe Funeral of Sir Edward Brace KCB at Sheerness

Shipping Intelligence includes Vessels Run Down At Sea The Dorothy and the Jane of South Shields etc



January 13th 1844

mast head





January 20th 1844

mast head

  • 'New Lighthouse at Plymouth Breakwater ' Front page
  • ' The Chinese Bell in the Library of Buckingham palace ' - - - ' Top of The Bell ' - - - Figures on the Bell ' - - - ' Chinese Vases '
  • ' Singular Accident to a Sparrow ' Rotunda in Sackville St Dublin' Cranoe, Leicestershire '
  • ' The Music Hall, Dublin '

' The Great Aggregate Meeting in the Music hall Dublin '

' Mr Jospeh's Statue of Wilkie '

State Prosecutions in Ireland ' Civic Portraits - Town Clerk (Mr Ford ) - Alderman Butt - The Late Lord Mayor (Mr Roe ) - The Recorder (Rt Hon Frederick Shaw ) - Town Councillor M'Laughlen ' The Corporation of Dublin

State Prosecutions in Ireland ' Legal Portraits - Mr Clements - Mr Hayes - Mr Pierce Mahony - Mr Gartlan - Mr Cantwell ' Dublin

' SIgnal Fires in Ireland '

' O'Connell His Sons, John and Daniel and Party on Their Way to The Four Courts '

' The Adopted; or Implulse not Principle by Miss Camilla Toulmin '

' Monument to Moliere at Paris '

' Madame Dulcken ' pianist

' Miss Rainforth and Mr Harrison in Balfe's Opera of The Bohemian Girl The Gipsy's Dream '

' Camberwell New Church '

' Portrait of the Rev H. Melvill ' of the Camden Chapel

' Mount Etna From Catania Harbour '


English And Irish Poor Laws

Foreign Intelligence

Country News includes South Wales and The Rebecca Riots, Shoni Scyborfawr and Dais y Cantwr sentenced to transportation



Metropolitan News

The Court and Haut Ton at Windsor etc

The Illustrated London News Editorial with reference to Mr O'Connell and more Accident and Offences includes Destructible Fire at Clerkenwell - Dreadful Death From Hydrophobia - Horrible Death of a Blind Jewess by Fire - The Deptford Murders - Shocking Murder at Lochgilphead The State Prosecutions in Ireland with articles on the Solicitors for the defence and The Corporation

Mabel Marchmont By Thomas Miller

Naval and Military Intelligence

Shipping Intelligence



January 27th 1844

mast head

price 6d

Dublin – Hall of the Four Courts ' front page

' Funeral Procession of the Late Ex-King of Holland – William I of The Netherlands ' full page

Wreck of the Transport " Premier " off Cape Chatte in the Gulf of St. Lawrence '

' The Premier (ship) After The Wreck '

' Eruption in the Sandwich Islands – Mouna Loa on Hawaii '

' Louis Adolphe Thiers '

The Dublin State Trials in Ireland -:

' Dame Street - The Procession '

' Mister O'Connell Leaving the Robing Room for the Court '

' The Trial at The Court of Queens Bench ' .

' The Reports Box at the Trial '

' Map – Showing Lighthouses Erected by the Commissioners of the Northern Lighthouses Showing Skerryvore – Bellrock – Eddystone ' small engraved outline map of Great Britain and Ireland

' The Skerryvore Lighthouse off The West Coast of Scotland '

' Fashions ' engravings of two dresses and headwear

' St George's Chapel Windsor – Stall and Banner of the King of Saxony '

Scene from the Opera " The Maid of Judah " at ther Princess's Theatre Reive London – Mr and Mrs Wood

Scene from " The Merry Wives of Windsor " at trhe Haymarket Theatre

' The Isle of Man – Destruction of King William's College by Fire '

' King Williams College at Castletown Before the Fire '

' The Late Sir Francis Burdett '

Female Labour

Foreign Intelligence – Frence Spaion – Germany – Duchy of Brunswick – Greece – Turkey

' National Sports

' Epitome of News – Snippets of News

' The Markets – prices of Bread, Corn, Hops, Wool, etc

Commerce and Money

London Gazette – War Office List of Appointments - - - Bankrupts

Births Marriages and Deaths

The Wreck of the Transport Premier – From a Correspondent

Volcanic Eruption In The Sandwich Islands – Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Titus Coan dated Hilo Sandwich Island 16 May 1843

m. Adolphe Thiers – info. French Prime Minister and President etc

Illustrated London News Editoria – The Trials in Dublin

To Correspondents – Brief replies to readers

' The Court and Haut Ton – Royal Comings and Goings

Church and Universities – Appointments etc

Metropolitan News includes The Death of Mr Hobler the Clerk of the Mansion House - - - Orphan Asylum at Clapton - - - The Poor Needlewomen and The Annual Meeting of the North London Ophthalmic Institution - - - Mr Alderman Gibbs and The Royal Sea Bathing Infirmary – Fever and Smallpox in Southwark

Country News includes:

Darlington and White Slavery

Extraordinary Result of Medical Skill at Bristol by Mr Prowse – Mary Cribb Suspended Over a Staircase

Case of Arson at Eton

Mepham of Maidstone the Innocent Convict Sent to Hobart

The Execution of Roberts The Poacher at Kirkdale

Incendiarism at Ardleigh Hall Suffolk

Execution at York – Joseph Dobson for the Murder of his Father at Mount Tabor Near Halifax

Middlesex Sessions – The Prosecution of a Gaming House At St James's Westminster

Police Column – The Wills Forgery Case at the Mansion House - - - Willful Damage of a Picture inthe National Gallery, William Adams - - - Extensive Embezzlement and Attempted Suicide at Clerkenwell of William Blakely

Accidents and Offences includes:

Death in the Penitentiary of Millbank

Shocking Accident by the Carriage of the Earl of Aberdeen Between Slough and Windsor .

Sucide at Waterloo bridge

Serious Omnibus Accident – Nightingales Omnibus The Atlas No 281 Between Elephant Castle and Paddington near the Obelisk

Alarming Fire at the Bar Parlour of Mr J. Thorn of the City Arms i West Street Southwark

Suicide of a Sailor WilliamLandsdown of Greenwich Hospital

Ireland and the State Trials

Ireland And The Repeal Association – includes a letter from John O'Connell at Four Courts Dublin

Ireland – A Woman Poisoned by Her Husband and Mother in Law, Mary Potts of Kilpike

Death of Sir Francis Burdett at St James's Place

The Fire at King Williams College in the Isle of Man

'Mr Emidy Driving Twenty Eight Horses to Greenwich ' a wager

' St Thomas's West Indies – A View from Wrights Wharf ' – info. Virgin Islands

' The Greek Patriot Demetrius Kalergi '

' Washington The Capitol ' view of the city, United States

' The Birthplace of Joseph Addison at Milston in Wilts ' small engraving

' Milston Church ' small engraving

' The Fire at Lyme Regis ' small engraving

' The Earl of Wicklow – William Howard ' .

' The Interior of Exeter Hall in the Strand – May Meetings '

' The Royal Thames Yacht Club Sailing Match – Mystery – Gnome – Enigma – Phantom – Gazelle ' from a sketch by Mr Condy RWYC

' Horse Racing In the Reign of Charles II '

' Gorhambury Races '

' Portrait of Ratan ' racehorse and jockey

' Madame Anna Thillon ' singer and actress

' Statue of John Carpenter at the City of London School '

' Thaxted Church and Spire '

' Tablet to Luke Clennell the Engraver and Artist '

' David and Goliath – Cartoon After Raffaele ' – tear to page

' Invalid Chair ' small engraving for advert

' Bellamy Savory's Tourists Companion ' advert

The Moral Wrong Majority

Condition of the Working Classes

Interior of a Power Loom Factory

Foreign intelligence includes:





America – Important Intelligence – with mention of Washington and Mr Calhoun. Mr Pakenham - - - The Oregon Negociation, Mr Crittenden, etc - - - Late From Texas Mr Elliott HBM Charge d'Affaires

Imperial parliament with mention of Wir W. Follett – Lord Egerton – The Factories Bill – Sir T. Fremantle – Mr Liddell – Mr M. Milnes – Mr Bright – Sharman Crawford – S. Reive – Charles Napier etc

Illustrated London New Editorial

The Court and Haut Ton – Royal Comings and Goings

Metropolitan News – Dinner at the Mansion House to Her Majestys Ministers

Naval And Military Intelligence

Middlesex Sessions

The Battersea Murder with mention of Prisoner Dalmas – James Cook of 11 Davers Street Chelsea – Mr Gilham – Thomas Hall the Toll Coillector of Battersea Bridge – Eliza Long of Fords Buildings Battersea – Augusta Dalmas – Mr William Gosling the Landlord of the Swan

Accidents and Offences include:

Sudden Death of Mrs Magnay

Dreadful Accident at Blenheim Palace to Henry Summer .

Fatal Accidents on the River, Mister Samuel Theodore Lebatt a Principal at Hermangild, Castellani and Co in Copthal Court - - Inquest into the death of Mr Charles Wilson at the Spread Eagle, millbnak

Accident In Hyde park, James Frogget a Groom of Lord Byron 's

Accident on Board the Mercury Steamer

Fire in Long Acre at 7 Leg Alley,

The Trigonometrical Survey – Spire of Thaxted Church near Epping '

Law Intelligence – Court of Common Pleas Before Lord Chief Justice Tindal and A Common Jury – Elliott v. Allen and Others

The Markets – Prices of food, coal, etc

The London Gazette – War Office Appointments

Births Marriages and Deaths Announcements

Adverts of the day



February 3rd 1844

mast head





February 10th 1844

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February 17th 1844

mast head

  • Colossal Statue of the Queen At The Royal Institution Edinburgh ' Front page
  • ' The Hongs at Canton Before The Late Fire - Danish Hong - British Consulate - American Consulate - The East India Companys '

' Chinese Theatre '

' Bowie Knife of America '

' The Marquis of Normanby '

' Lord John Russell '

' The Recorders Court, Dublin '

' O'Connell's Cap '

' Sculpture for the Pediment of the New Royal Exchange - British Factor and Merchant Seaman '

' Sculpture for the Pediment of the New Royal Exchange - Lord Mayor, Alderman and Common Councilman '

' Sculpture for the Pediment of the New Royal Exchange - London Merchants and Persian Trader '

' Sculpture for the Pediment of the New Royal Exchange - Chinese African adn Levantine Traders '

' The Queen And Her Cabinet Ministers ' Full page of portraits includes Knatchbull Haddington Hardinge Wharncliffe Graham Aberdeen Ripon Stanley Coulburn Peel Lyndhurst Buccleuch and The Queen

' The New Gaol at Reading '

' The Gresham Club House '

' Scene From The Christmas Carol at THe Adelphi Theatre '

' Scene From Richard III at Drury Lane Theatre '

' The Young Flageolet Player by Miss Louisa Stuart Costello '

Prospects of Ireland

Imperial Parliament House of Lords and Commons

Country News

Central Criminal Court

The Dublin State Trials

Metropolitan News

Accidents and Offences includes Accident at the Duke of Beauforts Stables

Foreign Intelligence includes Spain - germany - France - Portugal

The MArkets

Births Marriages and Deaths

Every Body's Column



February 24th 1844

mast head







March 2nd 1844

mast head


  • Alicant ( Alicante ?) - drawn on the spot by F G Sargent - front page
  • Alicant from the bay
  • Spanish Villagers retreating
  • Don Carlos

The Maid of Damascus

A page with 4 engravings and text, devoted to the Azores Islands

Caldeira or crater in Corvo

Pico wine boat

The valley of waterfalls in Flores

Church of Santa Cruz, In Flores

The sculpture gallery and drawing school, Liverpool mechanics institution

Soiree at the Liverpool Mechanics institution - Mr Dickens Address ( yes, Charles Dickens)

The Hon Sydney Herbert

The great Anti corn law league meeting in Covent garden

Fire at Oxford on Tuesday last

Loss of the Elberfield steamer

The Caledonian Ball at the Hanover Square Rooms

Portrait of Duprez

Whiskey Still in Connemara

The New Patent cabriolet

Relinquishment of Tahiti by the French

The rebellion in Spain - Alicant

Vast shoal of fish off Lyme Regis, Dorset

Don Carlos - Affairs of Spain

Recent survey of the Azores

Suicide of a Mr Oliver Moore of Dublin

The loss of the Elberfield steamer ( William Bush, Captain Stranack)

A curious case of swindling at Coventry ( at the Dog and Duck )

Incendiary fires in suffolk - in the neighbourhood of Ipswich

Critiques of magazines such as - The Dublin Review, The Artizan, The Illuminated Magazine,

A Strange treatise called ' Smoke ' with small illustrations by Alfred Crowquill ( Railing against smoky atmospheres in public places!)



March 9th 1844

mast head




March 16th 1844

mast head




March 23rd 1844

mast head




March 30th 1844

mast head






April 6th 1844

mast head


165 men, women and children emigrants embarked at Deptford on board the St Vincent, 628 tons, bound for Plymouth, Cork and Sydney Australia. The weekly allowance, given in proportion daily, to each adult during the voyage is 4½ lb of Bread, 1lb of beef, 1 lb of pork, 1lb of preserved meat, 1¾lb flour, ½ lb raisins, 6oz suet, 1 pint peas, ½ lb rice, ½ lb preserved potatoes, 1 oz tea, 1½ oz roast coffee, ¾ lb sugar, 6 oz butter, 5 gallons and 1 quart water, 1 gill pickled cabbage, ½ gill vinegar, and 2 oz salt

1844 emigrants dinner



April 13th 1844

mast head





April 20th 1844

mast head


  • Lottery The Celebrated Steeple Chase Winner Drawn By Herring '
  • ' Kasgeewhala the Usurper of Gwalior '
  • ' Arrival of the Waterford Corporation at Penrose Quay '
  • ' Sketch from The Windsor Steeple Chase ' plus two smaller engravings
  • ' Herr Ernst ' The violinist
  • ' Mr and Mrs Keeley in The Pas De Tambourne and Carving Knife at the Lyceum Theatre '
  • ' ' Scene From The Extravaganza of The Fair Star at the Princess Theatre '

' Launch of " The Ariel " Steamer at Rotherhithe '

' The New Record Room, Heralds College '

' The Rev Dr Croly ' Bust

' The Wills Forgery Trials - The Bench During the Trial - Justice Williams - Baron Gurney - Justice Maule '

' The Wills Forgery Trials - Barber - Fletcher - Mrs Dorey '

' The Wills Forgery Trials - Sanders - Mrs Sanders '

' Ancient Egyptian Brick Stamp ' - - - ' Ancient Spanish Monograms ' small

' St Christopher 1423 '

' Old Playing Card 15th c '

' St Bernardin 1454 '

' Letter K Alphabet of Initial Letters, 15th c '

' Exercitium Super Pater-Noster '

' From Pfisters Biblia Pauperum 1462 '

Supplement ' Specimen of Wood Engraving 1518 - Triumphs of Maximilian '

' Erasmus After Holbein '

' Paul and Virginia '

' Coursing - Greyhounds '

' Cast Iron Light House for the West Indies '

' Miss Edgeworth's House ' small

' Isabella II Queen of Spain '

' Hyde Park in the Season '

' The Azores and Madeira - Watering With Paddle Box Boats at St Mary's ' - Caldeira at Flores '- Landing Place at Angra Terceira - Point of the Cross, Madeira '

' The Battle of Culloden '

' Water Tomb at Telmessus '

Public Improvements

Foreign Intelligence - Spain - Italy - Germany - France - greece - Balearic Isles - America - the Brazils - China

Imperial Parliament

Country News includes wonderful Escape at Christchurch - A Fire at Gateshead in Hillgate - Daring Burglarly at Kingston - The Colliers Strike At Newcastle on Tyne - The Robbery of Fifteen Hundred Sovereigns at Oxord

Ireland - Opening of Term with reference to Daniel O'Connell

The Illustrated London News Editorial

The Court and Haut Ton at Windsor

Metropolitan News

Naval and Military Intelligendce - Duelling etc

Accidents and Offences

Horrible Massacre in One of the South Sea Islands, total Destruction of the Harriet Whale Ship

Wood Engraving Its History and Practice by William Andrew Chatto




April 27th 1844

mast head





May 4th 1844

mast head


  • 'The Court of Directors, East India House' (front page)
  • 'Electric Printing Telegraph, South Western Railway: Deflecting Apparatus - The Dial - Copper Station, Nine Elms Telegraph and Zinc Station Wimbledon - Printing Alarum - Printing Apparatus'
  • 'The New Bricklayers Arms Terminus of The South Eastern Railway' London

'South eastern railway: The Timber Viaduct from Cooper's Bridge'

'South Eastern: Frame Work of The Viaduct'

'Royal Botanic Society of London: Principal Tent at The Royal Botanic Societys Fete'

'Refresment Room at Royal Botanic Societys Gardens'

'Wreck of The Waterman steamer off Hastings'

'Red Deer Winning The Chester Cup'

'M. Salvi'

'Court of Proprietors, East India Company'

'Mr. Day's "The Ugly Buck" and Lord George Bentincks "The Devil to Pay" Race for the 2000 Guineas at Newmarket'

'Mr. Smythe MP for Canterbury, eldest son of Viscount Strangford'

'Mr Ferrand MP for Knaresborough'

'Royal Academy - Prize Sculpture by Mr. Edward B. Stephens'

'Raleighs House'

'A History of Wood Engraving: Portrait of Captain Coram from Hogarths Picture' (small tear)

Also articles (no engravings) including 'Recall of the Governor General of India', 'Foreign Intelligence', 'Imperial Parliament', 'Irish State Trials', 'Parisian Fashions', 'Police 'Naval and Military Intelligence', 'Country News', The Court and Haut Ton'.
'Police - Mansion House, Two Young men named Hart and Johnson charged with pick pocketing' (quite an amusing account)

'Accidents and Offences - Murder on Battersea Bridge of Mrs McFarlane, the supposed perpetrator is Augustus Dalmas, A Frenchman'

'Country News - Dreadful Murder at Davidstow Cornwall of Charlotte Dymond, the suspect, Matthew Weeks was apprehended on Plymouth Hoe - Gateshead, Fatal Colliery Accident at Friars Goose (small)'

'National Sports, The Race for The Chester Cup', 'The History of Wood Engraving'


May 11th 1844

mast head

This a Notice that appeared in May 11th Edition 1844

advertising the forthcoming very large give away engraving for subscribers (upwards of 8 feet (nearly 3 m. long)

1844 notice of panorama

1845 panorama of thames

1845 panorama of thames2

The proprietors of the Illustrated London news have great

pleasure in announcing the forward preparation of a most superb

engraving as a companion to their celebrated Large Print entitled

"London in 1842"

In selecting this engraving, they are convinced that the subject

chosen from its paramount interest and attraction, will meet with

universal approbation. It will represent a Magnificent




Showing at one view "The Royal-Towered Thame:"; its "forests of

masts;" its crowded Docks and Port; its fleet of Steamers; its


its busy Wharfs and Quays, and the various objects of interest and beauty upon its immediate banks, including


and exhibitingthe winding of the "Silver Thames" through the

mighty mass of buildings that form the Metropolis of the Commer-

cial World.

Showing as distinctly as in a Map, yet with beautiful picturesque

effect the several


with the many hundred Churches, Palaces, Columns, and Arches ;

Government Offices, and Public Institutions, Club Houses, Noble

Mansions, and Palatial Homes ; embellished Street Architecture

Terraces and Villas ; Theatres ; Railways ; Parks and Public

Walks ; Factories and Warehouses ; and, in short, a perfect

Picture of the Vast Extent, Architectural Character, and

Most Recent Improvements, of the


To be engraved in the


From a most Elaborate Drawing made expressly for the


And which has ocuupied the Artists for several months, so that the strictest reliance maybe placed on its accuracy.

The entire length of the PRINT will be


but it is impossible to enumerate one tenth of the objects.

The interest of the subject cannot be surpassed, and the highest

talent is employed in its execution.

-- Further announcements of this Magnificent Print will be duly given.

198 STRAND, April 18, 1844.


May 18th 1844

mast head





May 25th 1844

mast head






June 1st 1844

mast head


price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including

  • 'Victoria Land in The South Polar Regions Discovered by Captain Sir J. C, Ross' (front page),
  • 'The Grand Oxford Commemoration - The Divinity School - The Procession from St. Mary's - The Convocation in The Theatre', 'The Boat Race',
  • 'The General Post Office (by Authority - The Letter Carriers Office - The Inland Letter Office - The Money Order Vaults - The Newspaper Bin - Packinging the Indian Mail - Letter Bag Hoist - The Office Letter Railroad',
  • 'Plate Presented by HRH Prince Albert to The Eleventh Hussars',
  • 'The Newcastle Plate',
  • 'Parliamentary Portraits, Mr Disraeli',
  • 'Signor Costa, A Musician',
  • 'The City Wellington Statue', 'Head of The Horse',
  • 'Specimen of Wood Engraving - The Death of The Children of Niobe from a painting by Wilson engraved by W. J. Linton',
  • 'Launch of the Waterwitch at Cowes', 'Lord Egertons Fete, The Pavilion at Worsley'.
  • Also articles (no engravings) including 'Foreign and Colonial News', 'Metropolitan News', 'Country News', 'The Court and Haut Ton',
  • Police - Alleged Poisoning by Prussic Acid' 'The Central Criminal Court',
  • 'National Sports',
  • 'Naval and Military',
  • 'Imperial Parliament'


June 8th 1844

mast head





June 15th 1844

mast head





June 22nd 1844

mast head





June 29th 1844

mast head

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including

  • 'The Secret Office at The General Post Office' (front page), 'Stamps for the Official Letters of the Post Office',
  • 'Rauparaha - Kafia Chief', 'Rangihaeata - Fighting General',
  • 'Thames Regatta - Putney Bridge',
  • 'Royal Military Academy, Woolwich - Parade of Cadets in the Stone Court - Cadets in the New Appointments - The Examination in The Dining Hall',
  • 'Henley Regatta - Eight Oar'd Match',
  • 'Grand Review Phoenix Park, Dublin',
  • 'Wood Engraving - The Prophet Jeremiah, from the Painting by Michaelangelo',
  • 'Fashions for July and Bonnets and Caps',
  • 'A Fruit Schooner', 'The Loss of The Saladin - Suspected Piracy near Ireland Harbour Nova Scotia',
  • Barrows in Greenwich Park',
  • 'A Sloth at The Zoological Gardens, Regents Park',
  • 'Scene from Costa's Opera of Don Carlos',
  • 'The Durham Regatta',
  • 'Fire at Boston - from a Drawing By Mr. W. Caister',
  • 'Freiston Shore Races'.
  • Also articles (no engravings) including 'Foreign and Colonial News', 'Metropolitan News', 'Country News', 'The Court', 'National Sports', 'Naval and Military', 'Imperial Parliament'







July 6th 1844

mast head






July 13th 1844

mast head

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including

  • Front page Engraving - Emperor of Morocco.
  • London Bridge Steam Wharf.
  • Margate by the sea.
  • The Governor of the Bank of England.
  • The Waverley Ball.
  • Lovely Engravings of paintings by Edward Landseer.Famouse for his portraits of Animals.
  • The derby winner 'Orlando'
  • Scene from Othello. Scene from Martin Chuzzlewit.
  • Famouse Ballerina (of the day) Madamoiselle Fanny Elssler dancing the Zaragoza.




July 20th 1844

mast head





July 27th

mast head

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including

The New Comet Drawn at The Royal Observatory Greenwich ' Front page

New Destructive Power: Captain Warners Experiment at Brighton, His Invisible Shell - 'The " John O'Gaunt 2 Being Towed to Destruction'

Captain Warners Experiment at Brighton -

  • 'The Explosion'
  • 'The John O'Gaunt Settling Down'
  • 'Settled'
  • 'View of the Wreck at Sunset'
  • 'Supposed Case of a Steamer Pursued By an Enemy'
  • 'Supposed Appearance of shell' small
  • 'Diagram of Ship and Fleet' small


'Harvest Home - The Old English Farmer'

'Great Meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society at Southampton - 'The Cattle Show, Portswood'

Southampton - 'Victoria Archery Rooms - The Council Dinner '

'The Late Mr Thomas Hudson ' Celebrated song writer

'Lord Heytesbury The Newly Appointed Viceroy of Ireland '

'The New Exeter 'Change ' Arcade between Wellington St, North and Catherine St, Strand

'The 'City of London' Aberdeen Steam Ship'

'Statue of the Duke of Sussex by Baily '

'Fashions for August'

'The Dog Bill Committee Drawn By T. Landseer ' read out by a group of dogs ' Steamers and Piers '

'Foreign Intelligence' includes France - Spain - Hanover - Portugal

'Imperial Parliament - The House of Lords and Commons' - Actions for Gaming Discontinuance Bill, Mr Russell - Railways Bill, Mr Gladstone - France and Morocco, Mr Sheil

'Law Intelligence - Ingenious Frauds in the Linendrapery Trade

'Assize Intelligence' - Frightful Cases of Confessed Murder at The Norfolk Assizes at Cambridge, by Eliza Joyce aged 31 on Emma Joyce and Ann Joyce at Boston by administering Laudenham

'Police' includes The Late Discounting Case, John Alves - - - Death of a Boy From Brutal Treatment, Jeremiah Mulready charged for beating named Robert Jennings in Golden Lane St Lukes

'Accidents and Offences' includes Lamentable Occurrence at Blackfriars Bridge, ilst a pier gave way killing several people including children. Results of the inquest etc - - - Other Fatal Accidents on the River on Sunday

'The Marriage of the President of the United States with Miss Gardiner' President John Tyler

' Lord Eldons Fulfilment of a Promise '

'The Illustrated London News' Editorial

'Court and Haut Ton' at Windsor etc

'Metropolitan News' includes Taking The Veil at Bermondsy by The Sisters of Mercy - - - The State of the Weather etc

'Naval and Military Intelligence'

'Meeting for The Purpose of Establishing an Agricultural College ( at Cirencester )'

'Country News' includesMurder near Stratfored upon Avon - - - Extraordinary and Shocking Accident at Aylesbury, death of abull on the Tring Train - - - The Burns Festival Preparations

'The Markets'




August 3rd 1844

mast head




August 10th 1844

mast head






August 17th 1844

mast head

The Late Pacha of Egypt – Mehemet Ali ' – front page print from engraving "fro a Recent Drawing" – info. Muhammad Ali

' Morocco ' an engraving showing a walled city, mountains in the background, troops marching from the city, various plants, palm trees etc. – info. possibly Marrakech Marrakesh

' Tangier from the Sea ' view of Tangier with sailing ships in the foreground

' Old House in West Street (No. 3 former Chick Lane ) Clerkenwell ' the Fleet River running beneath

' Interior of the Old House at West Street Clerkenwell '

' The Lying in State of the Late Dr John Dalton at Town Hall Manchester ' – info. an English chemist, physicist, meteorologist best known for his pioneering work in atomic theory

' Statue of Dr Dalton '

' The Funeral Procession of John Dalton '

The Burns Festival on the Banks of the Doon -: .

' Burn's Three Sons '

' View of The Burns Monument '

' Procession of Archers '

' Procession Uncovering Before the Son of Burns ' raising their hats

' Procession of Shepherds '

' The Banquet in The Pavilion '

' The Interior of a Favourite Resort of Burns ' interior of a cottage

' Burns Quaich – Drinking Cup '

Two examples of "Autographs" of Robert Burns

' Wolverhampton Races '

' Scene from the Burlesque of " Aladdin" or the Wonderful Lamp at the Lyceum Theatre '

Two illustrations for "Fitz-Stephen by The Old Sailor – short story

' Mlle Cerito in the Ballet Reive Alma ' – info. Fanny Cerrito Italian ballet dancer

' A Crown Presented to Cerito at Rome '

' Scene from Ricci's New Opera of Corrado Di Altamura At Her Majestys Theatre '

France – Tahiti - Morocco

Foreign Intelligence:




Prussia with a declaration by King Frederick William



United States

China – "From Our Own Correspondent dated Nigpo 23 March

Law Intelligence:

The Insolvency of the Romford Bank

The Talacre, Company Re Chappelon

Assize Intelligence:

Deliberate Murder of a Wife by Her Husband at Weston super Mare, John Fisher accused of murdering his wife Mary at The Devonshire Arms

London Police:

Nicholas Giles Charged at Union Hall Police Office - - - Robbery by a Postman Patrick Larking Charged at Bow Street

Octavius Clarke charged at Worship Street for stealing a gold watch

Another Female Sailor – Sarah Bignell aged 17 remanded in custody

Strange Application Against Louis Philippe – Bichen Hilton

Country News:

Awful Death at Rossendale Lancs, young man killed at the mill of Mr Rawstron

Execution at Bodmin

The Sale of a Wife of George Woodhead in the Market Place at Leeds

Murder in Staffordshire, at Halmerend near Newcastle under Lyme

Murder at Bridge Inn, Bolton, of Patrick Murray a Private in the 8th Regt of Foot

Steam Boiler Explosion at Wigan at the Coal Pit of Messrs Blundell and Sons, Thomas Worthington a brow man of Pemberton, and Michael Ashcroft aged 7

Bombardment of Tangier

The Funeral of Dr Dalton at Manchester

Illustrated London News Editorial

The court and Haut Ton – Her Majesty (Victoria) and The Royal Prince (birth of Prince Alfred)

Metropolitan News:

NewHouses of Parliament

Proposed Embankment of the Thames

The Outrage at Tahiti – meeting of the London Missionary Society at Exeter Hall

Statistics of Cats Meat and Horses Tongues – Inquest at Elephant and Castle, St Pancras on John King aged 14

Accidents and Offences:

Another Death from Tight Lacing – Inquest at the Coach and Horses at Avery Row, Bond Street

Manslaughter Charge

Suicide with a Chisel

Death from Drinking Brandy – Inquest at the Lord Exmouth on Catherine Street, Limehouse

Suicide of a Female Septuagenarian, Miss Sarah Wills

Fire at Church Lane,Whitechapel

Burns Festival – by Mister and Mrs S. C. Hall .

Dinner to the Heroes of Afghanistan by The Directors of the East India Company

The Markets – Food Prices etc

Births Marriages and Deaths

Every Body's Column:

The Mormonites and Recent urder of Joe Smith in The United States

Increase in the Size and Population of London

Mr Dempster and His New mode of Navigation

Characteristic Anecdote of Louis Philippe



August 24th 1844

mast head

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including

  • Mogadore ' Front page - Essaouira Morocco
  • Recent Pencillings in Morocco
  • ' Lady of the Harem At Her Toilet
  • ' Peasant of Morocco ' .
  • ' Singing Woman of the Harem '
  • ' Women of Morocco ' in headress made of copper with flowers engraved on it

' Morocco Jewess with the Veil '

' Slave of the Harem '

' Fire at Richmond - The Cricketers Tavern Greenside '

' St Dunstans in the East ' church London

' Dr Wolff at Bokhara ' Jewish Christian missionary - Dr Joseph Wolff

' Bokhara Chief ' - Bukhara is in Uzbekistan

' Count Nesselrode '

' The Telephone ' - A Telegraphic Alarum by Captain J. N. Taylor - fog horn

' The Royal Exchange and Bank Buildings in 1780 ' London

' The New Royal Exchange ' Threadneedle Street city of London with The Duke of Wellington Statue in the foreground

The War In Morocco

' The French Fleet off Tangier ' a view looking from a ship towards the town of Tangier

' Bombardment of Tangier '

' Ripon - St Wilfrid Festival ' a view looking down Kirkgate towards the cathedral

' St Wilfrid Races At Ripon '

' Charles Waterton Esq '

' South Winfield Manor House Derbyshire ' small engraving

' The Manchester and Salford Regatta From a Sketch by Mr Hayes ' on the river Irwell - showing the boats on the river, crowds on the riverbanks and the mills in the distance

Cricket at Brighton

' R. Kynaston Esq ' cricketer

' C. Taylor Esq ' cricketer

' Grand Cricket Match at Brighton - Box's Ground ' - info Royal Gardens - Hanover Ground - Sussex County Cricket Club v. Marylebone

' Prince Alberts Apiary - Scholl's New Barrel Bee Hive '

' Mister Hampton's New Balloon '


Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-

The Harvest

Foreign Intelligence - France - Spain - Portugal - Buenos Ayres - West Indies

Central Criminal Court - the Poisoning Case at Stepney and the Trial of James Cockburn Belaney for the murder of his wife Rachel Belaney with Prussic Acid at Green Street - About 5000 word article describing events and court case with names of witnesses etc

Police includes - A Series of Robberies by the Son of a Clergyman Octavius Clarke

Country News includes Narrow Escape for Tom Thumb "General Tom Thumb" at Clifton - - - Execution at Stafford on William Beard - - - Coach Accident at Carlisle - - - Stabbing in Somersetshire at Norton St Philips Somerset - - - Suicide at Cirencester - - - Another Coal Pit Accident near Maryport

Ireland includes the Repeal Association

Correspondents .

The Illustrated London News Editorial

Court and Haut Ton - Royal Comings and Goings

Metropolitan News includes Post Office Spy System - - - Supposed Foundations of a Roman Temple at Bread Street south of Watling Street - - - Improvements in whitechapel - - - Commission of Lunacy at St Lukes Workhouse on Brent Spencer son of the Late General Sir Arethur Brent Spencer

Death of Dr Syntax at Edinburgh

Murder at Manchester of Jane Millins in Bradshaw Street Hulme

Bombardment of Tangiers

Accidents and Offences includes - A Child Killed by Leap Frog - - - Death fron an Injury to the Finger - - - and more



August 31st 1844

mast head




September 7th 1844

mast head




September 14th 1844

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September 21st 1844

mast head


  • Windsor Castle - The Huge Silver Gilt Wine Cooler, Scene in the Waterloo Gallery at the Royal Christening (of Prince Alfred ) ' Front page - The wine cooler held up to 42 gallons
  • The Criminal Trial in India
  • ' The European Judge '
  • ' The Omlar ' a principal official that assists the judge, preparing paperwork, documents, etc
  • ' The Vakeel - Native Barrister
  • ' The Accused - A Thief '

' Burkundauz or Native Policeman '

' The Witness ' Sl .eekburn

' The Great Berkshire Jubilee Festival in The United States of America - View of the Pavilion ' - Pittsfield Massachusetts

' Berkshire Festival - Jubilee Hill in a Storm '

' Lord Stanley - The Hon. Edward Geoffrey Smith Stanley '

Royal Visit to Scotland

' Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Disembarking at Dundee ' showing sailing ships at Broughty Ferry

' King William Dock Dundee ' S .LEEKBURN

' The Royal Party Passing the Triumphal Arch in the High Street At Dundee '

' The Falls of the Fender - The Queen and Lady Glenlyon on a Visit '

' Viewing the Pass of Killiecrankie '

' Blair Athol Castle from Ben-y-Glo '

' Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Alighting from their Carriage at Blair Athol Church '

Double page - the second of which has damage to edge only affecting a small part of the engraving and text

' Blair Athol ' - - - ' Cottages at Blair Athol '

' Monument to Grace Darling ' part of the inscription reads " ...Grace Horsley Darling A Native of Bamburgh and Inhabitant Of These Islands ...' with a poem dedicated to her by William Wordsworth - the article also refers to the Fern Islands and St Cuthberts Chapel ( Farne )

' The New Church at Llanymyneck near Oswestry ' small engraving - info Llanymynech St. Agatha's

Doncaster Races

' The Mansion House at Doncaster '

' Doncaster Racecourse - The St. Leger ' view of the horses racing - the grandstand and crowds of people

' The Salutation Doncaster ' public house or inn

' The Doncaster Cup ' .

' The New Comet Discovered on Sunday Last ' 15 Sept - info discovered by Mr Melhop of Hamburgh - also a chart showing observations by Sir James South

' Ruins of th eAugustine Monastery at Canterbury '

' Staircase in the Conventional Buildings at Canterbury ' - - - ' St Martins Church Near Canterbury '

' Medal of the British Archaeological Association '

The Egyptian Treaty

Foreign Intelligence - Parisiana - France - Spain - Portugal - Greece - Russia - Cape of Good Hope - United States with reference to the Arrival of the Acadia and The Hurrican and Flood in the Wisconsin territory - West Indies - New Zealand and reference to the massacre at Wairau

The French at Tahiti - Further Insults Upon British Subjects - With an account of the Arrest of Captain Hay and Daldy late of The Schooner Challenger

Mutiny at Ichaboe .

Sufferings of the Crew of an English Vessel Reported in The New York papers - Crew of the British Schooner Orange in a Jollyboat picked up by The Ship Vicksburg and Captain Berry

Correspondents .

The Illustrated London News Editorial

Spots on the Suns Disc .

Court and Haut Ton - Royal Comings and Goings

Metropolitan News includes The New Houses of Parliament - And more

Country News includes The Will of the Late Mr James Wood of Gloucester - - - Old English Festivities at A Farm at Bridge Foot near Dunmow Essex, Occupied by Mister Patmer and his Sisters, by the Munificence of Viscountess Maynard - - - Murder of a Policeman Samuel Couchman at Dover - - - Extraordinary Preservation of a Girl in a Mine, Mary Webster of Via Gellia at Bonsall Derbyshire - - - Incendiary Fires in Suffolk

Accidents and Offences includes Attempt of One Policeman to Murder Another at Winchmore Hill - - - Accident in a Phaeton on the Whitstone Road Adderwater near Exeter, Family of the Rev. Prebendary Medley rector of St Thomas - - - Frighful Accident at Niagara of Miss Martha K. Rugg of Lancaster, Massachusetts

Police includes - Disgusting Cruelty to Children at Broadway Westminster - - - Ingenious Robbery at 24 Agnes Street Waterloo Road London by Wm. Timberlake, George Jackson and John Western




September 28th 1844

mast head




October 5th 1844

mast head




October 12th 1844

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October 19th 1844

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October 26th 1844

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November 2nd 1844

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November 9th 1844

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November 16th 1844

mast head

Burghley House - North Front' near Stamford Lincolnshire - Front page

The Bell Crank Engine of the Steam Boat Gypsy Queen - with various small engravings including "an elevation of the apparatus"

Her Majesty's Viist to Burghley 'Triumphal Arch at Great Weldon ' Northamptonshire

'Arch at Kettering ' - - - 'Arch at Weekley ' - - - 'Arch at Deanthorpe '

Her Majesty's Viist to Burghley 'Arch at Wolthorpe ' (there is a stamp to the bottom of this page very slightly affecting the engraving)

Her Majesty's Viist to Burghley - 'Arch at Easton ' - - - 'Arch at Bulwick ' - - - 'Arch at Duddington ' - - - 'Arch at Stamford ' - - - 'Entry into Stamford'

' The Lodges at Burghley '

'The Banquet in the Great Hall at Burghley' near full page print from engraving

'Curious Staircase at Burghley ' - - - ' Queen Elizabeth's State Bed' - - - 'Her Majesty's State Bed'

'The Inner Court, Burghley '

'Town and Harbour of Havannah '

'Drawn By Phiz '

'Chess Problem' (The right hand border to this page is a little narrower than others, it has been cropped at some time)

' The Three Poor Laws '

'Foreign Intelligence'

'Accidents and Offences includes Suicide of Mr Sergeant Andrews - - - 'Nine Lives Lost in The Bursting of A Steam Pipe' on the Steam Boat Gipsy Queen off The Brunswick Pier, with a list of the names of the men who died

'The Illustrated London News' Editorial

'Metropolitan News'

'Country News' with reference to John Richards aged 110 at th Tring Agricultural Association, a native of Broad Cliffs in Devonshire

'Law Intelligence' includes Vaugean v. Thelluson in the Court of Chanery


'Court and Haut Ton' at Windsor etc

'Naval and Military Intelligence'

'The Markets'




November 23rd 1844

mast head





November 30th 1844

mast head

  • St Giles Church Camberwell - The Altar of the New Church ' Front page
  • ' Tammany Hall The Democratic Headquarters at New York - A Torch Light Procession '
  • ' Inside a Polling Booth - Balloting for President '

' M. De Lamartine ' a poet and traveller, legislator and politician

' Statue of Goethe at Frankfort '

' The Great American Aloe in Bloom ' in the gardens of Rev E. Duke at Lake House near Amesbury WIlts

Near Portesham - ' Blagdon Hill Dorsetshire - Monument to Admiral Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy' a commander at the Battle of Trafalgar

The Mignon of Scheffer - ' Mignon Regretting Her Country ' - - - ' Mignon Aspiring to Heaven '

' The Installation of a Knight of the Bath '

Strike of the Barking ( Essex ) Fishermen - ' Barking Fishing Boats '

' Fashions for December ' two designs with hats or bonnets

' Gloucester College School '

' Perspective View of the Great Clock of the Royal Exchange ' - - - ' Apparatus for Moving the Munute Hand ' - - - ' Apparatus for Letting Off the Chimes ' - - - ' The Compensation Pendulum ' - - - ' The Escapement '

' Chess Problem ' .

' The Minnesingers Serenade Written and Composed by J. Augustine Ward ' words and music - info. also pronounced Minnesänger


Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-

Railway Mismanagement

Foreign Intelligence - Parisiana - France - Spain - Portugal

News from Tahiti

Metropolitan News

Country News includes The Infanticide at Wolverhampton against Miss Railton, Mister Sherriff and Mr and Mrs Hildreth - - - Murder at Yarmouth, Frederick Boatright - - -Matrimonial Hoax at Uxbridge - - - Murder at Stockport Eliza Jones by Her Husband - - - Strike of Coalminers of LAncashire - - - Extraordinary Sudden Deaths in Norwich of Mr David Irwin of the Norfolk Chronicle and Jonathan Matchett of the same paper etc

Accidents and Offences includes Robbery of Forty Thousand Pounds from Banking House of Messrs Rogers, Olding and Co of Clements Lane - - - Another Double Suicide In The East End of London, of Lovers at 9 Raven Row Mile End - - - Suicide of the Son of Sir Stephen May - - - Frightful Death in a Brick Kiln at Dalston - - - Inquest on Major Charles De Haviland - - - Plus Three different railway accidents - - - and more

Election of the American President - Mr Polk ( James Knox Polk )

The Illustrated London News Editorial

Court and Haut Ton - Royal Comings and Goings

Fatal And Melancholy Accident on The Midland Counties Railway - at Beeston Near Nottingham - With A List of Killed and Wounded - Also results of the Inquests

The Eclipse of the Moon

Lunacy and Lunatic Asylums

Law Intelligence

Police includes - Fatal Occurrence at a Masquerade at Union Hall - Francis Thomas Passmore accused of Causing the Death of John Slade of Albany Road Camberwell

The Order of the Bath


December 7th 1844

mast head




December 14th 1844

mast head




December 21st 1844

mast head


The SS Great Britain goes to sea



December 28th 1844

mast head

  • 'Christmas, By Alfred Crowquill' (front page)
  • 'Explosion of a Magazine in a Great Native Procession in New York'
  • 'Wreck of The Vanguard Steamer, Off Cork Lighthouse'
  • 'The Sydney Oak at Penshurst'

'Grand Banquet to Sir H. Pottinger at Manchester'

'Moose Deer at The Surrey Zoological Gardens'

'Toucan, at The Surrey Zoological Gardens'

'Scene rom Harlequin Crotchet and Quaver at Covent Garden Theatre - Scene From Valentine and Orson atThe Lyceum Theatre - Scene From Harlequin and Johnny Gilpins Ride, At Astleys - Scene from Cats Castle at The Adelphi Theatre - Scene from Graciosa and Percinet at The Haymarket Theatre - Scene from Harlequin L. S. D. at the Surrey Theatre'

'Railway Signals: Junction of The Great Western Railway with The London Branch' - 'Junction Signal Post' - 'Station Signal "All Right"...' - 'Line Signal "All Right"...' - 'Line Signals "Caution"...' - 'Line Signals "stop"...'

'Great Skiff Race at Newcastle Upon Tyne' Championship of the Thames and Tyne between Coombes of The Thames and Henry Clasper of Derwent Haugh. I think it may be Scotswood Bridge

'English Theatricals at Paris, The Salle Ventador'

'Fashions for The New Year'

'Interior of St Giles Church, Camberwell'

'St Amant' The Eminent Chess Player'


Also articles (no engravings) including 'Opening of the French Chambers', 'Police includes Extraordinary Resistance by a Coiner and His Child, James Green at Worship Street Police Office', ''Accidents and Offences includes Another Colliery Exposion at Pentrefelin Colliery',













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