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The Illustrated london News 1849

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1849 The irish Famine


1849 The Irish Famine

see December 22nd


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Some Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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  • Britain annexes Punjab
  • California Gold prospecting

    1849 washing for gold


  • Zachary Taylor inaugurated as 12th President of the USA
  • Who's Who begins publication
  • A new silver coin is minted in Britain called a "Florin" value = 2s (10p)
  • Ransomes' and Mays portable locomotive steam engine is exhibited at Smithfield Club Cattle Show

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January 6th

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January 13th

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January 20th 1849

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  • Plays at Windsor Castle - Merchant of Venice - performed before her majesty - produced under direction of Charles Kean / E. H. Wehnert
  • Map of USA with California
  • The President's New Year's reception, at the Elysee National
  • Rome / Leitch
  • Albrecht Durer - from a picture by himself
  • A Gold Washing
    - Gold Dust / Smyth
    - Foliated Gold with Quartz
    - Crystals of Gold
    - Rounded Water-Worn Pebble of Gold with Quartz
    - Washing for Gold
  • Old Style - The Mail Coach / Henderson
  • New Style - The Mail Train / Joseph L. Williams




January 27th

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February 3rd 1849

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The President, Louis Napoleon on The Boulevarde de la Madeleine' Front page

'Lord Bateman, Seconder of the Address in The House of Lords'

'The Late Lieutenant Col. William Havelock'

'M. Aladenize of the Garde Mobile, Resigning His Commission to General Chagrined’ (stamp to foot of page very slightly affecting engraving)

'Opening of Parliament: The Robing of Her Majesty in the Victoria Lobby of the House of Lords'

'The Queen on The Throne Receiving the Speech From The Lord Chancellor' Full page engraving


'Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria and His Royal Highness Albert Prince of Wales'

'The Hampton Court Railway'

'Wreck of the Tigress Off The Round Down Cliff, Dover' (the corner of this page has been folded over and is creased affecting the engraving - needs ironing!)

'Paris Fashions for February'

'Head Dress of the Princess Demidoff'

'Scene at the Mouth of the Pit, After the Explosion' (Darley Main Colliery near Barnsley')

'Funeral of the Pitmen in Worsbro Churchyard' ( some light foxing to this page)

'The Improved Safety Lamp'

Opening of the Session'

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'The Court and Haut Ton, Windsor etc'

'Naval and Military Intelligence'

'Metropolitan News ncludes The Inquest at Hackney on the Tooting Victims, Extraordinary Termination of the Proceedings, Cholera Victims'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes Thomas James Maling at his residence The Elms, near Worcester - - - Sir John Brooke Stonhouse, Bar of Radley Berkshire - - - Sir Augustus Brydges Henniker, Bart, Rector of Thornham Magna Suffolk - - - Lady Juliana Howard in her 100th year - - - Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Arbuthnot KCB died at his residence in The Crescent, Salford - - - Dr John Smith LLd Of Crutherland, Surrey died at his house in West Regent Street, Glasgow

'The Queens Speech

'Imperial parliament'

'Law Intelligence'

'Country News'

'Ireland includes Mr Duffy's Trial etc'

'Metropolitan News'








February 10th

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February 17th

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February 24th

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March 3rd

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March 10th 1849

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war in india supp

The war in India supplememt March 10 1849





March 17th

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March 24th 1849

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Trial of The Conspirators of The 15th of May at Bouges' at the Hotel de Ville (front page)

'The Murder of Thomas A. Becket by J. Gilbert'

'Man From First to Last Requires Assistance by John Philip'

'Grand Dinner to General Sr Charles J. Napier at The London Tavern' also attending included Duke of Wellington, Viscount Hardinge, Sir James Law Lushington and more

'Gilt Centre Piece,Executed by Command of Her Majesty From A Design By His Royal Highness Prince Albert'

'Mr. Muntz MP for Birmingham'

'New Chapels in The Tower Hamlets Cemetery'

'Scene from Rossini's Opera of Cenerentola at Her Majestys Theatre - Mdlle Alboni as Cenerentola'

'Railway Blockade at Clifton Station, Near Manchester'

'London Characters drawn by Kenny Meadows - The Gossop of The Airey - The Tavern Sot - The Customer of The Eating House - The Fruit Woman'.

'The Increase Pauperism'

'The Court and Haut Ton at Buckingham Palace'

'Impeirial Parliament'

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'An Americans Opinion of England from the New York Tribune'






March 31st 1849

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April 7th

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April 14th 1849

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George Hudsons House at York ' (front page - which has a repaired tear to border, and is loose)

'Longchamps 1849'

Slavery on the Coast of Africa 'Crossing the Bar of Gallinas River' - - - 'Slave Barracoon' - - - 'Section of Embarkation Canoe' - - - 'Burning of Slave Establishments opn Solyman River'

'Spring - The Country'

'Spring - St James's Park'


'Signora Parodi as Norma at Her Majestys Theatre'

'Sparrowe's House, Ipswich'

'The South Stafordshire Railway - Bridge Across St Johns St, Lichfield'

'Scene From The Gop Pickers at The Adelphi Theatre'

'Roman Pottery Found at Headington, Near Oxford'

'Scene From the New Extravaganza of the Sphinx at The Haymarket Theatre'

'Supposed Appearance of the Great Sea Serpent From HMS Plumper Sketched by an Officer On Board'

'Eliza Chestney Carried On A Litter to the Court House at Norwich, At The Recent Trial of Rush '

'Railway Morality' with reference to Mr George Hudson of York

'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes Archibald Earl Gosford GCB - - - The Rev. Sir James Hanham, Bart., of Danes Court, Dorset - - - Major General David Forbes CB died at Aberdeen - - - Orlando Harris-Williams Esq of IVy Tower,Co Pembroke and Angeston , Co Gloucester - - - John Buller Esq of Morval in Cornwall - - - Sir Edmund Cradock Hartopp, Bart., ofFreathby, County Leicester died at Knighton Lodge'

'The Court and Haut Ton at Windsor'

'Country News






April 21st

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April 28th

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May 5th 1849

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The Berlin Prophetess '

' Herr Johann Strauss '

' Conference Between Her Majestys Plenipotentiary, Mister Bonham, and Seu the Imperial Commissioner and Governor of Canton - At The Bogue Forts ' .

' May Lyrics ' words by Charles Mackay LL.D and engravings by R. Vizetelly from drawings by Birket Foster - double page

' Chess Problem '

' Making Nets - Painted by F. W. Topham ' Exhibition of the Society of Painters ...

Exhibition of the Society of Painters ' A Sunshiny Holiday Painted By G. Dodgson '

' The Philanthropic Societys Famr at Redstone Hill nr Reigate - The Ceremony '

' Scene The Last From the New Ballet of "Electra or the Lost Pleiad" at Her Majestys '

Spring Fashions

' Robe Du Bai '

' The Lace Poncho '

' Chapeau ' x 4 hats or bonnetts, milinery

' Childrens Dresses ' including boys

' Mantelet Nayade ' with bonnet

' Parasol ' with bonnet  .

' Robe Du Matin '

Imperial Parliament - The House of Lords and The House of Commons - with reference to The Rate in Aid Bill , Law of Praemunire, Parliamentary Reporting, Privilege, Canada, Clergy Relief Bill

Births Marriages and Deaths plus State of the Public Health

Metropolitan News includes TheCity Commissioners of Sewers - - - The Wesleyan Missionary Society - - - Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest at Brompton - - - The Mexican Company

Fire and Loss of Life

Country News includes Adress to Mr Hudson from the Electors of Sunderland - - - Mr Ward and the Electors of Sheffield

The Theatres includes - Her Majestys - - - The Royal Italian Opera - - - French Opera

Railway Intelligence

Court Haut Ton - Royal Comings and Goings

Church Universities etc includes Preferments and Appointments

Epitome of News Foreign and Domestic - Snippets of News

The MArkets

Monetary Transactions of the Week from our City Correspondent

The London Gazette - includes Appointments at the war Office - - - Bankrupts

Adverts of the day






May 12th

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May 19th

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May 26th 1849

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royal academy supp

Royal Academy supplement May 26 1849





June 2nd

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June 9th

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June 16th

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June 23rd

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June 30th 1849

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Presentation of the Address from the Irish Nation to the Sultan at Constantinople ' front page

' Marble Statue of the Rev. John Wesley at the Theological Institution At Richmond Surrey '

' Mister Roundell Palmer MP for Plymouth '

' Bolsover Castle near Chesterfield '

' Kew Church ' - info. St Annes Kew Green London

Queen Victorias Visit to The Marquis of Wetminster

' The Dinner Table and Plate Buffet at Grosvenor House '

' The Grosvenor Gallery ' - small tear to side of engraving

The Britannia Bridge - Menai Straits, Connecting Anglesey to Mainland Wales

' The Launch ' floating the large tube section

' TheCapstan '

' Nearing The Bridge ' a floating section being aligned

Full page

' Summer - The Strawberry Girl ' print from engraving showing a woman selling fruit from a basket - with a poem by Charles Mackay

' Chess Problem '

' The Scottish Fete in Lord Holland's Park ' a fencing scene, spectators, with archery in the background

' Assault - Broadsword v. Bayonet ' .

' Mister Bushmans Feat ' - Assault of Arms at Willis's Rooms

'Mrs Pepys and Her French Gown Called a Sac - Painted by Noble '

' Last Scene of the new Tragic Play of " Strathmore " At the Haymarket Theatre '

' The Newcastle Race Plate by Messrs Reid and Son Silversmiths of Newcastle on Tyne '

' The Loo Remembrance Cup '

' The Royal Thames Yacht Club Challenge Cup '

' Paris Fashions for July '

It consists of five engravings to accompany the serialised story "The Fear of the World; or Living for Appearances" by The Brothers Mahew

Our Financial Position

Foreign and Colonial News includes France, Italian States, Germany etc

Railway Intelligence

Imperial parliament includes Diplomatic Relations wit Spain, Transportation for Treason Bill - - - Poor Relief Ireland Bill, Parliamentary Oats Jews Bill, Ilness of the Lord Chancellor, New Houss Of Parliament

Mr Roundell Palmer

Illustrated London News Editorial

Court and Haut Ton - Royal Comings and Goings

Church and Universities

Metropolitan News includes: .

Sanatorium for the Consumptive in the Island of Madeira

Financial and parliamentary Reform

Royal highland School Society

Infant Orphan Asylum at Wanstead and the London Orphan Asylum Rev. Mr Marks

Extraordinary Attempt to Escape from Horsemonger Lane Gaol

Health of London During the Week Ending Sat. 23 June

Launch of the Britannia Bridge - Commemorative poem

Steam Communication with Australia

Pawnbrokers Charitable Institution

The Britannia Tubular Bridge Wales

National Sports and Tattersall's

Obituary of Eminent Persons includes Thomas Oliver Plunkett Lord Louth, Amelia Sophia Viscountess Strathallan died at Castle Strathallan in Perthshire, James Best Esq of park House, Bexley in Kent Lieut. Col. of the W. Kent Militia, Mr Clift FRS died at His Residence at Stanhope Cottage, Hampstead Road, Conservator of the Hunterian Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons ( William Clift ), Professor William Smyth MA of Peterhouse College Cambridge, John Hatchard of Piccadilly the Publisher .

Epitome of News Foreign and Domestic - Snippets of News includes Mr James Elgar heesemonger of Peterborough - - Thomas Todd Esq Appointed Second paid Attache at Vienna - - The Pirates of Bally East Indian Archipelago - - The Ship Artemisia and Captain Hemmett - - Goree in Senegal adn Admiral Bouet-Willaumez CO French Sqd.

Protection to Native Industry - the Great Meeting at Drury Lane Theatre

The Scottish Society of London

Monetary Transactions of the Week From Our City Correspondent

The London Gazette - War Office Announcements, Bankrupts List etc







July 7th 1849

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  • 'The Europa Mail Steam Ship and Boats, Rescuing Emigrants From the Brig Charles Bartlett' Front page
  • French Intervention at Rome 'Villa Pamfili Doria, With The Villas Corsini and Ferroni'
  • 'Protestant Burial Ground Porta San Paolo '
  • 'Porta San Pancrazia '

The National Exposition at Paris - 'Saxaphone' - - - 'Panel in Carton Pierre' - - - 'Sword Dedicated to French Patriotism'

Floods at New Orleans 'New Orleans, From Banvards Panorama'

'Grand Fete to Her Majesty At Gloucester House: The Reception of the Queen By The Duchess of Gloucester'

'Fete at Gloucester House'

'Skethces in Hungary: Halt Near Presburg' - - - 'Hungarian Water Carrier' lady - - - 'Hungarian Shepherds' - - - 'Convoy of wine, Etc., Platten Lake'

'Chess Problem by Herr J. E. Ries of Stuttgardt'

'Exterior of the National Bank, Glasgow, John Gibson,Architect'

'The Telling Rooom, National Bank, Glasgow'

'Mr Scholefield MP For Birmingham

'Madame Sontag '

'Marble Statuettes by J. G. Lough: - Puck - Titania - Oberon '
'The State of the Nation' with reference to Mr Disraeli - Lord Georgbe Bentinck - and more

'An Emigrant Ship Run down. One Hundred and Thirty Five Lives Lost' The Europa colliding with the brig Charles Bartlett, an emigrant ship, on its way from London to New York

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'Imperial Parliament - The House of Lords and The House of Commons'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes John Phillpotts Esq Late MP for Gloucester - - - Colonel Thomas Weare KH - - - Thomas FairfaxBest Esq of Wierton, Kent of Park House, Boxley'

'Inundation At New Orleans ' Floods

'Court and Haut Ton - The Court at Buckingham Palace Osborne, Isle of Wight'

'Metropolitan News'

'Naval and Military Intelligence'

'Country News'

"Protestations" the Poetry by Dr Charles Mackay and The Music By G. Herbert Rodwell..' Full page sheet music






July 14th 1849

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  • 'Rome: Garibaldi's Men' (front page, )
  • 'The Sierra Madre, Between Monterey and Saltillo' California
  • 'Americans Converting Canoes into Schooners in the Bay of Panama '

'Iron Store House Sent to San Francisco' (small

'Queen Elizabeths Cup'

'The Royal Loo Hawking Club Challenge Cup'

'The Horticultural Societys Fete at Chiswick on Wednesday'

'Rome, General View of the Operations - French Camp, outside the Walls - Villa Sciarra Barberini, occupied by the French - Roman Battery at San Pietro in Montoria - Villa Gerard

'The Manchester Railway Express Steamer) Built to run between Hull and Great Grimsby

'The Birmingham Free Industrial School'

' Monument to General Wolfe, near Quebec'

Candelabrum Presented to His Grace the Duke of Hamilton KG'

'Grand Dinner at The Mansion House on Saturday'

'Bower Birds in the Menagerie of The Zoologcal Society'

'Pas De Patineurs in the New Ballet at Her Majestys Theatre'

'The Thames Regatta'

'Hope for Ireland', 'Railway Intelligence', 'Country News including The Cholera on The Coast of Devonshire, the village of Noss - The Shrievalty of Westmoreland - Rating of Railway, Gass and Water Companies and more' - 'The Error of the Communists, and Mischievous Consequences of Comunism' - Metropolitan News includes Asylum for Aged and Decayed Freemasons - Royal Maternity Charity - The Cholera in the Millbank Prison'






July 21st 1849

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  • Smithfield Market - The Drovers Goad ' front page
  • ' Entry of the French in to Rome: The Plaza del Popolo '
  • ' Garibaldi and His Negro Servant '
  • ' The Thames and Medway Conservancy: the Ceremony at The Boundary Stone at Cookham Wood ' .
  • ' Thames and Medway: The Ceremony At The Boundary Stone At Leigh'
  • 'The Immunity at Cookham Wood '

' Distribution of Money '

The Lakes of Killarney

' Macgillicuddy's Reels and The Upper Lake of Killarney '

' Ross Castle - Lower Lake of Killarney '

' Mucross Abbey '

' O'Donoghues Horse'

'Chapel of the Abbey at Innisfallen '

' Marriage of Lord Foley With Lady Mary Fitzalan Howard in The Chapel Royal at St James's '

' Presentation of Colours to The 23rd Regiment of royal Welsh Fusiliers By His Royal Highness Prince Albert At Winchester '

' Mister W. A. Mackinnon MP for Lymington '

' Opening of The New Channel at Belfast Harbour - The Procession Starting '

' Hungarian Hussars, Sketched at Folkestone '

' Map of Hungary ' .

' Abattoir du Roule at Paris '

' Smithfield Market: Sheep, The Drovers Goad '

' Smithfield Market - Calves and Oxen '

Railway Exposures - To do with the Railway King George Hudson

Foreign and Colonial News - France - Italian States - Denmark and Schleswig Holstein - The United States - California - etc

Imperial Parliament includes The Poor Relief Bill of Ireland - Orange Processions in Ireland - Reduction of Government Salaries - The Night Work of Bakers - Smithfield Market - Petition of Colin Mackenzie

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes John Greaves Esq of Irlam Hall County Lancaster and Partner in The Banking House of Peel Greaves and Co of Manchester - - - Ambrose Crawley Esq EICCS of Hardwick Lodge Chepstow died at George Street, Portman Square - - - James pattison Esq MP for the City of London died at Molesey Grove near Hampton Court - - - Horace Smith Esq the Novelist died at Tunbridge Wells

Colonial Reform Dinner at Trafalgar Hotel Greenwich


Naval and Military Intelligence

Country News includes the Ten Hours Factory Act - - - Mural Paintings in W£inchfield Church Hants - - - Melancholy Fate of an Aeronaut Named Green in the Cardiff and Swansea Area and Balloon Found at Wadmore in Somerset ( probably Wedmore ) - - - Destruction of a Railway Bridge by Fire at Peakirk near Littleworth .

The Court and Haut Ton at Osborne Isle of Wight etc - Royal Comings and Goings

Smithfield Market

The War In Hungary

Accidents and Offences

National Sports






July 28th 1849

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Killarney - Torc Cascade ' Front page

' The Gap of Dunloe at Killarney '

' Paris Fashions for August

' Misterr Justice (late Sergeant) Talfourd ' - info. Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd

' The Last Attack on Rome By The French '

' Scenes From Meyerbeers Opera of Le Prophete at The Royal Italian Opera - The Coronation '

' Teriffic Storm in Grenada ' .

' The Murderers of Thomas Chase of Amesham, Drawing Up The Letter to The Clergy painted by E. H. Corbould, New Society of Painters '

' Hungarian Artillery '

' Chess Problem by The celebrated Anonyme de Lille '

' Prize Cattle at the Royal Agricultural Societys Show at Norwich: - Hereford - - Cattle of any Breed '

' Horses for Agricultural Purposes Class ii, 1st Prize, £20 - - - Class I, 1st Prize, £30 '

Prize Cattle 'Short Horn 2nd Prize, £20 - - - Short Horn 1st Prize, £40

' Candelabrum Presented To Mr Mithcell, Lesser of the St James's Theatre'

' Accident to the Nassau Balloon in the London Road ...'

' Grand Siege Operations at Chatham: Unsuccessful Attemp to Escalade The Right of Chatham Lines '

' Formation of a Pontoon Bridge over St Marys Creek - Successful Assault and Escalade of the Left of Chatham Lines, And occupation of the First parallel and its Batteries .

' Breaching of the Terrace Bastion By Mines, and the Storming of that Work, and the Escalade of the Duke of Cumberlands Bastion '

A Day in an Irish Town - Victoria Hotel, Lakes of Killarney

Foreign and Colonial News .

Imperial Parliament - The House of Lords and The House of Commons

Court and Haut Ton - The Court at Osborne, Isle of Wight

Metropolitan News

Naval and Military Intelligence

Country News

Classified adverstisements






August 4th 1849

mast head

  • The Royal Visit To Ireland: Embarkation of Her Majesty at Osborne, Isle of Wight ' (front page) a wonderful engraving showing the Royal Yacht Paddle steamer .
  • New Workhouse for the Parishes of Fulham and Hammersmith '
  • Killarney

' Aghadoe, From The Bishops Pulpit '

' The Devils Punch Bowl '

' Killarney: The Ascent of Mangerton '

' Kate Kearneys Cottage at The Gap of Dunlop '

' Herd Boy of The Purple Mountain '

' Summer Shades ' with Poem - a lovely engraving by Edmund Evans of cows watering in a stream while the herdsman takes a nap on the riverside

' The Goodwood race Prize Plate 1849: The Stewardes Cup - The Goodwood Cup - The Chesterfield Cup '

' Chess ' .

' Inside the Byzantine Church at Wilton near Salisbury ' - info Church of St Mary and St Nicholas

' The Pulpit in The Byzantine Church At Wilton ' in Wiltshire

' The Late Jeejeebhoy Dadabhoy Esq of Bombay '

' Churnet Valley Railway, and The Rudyard Reservoir ' between Rushton and Leek in Staffordshire - The c is missing out of Churnet

' Egyptian Animals Presented by The Late Ibrahim Pacha to the Zoological Society ' from a drawing by Mr Landseer - Ostrich - Dromedary Camel - Leucoryx Antelope - Addax - Gazelle - Flamingo - Pelican

' Destruction of The Great Road over The Simplon in Italy ' from a sketch by Albert Smith - The Bridge at the Entrance to the Valley of Dovedro Between Isella and Domo d'Ossola

' The Late John Cottingham of Cheshire The Police Magistrate ...Died of Cholera '

Foreign and colonial News includes France Italian States - Austria And Hungary with a Proclamation to the Inhabitans of Buda and Pesth by The Austrian Commander Haynau

Illustrated London New Editorial

Imperial parliament includes The Bankruptcy Law - - - Precipitate Legislation - - - Ceylon - - - The West Indies - - - Orange Processions - - - royal Asent - - - The Prorogation Her Majestys Speech

Obituary of eminent persons recently deceased including: Susan Elizabeth Countess Dowager of Morton - - - Gabriel John Joseph The Count Molitor a Marshal of France at Paris - - - John Wilson Esq the celerated vocalist died at Quebec of Cholera ' .

The Independence of Hungary - The Public Meeting In Marylebone

'Country News includes Election Saturday At Eton College'






August 11th 1849

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price One shilling with an extra supplement entitled 'Cead Mile Failte - The Queens Visit to Ireland'. It features prints from engravings (often with descriptive articles) including :-

  • The Irish Supplement

irish supp

  • ' Corporation of Cork and Deputations, Awaiting the Landing of Her Majesty at The Custom House Quay' front page
  • 'View of Cork from Lundayswell Hill, Looking Down the River' you can see Mathew Tower - Blackrock Castle - The Cork, Blackrock and Passage Railway - - The Mardyke - Queens College - County Gaol - Weir all in the distance
  • The Queen and Prince Albert Landing at The Custom House Quay, Cork'
  • 'Inauguration of The Statue of Queen Victoria on The Royal College, Cork'
  • View of Passage and The Monkstown Baths, The Cork Steam Ship Companys Vessels Passing Round The Royal Squadron'

'The Illuminations in Cove, Now Queenstown'

'The Procession Passing The Statue of George II, on The Grand Parade, Cork with Queen Elizabeths Fort and The Cathedral in the Distance'

'The Procession Passing Through the Grand Arch at Anglesey Bridge, Cork'

'The Procession Passing Through The Mardyke, Cork'

'The Royal Fleet Leaving Cork Harbour on Saturday, The Victoria and Albert Leading and La Hogue, 80 Steam Screw in The Rear'

'The Royal Steam Squadron in Killiney Bay '

'The Royal Landing Pavilion Opposite the Railway Terminus - Interior of The Royal Railway Carriage - Arch at Turners Hammersmith Iron Works, Dublin - Pupils of the Naval and Military Schools at The Foot of The Nelson Column Dublin'

'The Throne Room of The Castle, Dublin'

'The Illuminations in Sackville Street, Dublin, The Electric Light on The Nelson Column'

The Illustrated London News

'Hungarian Peasantry Formed into Outposts (front page)

'Words and Music for Irelands Welcome to Queen Victoria 'Cead Mile Failte - Erin Aboo ' A Hundred Thousand Welcomes! Erin Forever ' music and words beautifully engraved onto a full page and a half

'Ireland: Procession Passing The Rotundo, Dublin'

'Review in Phoenix Park, Dublin'

' The Procession at The Grand Triumphal Arch in Upper Baggot Street At The Entrance of the City of Dublin ' a full page print from engraving

'His Excellency The Earl of Clarendon, Lord Lieutenant General and Governor General of Ireland'

' New Domestic Gas Light Apparatus '


'The Chapel Royal, Dublin'

' Blarney Castle Near Cork '

'The Viceregal Lodge, Phoenix Park'

'The Death of Tewdric, King of Gwent, at The Moment of Victory over The Saxons by J. E. Thomas' modelled in plaster

' Bourne's River Steam Train on one of Indias Rivers ' India

'Pleasure Canal Boats sketched at The Paddington Basin'

'Pleasure Vans: School Childrens Hampton Court Holiday'

'The Hungarian War'

'Sympathy with The Hungarians'

'Foreign and Colonial News

'Railway Intelligence, Meetings'

'National Sports'

' Ireland - The Late Orange Affray at Dolly's Brae in The County of Down ' a transcript of the investigation

'Caut and Haut Ton' The Royal Visit to Ireland

' Metropolitan News ' includes the Wesleyans and Government Aid For Education - Australian Emigration - The Necessity for Abattoirs - Births and Deaths and more

' Police - Charge of Bigamy Against Lola Montes Also known as the Countess of Landsfeldt '

' Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased ' includes William Joseph Denison Esq MP, of Denbies County of Surrey - - - Richard Godson Esq QC MP died at Springfield Hall Lancaster - - - Sir CHarles Scudamore MD FRS - - - Charles Albert Amadeus The Ex King of Sardinia died at Portugal - - - Sir Nicholas Fitzsimon Knt of Broughall Castle Kings County - - - The Hon Austin Cuvillier of Montreal Canada

'Country News '






August 18th 1845

mast head

Belfast - Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Visit the Linen Hall ' front page engraving showing the royal party passing under the royal arch made by the Royal Flax Society with the building in the background

Chess Problem by Mister Kling .

' Chess - Match by Correspondence Between the London and Amsterdam Chess Clubs '

' Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Visit the Bank of Ireland In Dublin - Teh Court of Proprietors Room Formerly the House of Lords '

' The Court Yard in Dublin Castle '

' School in Marlborough Street Dublin - Queen Victoria Visits the Female Infant School of the National Board of Education '

' Queen Victoria and Prince ALbert Leaving Kingstown Harbour Ireland '

' The Queen Landing in the Harbour at Belfast ' an overall view of the harbour with many sailing and steam ships

' The Royal Arch at The High Street in Belfast '

' High Street Belfast ' a general view of the street and crowds

' Belfast From Fort Breda ' .

' Royal Family a the Grand Review in Phoenix Park Dublin '

' Advance of th Royal Artillery at the Review in Phoenix Park '

' The Queen Presenting The Royal Children on Board The Yacht in Kingstown Harbour '

' Dance of Peasantry on th eLawn at Carton '

' Lord Bandon 's Cottage '

' Three Triumphal Arches - Mrs Vesey's Grounds, at Mr West Archer 's, at Leixlip '

' Queen Victoiria and The Royal Family Landing From the " Fairy " Yacht at Glasgow '

' The Royal Triumphal Arch at Glasgow '

The Cultivation of Flax in Ireland

Foreign And colonial News

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently deceased includes Frances The Countess of Dartmouth, Mrs Cromwell Russell of Cheshunt Park in Herts only Daughter and Heiress of the Late Oliver Crowell Esq of Theobalds, Sir Thomas Reade

Illustrated London News Editorial

Court and Haut Ton

Country News

The Harbour of Refuge at Dover

Colliery Explosion and Loss of Life near the Village of Aberdare near Merthyr Tydvil

Destruction of Farm Property by Fire at Wennington near Rainham in Essex Tennanted by charles Richard Webb of Belmont Castle

Church and Universities - Preferments and Ordinations

Metropolitan News includes Parliamentary and Financial Reform Association, Organ Builders Benevolent Institution, Royal Free Hospital and Cholera Wards, Metropolitan Improvements and Sewerage, Births and Deaths, from various diseases i.e Small pox, Scarlatina, Hooping Cough ( whooping ), Typhus, Cholera etc

Railway Intelligence .

Naval And Military Intelligence

The Markets reference. prices of Corn, Wheat and Barley etc. Bread, Coffee, Coals from Hartley, Whitworth Coke, Holywell, Hilton, Eden Main

London Gazette - Prize Money Arising from the Capture of the Slave Vessels Quatorze de Novembre, Santa Anna and Cidada d'Angra etc, Bankrupts etc

Monetary Transactions of the Week from Our City Correspondent

Births Marriages and Deaths

Queens Visit to Scotland - Arrival at the Broo aw Glasgow






August 25th

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September 1st

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September 8th 1849

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September 15th 1849

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  • 'Court Martian on Commander Pitman on Board Her Majestys Ship Impregnable, in Hamoaze, Plymouth' Front page
  • 'Chippewa Indian Chiefs at Montreal - Chinwackonce (Little Pine) - - Nabunagooging (The Eclipse) - - - Menissinowenninne (The Great Warrior)'
  • 'Palace of HRH Prince Charles of Prussia at Glinike'

'The Doncaster Cup'

'House of The Dibdins,Sadlers Wells'

'Horbury Chapel, Notting Hill, Opened on Thursday'

'General Meeting Room, At The Euston Terminus of the London and North Western Railway'


'The Expelled Wesleyan Ministers - Rev William Griffith Jun. - - Rev. Samuel Dunn - - Rev James Everett '

'An Irish Harvest Home'

'Metal Castings, By Messenger and Sons'

'Glass By Rice Harris'

'Hardmans Works for Church Decoration'

Intra and Extra-Mural Interments - 'The Norwood Cemetery'

'St Martins Buria Ground, Drury Lane'

'Burial Ground Near The Parish Church, Lambeth'

'Burial Ground of St Ann's, Blackfriars'

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including:

'The Cholera'

'Police - Marlborough Stree - The Charge of Bigmy Against The Countess De Landsfeldt ( Lola Montes )

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'Naval and Military Intelligence'

'The State of Western Germany'

Church and Universities &c - The Cholera - Form of Public Prayer'

'The Chippewa Indians and The Mining Companies'

'Court and Haut Ton, The Court at Balmoral'

'The Harvest of 1849'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes:-

The Right Rev. Edward Stanley DD Bishop of Norwich - - - John Musters Esq JP and DL of Colwick Hall and Annesley park, Notts died at Annesley Park - - - Lieut Colonel George Maunsell - - - Diana Anne, Dowager Lady Hamlyn Williams at Westhow Villa, Norwood - - - Mr Thomas Inskip of Shefford, Bedfordshire an author of merit died at Brighton of Cholera aged 70'

British Association ofor The Advancement of Science'





September 22nd 1849

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'The President of the French Republic Distributing at The Tuileries The Prizes to The Artists of The Late Exposition' Front page

Sketches of Scottish Character by Gavarni ' Woman and Girl of The Saltmarket, Glasgow', 'Girl of Iona', 'Herd Boys of Iona', Woman and Girl of the Saltmarket, Glasgow', 'Peasant Girl of Mull'

'Mummy Wheat in Ear, Grown at Stow on The Wold'

'Memento Mori Watch Given By Mary Queen of Scots to Her Maid of Honour, Mary Setoun'

'Maximilian, King of Bavaria'

'Picturesque Sketches of London, The Rookery, St Giles'

'Patent Floating Filtering Pump' Small

'Wreck of The " Mary Elizabeth ", Off Point Gallinas, on the Goajira Coast ' off S. America. Shows local indians making off with the spoils from the wreck

'Arrival of Claifornian Gold and Mexican Dollars at The Bank of England'

'The Ten Yard Open Coal Seam at Dudley'

'Mr R. J. Murchisons Geological Lecture in The Dudley Cavern'

Meeting of the Geological Section in The Birmingham Grammar School'

'Soiree of The Members of the British Association, in The Town Hall, Birmingham'

'The Baron Alexander Von Humboldt'

'Model Cottage of The Royal patriotic Society of Scotland' those planned, and erected at Gairloch. Also a small plan

'Restored Iron Screen of the Tomb of Queen Eleanor of Castile in Westminster Abbey'


'The Reading, Guildord and Reigate Railway sketched from Betchworth park'


'Colonies and Convicts'

'The Court and Haut Ton, Balmoral etc'

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'Metropolitan News includes Sanitary Measures of the Board of Health, Cholera, 'Supply of Water to the Metropolis and All Saints, P:oplar, Intramural Interments, St Katharine's Wharf, Funral of Joseph Williams, the Chartist Convict, Roman Catholics and The Cholera, A Chart showing the Return of Deaths From Cholera' in the different boroughs

'The Neighbourhood of St Giles' London

'Illustrated London News " social disorganization of Ireland"..'

'Contry News includes Ancient Coins fourn at the back of Messrs Perress and Dallimore, Drapers, High Street Newport Isle of Wight, Destructive Fire at Market Hill, Cambridge, Fatal Boat Accident at Portsmouth, Southsea Beach, of The Confidential Servant of Captain and Mrs Summerville, Mary Anne Robinson'

'What is Ozone'

'National Sports'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes The Right Hon. Lord Methuen at his residence in Park Street, Grosvenor Square, Sir Charles Hamilton, Bart, Senior Admiral of the Red died at his residence Iping, Sussex, The Lady Elizabeth Tufton died at Clarence Lawn Dover , Dr William Cooke Taylor died at his house 20 Herbert Street, Dublin'

'Railway Intelligence includes Meetings at Leeds, Glasgow Paisley, Belgian Eastern Junction, Great Western etc'

'The Markets'

'Imperial parliament'

'Law Intelligence'






September 29th 1849

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  • 'The Council of Bishops in The Chapel of St Sulpice, At Paris'
  • 'Burial Ground for The Chinese, At Calcutta'
  • Birmingham Exposition of Arts and Manufactures: 'Group of Silver Plate, Messrs Eldington' - - 'Chandelier for SUmmer House, Buckingham Palace, Messrs Messenger and Sons' - - Group of Plate, Messrs Collis'

'Brass Tabel &c, Mr R. W. Winfield' - - 'Flower Stand,Mr W. T. Copeland' - - 'Coalbookdale Iron Work &c, Exhibited by Messrs Mapplebeck and Lowe'

'Osborne fromThe Sea' Isle of Wight

'Part of the Terrace at Osborne' looking out towards the sea

'Autumn' By B. Foster and engraved by Edmund Evans. With an accompanying poem by Charles Mackay

'The Lord Lieutenant in Killarney, The Viceregal Barge Shooting The Rapids of Old Weir Bridge'

'Culloden Moor '

'The Proposed Monument on Culloden Moor, Founded sept 19, 1849'

'Magdalen College New School, Oxford' Small

'Paris Fashions for October'

'Picturesque Sketches of London - Highgate Cemetery'

'The West Surrey Election, High Street, Guildford'

'Her Majesty's War Steamer "Terrible" Sketched From Woolwich Dockyard'

'Cholera, House Ventilation' with a small engraving of Dr Arnott's Ventilating Chimney Valve'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently deceased includes Harry Shipley Erskine, Lord Cardross died at Leamington of Scarlet Fever aged 15 - - - John Philipps Lloyd Esq of Dan yr Allt, Carmarthenshire and late of South Park in Kent - - - Major General Fretcheville Dykes Ballantine died at Richmond, Surrey'

'Railway Intelligence'

'Metropolitan News includes Parliamentary and Financial reform etc - - - The Local Prevalence of Cholera in The Metropolis

'Police includes The Bermondsey Murder'






October 6th

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October 13th

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October 20th 1849

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Vol. 15, No. 395

  • The Front page has a Large engraving titled "Whale Captured in the Thames, at Grays, Essex" --
  • On Irish Poverty and Evictions--
  • Engravings of Constantinople --
  • Engravings of Windsor Castle titled "Part of the Great Terrace and View of Eton", and "State Apartments - The Queen's Audience Chamber" --
  • Engravings of the Vintage In Tuscany titled "Grape Gathering", and "The Grape Cart" --
  • engraving titled "Watering Places of England - Bridlington Quay, Yorkshire" --
  • Engraving titled "The Convent of La Merced, In the City of Mexico" --
  • Engravings titled "Pheasant Shooting", and "New Lighthouse On Ballycotton Island"






October 27th

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November 3rd

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November 10th

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November 17th

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November 24th 1849

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  • Faustin The First, Emperor of Hayti in Council' Front page
  • Cliefden, Near Maidenhead; The Mansion Destroyed by Fire on The 15th inst'
  • 'Hever Castle, Kent'

'Bishops Rock Lighthouse, Scilly Islands'

'The Iguana, in the Gardens of th Zoological Society Regents Park'

'New Presbyterian Church, Birmingham'

'Picturesque Sketches of London, The Lodging House'

'Icebergs off The Coast of Labrador'

'Superb Tapestry Presented By Louis Napoleon to the Army and Navy Club'

'The Return of the Bear Hunt' with a peom entitled The Tyrolese Bear Hunters


The Hunting Season,

Economy of the Kennel: The Kennel'

'The Day YTard'

'The Keepers House, The Walk Out'

Drawing in To Feed'

'Litter of Pups'

'The Earth Stopper'

'Feeding' the Hounds


'Falen Railway Arches, at Camden Town'

'The High Tor Tunnel, Matlock, on the MAnchester, Buxton and Midlands Junction Railway'

The Emperor of Hayti'

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'The Court and Haut Ton, Windsor etc'

'Naval and Military Intelligence'

'Metropolitan News'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes Sir Charles Forbes, Bart of Edinglassie, Aberdeenshire died at his residence in Fitzroy Square - - - James Stuart Esq - - - Charles Goring Esq MP died of Typhus Fever at Wiston Park, Sussex age 32 - - - William Etty Esq RA died at his native town of York - - - William Burge Esq QC died at his residence York Street Gloucester Place - - - Major Roche Mead at Brompton - - - Brigadier General Douglas at Hyderabad - - - D. C. Moylan Esq'

'Imperial parliament'

'Law Intelligence'

'Country News includes Explosion at W Armitage Chemist and Druggis of the Fish Shamles, Louth Lincolnshire - - An Undergraduate Accidentally Drowned at Cambridge, Mr William Gunning '

'Chinese Pirates'

'Ireland, Reorganisation of the Young Ireland Agitation'

'Appearance of a Mermaid in Durham' small

'The Gobelin Tapestry'

'Metropolitan News'

'The Horrors of War' a graphic letter in the Times from a Correspondent at Temeswar in Hungary






December 1st 1849

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The British Squadron in The Dardanelles ' Front page showing sailing ships - The Racer - Howe - Vengeance - Bellerophon - Odin - Prince Regent - Caledonia - Queen - Powerful - Dragon - Bulldog

' Lump of Californian Gold - Actual Size - Value £37 '

' The New Drawing Office at the Bank of England '

'Capture of Port Truxillo, Honduras by Her Majestys Steamer Plumper ' an engraving showing a view of the sailing ship with the town and port in the background - info. Trujillo

' Exposition of French Industry: Sevres Porcelain - - Centre Piece by Villemsens - - Bronzes by Charpentier and Susse - - Part of Aubusson Quilt '


' The Return of The Dove ' with poem .

'Noahs Sacrifice, The Ark Resteth on Ararat, The Bow is Set in the Cloud painted by D. Maclise RA '

Sir James Ross Expedition

'Travelling Party, Tent Pitched for the Day in Prince Regents Inlet '

'Appearance of the Sky at Port Leopold ' an engraving showing a sunset with ships on the ice - Canada


'Alcove at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight ' a scene in the garden

'Osborne House Entrance Front ' Isle of WIght

' Plate presented to Capt. Litchfield RA ' by Cheltenham College to their Honorary Secretary

' Plate Presented to the Ex Mayor George Laishley Esq of Southampton ' - "by his fellow townsmen"

' Mr Wallack as Othello and Mr Macready as Lago At the Haymarket Theatre'

' Paris Fashions for December '

Full page of sheet music 'The Flower Spirits' words by Thomas Miller and Music by J. Smith Esq, State Composer for Ireland

The German Difficulty

Foreign and Colonial News includes California and the Bill of Rights etc - - - Sandwich Islands - - - Cape of Good Hope - - - West Inhdies

Law Intelligence - The Queen v. Willmer and Smith - - - The Queen v. The Dean and Chapter of Rochester

Central Criminal Court includes The Murder at The Millbank Penitentiary

Ireland - The Repeal Association .

National Freehold Land Society

Illustrated London News Editorial

Metropolitan News includes Kings College Hospital - - - Orphans Working School at Haverstock Hill - - - City of London Committee of Health - - - Abolition of Burials i nTowns - - - Doans Sewage Manure plan - - - The Families of the Deceased Chartists, Williams and Sharpe (apprx 100 words) - - - London Spring Water Company - - - Supply of Water to London with ref. to Mr Robert Stephenson - - - Fire and Loss of Life atGreat Wild Street - - - St Bartholomews Hospita; - - - Births and Deaths with numbers of deaths from various diseases - - - Recent Cholera Mortality

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased :includes Prince Hohenlohe, Prince Leopold Alexander Hohenlohe - - - Sarah Elizabeth Lady Ottley - - - William Mostyn Owen Esq of Woodhouse County of Salop - - - Brigadier General Phillips CB died at Great Maldon - - - Sergeant Lawes, Edward H. Vitruvius Lawes died at his residence in Woburn Place, Russell Square - - Lieutenant colonel john Browne died at his residence Breaffy Park County Mayo - - - Robert O'Callaghan Newenham Esq died at Dundanion Castle .

Music includes Grisi and Mario in Russia

Country News The Consecration of St Matthews Church at Wolverhampton - - - Charitable Bequests of Miss Jane Tanner of Gigant Street Salisbury - - - Emigration from Plymouth on The Statesman and others - - - Extraordinary Game Law Case at Ashendon before the Marquis of Chandos, The Case of Mr Robert Penson a Farmer of Brill - - - Fire and Loss of Life at Mr W. Saunders Tailor and Draper at Deansgate, Bolton - - - Throwing Stones at the Trains on the South Western and Windsor Line, Boys Brought before Magistrates at Twickenham, George Fletcher, Wiulliam Stuckley, Henry Harris, all between 12 and 14 years of age - - - Daring Robgery on Mr John Willock of Othwaite and Willock, Leather Dealers of Manchester Attacked i nMoreton Street, Strangeways - - - Dreadful Fire at Lees Close, Nottingham

The Court and Haut Ton at Osborne etc - Royal Comings and Goings

Naval and Military Intelligence

A Duel in France Between M. Pierre Bonaparte and The Duke of Rovigo

The African Slave Trade

The London Gazette includes Bankrupts, Appointments at the War Office and Admiralty






December 8th 1849

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December 15th 1849

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  • 'Smithfield Club Cattle Show: Class I, Mr R. Jones Hereford Ox, £30 Prize and Silver and Gold Medals - - - Class VI, Mr J. Rob's West Highland Ox, £10 Prize' Front page
  • 'Smithfield Club Cattle Show: The MArquis of Exeters Short Horned Ox, £30 Prize plus SIlver Meal, - - - The Earl of Leicesters North Devon Ox, £20 Prize and Silver Medal '
  • 'Mr Wiley's Short Horned Cow, £20 Prize and SIlver and Gold Medals - - - Mr W. Fletchers SHort Horned Cow, £20 Prize and SIlver Medal
  • 'Arrival of Cattle at The Railway Terminus, Euston Square'
  • 'Farm Buildings at Liscard, Cheshire' a plan - - - Ground Plan of Farm Buildings'

'Grand Masonic Banquet to Sir C. J. Napier, CB at Simla'

'Bronze Alto Relievo By Carew for The Nelson Monument, Trafalgar Square, The Death of Nelson

Condition of Ireland - 'The Town of Kilrush, Ireland'

Condition of Ireland: - A Scalpeen'

Condition of Ireland: - 'The Village of Tullig '

'Chess Problem by Herr J. E. Ries of Stuttgardt'

Smithfield Club Cattle Show: 'Uncarting Sheep'

Smithfield ' Uncarting Pig'

Smithfield 'Feeding'

'Scene from the New Tragedy of Gardcia at Sadlers Wells Theatre'

'The Late Mr Ebenezer Elliott' The Poet for The Poor. Sheffield

'The Moon and Jupiter as Seen Through a Three Foot Telescope of Carys in Connaught Square London'

'Smithfield Show - 'Mr G. Walmsleys Leicester Wether - - - Mr S. Gooch's Short Horned Ox - - - Mr W. Rigden's South Down Wether'

'Ransomes' and May's Portable Locomotive Steam Engine

Smithfield - 'Paul's Deep Draing Machine'

The Wants of Great Cities' London

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes Henry John George Herbert, The Earl of Caernarvon and Baron Porchester of High Clere Hants died at Pusey, The residence in Berkshire - - - Thomas Stapleton Esq - - - Sir Marc Isambart Brunel Einent Engineerdied at his house in St James's Park aged eighty - - - Lady Pulteney died in Piccadilly - - - Sir Charles Dalrymple,Commissary General, died at Maidstone'

'Metropolitan News includes Annual Meeting of The Society for the Protection of Agriculture and British Industry - - - Metropolitan Water Supply - - - Opening of The Marylebone Baths andWash Houses - - - Street Orderlies, St Pancras - - - The Association for Improving The Dwellings of The Working Classes'

'The Court and Haut Ton at Osb orne etc'

'Naval and Military Intelligence'

Funeral of The Queen Dowager, Adelaide'

'Conditions of Ireland, The New Poor Law'


The logo of the ILN for the Queens visit to Ireland




December 22nd 1849

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Conditions of Ireland. Illustrations of the new "Poor Law"

p 404

Having last week introduced this important subject to our readers, and given them some of the statistics of Kilrush, we shall henceforward allow our Correspondent to speak for himself: --

I assure you (he says) that the objects of which I send you Sketches are not sought after -- I do not go out of my way to find them: and other travellers who have gone in the same direction, such as Lord Adair, the Earl of Surrey, and Mr. Horsman, will vouch, I am sure, for the accuracy of my delineations.
The Sketch of Moveen, to which I now call your attention, is that of another ruined village in the Union of Kilrush. It is a specimen of the dilapidation I behold all around. There is nothing but devastation, while the soil is of the finest description, capable of yielding as much as any land in the empire.

Here, at Tullig, and other places, the ruthless destroyer, as if he delighted in seeing the monuments of his skill, has left the walls of houses standing, while he has unroofted them and taken away all shelter from the people. They look like the tombs of a departed race, rather than the recent abodes of a yet living people, and I felt actually relived at seeing or two half-clad spectres gliding about, as an evidence that I was not in the land of the dead.

You may inquire, perhaps, and I am sure your readers will wish to know, why it is that the people have of late been turned out of their houses insuch great numbers, and their houses just at this time pulled own, and I will give you my explanation of the fact.

The public records, my own eyes, a piercing wail of woe throughout the land -- all testify to the vast extent of the evictions at the present time.

Sixteen thousand and odd persons unhoused in the Union of Kilrush before the month of June in the present year;

seventy-three thousand one-hundred and thirty holdings done away in Ireland and nearly as many houses destroyed in less than five acres, put an end to between 1841 and 1848; six-tenths, in fact, of the lowest class of tenantry driven from their now roofless or annihilated cabins and houses, make up the general description of the desolation of which Tullig and Moveen are examples.

The ruin is great and complete. The blow that effected the character of the last and best friend of the peasantry, and it has struck them to the heart. They are prostrate and helpless. The once frolicsome people -- even the saucy beggars -- have disappeared, and given place to wan and haggard objects, who are so resigned to their doom, that they no longer expect relief.

One beholds only shrunken frames scarcely covered with flesh -- crawling skeletons, who appear to have risen from the graves, and are ready to return frightened to that abode. They have little other covering than that nature has bestowed on the human body -- a poor protection against inclement weather; and now that the only hand from which they expected help is turned against them, even hope is departed, and they are filled with despair.

Than the present Earl of Carlisle there is not a more humane nor a kinder-hearted nobleman in the kingdom; he is of high honour and unsullied reputation; yet the Poor-law he was mainly the means of establishing for Ireland, with the best intentions, has been one of the chief causes of the people being at this time turned out of their homes, and forced to burrow in holes, and share, till they are discovered, the ditches and bogs with otters and snipes.


The instant the Poor Law was passed, and property was made responsible for poverty, the whole of the landowners, who had before been careless about the people, and often allowed them to plant themselves on untenanted spots, or divide their tenancies -- delighted to get the promise of a little additional rent -- immediately became deeply interested in preventing that, and in keeping down the number of the people.

Before they had rates to pay, they cared nothing for them; but the law and their self-interest made them care, and made them extirpators. Nothing less than some general desire like that of cupidity falling in with an enactment, and justified by theory -- nothing less than a passion which works silently in all, and safely under the sanction of the law --could have effected such widespread destruction.

Even humanity was enlisted by the Poor-Law on the side of extirpation. As long as there was no legal provision for the poor, a landlord had some repugnance to drive them from every shelter; but the instant the law took them under its protection, and forced the landowner to pay a rate to provide for them, repugnance ceased; they had a legal home, however insufficient, to go to; and eviction began. Even the growth of toleration seems to have worked to the same end. Till the Catholics were emancipated, they were all -- rich and poor, priests and peasants -- united by a common bond; and Protestant landlords beginning evictions ona great scale, would have roused against them the whole Catholic nation. It would have been taken up as a religious question, as well as a question of the pooor, prior to 1829. Subsequent to that time -- with a Whig administration, with all offices open to Catholics -- no religious feelings could mingle with with the matter: eviction became a pure question of interest; while the priests look now, perhaps, as much to the Government as to their flocks for support, Catholic landlords are not behind Protestant landlords in clearing their estates. English notions and English habits, without any reference to the causes of English greatness -- which are not to be found in Poor-law and farms of a particular size -- impressed law-makers and the landlords of Ireland with a strong desire to enlarge and consolidate farms, and clear them of the squatters and subtenants, who had formerly been permitted, if not encouraged. With a Poor law, that desire could safely be acted on, and so it supplies a temptation and the means to carry eviction extensively into effect.

mother n kids

The evictions were numerous before the potato rot. It was not that great calamity, therefore , that superinduced them, or was the chief cause of the present desolation. The potato harvest and harvests of every kind have been lost many times before 1846, without reducing the people to their present misery. But that calamity threw the people at the mercy of the Government,and the Government used its power directly and indirectly, in accordance with the theory, to clear the land. Out-door relief was established in that season of distress, and relief altogether was coupled with the resignation of the land. The poor were required to give up their heritage, small though it was, for less than a mess of pottage.

A law was passed, the 11 and 12 Vic. c. 47, entitled "An Act for the Protection and Relief of the Destitute Poor Evicted from their Dwellings," which provided a means of evicting them, subjecting the landlords to the necessity of giving notice to Poor-law guardians, and to the share of a common burden. Under such stimuli and such auspices, the clearing process has gone on in an accelerated ratio, with Ireland is now dotted with ruined villages, and filled with a a starving population, besieging the doors of crowded workhouses, and creeping into the halls and chambers of the deserted mansions of the nobility and gentry. A gentleman's mansion turned into a poor-house, is a fit emblem of the decay that a mistaken policy has brought on all classes. The system intended to relieve the poor, by making the landlord responsible for their welfare, has at once made it the interest, and therefore the duty, of the landlords to get rid of them. Extirpation is accordingly going forward at a rapid rate; and the evidence of that is now placed before the eyes and the understanding of the readers of the ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS.

I will give you, by and by, some notices of the driving for rent, of landowners impoversished by rates, and of bankruptcy unions; but at present I must give attention to some of the other Sketches I send.

The Scalp of Brian Connor (here represented) has been already described; it is another illustration of the worse than pig-sty habitations of those who did live in the now roofless cottages.

Another Sketch follows (that of Miss Kennedy), which shows that, amidst this world of wretchedness, all is not misery and guilt. Indeed, it is a part of our nature that the sufferings of some should be the occasions for the exercise of virtue in others. Miss Kennedy (about seven years old) is the daughter of Captain Kennedy, the Poor-Law inspector of the Kilrush Union. She is represented as engaged in her daily occupation of distributing clothing to the wretched children brought around her by their more wretched parents. In the front of the group I noticed one woman crouching like a monkey, and drawing around her the only rag she had to conceal her nudity. A big tear was rolling down her cheek, with gratitude for the gifts the innocent child was distributing. The effect was heightened by the chilliness and dreariness of a November evening, and by the wet and mire in which the naked feet of the crowd were immersed.


On Captain Kennedy being appointed to the Union, his daughter was much affected by the misery of the poor children she saw; and so completely did it occupy her thoughts, that, with the consent ofher parents, she gave up her time and her own little means to relieve them. She gave away her own clothes -- she was allowed to bestow part of her mother's -- and she then purchased coarse materials and made up clothing for children of her own age; and she was encouraged by her father and some philanthropic strangers, from whom she received sums of money, and whose example will no doubt be followed by those who possess property in the neighborhood; and she devoted herself with all the energy and perserverance of a mature and staid matron to the holy office she has undertaken. The Sketch will, I hope, immortalize the beneficent child, who is filling the place of a saint, and performing the duties of a patriot.

On all sides I hear praises of the amiable child and her excellent father, and this is not without a moral for the landlords. The public officers who are appointed to administer and control the relief of the poor, have it in their power to do much for the people. Mere kindness of manner, though they render no substantial assistance, endears them to the suffering crowd. Captain Kennedy is at once kind, charitable and judicious. He is at the head of the Union. He fills for the people the most important office in the district. He is the great man of the place. It must be so in other districts. The funds are contributed by the landowners, but they are distributed by public officers. Thus the Poor Law, which disposes of the landowner's property, also deprives them of the pleasure and the burden of distributing it themselves. A public officer is made, in fact, to administer their estates, and he stands between them and their compulsory bounties, securing the respect and confidence which they might and ought to have. The more the subject is examined, the more I have no doubt, it will be found that the Poor Law is as injurious to the landlords as it is to the people.

"'Searching for Potatoes' is one of the those occupations of those who cannot obtain outdoor relief. It is gleaning in a potato field, and how few are left after the potatoes are dug, must be known to everyone who has ever seen the field cleared. What the people were digging and hunting for, like dogs after truffles, I could not imagine, till I went into the field, and then I found them patiently turning over the whole ground, in the hopes of finding the few potatoes the owner might not have overlooked. Gleaning ina potato field seems something like shearing hogs, but it is the only means by which the gleaners could hope to get a meal."

"The Sketch of a Woman and Children" represents Bridget O'Donnell. Her story is briefly this: 'I lived,' she said, 'on thelands of Gurranenatuoha. My husband held four acres and a half of land, and three acres of bog land; our yearly rent was L7 4s; we were put out last November; he owed some rent. We got thirty stone of oats from Mr. Marcus Keane, for seed. My husband gave some writing for it; he was paid for it. He paid ten shillings for reaping the corn. As soon as it was stacked, one 'Blake' on the farm, who was put to watch it, took it away in his own haggard and kept it there for a fortnight by Dan Sheedey's orders. The then thrashed it in Frank Leille's barn. I was at this time lying in fever. Dan Sheedey and five or six men came to tumble my house; they wanted me to give possession. I said that I would not; I had fever, and was within two months of my down-lying (confinement); they commenced knocking down the house, and had half of it knocked down when two neighbors, women, Nell Spellesley and Kate How, carried me out. I had the priest and the doctor attend me shortly after. Father Meehan annointed me. I was carried into a cabin and lay there for eight days, when I had the creature (the child) born dead . I lay for three weeks after that. The whole of my family got the fever, and one boy thirteen years old died with wants and with hunger while we were lying sick. Dan Sheedey and Blake took the corn into Kilrush and sold it. I don't know what they got for it. I had not a bit for my children to eat when they took it from me."

The last Sketch shows the Scalpeen of Tom Downs, at Dunmore, in the parish of Kellard, where himself and his ancestors resided on this spot for over a century, with renewal of their lease up to 1845. He neither owed rent arrears or taxes up to the present moment, and yet he was pitched out onto the roadside, and saw then other houses, with his own, levelled at one fell swoop on the spot, the ruins of some of which are seen in this Sketch. None of them were mud cabins, but all capital stone-built houses.

I must conclude my present communications with an account of a great catastrophe which has hurried 37 of the poor wretches that depended on the Union of Kilrush, with four other persons, into eternity. The Union will be relieved by an accident at which humanity mourns: "On the evening of Wednesday week intelligence reached the town of Kilrush that a large number of persons, most of whom were paupers, who had been seeking outdoor relief at Kilrush, were drowned while crossing the ferry on their return to Moyarta. No less than 33 dead bodies were washed ashore on the northern side of the ferry. They were removed to an adjacent field, and the coroner, Mr. Frank O'Donnell, arriving soon after from Kilkee, an inquest was held on their wretched remains. It appeared upon the inquiry that no less than 43 or 45 persons (for they could not tell the exact number) were allowed to crowd into a crazy and rotten boat, which has been plying on this ferry for the last forty years. The boat moved on as far as the middle of the ferry, when a sea broke over her stern, and filled her at once, the wind blowing strong from the southwest at the time. She upset immediately, and her miserable living freight were immersed in the merciless waters, while four (who were eventually saved) clung to her until a boat from Captain Cox's men came to their assistance. The verdict of the coroner's jury was as usual in such cases, but imputing gross neglect and attaching censure to the owners of the boat, for admitting such a number of persons into so frail a craft. With the exception of four, the victims were all paupers who had frequently come into the town in vain to seek out door relief, and were returning that sad evening to their wretched hovels in the parishes of Moyarta and Kilballyowen.






December 29th 1849

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  • 'Celebration of New Years Day in Paris' Front page

' Scene From The Pantomime of Harlequin and Good Queen Bess, At Drury Lane Theatre'

'Scene From The Pantomime of King Jamie: Or harlequin and The Magic Fiddle'

'Scene From The Extravaganza of The Ninth Statue: or The Jewels and The Gem at The Haymarket Theatre'

'Scene from The Extravaganza of The Island of Jewels, At The Lyceum Theatre'

'The Wolverton Mechanics Institute Soiree'

'Capture of a Brazilian Slaver by HMS Rattler off Lagos'

'Statue Recently Found in The Trastevere at Rome'

'Historical Composition in Painting by J. A Vinter, "An Act of Mercy" Blanche of Castile, Queen Regent of Francel, Liberating the Prisoners confiend by The Charter of Paris, in 1512'

'Architectural Design by Mr Arthur Allom'

'Chess Problem by Charles Stanley Esq of Brighton Chess Club'

Ireland and The New Poor Law 'Driving Cattle for Rent Between Ouchterard and Galway'

Ireland and The New Poor Law 'Scalp at Cahuermore' a scalp, or hole dug in the earth, some two or three feet deep where people would live or shelter

Ireland and The New Poor Law 'Judy O'Donnels Habitation Under the Bridge at Doonbeg'

'Saltwood Castle' Small

'Paris Fashions For The New Year'

Sketches in Hungary 'Hungarian Emigrants on Their March to Shaumla'

'General Guyon Defending Himself'

'Kossuth From an Original Sketch

Retrospect of The Year'

'Foreign and Colonial Intelligence'

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes:

Sir Thomas Givson Carmichael, Bart of Skirling died at Naples

John Lord Colville of Culross, Admiral of the White

The Right Rev William Hart Coleridge DD late Bishop of Barbados at his seat Salston, Ottery St Mary, Devon

The Venerable Philip Jennings, DD, Archdeacon of Norfolk'






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