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Illustrated London News 1842
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The Illustrated london News 1842

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The very first page of the very first issue of the weekly Illustrated London News

Saturday, May 14th 1842

A wonderful pictorial pageant of history began when the world's first illustrated newspaper proclaimed,

"Here we make our bow, determined to keep continually before the eye of the world a living and moving panorama of all its activities and influences".

published on Whit Saturday, May 14th, 1842,

containing as its principal feature two pages of pictures illustrating the

Magnificent Fancy Dress Ball given by

Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace only two days before publication.


No. 1 Illustrated London News - Saturday May 14th. 1842

page 1

Page one

Topics and headings in the first edition

Our Address

Destruction of the city of Hamburgh by fire

May 14th 1842

mast head

There was more than one edition, City and Country, one has advertisments but some editions didn't !

see pages 14, 15, 16

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Page 2

Imperial Parliament

The case of Mr Biddulph

The Magistrates of Sunderland and the Marquis of Londonderry

The House of Commons - Monday 9th

Town of Southampton

Election Proceedings

page 2


Page 3

The income tax

The House of Lords

    Bribery at Elections

    Roman Catholics

The House of Commons -Tuesday

    Income Tax

    Nottingham Election

    Sudbury Election

    The Tariff

House of Commons - Wednesday

    Newcastle-under-Line election

    Poor law commision continuance Bill

House of Lords - Thursday

    The adjournment


    The income tax

    Bribery at elections bill

The House of commons - Thursday - No House

The House of Commons - Friday

    Poor Laws

    Fines and Recoveries

    Adjournment of the House

The Roehampton murder

The Highbury murder

Distress of the country

page 3





Page 4

Foreign Intelligence

Dreadful railway accident near Paris




page 4






Page 5


City of Cabul


The United States

    Awful steam boat explosion

page 5






Page 6

The Fashions

Law intelligence

Court of the Queens Bench

Court of Exchequer

Central Criminal Court

Uttering a forged order

Maria Williams - stealing plate

Old Court

The Highbury murder


Mansion House - Wednesday


page 6


Page 7

Engraving - Taking out and taking in- or two to one against the Jew

Union Hall - flare up

Portrait painting

Marlborough street - The drapers dodge

The Irish tea party

Sporting Intelligence

Newmarket second spring meeting

Tattersall's - Thursday

page 7


Page 8

Her Majesty's Bal Masque

(Queen Victoria's fancy dress Ball)

page 8



Page 9

Page 9



Page 10

Calendar for the week

Anniversary meetings for the week

To Correspondents

Illustrated London News editorial (mainly about income tax)

The Money Market

The London Gazette (reports of bankrupts etc)

London Trade report

Micellaneous news and articles

page 10



Page 11

The Royal Geographical Society


Everybody's Column


Page 11







Page 12


The Court and Haut Ton (What the Royals were upto)

The Theatres


page 12





Page 13

Fine Arts




Page 13

Page 14


The Origin of the mail coach system

page 14



other page 14


page 14m


Page 15

Antidote for the slave trade


Sheep farming in Australia

Miscellaneous News

Monthly statement of letters delivered in the United Kingdom


page 15

other page 15


other page 15


Page 16

Discovery of a band of murderers at Nuremburg

Method of introducing bills to the House of Commons

Important to railway travellers

Uniformity of clocks throughout Great Britain

The tenacity of scotch iron

Impure air

The wall of London

The human frame

Husband's liability for his wifes debts

A military revolt

page 16


other page 16


other page 16




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Some events of this year in the Illustrated London News

mast head

Disastrous retreat of the British from Kabul

Dr Thomas Arnold, Headmaster of Rugby school dies. he left a legacy of the amateur sportsman ideal

The Collieries Act

Treaty of Nanking between Britain and China: several ports opened


The Illustrated London News volume 1, May 14 to Dec 31 1842.

Published by William Little January 7th 1843.

This volume contains 750 original sketches and hundreds of fascinating articles some of whose titles are as follows:


  • A View of Liverpool
  • Sketches and descriptions of Waghorn's overland route from India,
  • Strawberry Hill and Horace Walpole,
  • The Voyages of Capt. James Cook,
  • The Derby Horse Race,
  • London Charities,
  • The Particulars of the Cowardly and Disgraceful Attempt on Her Majesty, Queen Victoria,
  • West Indies and Atlantic Steam Navigation,
  • Forcing the Khyber Pass,
  • Various Fashions,
  • The Texan Mounted Militia,
  • Attack on a Potato Store in Ireland,
  • The Building of the New Houses of Parliament,
  • The Chinese People,
  • Cambridge University,
  • Customs House in London,
  • The Duke of Orleans at Constantine,
  • A Cricket Match at Lords Ground,
  • The New Grandstand at Goodwood,
  • Views of Buckingham Palace,
  • Disturbances in the Manufacturing Districts in particular Manchester, Preston, Salford, Stockport and Halifax,
  • Reding the Riot act in Manchester
  • Deerstalking in the Highlands, The Queens Visit to Scotland,


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mast head

To ensure continuity of readership Herbert Ingram, founder of the ILN, astutely dangled a free gift before the eyes of the many thousands of people who had been influenced by the prospectus, "To Subscribers who buy The Illustrated London News regularly each week for six months a copy of the splendid Colosseum Print of London will be presented". That Colosseum Print was to be one of Herbert Ingram's most brilliant ideas.

Palmer and Clayton were engaged to print the contents of the ILN at 10 Crane Court, and to publish it at Clayton's newsagent's shop at 320 Strand, on the north side of the church, St. Mary-le-Strand.


Herbert Ingram believed that photography, first announced to the world in 1839, could be of use to his illustrated newspaper and he had in mind the publication of the giant view of London photographed from the top of the Duke of York's column, 124 feet high. Official permission was granted for photographs to be taken from its summit and Antoine Claudet, with his daguerreotype camera, climbed the twisting steps inside the monument. At the dizzy top he set up his apparatus and exposed a sequence of views of London, looking north, and another sequence looking south.

After development, the daguerreotype plates of silvery metal were laid side by side in two rows one above the other to make a lay-out of the picture which was to be printed on paper four feet four inches wide and nearly three feet high, but first an artist, C. F. Sargent, using a pencil, had to draw the photographic detail onto the smooth surface of the biggest wood-block ever made. It was composed of sixty pieces of box-wood joined tightly together "without line, speck or flaw" and then sent to Ebenezer Landell's engraving firm where he and his staff of eighteen assistants worked day and night for two months on the largest engraving ever executed.

While it was being completed, the ILN moved into its own premises at 198 Strand, a big shop at the corner of Milford Lane facing St. Clement Danes Church. The ground floor was used as the publishing office, and on the three floors above four rooms accommodated the editorial and advertisement offices and an engraving studio. Two rooms were lived in by the new publisher, William Little, whose sister Ann was engaged to be married to Herbert Ingram.

By the end of the year, the great Colosseum View of London in 1842 had been engraved, stereotyped and printed by Palmer and Clayton at 10 Crane Court, and this famous picture was supplied in company with the ILN issue of 7 January 1843. The print was a huge success and exciting scenes were witnessed at 198 Strand where crowds of newsmen shouted their demands to be served. At one period the staff were so tired that the premises had to be closed while the men rested.

The Coloseum Print - A Panorama of London looking North

The Coloseum Print - A Panorama of London looking South




under construction

May 21st 1842

mast head






May 28th 1842

mast head





June 4th 1842

mast head

Branding of army Deserters June 4th 1842

1842 deserters

The illustrated London News - June 4th reported that on May 31st - John Francis attempted to shoot Queen Victoria on Constitution Hill shouting " Damn the queen; why should she be such an expense to the nation




June 11th 1842

mast head




June 18th 1842

mast head

  • The Queen's first trip by railway

On Monday the Queen and Prince Albert, for the first time, returned from their sojourn at Windsor Castle by way of the Great Western Railway. The journey was from Slough, departing at 12 noon, arriving at the Paddington Terminus at 12.25 pm. The journey was carried out in great secrecy





June 25th 1842

mast head


The foregoing illustration is intended to convey an idea of the state of desperation to which the poor of Galway have been reduced by the present calamitous season of starvation; and although, according to present appearances, there is every reason to rely on the goodness of Providence for an abundant and early relief, yet it is calculated that more than another month of suffering and privation must elapse before succour arrives. The scene represented above is an attack upon a potato store in the town of Galway, on the 13th of the present month, when the distress had become too great for the poor squalid and unpitied inhabitants to endure their misery any longer, without some more substantial alleviation than prospects of coming harvest; and their resource in this case was to break open the potato stores and distribute their contents, without much discrimination, among the plunderers, and to attack the mills where oatmeal was known to be stored. During the entire of that day the town was in the possession of a fierce and ungovernable mob, led on apparently by women and children, but having an imposing reserve in the rear of the Claddagh fishermen. The Sheriff, with a strong force of police and the depôt of the 30th Regiment, which constitutes the garrison, vainly attempted to restrain them. They assailed him and his armed bands with showers of stones, which wounded the commanding officer of the military party in the head, and hurt several of the men. But, with singular forbearance and humanity, the gallant Thirtieth held their fire, and, as it was impossible to disperse such a mob without firing amongst them, the millers were induced to promise that meal should be retailed on the following morning at 15d. a stone.
The discontent of the sufferers had been aggravated by the unfeeling, and, there was some reason to suspect, the dishonest artifices of those who had food to sell. Farmers, known to have abundant supplies of potatoes, had not only refused to part with any portion of them at the present high prices, but had actually sent into the markets and made purchases, in order to augment the scarcity. Numbers of dealers also, speculating on a rise, had stored quantities of provisions, which they refused to give out at a fair profit; and in several instances these persons had cleared out the markets the instant they were opened, and left the poor famishing housekeepers, with their money in their hands, in the midst of apparent plenty, unable to procure even the supply of a single day.

To this cause is to be attributed the various disturbances which occurred at Loughrea and Galway; the people insisting upon the farmers retailing provisions to them out of the sack, instead of disposing of its contents wholesale to huxters and forestallers; and the magistrates generally, with proper discretion and humanity, enforcing the reasonable demands of the people.

The Claddagh fishermen, to signalise their victory, insisted upon a general illumination of the town, and ordered the joy-bells of the collegiate church to ring out a merry peal. Their requisitions were complied with in both cases. The joy-bells tang out a merry peal, and the inhabitants in general put lights into their windows. Thus, for several hours, the capital city of Connaught remained in possession of a lawless rabble, while the armed authorities of the country retired before them.

The following is the latest account from this distressed district:-- "Galway, June 20. (From our own correspondent.) Since the disturbance of Monday last this town has been perfectly tranquil. The fishermen took to their boats and went to sea early in the week, and provisions having experienced a seasonable reduction in price, no further commotion is apprehended. It was feared that the country people, hearing of the violence committed on Monday, would not bring their goods into the market; and on Wednesday the supply was scanty from that cause. But an abundance of potatoes was brought in on Saturday, and sold a fourpence a stone. This is not an extravagant price, though a fraction over threepence always pinches the poor man; but in the present dearth of employment any price at all must distress him. Of the scarcity of money you may judge from this fact, of which I can assure you from personal observation, that at Loughrea, in this county, when the famishing people were riotously assembled to oppose the forestallers in the potato market, eggs were offered for sale at five for a penny, and chickens, quite fit for the pot, were sold for sevenpence a couple.

After a long drought we have been visited with seasonable and refreshing rain, which only seemed wanting to confirm our anticipation of an abundant and early harvest.





July 2nd 1842

mast head

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  • Banquet at Goldsmiths Hall

    Front page



  • ' St Martins In The Fields '
  • ' Mr R. Cobden MP '

' Chess Problem '

' The New Beacon on the Goodwin Sands ' lighthouse

' Tlhe Nut Brown Mayd ' peom within engraving

' Signor Costa (After Dantan ) Conductor at her Majesty's Theatre '

' Lablache (After Dantan ) '

' Tableau of the Closing Scene of Sheridan Knowles's "Rose of Arragon"..'

' Portrait (bust) of Moscheles '

' Liszt (after Dantan ) '

' Fashion ' A dress

' Portrait of the Late Frederick H. Yates ' Actor

' The Chub ' Angling

' Hearts Ease or Pansy '

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
' A Glance at The Session '

' Foreign Intelligence '

' Provincial - Extensive Fires in the Provinces with reference to Lambourn in Wiltshire - Heybridge Hall Maldon - Browne and Co at Bridgwater - Also Melancholy Accident at Foulmire Pit nearThetford - Presentation of an Address to the Hon. Edward Everett The American Minister - Capture of a Burglar of Manningham Bradford '

' Ireland - Dreadful Accident to the Marquis and Marchioness of Waterford '

' Mr R. Cobden MP '

' Distress of the Country ' Riots at New Cross

1842 riots at Newcross

' Naval and Military Intelligence ' movements of ships and regiments etc

' Shipping Intelligence ' with reference to The Burning of The Georgia on its return from Calcutta - And more

' correspondents '

' Mysterious Munificence '

' The Nelson Monument '

' Great Earthquake at Hayti '

' Whittington's Stone at Highgate '

' The Cort and Haut Ton ' . ' Coroners Inquest includes Death From Eating Peas - Suicide of A Reduced Publican and more

' Law Intelligence ' includes Arches Court and King v. King - The Bankruptcy of Sparks and Co of the Guildford Bank, Re Anthony Lee

' Police '

1842 walkers needles

July 2nd Advert A stone age xylophone - The Rock Harmonicon

1842 rock harmonicon




July 9th 1842

mast head




July 16th 1842

mast head

  • The fashions Rue de la Chaussee d'Antin, Paris
  • The sea parachute or life umbrella
  • Cricket match
  • On Monday July 18 an interesting match took place at Lord's Grounds, wherein the relative merits of the fast and slow systems of bowling were tried by eight gentlemen and players with three bowlers on the new system, and the same number with three slow bowlers. The same event has been contested on four previous occasions, and the match excited considerable interest., The numbers scored by the players on the new, or over-hand system, was 194, while their opponents scored only 147.

  • At the Surrey theatre we have not only "singing" but "acting" for the million. Donizetti's opera of the Love Spell, or Bellini's opera of La Somnambula, with Shakespeare's tragedy of Macbeth, and all for the small charge of "sixpence"





July 23rd 1842

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July 30th 1842

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August 6th 1842

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August 13th 1842

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August 20th 1842

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aug 20 p1



The Disturbances in the Manufacturing Districts



















The Disturbances in the Manufacturing Districts

attack on military

Preston Chartists- Attack on the Military 1842

riot at Preston

Scene of the late riot at Preston, Lancashire

new cross

The scene at New Cross

manchester chartists

Reading the riot act at Manchester town Hall

wilsons mill salford

Wilsons Mill Salford

workhouse stockport

  • At Stockport, where there are upwards of 20,000 persons out of employment who have no resources but those of plunder and beggary, a large body of rioters broke open and pillaged the workhouses of food and clothing, and mobs robbed the provision shops.....


  • Reports stated that immense bodies of rioters from Wigan, Chorley, and the district of the collieries, some making them as numerous as 15,000, armed with axes, spades, bludgeons &c., were on their way to Preston. It was reported that that a large cotton factory at Bamberbridge was partially destroyed by the mob.


1842 aussie pale ale

Advert for Ashby's Australian Pale Ale





August 27th 1842

mast head






September 3rd 1842

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September 10th 1842

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September 17th 1842

mast head

  • 'Her Majesty in Edinburgh - Passing The Royal Institution' (front page),
  • 'Doncaster Grand Stand - The St Leger Race',
  • 'The Queen Leaving the Duchess of Atholl's',
  • 'The Queen's Entry into The City of Perth',
  • 'The Queens Entry into Dunkeld',
  • 'Broad Sword Dance and Highland Reel - Taymouth Castle',
  • 'Queen Leaving Perth',
  • 'Mons Meg',
  • 'Manufacturing Districts',
  • 'Covent Garden',
  • 'Preston Guild', ,
  • 'Preston Adjourned Sessions',





September 24th 1842

mast head

  • 'The Queen and Prince Albert Leaving Drummon Castle - View in The Court Yard' (front page),
  • 'Map of The North Eastern Boundary Between The British Possessions and The United States as Settled by Treaty August 9, 1842',
  • 'Dutch Boars'
  • 'Alum Bay - Isle of Wight' ,
  • 'Curraghmore' (small),
  • 'Beeswing - Racehorse' ,
  • 'Hop Picking' ,
  • 'Popular Portraits - Lord Palmerston',
  • 'The Queens Visit to Scotland' (double page) including 'Triumphal Arches at Inverkeithing, Bridge of Earn, Kinross, Aberfeldy and Kilncragie, also The park at Taymouth, Leaving Taymouth and passing Kenmore, The Queen and Prince Albert Embarking on Loch Tay, Taymouth Castle, The Queen and Prince Albert at Loch Earn Head, The Royal Barge - Loch Tay, The Steps erected for the Queens Landing at Auchmore, Auchmore House - Killin'. 'Killin - View from The Bridge', 'Gate at Drummond Castle - The 42nd Highlanders Marching Out',
  • 'Somerset House Stamp Office - The Illustrated London News Paper Unloading',
  • 'Her Majesty and Prince Albert Landing At Granton Pier'.
  • 'Lord Palmerston',
  • 'Suppression of The Slave Trade',
  • 'Cure for The Cholera',
  • 'Extraordinary Decline in The Consumption of Wine',
  • 'Norwich Musical Festival',

It measures 410x270mm (16x11") approx

Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland Bridge

This issue features especially the occasion of the Royal Visit of Queen Victoria to Scotland. It consists of 16 pages, includes some 20 fine prints from engravings by S Sly and W Dickes and accounts of the royal progress from Woolwich to Dunbar by sea and on into Scotland.

The centre pages consist of a spread of 2 large prints on the LH and 3 on the RH with no text. These feature

Scone Palace, Edinburgh Dalkieth (the Duke of Buccleuch. In the Surrounding pages there is much interesting discussion on the Royal personages and escorts, with some local comment included.

There is also a section on Deer stalking with a print.




October 1st 1842

mast head

  • 'The Oration at Christ's Hospital' in London (front page),
  • 'Glenartney - The Hill Where Prince Albert, Attended by Lord Willoughby, Went Deer Stalking',
  • 'Pass of Glen Ogle',
  • 'Her Majesty and Prince Albert Embarking on Board the Trident at Granton Pier',
  • 'Roslin Castle, 'Roslin Chapel', 'Hawthornden',
  • 'View of Liverpool', 'Clarence Dock, Liverpool',
  • 'Fire at Liverpool',
  • 'The Ruins after the Fire at Liverpool including Formby Street, Borough Prison, Great Howard Street, The Fire Proof Warehouse, Formby Street Where the Engine with the Firemen was Buried, The Chimney of the Bone House where the Fire Began and Neptune Street',
  • 'Rosherville Gardens, Gravesend',
  • 'Glades of Windsor'.
  • 'Photographic Portraiture'
  • Our Relations with America,
  • Foreign Intelligence
It measures 400 x 270mm (16 x10.75") approx



October 8th 1842

mast head






October 15th 1842

mast head




October 22nd 1842

mast head


October 29th 1842

mast head




November 5th 1842

mast head

  • 'The Courts at Westminster - First Day of Term',
  • 'Guy Fawkes' Day -The Guy ,
  • 'Scene from The New Comedy of The Turf',
  • 'The Temple Church, London',
  • Also articles (no engravings) including 'Municipal Elections', 'Inauguration of The New Lord Mayor', 'The Theatre', 'Shipping Intelligence', 'The Court and Haut Ton',
  • 'Floraculture - The showy Lily',
  • 'Nooks and Corner of Old England - Battle Abbey',






November 12th 1842

mast head

  • A print from engraving on the front page titled Espartero Introducing the Queen of Spain to the Cortes.
  • Article on China and various related engravings including Chinese Gun with Bamboo Sight,
  • The Nemesis Steamer Destroying Chinese War Junks, in Canton River, Canton,
  • Porcelain Tower at Nankin,
  • The Imperial Canal, China, Nankin,Whampoa
  • Article on The Lord Mayors Day with related prints from engravings The InaugurationProcession by Water from London Bridge,Entering Westminster HallThe Return of the Civic Procession from Westminster to Guildhall and The Banquet at Guildhall. .
  • An article and print from engraving. Tableau from The Misers Daughter
  • Article and engraving titled The Inauguration of the Walhalla (German Temple)
  • Print from engraving and article titled The Wreck of the Isis off Bermuda
  • Article and engraving titled The British Swivel Gun.
  • Also articles on Foreign Intelligence, The Overland Mail, India, Afghanistan, and China,
  • Metropolitan News, The Court and Haut Ton,
  • Naval and Military Intelligence,
  • The Theatres, The Churches of the Metropolis - St Georges Chapel, Regent St.,
  • Nooks and Corners of Old England - Sidney College, Cambridge,
  • Coroners Inquests,
  • Popular Portraits - Mr. Sergeant Talfourd, The Markets




November 19th 1842

mast head

  • 'Investure of a Knight of St. Patrick' .
  • 'Scene from The Grand Polish Ball, Given at Guildhall, on Wednesday the 16th Inst.'
  • An article and engraving showing a View of Ashton Hall, Lancashire.
  • 'Presentation of a Music Stand to Mr. Hullag by his Pupils at Exeter Hall', '.
  • An article and engravings 'The Queen Entering Canterbury' and 'Canterbury Cathedral',
  • 'The Duke of Wellington Meeting the Queen at Sandwich',
  • 'The Entrance to the Village of Walmer' in Kent,
  • 'The Queen and Prince Albert Walking in Front of Walmer Castle - Deal in the distance',
  • articles on 'Foreign Intelligence',
  • 'Court and Haut Ton',
  • 'Naval and Military Intelligence'
  • Dreadful Accident at Harefield near Uxbridge
  • 'The Churches of the Metropolis - Stepney Church',
  • 'St. Ann's Schools, Brixton Hill',
  • 'Mrs Fitzwilliam as The Countes Xenia'
  • 'Scene from The Drama of My Old Woman',




November 26th 1842

mast head




December 3rd 1842

mast head



December 10th 1842

mast head

  • 'Sheep and Pig show of the Smithfield Club, (Wednesday Dec 7th)
  • 'View of the Great Wall of China',
  • 'View of Barcelona'
  • Hungerford Suspension Bridge'
  • A variety of engravings of the Cattle and Sheep from the Smithfield Club Show including
  • Mr. T. L Meire's 3 year's and 11 month Hereford Ox,
  • Mr Thomas's Umber's Twen,
  • Earl Spencers 4 years and 9 months Old Short-horned Ox
  • . Article and prints of The Royal Stables, Windsor and The Queens Huntsman - Mr. Davis.
  • Also articles including 'Foreign Intelligence',
  • 'Country News',
  • 'India',
  • 'Police',
  • 'The Coroners Inquest',
  • 'The Court and Haut Ton',

It measures 400x280 (16x11") approx






December 17th 1842

mast head



December 24th 1842

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December 31st

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