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The Illustrated London News 1855 ...

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1855 colour supplement

1855 The World's first colour supplement

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Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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General Pelissier, Commander in Chief of The French Troops Before Sebastopol' (front page),

'Plan of The Mamelon and Malakiff Tower, Crimea',

'Spanish Muleteers on Their Way to the Crimea on Board the Iberia Steamship', - half page

'Embarkation of The King of Portugal at Lisbon', half page

'The Magicienne off Cronstadt with Russian Prizes in Tow', half page

Antiquities Brought From Kertch', half page – (numbered and listed or named above the print)

'The New Metropolitan Cattle Market, Copenhagen Fields: The Market Banks, Pens for Cattle and Sheep, Sheds for Calves, Pigs etc',

'New Cattle Market: Market Fountain, Water Tanks, Lairage for Bullocks etc', full page with three images

'The Royal London Yacht Club Match: The Start from Erith - Phantom - Vampire - Lily - Kitten', near half page

'Remains of a House Struck by Lightning at Hastings',

'Mddle. Jenny Ney of the Royal Italian Opera',

'Scene from The New Opera of Berta at The Haymarket Theatre', near half page

'Royal Geographical Society: Medal Presented to Captain R. Mac-Clure by The Paris Geographical Society',

'Sea Cucumber in The Gardens of The Zoological Society, Regents Park',

'Chart of The Sea of Azoff and The Straits of Kertch & Yenikale', larger than half page

Chess problem

Full page showing three scenes overall entitled Russian Fortresses on the coast of Circassa – and individually entitled :- Anapa evacuated by the Russians, Soujak Kale, Ghelendjik

The Officers Cemetery Cathcart Hill, before Sebastopol – full page

Before Sebastopol – Zouaves Making Gabions – full page

'Foreign and Colonial News',

'Imperial Parliament',

'Shipping Intelligence',

'Naval and Military Intelligence',

'Country News',

The Court',

'Epitome of News',

Plus other articles including :-

'Prince Albert on Public Affairs',

'Anapa - Soujak - Kale - Ghelendjik',

Spanish Muleteers for the Crimea

Capture and Destruction of Russian Vessels In the Baltic

Embarkation of the King of Portugal at Lisbon for France

Despatches from Lord Raglan and Sir Edmund Lyons

Summer circuits of the judges 1855

Antiquities from Kertch

Metropolitan Cattle market

Royal London Yacht club

Mademoiselle Jenny Ney

Destructive storm at Hastings

Sea cucumbers

The British Institution, Works of Ancient Masters

The Wilkinson Testimonial – Totteridge Park (a Paragraph)

Chart of the sea of Azoff (Azov)

Anapa Soujak-Kale Ghelendjik

Capture of the mamelon

The Baltic Fleet

The Piedmontese army in the Crimea

The Final Vienna conference

Officers cemetery Cathcart hill

Gabion making

Administrative Reform, meeting in Drury Lane Theatre

Obituary of eminent persons including mention of :- Admiral Edward Boxer, J J Heywood esq of the isle of man


32 2470

The Balaclava Railway - The Bazaar at Kadikoi in the Crimea ' front page

' Electric Telegraph from The Miel Camp Before Sebastopol to London - Landing and Connecting the Wire Cable at Cape Kaliakra ' engraving showing a view of Cape Kaliakra with the ruins ( Tirisis )behind

' Monastery of St George at Balaclava '

' The Baltic Fleet - The HMS " Archer " in The Ice in Wingo Bay ' sailing ship

' Monsieur Soyers Hospital Kitchen At Scutari Barracks ' with mention of Miss Nightingale

' Sebastopol From The Victoria Redoubt ' - info. Sevastopol

' Sebastopol From The Maison D'Observation '

' Exhibition at The Royal Acadamy: Waiting for The Guns by J. W. Bottomley' a hunting scene showing two young boys in kilts with their dogs on a hillside

' An Avenue of Trees in Hatfield Park by H. Jutsum ' Herts


'Opening of a Tumulus at St Weonards in Herefordshire '

'Section of Tumulus ' .

' The Old Town Hall Leominster '

' New Church of The Holy Trinity Tulse Hill in Norwood '

' The Emperor's Reception Room ( Vandyke Gallery ), Windsor Castle '

' The State Bed Room, Buckingham Palace '

' Toilet Table at Windsor Castle '

' Toilet Table at Buckingham Palace '

' Plan of The Barrack Encampment at Aldershot ' engraved plan showing Basingstoke Canal - Claycart Hill - Red Hill - Stannoh Hill - Peaked Hill - Thorn hill and Hollow - Dollys Hill and Barracks etc

'Testimonial Presented to The Lord Mayor by The Emperor of the French ' a gold snuff box bearing the mperial cipher " N "

' Interior of The Paris Industrial Exhibition Building '

' The Floating Batter " Etna " on Fire at Messrs Scott Russell and Co's Works at Millwall '

' Remains of the Floating Battery " Etna " at Millwall '

' The Camp at Aldershott ' an engraving showing a house, horse and carts carrying building materials, soldiers etc

' Street Within the Lines of the Camp at Aldershott '

' Interior of Officers Hut '

' Interior of Soldiers Hut ' .

' General View of The Camp at Aldershott From the Farnborough Road ' near full page print from engraving

' The British Hospital at Smyrna '

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Cravens In Council

The Balaclava and Sebastapol Railway

Administrative Reform, Meeting in The City held at The London Tavern

Defeat of the Pro Russian party At Leeds

Daring Attack by Robberd in Open Day - Highway Robbery in Wentworth Park

Imperial Parliament

Despatches from Lord Raglan'

Reconnaissance on The 21st of April - Crimea

' Naval and Military Intelligence includes Medicine Chest for the Army By Messrs Savory and Moore - - - A Brave Bugler named McGill .

Some Observations on The Origin of Chess by Dr Duncan

Opening of the Great Tumulus at St Weonards

The Imperial Apartments at Windsor Castle and Buckingham

Death of Mr W. Devonshire Saull

The Vienna Protocols

Foreign and Colonial News

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Decreased includes The Right Hon. sir Robert Harry Inglis LL.D FRS FSA at his House in Bedford Square - - - Dr Alexander Melville MD Surgeon to HM Forces West Indies - - - Sir George Heaed Knt. died at Cockspur Street


Metropolitan News includes Meteorological Observations - - - Health of London - - - Royal Medical Benevolent College - - - Sailors Orphan Home .

Aldershot Camp

' Latest Intelligence - Repulse of the Russians etc

The Court - Royal Comings and goings

The Markets includes prices or Corn - Wheat - Linseed - Coal etc

Births Marriages and Deaths

The Hospital at Smyrna

........ And more.




Paris Universal Exhibition - Candelabrum by Minton and Co Presented to Queen Victoria by the Empress of the French '

' French Glass Manufacuurers in the Nave Stall of Miel the Paris Exhibition '

' White Marble Toilet Table by Professor Isola ' part title missing

' Parian Group - Cain And Abel by A. Carrie '

' Paintings on a Greek Tomb Lately Found Near Paestum ' - Italy

' The New Opium Clipper " Wild Dayrell " .... Constructed by Messrs John and Robert White of the Medina Docks Cowes for Messrs Dent and Co of Hong Kong .. ' .

' Almshouse and School Buildings at Fulham 'small engr.

' House of the Anglo French Commission at Sebastopol '

' Mr A. W.Johnson Secretary to the Anglo French Commission '

' INscription to the Memory of Fastrada Wife of Charlemagne '

' Defeat of the Russians by the Turks at Kars ' wonderful double page print from engraving showing a battle scene

' Proposed Submarine Railway ' channel railway - small

' Chess Problem by Mister W. Grimshaw "

' Wells Cathedral - The Choir With the Recent Restorations ' full page print from engraving

Naval And Military intelligence

The Expedition to Kinburn

The Organisation of the British Empire - III

Country News includes:

The Great Property Case of The Late John Wilson Esq

The Missing Clergyman Found, The Rev. Mr Farmer Curate of Hardwicke Co. Gloucestershire

Reformation of Criminals at Hardwick near Gloucester, the formation of a Reformatory .

The Forbes Mackenzies Act in Glasgow

Another Fearful Gale

The Dear Bread Agitation in Staffordshire

Extraordinary Murder Reive and Suicide, Hermann Francks at Berlin took place at the Albion Hotel at Brighton

Popular instruction - The Tonic Sol-Fa Association

The Proposed Anglo Gallic Submarine Railway

' Charing Cross London – King of Sardinia Arriving on a Visit ' front page print from engraving showing Trafalgar Square – Statue of Charles 1st – National Gallery – Bottom of Nelsons Column – the royal entourage passing through the crowds – info. King Vittorio Emanuele II .

' Dover – The Arrival of the King of Sardinia in "The Vivid" ... Reive ' wonderful full page print from engraving showing the steamship arriving at the dockside with crowds greeting the King – other boats and a steamship in the background. Dover town beyond – " The Vivid " was a wooden hulled Steam Packet of The Royal Navy

' The South Eastern Railway Station – Prince Albert Greeting The King of Sardinia ' full page print from engraving

' King of Sardinia – Queen Victoria – Prince Albert ' a double page pull-out engraving showing the three with ornate engraved border – from the work by Macquoid and engraved by W. Thomas

' The Royal Arsenal at Woolwich – The King of Sardinia On A Visit ' full page print from engraving of the royal party and many others, army types etc

' The Palace of Industry at Paris – Grand Musical Fete to the King of Sardinia ' full page print from engraving

Overtures for Peace – referring to The Crimean War

Foreign and Colonial News:

France – with mention of Comte Mole – Comte de Chambord – Sale of the Drawings of the Late Camille Roqueplan – etc

America – with mention of Mr Buchanan – The New York Herald – Mr Crampton

The War in the Crimea .

The John Bright and Mr Crawshay of Gateshead Correspondence

The Manchester Strike

The Inquisition in the Vatican

Illustrated London News Editorial

The Court – Royal Conmings and Goings

Metropolitan News includes:

Meteprp;pgoca; Pbservatopms

the Health of London

Mechi's Tiptree Hall Farm at the Polytechnic Institution and Mr Pepper

The Bank Charter and a Meeting at the London Tavern with Mr Francis Bennoch in the Chair .

Preservation of Life From Shipwrek - Meeting of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution – Thomas chapman Eq in the Chair with mention of the Lowestoft Lifeboat, Mr William Gruer of Lossiemouth Coast Guard Station – Aldborough – Thomas Cable etc

Puseyism in Knightsbridge – Dr. Lushington's Judgment – with mention of Rev. R. Liddell – Mister Beal – Dr Robert Phillimore – Dr Swabey – M. Miel – Mr Westerton – etc

Mr Williams and the Electors of Lambeth at the Horns Tavern Kennington

The City Graveyards

Obituary of Eminent Persons includes:

Captain Clotworthy Gillmor died at His Residence in Bentinck Street, Manchester Square, (London)

Captain Edward Shawe Powys died at Cashmere after a few days illness

Lady Gould the Widow of Admiral Sir Davidge Gould (who served with Horatio Nelson), died at Hawkshead ( in the County of Hertfordshire – daughter of the Ven. William Willes Archdeacon of Wells – info. nee Harriet Willes

Mrs Macdonald died at St Martins House in Perth, a Relict of the late William Macdonald of St Martins and Garth, daughter of Sir William Millar of Glenlee ( Lord Glenlee )

The Management of the Metropolis with ref. to The Board of Works

National Sports

Monetary Transactions of the Week – "From Our city Correspondent" – with ref. to Bank of England – Consol Market – Joint Stock Bank Shares – Ordinary Shares and Stocks – Line Leased – Preference shares etc

The Markets – Food / Wheat prices etc inc. Linseed – Bread – Sugar – Coffee – Tallow – Coals from Holywell, New Tanfield, Harton, Haswell, etc – Hay and Straw – Hops – Potatoes – Meat etc

The London Gazette –War Office and Admiralty Appointments - - Bankrupts - - Births Marriages and Deaths


Summary of 1855

Jan-June 1855
Vol. 26
Total 672 Illustrated Pages

July-Dec 1855
Vol. 27
Total 776 Illustrated Pages


price sixpence.

It features prints engravings and articles including :



23 1370

'Kelham Bridege, Near Neward, Destroyed fy The Ice'

'Larch in The Grounds of Killymoon Castle'

'Commencement of The Railway Works at Balaclava' Full page

'Kadikoi, The Headquarters of Sir Colin Campbell, before Sebastopol'

'The Railway Works at Balaclava'


'Sale of The Bernal Collection: Group of Majolica Paenza or Raphael Ware - - Group of Venetian and German Glass - - Group of Medieval Plate - - Ewer and Tazza of Limoges Enamel - - Portrait of Isabella Queen of Charles IX'

'Investiture of The Order of St Patrick, At Dublin Castle'

'Scene from Meyerbeer's New Opera, L'Etoile Du Nord at Drury Lane Theatre'

'In The Trenches, Before Sebadstopol' Full page from a sketch by J. A. Crowe Correspondent of The Illustrated London News

'Sebastopol: Scene in The 21 Gun Battery'

'Sebastopol: Outlying Picquet of the 90th Regiment in The Snow in The Middle Ravine, Before Sebastopol'

'Prince Menschikoff, Late Commander of The Russina Forces in The Crimea'

'Her Majesty Inspecting The Wounde3d Guards in The Grand Hall of Buckingham Palace' Full page

'Her Majesty Inspecting the Wounded Troops at Fort Pitt Hospital Chatham'

'Panoramic View of St Petersburg, From a Watch Tower' Views covering Church of Transfiguration - Old Arsenal - Fortress of St Perer and St Paul - Trinity Bridge - Hermitage - Winter Palace - Clock of the Admiralty and Church of the Assumption - Church of st Isaac - Statie pf {eter Tej Great. Tje Semate - Bridge of Boats - Island of Vasiliefskoi, The University Archives Etc - Custom House' Full page, Two views. The corner of the left side is a little moth or mouse eaten ( I have included a scan to show this damage more clearly)

This second part of the description features items of news but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above.  They include :-

'Death of Emperor Nicholas'

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'War in The Crimea'

'Dangerous Conspiracy in Cuba'

'The Court at Buckingham Palace etc'

'The Battle at Eupatoria, Official despatches from Field Marshal Lord Raglan'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons include Philip Henry, Fourth Earl Stanhope FRS and FSA died at this seat, Cheverning near Sevenoaks - - The Rev John de la Poer Horsley Beresford, Lord Decies - - Sir John Morris, Bart - - Dr Charles Farrell Esq MD died at Dalyston, County Galway'

'Imperial Parliament, The House of Lords and Commons with Reference to Vice Admiral Sir Charles Napier etc'

'navy and Military Intelligence'

'The Suppressed Pamphlet on The Conduct of The War'

'Death of The Czar, Was Nicholas Poinsoned'

'The Footmarks in The Snow in Devon' Some kind of animal


'Wreck of The John Bannerman of Holyhead '

'Consecration of Marlyebone New Burial Ground at East End'

'Allied Steamers on The Look Out Before Sebastopol'

'Banquet at The LondonTavern to General Vivian andthe English Officers of the Turkish Contingent in the Crimea'

'HMS St George Refitting at Spithead'

New Palace at Westminster shows metal Panels also 'Chandelier in the Great Central Hall of the New Palace Westminster' - - 'Gates of The Victoria Tower New Palace, Westminster'

'Haunt of The Fallow Deer by J. S. Raven'

'The Spanish Dancers at The Haymarket Theatre'


'Sketches of the Black Sea: Harbour and Town of Balaclava' - 'Wrecks on the Coast of Eupatoria' - 'Village of DJimitei on the coast of Circassia'

This second part of the description features items of news but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-
The Court at Osborne etc'

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'the War in The Crinmea'

'imperial Paliament

Obituary of Eminent Persons includes Don Carlos of Spain died at Trieste - - Thomas Henry, Lord Ravensworth died at Ravensworth Castle Co. Durham - - Sir George Gerard De Hochepied Larpent, Bart of Roehampton died at his residence in Conduit Street - - Sir charles enkinson of Hawkesbury Gloucestershire - - Stephen Jackson Esq MA died at his residence St Lawrence, Ipswich aged forty seven, Proprietor and Editor of the Ipswich Journal - - The Rev.Thomas Calthorp Blofeld at his seat Hoveton House Norfolk - - Sir Frederick Hankey at his residence in Montagu Square - - Judge Herman Knickerbocker of Rensselaer Co. US died in Williamsburg'


Fast Day Sermons 'Archdeacon Sinclair, Kensington - Rev John Jennings, St John The Evangelist, Westminster - Rev R. Burgess, Trinity Upper Chelsea - Rev J. S. Anderson, Whitehall - Rev H. Alford, Quebec Chapel - Rev Robert Montgomery, Percy Chapel - Rev. W. Curling, St Savior, Southward - Rev Cornelius Hart, Old St Pancreas - Rev. T. B. Murray, St Dunstan, East - Rev Joseph Brown, Christchurch, Blackfriars Rd - Rev F. W. Wrench, St Michael, Cornhill - Rev J. Toogood, St Andrew, Holborn'

'Progress of the Balaclava Railway to The Church of Kadikoi' Full page

'Before Sebastopol: Interior of the Last Parallel, French Line' Full page


'Embarkation of The Wiltshire Militia, At Portsmouth'

'The Croesus, Leaving Portsmouth Harbour, With The Wiltshire Militia on Board'

'Reception of The Hon. Major Feilding at Newnham Hall, On His Return From The Crimea'

'Scene From The New Farce of A Game of Romps at The Princess Theatre'

'His Excellency The Earl of Carlisle, KG Lord Lieutenant of Ireland'

'The New Post Office Letter Box at the Corner of Fleet Street and Farringdon Street' - 'Interior of New Letter Box

This second part of the description features items of news but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-
The Vienna Conferences

'Foreign and Colonial Intelligence'

'The Court at Osborne etc'

'The War in The Crimea'

'Imperial Paliament

Obituary of Eminent Persons includes David Montagu, Lord Erskine of Restormel Castle in Cornwall died at his residence Butlers Green Sussex - - Sir Edward FFrench Bromhead, Bart., of Thurlby Hall - - ieut. General John Duffy died at his residence in Jermyn Street - - Myles Lynch M'Donnell Esq age 22 of Doo Castle Mayo - - Captain J. Chetham Strode died at Southill, Somerset of Fever and an Inflammation of the liver contracted in India aged 25'

Opening of the Calcutta, Delhi and Lahore Railway by The Governor General of India


'Funeral Procession of Don Carlos to The Cathedral of St Just, At Trieste' ( small tear to bottom of this print - only really affecting the border)


'No 2, Sailors ( Greenhill ) Battery, Before Sebastopol' full page

'Departure of The Flying Squadron' Wonderful full page

The Bernal Collection 'Group of Gris De Flanders' - 'Gilt Clock' - 'Group of Armour, Jesters Steel Helmet, Russet Steel Breast Plate, Sword, And Halberd' - 'Carved Ivory Powder Flask' - 'Group of Sevres Vases'

'The Fairies Glen on The Conway, North Wales painted by J. P. Pettitt'

'Tomb of The Tradescants, in Lambeth Churchyard' - 'E> M. Ward, Esq RA' - 'Tomb of The Tradescants, in Lambeth Churchard' two

'The Railway Works at Balaclava, By Night'

'Rear of No 2 Sailors Battery Before Sebastopol'

H M Light Draught screw tenders ( Gun boats) Visit of Prince Albert to the Sailor's Home, Portsmouth

Grey's Island, Southern Indian Ocean

Dunn's Island, Southern Indian Ocean

Victor Emmanuel 11, King of Sardinia, from a picture by L W Desanges - Full Page

The Late Queen of Sardinia - from a painting by L W Desanges

The Bear Rock, Maddalena straits, Sardinia

Napiers patent bullet compressing machine

This second part of the description features items of news but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Letters on the War and the Eastern Question

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'Count Nesselrodes Circular'

'The War in The Crimea'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons includes Sir William Mordaunt Sturt Milner, Bart. - Lady Katherine Molyneux' '

'Latest Intelligence, The Vienna Conference'

The Royal family of Spain and the late Don Carlos

The Balaclava railway

Geological wonder in Great Namaqualand

The Sardinian treaty

'The Court at Buckinghamn Palace etc'

' Despatches from Sir E. Lyons from the Mediteranean and Black Sea'




Farmyard in Snow Time drawn by E Duncan

New Corn Exchange at Diss

Swallowfield Cottage near Reading

The South Sea House, Threadneedle Street The Quadrangle

Arms and emblems of the south sea trade from the court room

New works at Hampton Middlesex for the Grand Junction

The Pompeian Court at The Crystal Palace

Musical Soiree in aid of St Leonards

Sandpiper shot in Cambridge

Fox Hunting, Captain Percy Williams and The Rufford Hounds

French concert in the hallof the Maison Dieu Dover in aid of the patriotic fund

Headquarters of Lord Raglan

Design for a monument to the officers and soldiers who fell at the battles of Alma, Balaclava and Inkerman

The valley of Inkerman

Crimean army stove and lanthorn

Recruiting for cavalry, Charles Street, Westminster

Shipping Ordnance stores at the tower


Also articles (no engravings) regarding :

America and the war

The usual roundup of news from the colonies

Naval and military intelligence

Obituaries of eminent persons

War obituaries



Militia Uniforms - South Middlesex - Royal Wilts - Hants Artillery' (front page) 'Fire at The Chester Grandstand' Racecourse 'The Schooner "Waterloo" Struck by A Whale' 'The Crimean Medal' 'Arrival of The High Sheriff of Cheshire at The Mottram Station' 'Cheshire Javelin Man' 'Divine Service on Sunday Morning in The Camp Before Balaclava, Guards Division' - Wonderful double page engraving 'Chess' 'New Greco Roman Saloon Just Opened at The British Museum' 'Circassian Bear, In The Gardens of The Zoological Society, Regents Park' 'The Dead Christ painted by Stagnoletto from the National Gallery' 'Plate Presented to Robert Bright Esq' 'Fashions for Longchamps, 1855 drawn by Gavarni' 'Grand Military Ball at Edinburgh' 'The 13 Inch Mortar Battery, Before Sebastopol' Full page engraving 'M. Soyer on his Mission to Scutari' small 'Chess' 'Sunshine painted by C. Baxter at the Society of British Artists' 'Church Pool, wargrave, painted by W. W. Gosling' 'The Knight drawn by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Presented to the Patriotic Fund Exhibition' - - 'The Prince of Wales, Afterwards Henry V, Drawn by His Royal Highness Prince Alfred, Presented to the Patriotic Fund Exhibiton 'Prideaux's Self Closing Furnace Valve, For Preventing Smoke, Front View of Valve as Fixed in Furnace Door' 'Back View of Valve, With a Portion of The Case Removed, To Show The Arrangement of Plates in The Interior' 'Burmese Bell, Presented To The County of Stafford' This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-'The Conferences at Vienna' 'The War in The Crimea' 'Despatches From Lord Raglan 'The Court and Haut Ton at Buckingham Palace' 'Foreign and Colonial News' 'Naval and Military Intelligence includes Departure of the Baltic Fleet From Spithead and more' 'Metropolitan News includes The Epidemiological Society - Sir R. Peel at The Marylebone Literary Institution - Meteoroligical Observations' 'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently deceased includes Gustave Hamilton, Viscount Boyne - - John Sims Weir Esq - - Griffith Davies FRS, A Correspondent of The Times, born in 1788 at the foot of the Cilgwyn mountain, Carnarvon, a fellow of The Royal Society of the Statistical Society of Frnace an more - - R. C. Carpenter, Architect' 'The Crimean Committee' ' The Silent Member' 'Some Observations on The Origin of chess by Dr Duncan Forbes Chapter X'





'The Foreign Office, Vienna, The Conference of 1855 Held Here'

'Scientific Conversazione at Apothecaries Hall'

'Presentation of The Christ's Hospital Scholars to The Lord MAyor, At The Mansion House'

'Grand State Ball at Windsor Castle'

Also articles (no engravings) including:

Obituary :

Russian Bribery and Intrigue'

'Letters on The War and The Eastern Question'

'Naval and Military Intelligence'


'From The New Extravaganza of Mother Goose's Fairy Tales at the Adelphi'

'The Electric Telegraph Station at Kaliakra Castle, Kavarna Bay'

'The Village Stile by E. H. Corbould' a young lady at the village stile

'The Emperor and Empress of Austria at The Palace of Laxenburg, Ner Vienna'

'The Vienna Conference: Baron Meysenbug - M. De Titoff - M. Von Hammer, Turkish Interpreter - Prince Gortschakoff - Arif Effendi - Earl of Westmorland - Riza Bey - Lord John Russell - Baron Prokesch Osten - Count Ruol - Drouyn De Lhuys' Full page

'Paris Fashions for May'

'The Colonnade, Burlington House' - 'The Gateway Burlington House' - 'Burlington House, South Front'

'The empre4ss' Drawing Room, Buckingham Palace

'The Emperors Drawing Room, Buckingham Palace'

'Her Majestys Buck Hounds at Salt Hill, The Last Day of The Season' Full page

'Extension of The War

'Attempted Assissination of Louis Napoleon'

'The Silent Member'

' 'Naval and Military Intelligence'

'Imperial Parliament'

'The Theatres

'Music: The Death of Sir Henry Bishop'

33 3470

'M. Drouyn de Lhuys'

'Embarkation of The Sardinian Contingent at Genoa'

'Altitude and Azimuth Instrument by M. Froment'

'Mounting of Equatoreal by M. Brunner'

'Mr Roebuck MP for Sheffield, Chairman of the Committee on the State of Thje Army Bewfore Sebastopol'

'HM New Floating Batteru Thunder'

'Before Sebastopol, A Day Under Fire At Green Hill' (full page)

A Momograph of The Toucans, or Ramphastidae by John Gould ESQ 'The Toco Toucan (ramphastos toco)

'The Many Banded Aracari (pteroglossus pluricinctus)

'The Curl Crested Aracari (Beuharnasius ulocomus)

'The Grey Breasted Hill Toucan (Andigena Hypo Glaucus)

'Goulds Toucaney (selenidera Gouldi)

'The Groove Billed Aracari (Aulacoramphus sulcatus)

'ERuption of Vesuvius, May 2, 1855'

'Eruption of Vesuvius, May 4, 1855'

'Exhibition of The Horticultural Society At Gore House, Kensington Gore'

'The Hotel Munsch at Vienna'

'Jasmine Flower Rhododendron'

'The Fete of Joan of Arc at Orleans, The Historical Procession' Half Double Page'

'Inauguration of The Statue of Joan of Arc at Orleans'

'Fete of Joan of Arc, Orleeans Illuminated'

'A Neapolitan Fisher Boy by G. F. Hurlstone'

'Scene from Verdi's Il Trovatore at the Royhal Italian Opera'

This second part of the description features items of news but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-
Constantinople; Dangerous Conspiracy of The Cooks'

'The Fall of The Atlas Ironworks'

'Arago The Astronomer'



35 5470

'The Berne And Geneva Railway: Station at Yverdun on The Lake of Neuchatel'

'English Episcopal Church Building At Riversdale, in South Africa' (small)

'Demonstration at Mulla, Tullamor' Ireland

'The Grand Review of The French Troops at Constantinople by The Sultan' at Maslak previous to embarkation for the Crimea

'The Ramazan in The Mosque of Tophana' Ramadan in Turkey

Grand Review of The French Troops at Constantinople by The Sultan' (full page)


'Scene From Shakespeare's Play of Henry the Eighth at the Princess Theatre, The Vision, Queen Katherine's Dream'

'Ceremony of Throwing The Dart by The Mayor of Cork'

'Marchioness, Winner of The Oaks at Epsom, 1855'

'Picture Model of The Town and Forts of Sebastopol, At the Surrey Zoological Gardens'

'The Royal Thames Yacht Club: The "Phantom" and "Marina", Close of the Match'

'Paris Fashions'


Also articles, no engravings, including 'Foreign and Colonial News'

'Imperial Parliament'


' The Court '

Country News'

Naval and Military Intelligence'

'Metropolitan News'

'Sketches in Parliament - Scenes described in the house'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons'

'Scientific News'





price sixpence.








The Late Lord Raglan Commander of the British Army in the Crimea ' front page (this page is a little grubby)

' Launch of a War Steamer At Limehouse Dockyard '

' Fete in Bradley Woods Devon ' in the grounds of Bradley Manor House near Newton Abbott - the property of the Rev. F.W. Wall, a view from the summer house

' The Burning of Kertch - Sketched From the Deck of the Transport " Trent "..' Full page print from engraving - Kertch is a seaport of the Crimea

' Part of the Interior of the Mamelon ' - Third bombardment of Sevastopol or Sebastopol, capture of the Mamelon and the Quarries by the Allies, Crimea War

'..." The Sidon " Steamer Shelling Kertch '

' The Demonstration in Hyde Park Drawn by John Leech ' Full page engraving - a demonstration of the unpopular Sunday Trading Act, the bill brought about by Lord Grosvenor and others

' The Late Mr John Black' newspaper editor etc plus large article

' New Church of St Jud Mildmay Park, Newington Green '

- © (copyright) - Sleekburn Prints 2004 - 2007

' Embarkation of the 3rd Regiment of Lancashire Militia at Liverpool, For Gibraltar '

' Monument to Charle sHenry Sydney Raitt, 90th Light Infantry at Malta ' small

' Practising on Board HM Gun Boat Starling ' full page print from engraving

Captain Collinson 's Arctic Expedition

' HMS Enterprise in Winter Quarters, Camden Bay '

' Japanese Lapdogs Brought by " The Enterprise "..'

' Sledge Party of Esquimaux ' .

' Skin Boats Used Byt he Natives of Point Barrow '

At The Royal Academy

' Outpost - Montenegro by Carl Haag '

' Old Schoolfellows painted by A. Rankeley '

' Model of Armed Scienc by J. Bell '

' The Queen of the Waters Tuning Her Harp to Celebrate the Alliance of The Western Powers by J. Geefs '

' The Mothers Prayer ( Sculpture ) by W. C. MArshall RA '

Wonderful panoramic pull out, double page engravings of Cronstadt

' Cronstadt From the North - Eleven Russian Block Ships, Four Liners, Five Frigates, Two Corvettes - - Russian Gun boat Firing the First Shot Against the British Flag off Cronstadt - - HMS Merlin With The French Admiral Peinaud on Board - - HMS Firefly - - D Assas the French Steamer '

' Cronstadt From the South - The " Dragon " - - Fort Alesxander - - Fort Menschikoff - - Two Three Deckers - - HMS Merlin, Captain Sulivan - - Fort Risbank - - Miel - - Peterhoff '

' Oranienbaum - Plan of the Position of the Allied Fleets Before Cronstadt '

' Engineers Camp Scene on the Banks of the St Maurice ' Lower Canada

' Iroquois Chief ' or Mohawk Indian of North America

' Opening of the Madras Exhibition - Fort George '

' New Barge of the Oxford University Boat Club ' designed by Mr Edward G. Bruton architect and built by Mr John Castle and Messrs Dowling of Pangbourne

' East Dereham - The Church and Clocker Tower '

' Scene from the New Drama of Helping Hands at The Adelphi Theatre '

- © (copyright) - Sleekburn Prints 2004 - 2007

Also articles (no engravings) including

' Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased ' includes Lord Raglan GCB Field MArshall, Lord Fitzroy Somerset died of Dysentery in the Crimea - - - JAmes Du Pre Alexander The Earl of Caledon aged 43 - - - Sir John Power Baronet died at his seat Roebuck House near Dublin - - - The Hon. Craven Fitzhardinge Berkeley MP died at Frankfort - - - James Silk Buckingham Esq a writer, traveller , lecturer and Politician died at his residence Stanhope Lodge St Johns Wood

' Foreign and Colonial News ' from France The Death of Mdme Emile de Girardin, Delphine Gay ( article apprx. 1400 words) also The French Emperors Speech - - Russo-Carlist Intrigues in Spain - - America - - Australia

Illustrated London News Editorial

' The Court ' at Buckingham Palace etc

' Lord Raglan - Order From th Horse Guards '

' Metropolitan News ' includes Meteorological Observations - - Health of London - - The Grosvenor Riots - - The Hyde Park Prisoners

' The War in the Crimea ' includes Nominal Return of Non Commissioned Officers and Privates Killed - - Nominal Return of Officers Wounded and Killed

' The Demonstration in Hyde Park '

' The Sunday Beer Bill '

' The Case of Strahan, Paul and Co '

' Captain Collinsons Researches in the Arctic Regions '

' Despatches From Lord Raglan - - - Despatches From Admiral Lyons - - - Despatches from Admiral Dundas ' with lists of casualties on land and on the ships

' War Obituary ' includes Captain The Hon. CHarles Welbore Herbert - - - Lieutenant Henry Daniel Alt - - - Lieut. James Collins Ashwin - - - Lieut. Valentine Bennett of Thomastown Ireland - - - Major General Sir John Campbell - - - Captain Francis William Thomas Caulfield of Bloomfield West Meath - - - Lieut. Owne Gwyn Saunders Davies of Pentre - - - Captain George Frederick Dawson - - - Major General James Bucknall Estcourt died of Cholera before Sebastopol - - - Lieut. and Adjutant Hobson 7th Fusiliers of Waterford - - - Captain Edmund Mowbray Lyons RN - - - Lieutenant John William Meurant - - - Lieut Colonel Thomas Shadforth - - - Captain John Shiffner - - - Lieut Edward Henry Webb of Donnington Hall - - - Colonel Lacy-Walter-Giles Yea of Pyrland Hall Somerset

' Music '

' The Revenue - Financial Reform '

' Naval and Military Intelligence '

' Reconnoitring off Cronstadt - The Infernal Machines '

' Meeting of the Northern and Midland Counties Chess Association at Leamington '

' Lancashire engineers and the War '

' Imperial Parliament '







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