No. 140 Vol 6 - The Illustrated london News January 4th 1845 (16 pages)

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January 4th - 1845

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Page 1

Page 1

Images: 1. ' The Capture of a Slaver Ship off Fish Bay, West Coast of Africa ' Front page

Article : The New Year





Page 2

Page 2

The New Year (cont...)

Paris fashions

Foreign Intelligence France, Spain, Holland, Greece, Turkey, United States and The Presidents Message by Mr Tyler

Canada, The Island of Tahiti





Page 3

Page 3


Articles - The Overland Mail - India and China

Police column includes Serious Charge of Stabbing at Ship Yard,

Barbarous Treatment of a Child at Hooper Street Lambeth,

Putting Down Suicide - Hannah Haines Charged with Having Contemplated Self - Destruction

Texas USA






Page 4

Page 4

Images: 1.Review of Texan troops

2. Port of Galvaston, Texas

3.City of Houston - The capital of Texas









Page 5

An engraving depicting the "Last Days and Funeral of the Old Year'' by S. Sly with a verse

New Music












Page 6

Page 6

Illustrated London News Editorial with reference to Mr Tyler, The American President's Message

The Court and Haut Ton -

Church And Universities












Page 7

Page 7

Metropolitan News: Darkness on the Metropolis Roads, Metropolitan mortality, The Robbery at Rogers and Co.

Ireland: Railways in Ireland etc.

Accidents and offences: The Late Calamitous Fire in Guildford Street Russell Square, Inquest held at The Angel Inn St Giles

A Druggist, Mr Wakley of Myddelton Street, Committed for Manslaughter,

Sudden Death of Mrs Catherine Mary Hodson of the Bower Saloon,

Fatal Accident in Jermyn Street,

Death of a Gentleman of Fortune, Frederick Clissold Esq., From Prussic Acid,

Accident to the Rev. Valentine Brennin of Hammersmith, Lamentable Effects of Drinking

Shocking Suicide of an Insane Lady Mrs Renton at The Osborn's Adelphi Hotel, Fire at Croydon,

Suicide and Attempt at Murder at Whitecross Street, Two Boys Charged with Shooting their Companion at Chalk Farm

Law Intelligence


The late inundations at Florence













Page 8

Page 8

Images:1. Florence from the Ponte de perro after the late inundations drawn by W. Parrot

2. Distribution of her majesty's alms in the royal riding house, Windsor














Page 9

Page 9

Images: 1. ' The Young Gardeners ' engraved by Eduard Mandel from a painting by Eduard Magnus .

The Theatres















Page 10

Page 10

Theatres cont...Covent Garden etc

National sports

Law intelligence

Naval and Military Intelligence

Country News: Another Affray With Gamekeepers on the Estate of Sir R. B. T. Philips MP For HAverfordwest,

Fatal Accident on the Ice at Chetwynd Park Newport,

The Late Tragical Affair at a Cottage at Ashford, New Staines














Page 11

Page 11

Country news cont... Barbarous Murder at Ulverston

Executions of Mary Gallop, For Poisoning Her Father, at Chester - William Kendrew at County Gaol at York

How to Die for Love, Suicide of Frank Dixon Manning at Derby


Snippets of News .

Everbodys column
















Page 12

Page 12

Images: 1. The great Palm House at the Royal gardens, Kew

2. The Monster cactus (Echinocactus Stainesii)

News snippets
















Page 13

Page 13

Images: 1. Our Christmas dream drawn by Phiz

2. "The Crown" at King's Oversley - drawn by Phiz
















Page 14

Page 14

The epitome of news Foreign and domestic

The Markets

The London Gazette: Appointments at the war Office, Bankrupts

Adverts of the day















Page 15

Page 15

Adverts of the day.



















Page 16

Page 16

Images: 1. Scene from "The Chimes" at the Adelphi theatre

2. Mr Keeley as Toby Veck at the Lyceum Theatre

3. "Valentin and Orson" at the Lyceum Theatre

4. Chess problem No. 55


plus Country news snippets













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Some events of this year in the Illustrated London News

  • Anglo - Sikh war begins
  • Jan 1st -The new Royal Exchange opens for business
  • Jan 3rd -Two murderers were executed for murder in Kirkdale, Lancashire. & an earthquake in Norway
  • Jan 8th - Serious abolition riots in Ohio
  • Oxford v Cambridge boat race rowed on the Thames for the first time
  • Feb 1st - Singular case of suicide by a dog
  • Feb 7th - The Portland vase was broken by a drunken irishman in the British Museum
  • Feb 21st - 8 men drowned in Lough Rea, Athlone
  • March 3rd - Florida became 27th State of the Union
  • In New Zealand there was a Maori uprising against the British.
  • 1845 Maori Chief

    Kororarika (New Zealand) Bay of Islands Chief

  • Henry Jones invented Self Raising Flour
  • Elastic bands were patented by Stephen Perry of the London Rubber Company
  • First performance of Pas de Quatre before Queen Victoria
  • The Knickerbockers was the first US baseball team in New York
  • Robert Thompson patented pneumatic tyres in London
  • Texas became the 28th state

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January 11th 1845

Jan 11 1845 p1

Page 1



January 18th 1845

Jan 18 1845 page 1

Page 1





January 25th 1845

Jan 25 1845 Page 1

Page 1




February 1st 1845

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February 8th 1845

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February 15th 1845

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February 22nd 1845

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March 1st 1845

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March 8th 1845

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March 15th 1845

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March 22nd 1845

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March 29th 1845

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April 5th 1845

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April 12th 1845

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Conflict at Lucerne ' Front page

' The Seat of War in Switzerland ' map

' The Town Hall Zurich '

' The Swiss Diet At Zurich '

' Lucerne '

' Prince Metternich '

' Warwick Races

' M. Dufrez as Arnold in Guillaume Tell '

' Encounter with a Slave Felucca ' by HM Steam Vessel Growler

' From a Sketch Taken In Hyde Park ' equestrian

' Launch of The Alfred Indiaman at Blackwall '

' Rehearsal of the Game of Chess Played Between London and Portsmouth, Through the Electric Telegraph of the South Western Railway 9th April - Nine Elms Telegraph - Transmission of Mr Walkers First Move '

' The Electric Telegraph on the South Western Railway '

' Funeral of the Bishop of Ely in Ely Cathedral '

' The Clayton Column ' at Carrick a Daggon

' T. Byrne the Irish Harper '

' The Waverley Ball Edinburgh, Statues for the Scott Monument - Meg Merrilies - Lady of the Lake - Last Ministrel - Prince Charles Edward - Portion of the Monument '

' Distribution of the Nelson Medals in The Painted Hall, Greenwich Hospital '

' Distribution of Nelson Medals at Greenwich Hospital '

' Admiral The Hon. Sir Robert Stopford GCB Governor of Greenwich Hospital '

' The Civil War In Switzerland '

'Foreign Intelligence' includes Parisiana - France - Belgium and Germany - United States - The West India Mail - The Revenue Return

' Imperial Parliament '

'Law Intelligence 'includes The Secrets of the Linendrapery Trade

The Illustrated London News Editorial with reference to Mr T. Duncombe - Sir James Graham - Mr Mackinnon

'Metropolitan News' includes Opposition to the Bill for Endowing Maynooth - - The Printers Pwension Society

'Ireland' with The Repeal Association, Murder in Tipperary

'Accidents and Offences' includes Fatal Colliery Explosion near Newcastle, The Moor Pit Killingworth, Death From Swallowing a Shilling, Execution at Stafford for Fratricide of John Brough

' The Hampstead Murder and Personal Appearance of Thomas Henry Hocker ' with a small engraving of a map of the scene of the crime

' The Late Professor Daniell '

' Police ' includes the Ingenious Swindler Henry Pratt

'Court and Haut Ton'

' Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased ' includes George Wyndham The Earl of Egremont died at his seat Silverton Park Devonshire, Mrs Harriet Downing, The Writer, died at Chipping Norton, Sir William Wainright Fawcit Lynar died at Ballinamore County Leitrim, General Robert Browne Clayton KC of Adlington Hall Lancashire

' The Markets ' with reference to the Corn Exchange

' The Murder in St Giles's ' Joseph Connor Charged with the murder of Mary Brothers in George Street

' The London Gazette ' bankrupts, Births Marriages and Deaths


Country news

Singular case of suicide by a dog - On Saturday last, a fine, handsome, and valuable black dog, of the Newfoundland species, belonging to Mr Floyd, solicitor, Holmfith, Yorkshire committed suicide by drowning itself in the river which flows at the back of the owner's habitation. For some days previous the animal seemed less animated than usual, but on this particular ocassion he was noticed to throw himself into the water and endeavour to sink by preserving perfect stillness of the legs and feet. Being dragged out of the stream, the dog was tied up for a time, but had no sooner been released than he again hastened to the water and again tried to sink and was again got out. This occurred many times, until at length the animal with repeated efforts appeared to get exhausted, and by dint of keeping his head determinedly under water for a few minutes, succeeded at last in obtaining his object, for when taken out this time he was indeed dead. The case is worth recording, as affording another proof of the general instinct and sagacity of the canine race.



April 19th 1845

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April 26th 1845

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May 3rd 1845

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May 10th 1845

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  • 'The Collapse of the Suspension Bridge at New Yarmouth in Norfolk ' Front page .
  • ' Eclipse of the Sun ' engraving shows a reversed image projected from a large telescope onto paper
  • ' Portraits of Eminent Living Painters - J. M. W. Turner RA, William Collins RA, Daniel Maclise RA, Francis Grant ARA ' four engravings

' Scene from the Life of the Duc de Biron painted by G. Lance '

' View Near Ournelo Contrada di Sora in the Kingdom of Naples - from a Painting by W. Leitch '

' Covent Garden Theatre - Free Trade Bazaar '

' Covent Garden - Refreshment Room at the Free Trade Bazaar '

' Remains of the Suspension Bridge at Great yarmouth '

' The Suspension Bridge and River At Great Yarmouth ' a view before the disaster .

Small diagram showing the Area in Which the Suspension Bridge Collapsed

Tissington Well dressing

' Miss Goodwins Well '

' Hands Well '

' The Ceremony at the Hall Well '

' The Coffin Well '

' The Town Well '

' The Hall Well '

' The Capture of a Slave Vessel off The Congo River '

' The Late Thomas Hood from a Bust by E. Davis ' - Tom Hood the writer

' The Royal Thames yacht Club and The Match for the Belvidere Cup ' from a drawing by N. M. Condy Esq

' Scene from the New Comedy of "Time Works Wonders" at the Haymarket by Mister Jerrold '

' Dublin - Exhibition of the Royal Horticultural Society at the Rotunda '

' Chess Problem '

Field Gardens Bill, - with reference to Mr Cowper, Foreign Intelligence - Parisiana - france - etc

Arrival of the Overland Mail

Church And Universiteis

Law Intelligence

Imperial Parliament - The House of Lords and The House of Commons - with reference to Navy Estimates and the Slave Trade - - and more

National Sports

Illustrated London News Editorial with reference to the Court of Aldermen and the Abuses of Executions at Newgate .

Answers to Correspondents P Court and Haut Ton at Windsor, Buckingham Palace etc - Royal Comings and Goings

Accidents and offences includes A Child Murdered by a Sevant Girl, Martha Brixey 18 for the murder of the child of Mr. J. D. Ffinch age 9 months

Epitome of News Foreign and Domestic - Snippets of News

Postscript - The Royal Naval yacht Squadron, Will of a Millionaire Philip John Miles Esq late of Bristol, Arrival of "The Great Western "

Opening of the Anti Corn Law League Bazaar at Covent Garden

Calamitous Accident and Loss of Life at Yarmouth - A very detailed description approx. 2000 words, of the disaster apprx 113 bodies taken from the river with a list of some of the victims, many of them children, with ages and adresses (street names) - Also a poem in memory of the dead

Inquest into The Deaths of The Victims of the Suspension Bridge at yarmouth - approx 1440 words

Additional Incidents - Related to the collapse of the Suspension Bridge at Yarmouth - approx. 2000 words  .

Ireland - The Repealers of Dundalk

The Markets

The London Gazette - includes Appointments at the war Office, Bankrupts






May 17th 1845

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  • 'White Headed Eagles at the Zoological Gardens in Regents Park ' Front page
  • Wreck of the Swallow Steam Boat on the Hudson River ' New York USA
  • Floating Theatre - the Temple of the Muses at New York ' .

' New Church at South Hackney ' ' The Free Trade Bazaar in Covent Garden Theatre '

' King Henry IV Painted by Gilbert at THe Royal Academy Exhibition '

' Queen Elizabeth Landing at the Isle of Wight - Drawn by M. N. Condy Esq '

' Reception of Her Majesty By The Royal Yacht Squadron - Swedish Bark - Esmeralda - - Rose - Ganymede - Lady Jane '

' The Great Fire at Pittsburgh ' USA

' The Wenham Ice LAke ' Massachusetts USA - Also various implements used in the production of ice in America including - Ice Marker - Ice Plough - Ice Splitting Bar - Ice Saw - Ice Hook - Ice Plane - Refrigerator .

' Funerals at St Nicholas Church Great Yarmouth ' after the catastrophe at Great Yarmouth - drowning tragedy on 2 May 1845 when a suspension bridge crowded with children collapsed under the weight killing 79 people

' Prince Ruperts Cottage at Liverpool ' small engraving

The Gigantic Oak at Bale ' small engr.

' The House of John Dryden In Fetter LAne ' plus other engravings

' The Lyceum Theatre - Scene from th eNew Burleaque of cinderella '

' The New Standard Theatre at Shoreditch ' view of the stage and audience

' Mister Wright as " Paul Pry " at the Adelphi Theatre

The New Colleges with reference to Sir Robert Peel

Foreign Intelligence - Parisiana - France - etc

United States - The State of Public Feeling in America Towards England

Earthquakes in Mexico .

Imperial parliament - House of Commons and Lords

Ireland with reference to Mr O'Connell, Fatal Accident to Colonel Shelton Commanding the 44th Regt at Richmond Barracks Dublin

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased

includes Edmund Lechmere Charlton Esq of Ludford i Herefordshire of Witton Court Salop and Hanley Castle Worcester - died at his seat Ludford park Ludlow, George Henry Grey The Earl of Stamford and Warrington of the County of Lincoln died at Enville Halle near Stourbridge in Staffs, Thomas Duncan RSA ARA (artist) - - - Theodore De Saussure at Geneva, Colonel Townsend died At Castle Townsend near the town of Skibbereen, Mary Anne Mrs Davies Gilbert Eminent Philanthropist died at her seat East Bourn in Sussex, Simon Count Sarsfield at Cork, Regina Maria Roche at The Mall Waterford - a writer

National Sports includes - Tattersall's - Newmarket Spring Meeting - The Waverley Club Boat Race - Nottingham Aquatic Festival and Regatta - The Ariel Club Boat Race

Tributary Lines to the Memory of the Late Thomas Hood Esq

Metropolitan News .

Accidents and Offences includes Fatal Collision of the Waterman Steamer No.5 on the River, Suicide on Southwark Bridge named John James Gogerley, Burglary and Attempted Murder of Mr Foot A Green Grocer and Pleasure Car Proprietor in Windmill Street Finsbury, Death of a Lady of Title from Drinking - Lady Anne Platers, Accident at Southampton, Girl Killed By a Swing, Mary Ann Hammet aged 14 at St Pancras Church

Central Criminal Court - The Late Murder in St Giles by Joseph Connor on Mary Brothers at 11 George Street Bloomsbury

Bill Discounting Transactions

The Illustrated London News Editorial

Court and Haut Ton - Royal Comings and Goings

Law Intelligence and The Privileges of the House of common

Postcript - The Child Murder at Greenwich - Martha Brizey aged 18 tried for the Murder of Robert Barry Ffinch the infant child of Mr Ffinch of Greenwich

The Great Fire at Pittsburg .

The Theatres - Her Majestys - Drury Lane - Lyceum - Strand - Vauxhall - Astleys

' Music - The Philharmonic Society - Ancient Concerts

Ice Making in The US with reference to Wenham Massachusets

The Markets .

The London Gazette - Births Marriages and Deaths - Bankrupts etc

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May 24th 1845

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May 31st 1845


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June 7th 1845

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June 14th 1845

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Articles and images

The abdication of Don carlos
Her majesty’s (Queen Victoria) costume ball at Buckingham palace
Foreign intelligence
The United States
Buenos Ayres
Imperial Parliament
National Sports
The ascot cup day
The Henley Regatta
Royal academy – Waverley boat race
The Markets
Monetary transactions for the week
The London Gazette
Births deaths and marriages
Russian Droshky presented to Prince Albert
Launch of the Lady of the Lake Windermere steamer
Nooks and corners of Olde England
Fisher house Islington
Her majesty’s costume ball including
14 images of people at the ball
Calendar for the week
To correspondents
ILN editorial
Court and Haut ton
Metropolitan news
Another monster fraud on the Excise
Country news
Poisoning case at Carlisle
Fatal explosion at Durham
The Late Fatal Duel (Mr Seton)
Departure of the Gt Britain steam ship
The theatres
Her Majestys – Moriani’s performance of Lucrezia
Covent garden – Les Huguenots
St James’s – Matinee Mysterieuse
Lyceum – Friends at Court or the diplomatic mission
Sadlers Wells – The Florentines

  • Polytechnic Institution – Lectures on character with vocal illustrations
    Vidocq’s Exhibition
    Masked Ball at Vauxhall
    Naval and Military Intelligence – death of Major General Ogilvie C.B.
    Law Intelligence – The Duke of Brunswick and the satirist
    Epitome of news foreign and domestic
    Distressing railway accident on the line of the Birmingham and Bristol Railway near Berkeley Station
    Her majesty’s costume ball including
    The sir Roger de Coverley dance in the picture Gallery
    The supper in the great dining room
    Minuet in the throne room
    Souvenirs sketches and Anecdotes about the Ball
    A poem – The Court costume ball
    Weekly chess column Problem 75
    Opening of the Northhampton and Peteborough railway 47 ¼ miles
    Thrapston Station
    Gundle station
    Northampton station
    Lynch bridge
    Nene Viaduct
    Peterborough station
    Magnificent comet – discovered by a gentle man named Teya
     The comet as it appeared through the telescope of Sir J south on the night of Wednesday June 11th
    The position of the comet in the heavens on the nights of Sunday Monday and Wednesday june 8th 9th and 11th (capella and Ursa major)
    Ireland – O’Connell demonstration at Cork
    Hundreds of classified Advertisements including
    Captaine Sibornes Waterloo Models
    Clerical, medical and General life assurance tables
    Ascot Races
    The Royal hunt cup
    The Emperors cup
    The Queens vase
    Her majesty and her illustrious visitors and suite leaving Windsor castle for Ascot





June 21st 1845

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June 28th 1845

mast head

The Illustrated London News Banner engraved by Andrew Best and Leloir of Paris - The banners show a panoramic view of the Thames and various buildings along the Thames, also many barges and a variety of other sailing craft

Her Majesty Going On Board The Albion at Spithead ' front page showing a sailing ship manning the yards with various smaller steam boats and tenders

The British Association at Cambridge:

' Sir John F. Herschel - President of the British Association for Advancement of Science '

' Cambridge - The Town Hall ' small engraving showing a street scene

' Perse School - Model Room '

' The Union Room at Je4sus Lane '

' The Lecture Room at Philosophical Society's House '

' The Great Court at Trinity College – Lecture Room '

' The Model House and Garden at The Horticultural Society '

' The Fete I nthe Grounds of Downing College '

The Grand Inspection of the Experimental Squadron at Spithead by Queen Victoria -:

' The Freet From the Motherbank '

' HMS Superb Under Full Sail '

' The Fleet Getting Under Way ' with smaller vessels

' Admiral parker Going on Board the Royal Yacht '

' The Flag Ship St Vincent Firing a Salute – With Sailors Manning the Yards '

' Grand Naval Evolutions – Lossed Sails - - - Top Gallants Sails Home - - - Preparing to Make Sail - - - Making Sail on the Starboard Tack - - - Reefing Topsail - - - Double Reefed Topsails in Top Gallant Sails ' six engravings showing sailing ships in different modes of sail

' Tradesmans Challenge Cup for the Thames Regatta '

' Silver Wherry for the Thames Regatta ' small model

' The Newcastle Races Plate – Mazeppa '

' The Comet '

' Quebec – Burning of the City ' an engraving showing the fire from the Saint Lawrence River with boats and a paddle steamer in the foreground

' The Concert Monstre at The Surrey Zoological Gardens Reive with M. Jullien Directing '

' Spanish Born Singer - Madame Rossi-Caccia '

' Bust of The Late John Marshall Esq '

' Fashions for July - Four Dress Designs '

' The Late Rev. Richard Barham Who Died at Amen Corner at St Pauls (London)'

' Barton House on the Isle of Wight ' builders restoring the building which would become part of Osborne Estate

' Chess Problem by M. Brede '

The Slave Trade

Foreign Intelligence includes:

Parisiana - "From Our Own Correspondent"



United States of America – Arrival of the SS Great Western - - Fire at New York City

Summary of Railway Facts

Imperial Parliament – House of Lords and Commons includes:

The Colleges ( Ireland ) Bill

The Tenants Compensation (Ireland) Bill

Uniform Railway Gauge

The Slave Trade with ref. to Mister Hutt – Sir G. Cockburn – Lord Howick

Privileges of the House of Commons – Howard v. Gossett

Miscellaneous Business

Law Intelligence includes:

Fraudulent Bill Transactions – The Queen v. Gompertz

The Duke of Brunswick v. Mr Gregory late of The " Satirist "

Accidents and Offences includes:

Death by Swallowing a Live Fish at Pelt In Sussex, George Mann

Attempt to Murder at Shooting Gallery Holborn

Accident at Drury Lane Theatre

The Late Murder of Mr Delarue

Awfully Sudden Death of a Gentleman, Mr Joseph Gray Inquest Held at the Red Cow, Dalston

Exhibition of Works of Art I Westminster Hall

The Theaters –Her Majestys – The Lyceum – The Adelphi – Sadlers Wells

Correspondents Column

Illustrated London News Editorial

The Smoke Prohibition Bill

Court and Haut Ton – Royal Comings and Goings – small

Postscript includes:

Fatal Accident to Captain de Salis at Vauxhall Road

Steam Boat Accident at Chelsea

Mans Head Severed by Machinery at the Printing Office of the Weekly Register at Edinburgh – Rober Faulkner

Poisoning by a Boy of Thirteen at Whitechapel – Edward Muir

Loss of Five Lives In Plymouth Sound

Metropolitan News includes Death of Mr Somes the Member for Dartmouth

Country News includes:

The Late Duel at Gosport – Mr Seton and Mr Hawkey

Murder by Poisoning at Carlisle

The Dreadful Fire at Quebec Canada

Subscriptions for The German Hospital in London – HRH Duke of Cambridge in the Chair – a long list ( apprx 120 names) of donations given by various people incl Queen Victoria of £100 - The most being £300 donated by the King of Prussia

Osborne House Isle of Wight







July 5th 1845

mast head

  • 'Statuette of The Duke of Wellington' (front page),
  • 'St. Rocks, Quebec, After the Late Fire',
  • 'Inauguration of The Gillespie Monument at Comber County Down',
  • 'Cannel Coal Vase',
  • 'Prince Albert Laying the Foundation Stone of St. Marys Hospital Paddington' (also the inscription, the Mallet and Trowel),
  • 'The Late Sir William Follett MP',
  • 'Mddle. Maria Taglioni' (full page),
  • 'The Fete Champetre at Charlton House' (Blackheath, Greenwich), The North American Indians Emcamped in the Park',
  • 'Pilgrims to The Holy Well by F. W. Topham - Ireland',
  • 'Beilstein on The Moselle by J. D. Harding',
  • 'Grand Review in Hyde Park', 'The Review of the Household Troops: A Skirmishing Party',
  • 'M. Paul Baroilhet',
  • 'Trinity Hospital, Edinburgh',
  • 'Monkey: The Wou Wou or Silvery Gibbons',
  • 'Chess' .
  • 'Accidents and Offences includes A murder in Galashiels of an old Lady Mrs Lees by her Daughter Euphemia Lees' - Singular Death from a Leech in Guys Hospital',
  • 'Metropolitan News - Licensed Victuallers School',
  • 'Foreign Intelligence', 'Imperial Parliament', 'Shipping Intelligence', 'Naval and Military Intelligence', 'Country News', The Court and Haut Ton', 'Epitome of News' ,
  • 'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes Sir William Webb Follett - Major General Sir Thomas Valiant died of Cholera at his residence at Fort William',
  • 'Exhibition of Cartoons, Sketches and Frescoes in Westminster Hall',
  • 'Theatres'



July to December 1845


July 12th 1845

mast head





July 19th 1845

mast head

  • 'New Pas De Quatre, By Mdlles Taglioni, C. Grisi, L. Grahn and Cerito, at Her Majestys Theatre' front pagel. Tear to lower page on title.
  • 'The Hermitage, The Residence and Burial Place of General Jackson' at Nashville
  • 'Procession in Honour of the Late General Jackson, At New York' rounding Union Place, entering by Bowery and retiring by Broadway

'The Eureka' a machine for "..Composing Hexameter Latin Verses built at Bridgwater in Somersetshire now exhibited in the Metropolis"...

'Font at Caistor'

'Burning of the Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia '

'Opening of the Cork Temperance Institute'

'Royal Agricultural Society of England meeting at Shrewsbury: Distinguished Agriculturists Mr Ransome - Earl Spencer - Mr Grantham - Philip Pusey Esq - Jonas Webb Esq - Henry Handley Esq - Earl Talbot - George Wilbraham Esq.'

'The Cattle Sheds, Royal Agricultural Societys Show, Shrewsbury' on the new race cousrse.

'Distinguished Agriculturists: - Mr Elliot - W. Blacker Esq - Earl of Hardwick - George Tollet Esq - Duke of Sutherland - Duke of Northumberland'

'Exterior of the Pavilion, Royal Agricultural Societys Show, Shrewsbury'

'Dinner in The Pavilion' Shrewsbury

'The Exhibition of Cartoons in Westminster hall'

'The Late Mr J. Augustine Wade '

'Meyerbeer' The composer

'The Cambridge Election - The Election'

'The Solicitor General, Mr Fitzroy Kelly MP'
'The laws of War'

'Foreign Intelligence including Insurrection in Catalonia, Burning of Arabs by The French Troops, New Zealand, Serious Affray with The Aborigines '

Imperial Parliament'

'Court and Haut Ton at Osborne Isle of Wight'

'Metropolitan News'

'Ireland, Riot and Loss of Life at Armagh - The Conflict at Ballinhassig'

'Accidents and Offences' includes Death of the Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man - Fatal Accident on The Brighton Railway to engineer Jonathan Hill - Sudden Death at Gravesend - Extraordinary Robbery of Rev Mr Potticary of Blackheath at Brighton - Suicide at London Bridge of Georgbe Frederick Duncombe - Attempted Murders at Old Brentford







July 26th 1845

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August 2nd 1845

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August 9th 1845

mast head

  • 'Sketch From The Grand Review in Hyde Park on Monday Last' Front page Smyrna From a Daguerreotype Taken on the Roof of the Governors House'
  • Capping of doctors of Medicine at Edinburgh ' 'Cottage of the Black Dwarf ' - - - ' Grave of the Black Dwarf ' Tweeddale
  • The Government School of Design - ' Miss J. Bragg's Design for a porcelain Vase' - - - 'Mr C. O'Reillys's Modelling'
  • 'Medalilion of Louis Philippe'
  • 'Yacht Race - Wood Against Iron - First Regatta of the Royal Victoria Club Isle of Wight '
  • 'Taglioni's Farewell by Kenny Meadows '

'Fireworks at Paris sketched by Harrison

'The New Holbein at The National Gallery '

'Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester '

'The New Church of St Nicholas at Hamburg '

'Cartoon (41) The spirit of Chivalry By Daniel Maclise RA Executed by Commission. '

'Ill Be There!' Written by E. Fitzball Composed By G. Herbert Rodwell, Full page of words and music

' The Close of the Session '

'Foreign Intelligence'


'Obituary of Eminent Persons recently deceased - Mrs Elizabeth Sophia Lawrence of Studley Park York '

'Lamentable Accident on the Northern and Eastern Railway at Chesterford

'Accident and Offence'

''Ireland - The Repeal Association - - - Murder at Sea'

The Illustrated London News, Editorial'

'Metropolitan News '

'Country News'

'Accidents and Offences includes Death from Eating Mushrooms at Ipswich, Murder at Easingwold, Fatal Accident on the River at Witford Ferry, Conviction for Murder at the Bodmin Assizes'




August 16th 1845

mast head

' The Queen Passing Coblentz ' Front page - a view of the Rhine and town - Koblenz also Coblenz

' Chess Problem '

' Beethoven ' with facsimile signature

' The Inauguration of the Statue of Beethoven at Bonn '

' Prince Alberts Residence At Bonn '

' Concert at the Beethoven Hall '

' Arrival of Her Majesty at Bruhl ' a wonderful engraving showing the railway train and station with the Palace behind - North Rhine-Westphalia or Nordrhein-Westfalen

' Grand Entree of Her Majesty into Cologne ' - Köln

' Great Military Concert at Bruhl ' - in the Rhein-Erft-Kreis.

' The City of Cologne From Deutz '

' Illuminations of Cologne ' - Koln

' The Seven Mountains and Drachenfels from Godesberg '

' the Royal Yacht Passing The Drachenfels '

' Illumination of The Rhine From Stolzenfels '

' The Palace of Stolzenfels on The Rhine '

' Ehrenbreitstein and Coblentz ' - Coblenz or Koblenz

Terrific Fire in New York - ' Map of the Burnt District '

' Broad Street New York After The Recent Fire '

' The Bowling Green and Broadway ' New York after The Fire

' The Bowling Green and Marketfield Street ' after the Fire (very small piece of border missing on this page)

' The Queen in Germany '

' Foreign Intelligence ' includes Religious Insurrection in Halberstadt Saxony Germany with reference to Abbe Ronge and The Roman Catholics

' Metropolitan News ' includes Shocking Steam Boat Accident at Hungerford and more

' The Beethoven Festival at Bonn

' Country News ' includes The Sunderland Election, Alarming Accident on The Midland Railway at Methley Station, Accident on the Norhtern And Eastern Railway Two Miles Beyond Waterbeach nr Cambridge, Accident on the South western Railway at Walton Station - - - Explosion near Dudley

' Postscript ' includes Colliery Explosion at Jarrow, small

Illustrated London News Editorial

' Accidents and Offences ' inlcudes Fire in Aldermanbury and Great Loss of Property at Messrs Brsadbury, Greatorex and Beale Warehousemen of 6 Adermanbury, Attempted Murder and Robbery of Solomon Harris Esq Of Uxbridge, Another Railway Collision, Between Sunderland and Brockley Whins, Serious Omnibus Accident of The Brewers Co just Passed Waterloo Bridge

' The Markets and Monetary Transactions of the Week '

' Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased ' includes TheVery Rev. William Bruce Knight Dean of Llandaff, Benjamin Wood Esq MP at his Residence Eltham Lodge Kent, Rear Admiral James Haldane Tait at Edinburgh




August 23rd 1845

mast head


The Queen Passing Coblentz ' Front page - a view of the Rhine and town - Koblenz also Coblenz

' Chess Problem '

' Beethoven ' with facsimile signature

' The Inauguration of the Statue of Beethoven at Bonn '

' Prince Alberts Residence At Bonn '

' Concert at the Beethoven Hall '

' Arrival of Her Majesty at Bruhl ' a wonderful engraving showing the railway train and station with the Palace behind - North Rhine-Westphalia or Nordrhein-Westfalen

' Grand Entree of Her Majesty into Cologne ' - Köln

' Great Military Concert at Bruhl ' - in the Rhein-Erft-Kreis.

' The City of Cologne From Deutz '

' Illuminations of Cologne ' - Koln

' The Seven Mountains and Drachenfels from Godesberg '

' the Royal Yacht Passing The Drachenfels '

' Illumination of The Rhine From Stolzenfels '

' The Palace of Stolzenfels on The Rhine '

' Ehrenbreitstein and Coblentz ' - Coblenz or Koblenz

Terrific Fire in New York - ' Map of the Burnt District '

' Broad Street New York After The Recent Fire '

' The Bowling Green and Broadway ' New York after The Fire

' The Bowling Green and Marketfield Street ' after the Fire (very small piece of border missing on this page)

' The Queen in Germany '

' Foreign Intelligence ' includes Religious Insurrection in Halberstadt Saxony Germany with reference to Abbe Ronge and The Roman Catholics

' Metropolitan News ' includes Shocking Steam Boat Accident at Hungerford and more

' The Beethoven Festival at Bonn

' Country News ' includes The Sunderland Election - - - Alarming Accident on The Midland Railway at Methley Station - - - Accident on the Norhtern And Eastern Railway Two Miles Beyond Waterbeach nr Cambridge - - - Accident on the South western Railway at Walton Station - - - Explosion near Dudley

' Postscript ' includes Colliery Explosion at Yarrow (should be Jarrow ), small

Illustrated London News Editorial

' Accidents and Offences ' inlcudes Fire in Aldermanbury and Great Loss of Property at Messrs Brsadbury, Greatorex and Beale Warehousemen of 6 Adermanbury - - - Attempted Murder and Robbery of Solomon Harris Esq Of Uxbridge - - - Another Railway Collision, Between Sunderland and Brockley Whins - - - Serious Omnibus Accident of The Brewers Co just Passed Waterloo Bridge

' The Markets and Monetary Transactions of the Week '

' Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased ' includes TheVery Rev. William Bruce Knight Dean of Llandaff - - - Benjamin Wood Esq MP at his Residence Eltham Lodge Kent - - - Rear Admiral James Haldane Tait at Edinburgh





August 30th 1845

mast head

Her Majestys Entree into Coburg ' Front page

' Torch Light Concert at Mayence '

' The Royal Party, Changing Horses, Die Ziel Frankfurt '

' Statue of Gutemberg at Mayence '

' The Queen Crossing the Maine at Langfort Bavaria '

' Luthers House at Frankfort '

' Wruzburg - The Royal Palace '

' The Reigning Duke and Duchess of Saxe Coburg '

' The Government House Coburg '

' The Palace of Ehrenburg at Coburg - from His Royal Highness Prince Alberts Drawing '

' Schloss Rosenau Near Coburg - from His Royal Highness Prince Alberts Drawing '

' Rossenau - from His Royal Highness Prince Alberts Drawing '

' Chapel at Kalenbert - from His royal Highness Prince Alberts Drawing '(piece missing from bottom corner of this page - doesn’t impinge on the engraved area though)

' Sketches on Her Majestys Route ' showing the characteristic costumes of Cologne and Bonn etc

' Prussian Officers at Place D'Armes , Cologne '

' Fashions For September '

' Her Majestys Visit to The Cathedral at Cologne '

' Bayen Thurm Cologne '

' Foreign Intelligence '

' Great Loss of Life at Rouen From a Whirlwind '

' Country News ' includes Colliery Explosion and Great Loss of Life at Jarrow Colliery Near Newcastle

Illustrated London News Editorial

' Metropolitan News '

' Accidents and Offences ' inlcudes Accident to Colonel Lascelles of the Grenadier Guards in South Street Grosvenor Square, Death of a Female Miser at the Glendower Public House, Melancholy Death of A Clergymans Daughter, Rev Benjamin Hoe of Cure lane Clapham, Fatal Collision off Southend

Also ' Ten Men Drowned at Dunbar, The Murder of Eliza Grimwood in Waterloo Road Some Years Ago '

' A Ramble in The Realms of Chat '

' Otello - A Tale of the Opera '

' Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased ' includes Sir Alexander Ferrier at Rotterdam, Maurice Zedekauer a Jewish Merchant died at Prague, The Rev Richard Ward of Cromford, Marie Schillynck died at Ghent, M. Sellegue at Paris

' Naval and Military Intelligence -

Classified adverstisements of the day





September 6th 1845

mast head

The Festival Of St Gregory (Coburg) - Front page

Fountain Of Elise, Aix La Chapelle

Sketched from Coburg (A Man)

Sketched From Coburg (A Woman)

Sketched from Coburg (Another Man)

The Theatre, Coburg

Luther's Bedroom, In The Citadel Of Coburg

Celebration Of His Royal Highness Prince Albert's Birthday, At Rosenau - half page

The Royal Banquet at Rosenau - Half page

Her Majesty Entering Gotha - half page

Friedenstahl, From HRH Prince Albert's Drawing - half page

Reinhardtsbrunn, Gotha From HRH Prince Albert's Drawing - half page

Her Majesty's Steamer 'The Fairy' on The Rhine

St Goar On The Rhine - Half page

Arrival Of The Great Britain Steam Ship At New York

Mr G Hudson mp 'The Railway King'

Capture Of A Pirate Slaver, On The Western Coast Of Africa

Illustration for 'Otello' A Tale Of The Opera

Bushmen Children, Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly

The Hesketh Fleetwood Testimonial

Pineapples a penny a slice

Chess problem from a nameless young member of the London Chess club

Her Majesty At Gotha

The Festival Of St Gregory at Coburg

News from France, Paris, Tahiti (mentioning Punavia and Papenoo), Spain, Turkey

Fatal Accident On The Birmingham And Gloucester Railway - mentioning :- Joseph Ward and Miles a carpenter, James Baird, Charles Best, Mr Wheatley, Mr Saunders, Mr Swaine, Mr McConnell, Mr Paine, General Pasley

A Woman employed to break stones in Oxfordshire ( Maria Oliver of Stonesfield, Oxon)

Warehouse Robbery at Manchester (Of Henry Whitaker & Sons

Conflagration near Winchester (At Micheldever)

Her Majesty's Visit to Germany

Police : Affray at The East India House (mentioning : Mr Parry, Mr Clarkson, Mr Peter Gordon, Mr G Thompson, Sir H Willock, Mr Hogg,

A Tradesman committed for stealing some valuable Jewellery (Thomas Wymbush, Messrs Debenham and Storr, Messrs Robins)

Arrival Of The Overland India Mail

Book reviews : Memoirs Of John Aubrey by John Britton - My Marine Memorandum by Hargrave Jennings - The Travels And Adventures Of Thomas Trotter as told by himself - A General and Heraldic Dictionary of the peerage etc by John Burke esq - The Emigrant's Guide by the Rev David Mackenzie - The Beekeeper's manual by Dobrogost Chylinski

Obituaries of Eminent Persons, including :- General Sir William Hutchinson at Cheltenham - The Rev William Yates died on passage in the Red Sea - M Pelletan Died at Brussels

Suicide from excessive study (Mr William Alfred Barker)

Fatal accident on Board The Moonlight Steamer (James Purcell)

Fatal Steamboat accident at London Bridge (Louisa Frisby)

Suicide of a Middlesex Farmer ( Mr Thomas Layton of Feltham who destroyed himself)

Death during sleep (Mrs Ann Howard of Melina place

The Queen On The Rhine

Arrival Of The Great Britain At New York

Capture of a Pirate Slaver

George Hudson Esq MP

Otello, a tale of the Opera

Bushmen Children

The Whirlwind at Rouen

West India Pine apples

The Hesketh Fleetwood Testimonial (At Poulton)





September 13th 1845

mast head

'The Illumination of Antwerp, At Her Majestys Return Saturday last' Front page

'Medal in Commemoration of Her Majestys Visit to Germany'

'Palace of Molsdorf from Prince Alberts Drawings'

'Palace of Tenneburg from Prince Alberts Drawing'

Summer Palace at Wurtemburg From Prince Alberts Drawing'

'Coburg from Prince Alberts Drawing' .

Triumphal Arch Constructred by The Railway Company at Gotha'

'The Deer shooting at Gotha: Deer Breaking Through The Chasseurs and Keepers'

'Grand Musical Festival at Gotha'

'Procession of The Peasantry Before The queen at Gotha'

'Napoleons Bedchamber in The Palace at Wurzburg'

'The Grand Staircase in The Palace at Wurzburg' .

'The City of Winchester' - - 'The Hospital at St Cross' - - 'The Hundred Mennes Hall, St Cross'

Southwark Election 'Mr Pilcher' - - 'Sir William Molesworth Bart MP' - - 'Mr Miall'

'Astleys, Scene in the Circle'


Naval and Military Intelligence'

'Metropolitan News ' .

'Country News'


'Imperial parliament' .

'Law Intelligence

Accidents and Offences'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes Captain Robert Maunsell of Thorpe Malsor in Northamptonshire - - The Very Reverend John Thomas Burgh of Oldtown Kildare, The Dean of Cloyne '

'Otello, A Tale of the Opera'



September 20th 1845

mast head







September 27th 1845

mast head

  • The Baron The Winner of the Great St Leger 1845 drawn by Herring ' Front page
  • ' The London and Madeira Packet Brig " Dart " Entering Funchal Roads '
  • ' Garden in the Azores '
  • ' Madeirese Villa near Funchal '

' Madeirese Costume '

' South West Transept of Ely Cathedral, Retstored '

' Cottage of the Late Bishop of Bath and Wells at Banwell ' Somerset

' Present State of the British Museum '

' The Earl of Bandon Cutting the First Turf For the Cork and Bandon Railway '

' House at Duddingstone Where the Pretender Slept on the Night Before The Battle of Prestonpans '

Centenary of the Battle of Prestonpans - ' Dragoon of the Time of the Pretender ' ' Dirk of the Pretender ' ' Bonnet Worn by the Pretender at Holyrood ' ' Autograph of Prince Charles ' ' Signet Ring of the Pretender ' ' Sword of the Pretender ' ' Autograph of Sir John Cope ' ' The Pretenders Cup '

' Col. Gardiners House adn Field of Prestonpans '

' Slave Shackles from the Missouri United States Steamer '

' Birds Eye View of the London Docks ' Wonderful full age print from enraving

' Th New Tea Warehoiuses London Docks '

' The Kiln, London Docks '

' The Great Wine Vault London Docks '

' Loss of the Yacht Vectis off Bognor '

' Church of the Holy Trinity Bishops Road, Paddington '

' Memorial to Rear Admiral Sir Frederick Lewis Maitland at the Chapel of the Dockyard at Portsmouth '
The Panic - with reference to the railway expenditure
Foreign Intelligence including - Parisiana - France - Greece - USA - The River Plate

Serious Charge of Mutiny on The British Barque Champlain of Cork which happened in the US of the coast of Maine, returning to UK on board the Steamer Cambria - the prisoners names are listed

Law Intelligence includes Mr Alderman Scales and His Criditors

The Arrival of the Ringdove from Africa and the death of Sir William Daniell or Daniel

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes:- William Fuller Boteler Esq QC of Oulton Yorkshire, George Basevi Esq Eminent Architect designer of Belgrave Square died from a fall from the West Tower of Ely Cathedral, Sir Matthew Tierney Bart., distinguished Physician in Ordinary to King George IV

The Court and Haut Ton at Windsor etc

Country News includes Fatal and Alarming Fire At Gravesend in High Street at he House of Mr King and the Black Horse

Ireland includes The Repeal Dinner at Rathkeale with reference to Mr W. S. O'Brien - Mr O'Connell - Mr Gray - Father Synan - Mr Smith O'Brien and more

Ireland - The Potato Disease, Government Commission

Accidents and Offences includes The Late Accident on the Midland Railway inquest held at The Masons Arms Inn, Oulton with reference to Mr Boteler

Lincolns Inn - "The Admission Book" the article shows the signatures of Charles II and his brother James and Prince Rupert

The Theatres - Haymarket - Princess'

Railway Progress

Fatal Accident on the Croydon Atmospheric Railway near Sydenham station of William Shannons

Out of Town - Been to Brighton

Shipwreck of a Hull and Hamburg Steamer and Loss of Nineteen Lives, The Neptune and The Margaret

The Markets

Montary Transactions of the Week

The London Gazette





October 4th 1845

mast head

The Hunterian Museum, At The Royal College Of Surgeons - front page

Sketches in Spain, 2 quarter page and One Half page Illustrations entitled :- Priests at Madrid - Balcony Scene At Andalusia - The Royal palace, Madrid

The Fleet Street Sewer

Fleet Street, Deepening The Sewer (nice view along Fleet street, with the Post Office sign Visible)

Staue Of Jean Bart, At Dunkerque

Scene From The new Ballet ' The Marble Maiden' At Drury lane

Madlle A Dumilatre

Royal Exchange Buildings

Scene from the Opera 'The Enchantress' at Drury lane

3 Illustrations for 'A Reminiscence' by Alfred Crowquill (Joint pseudonym used by the Forrester Brothers Alfred and Charles)

Opening Of The New Theatre Royal, Manchester

The Marmora, Screw Steamer at Liverpool - near half page

Sweetmeat, The winner Of The Doncaster Plate (near half page, with repairable tear to bottom border, slightly affecting illustration)

My Mary, Winner Of The Yorkshire Handicap at Doncaster

Charlecombe Church Near Bath

Mons Philippe At The Strand Theatre

New Radnor Church


Chess Problem by Herr Kuiper

Rosas And Buenos Ayres - mentioning : Don Juan Manuel De Rosas, Guachos (Gauchos), Monte Video, Dorrego, Lavalle

The Museum of The Royal College Of Surgeons

Intelligence from Paris

The Church refoprmation in Germany (Ulm)

News From The River Plate

The Overland Mail - India And China

Ireland : Repeal Demonstration In Tipperary (mentioning Thurles, MP Nicholas maher, Knockroe, Mr O'Connell,

The Repeal Association (Conciliation hall Dublin mentioning : O'Connell again, Major Lidwell, Dr Healy Bishop of Kildare, Mr Thomas Lloyd Of Beechmount Limerick, Mr W S O'Brien also of Limerick)

News From Canada - The Races and A Riot

Sketches In Spain

The Fleet Street Sewer

Inauguration of The Statue of Jean Bart At Dunkerque

News Of The Death of Earl Spencer of Wiseton Nottingham

Lamentable Occurence at Hounslow Barracks - Quartermaster Thomas Tarleton was Stabbed by Lt Martin Kerwan

Distressing accident By Fire - Mentioning Mrs Harrison and Her daughter

Mortality on Board The Sloop 'Eclair' - mentioning Commander Walter G B Estcourt, Surgeon John Maconchy, Purser Mr Thomas R hallett, Assistant Surgeon Charles Hartman, Clerk Mr Cleland Mill, Naval Cadet Mr Symons, Master's assistant Mr Goman, H Fudge, W King, John Mills, W Pardner, John Gibson, C Brennan, J Wright, G Caplin, J Culver, J Hancock, W Kirby, R Chipps, James Guages, T Davis, J McDermot, C Hooks, W Moran, P Conolly, A Thomas, J tarvaty, G Keely, J Sullivan, W Cainon, W Skinner, John Warwick, H Goodhugh, James Fielden, H Cory, M Dillon, A Coes, R Gallagher, J Power, W Thorpe, T Coleman, James Hartup, G Brown, F Ward, G Steel, James Watson, B Hill, J Luck, T Cranage, H Sherman, W Forest, W Kirk, R Martin, W Rice, W harris, R Mutton, W Field, W Penn, J Dillon, J Athorn, T Lloyd, G long,

Opening Of Drury lane theatre

Royal Exchange Buildings

The Election Of The Lord mayor (Mentioning Aldermen Wood, Johnson, Kelly, Chapman Marshall, Humphery, Hunter, Challis, John Pirie, William magnay, G Carroll, James Duke, Musgrove, H Hughes and Sidney)

Opening Of the new Theatre Royal, Manchester

A reminiscence by A City remembrance (A Crowquill)

Anecdotes of the Pretender

Obituary of Eminent Persons mentioning :- John Loftus, Marquis Of Ely in The Peerage Of Ireland - Sir John Mordant of bedfordshire - Mr William Upcott of Islington

Robbery Of Plate In Cambridge University

Shocking Case of manslaughter at Newcastle ( Ralph Parker Selby Green, John Bell,

The Murder of Mr peacop mentioning Tallant,lynch, Nowland and Burns

Suicide of Mrs Ann Foxwill of 24 Crown Street

The Late Railway Robberies (Daniel garrett)

Winning Horses at Doncaster

The American Bark Marmora

Nooks and Corners Of Old England : Charlecombe Church Near Bath

Sadlers Wells

Prospectus of The Holbeach And Peterborough Railway

New Radnor Church

Royal Agricultural Society Of Ireland - Meeting At Ballinasloe






October 11th 1845

mast head

M. Thiers - Louis-Adolphe Thiers French politician

' The Fort at Tamatave Madagascar The Scene of the Late Affray ' with reference to Ranavaka Maujaka the Queen of the Island

' Map of North America Showing The Relative Positions of Texas and Oregon with The United States '

' Framlingham Castle ' Norfolk - small engraving

' The Late Earl Spencer ' showing John Charles Spencer, Viscount Althorp

' New CHurch at Swindon on the Great Western Railway '

' New Physicians Hall, Edinburgh '

' Prize Medal of the Keighley Agricultural Society ' front and reverse

' The Eclair Steamer and THe Lazarette off Motherbank ' in quarantine with fever on board

' Jenny Lind The Celebrated Swedish Vocalist '

' New Betting Room Newmarket '

' Railway Mania 1845 by Alfred Crowquill '

' Chess Problem '

' Fashions For October '

' New Bird - The Goliah Aratoo ' type of parrot

' European Bison at the British Museum '

' Head of European Bison '

' New Room at the British Museum '

Samuda's Atmospheric Railway' Viaduct on the Croydon Atmospheric Railway, Crossing The Dover and Brighton Lines, Between Norwood and Croydon ' - - - ' Portion of the Tube On The Line ' - - - ' Cross Section of the Tube etc ' - - - ' Leading Carriages Showing The Tube, Piston, Heater, Closing Wheels etc '

' Engine House at Croydon '


Foreign Intelligence - Parisiana - France - Spain - Italy - Germany - Algeria with reference to Abd El Kader

National Sports including Tattersall's


The Illustrated London News Editorial

Court and Haut Ton at Windsor etc - Royal Comings and Goings

Metropolitan News

Country News includes Serious Railway Accident South of Darlington - - - Fatal Accident on the Sheffield Ashton Under Lyne and Manchester Railway, George Holt Run Over by a Train between Dinting and Broadbottom - - - Suicide of a Young Lady in The Serpentine

Accidents and Offences includes Death of An Idiot by Suffocation - - - Accident on the Sheffield and Manchester Railway


Railroads in Ireland


1845 barbados









October 18th 1845

mast head

Abd El Kader - From an Authentic French Portrait ' Front page - Abd al-Qadir

Sketches in Spain - ' Spanish Costumes ' - ' Returning From Market '

' Madrid - The Queen Passing La Buena Vista, in La Alcala '

' London Emprovements - Cranbourne Street '

' Encounter of Kabyles With French Troops '

' Great Western Railway - The Swindon Station '

' New Swindon '

' St Pauls Cathedral, Calcutta '

' The German Hospital and Grounds '

' Mr Macready as Hamelt at the Princess Theatre '

' Sketches in Ireland - Newport Mayo '

' Statue of the Late Marquis Wellesley By Weeks '

' The Late Mrs Fry ' Elizabeth Fry

' New Bridge at St Petersburg '

' Chess '

' Algiers '

' Foreign Intelligence '

' Naval and Military Intelligence - The Experimental Squadron '

Illustrated London News Editorial

' Ireland - Repeal Demonstration in Mayo '

' St Pauls Cathedral Calcutta '

' Court and Haut '

' Metropolitan News '

'Country News '

Classified adverstisements


Accounts received from different parts of Ireland show that the disease in the potato crop is extending far and wide, and causing great alarm amongst the peasantry. Letters from resident landlords feelingly describe the misery and consternation of the poor people around them, and earnestly urge the imperative necessity of speedy intervention on the part of the Government to ascertain the actual extent of the calamity, and provide wholesome food as a substitute for the deficient supply of potatoes. Mr. John Chester, of Kilscorne House, in Magshole, in the county of Louth, in a letter to the Dublin Evening Post, states that he has a field of twenty acres of potatoes, which, up to the 3rd instant, had been perfectly dry and sound, when they were attacked by the blight, and three-fourths of them are so diseased and rotten that pigs decline to eat them. This, he says, is the case all through the county of Louth. The Belfast News Letter has a still more lamentable account. It says, "We have abstained from occupying our space with the accounts of the prevalence of this calamity in various places, for this reason, that it may be here stated, once for all, that there is hardly a district in Ireland in which the potato crops at present are uninfected-- perhaps we might say, hardly a field.





October 25th 1845

mast head

Eruption Of Mount Hecla (Iceland)

Luther's Chamber At Wittenberg

Melancthon's House At Wittenberg

Luther's House At Wittenberg

New Foreign Baggage Warehouse, St Katherine's Docks

Opening Of Horn Fair At Charlton in 1745

Leeds castle

Iffley Church

Wales :- The Cymreigyddion Festival , The Procession Through Abergavenny - The Rev T Price - Chorus Singers - Statue In The hall at Abergavenny - Harpers - Interior Of The Cymreigyddion Hall, Abergavenny

Chess Problem by Rev H Bolton

Hutchison's Market, Aldgate

New Baptist Chapel, Leicester

Railway Mania, three small illustrations by Alfred Crowquill (Pseudonym Jointly used by the Forrester Brothers, Alfred and Charles)

Scene From The New Opera of 'The fairy Oak' At Drury lane Theatre

Scene From ' The Lady Of Lyons' At The haymarket

Full page Musical score and words to 'My Writing Desk' - by Unknown

The Cloud In The West (alluding to the impending Famine in Ireland i believe)

The Eruption Of Mount Hecla Iceland

News From Paris, Spain, Holland, West Indies, New Zealand, The River Plate, The Island of Tahiti

The Railway Progress (News from various Developing railways)

New Railways

Irish Railways

Foreign Railways

Melancholy suicide (Mr Charles Pilcher

Fatal Accident on The Sheffield And Rotherham Railway(mentioning Matthew Jessop)

New Foreign baggage Warehouse St Katherines Docks

Luther And Melancthon

Nooks and corners of old England : Leeds Castle kent

New Hall and library Lincolns Inn

Iffley Church

Charlton Fair

Exclusion Of The Lord mayor From Christ's Hospital

Dinner To Mr Hudson MP At Sunderland (at the Polytechnic Hall)

The London Sewage Company formed

The repeal Demonstration at Sligo Ireland

Tattershall's The Cambridge Stakes

Freemasonry in Norfolk

The Twelfth Eisteddfod of The Abergavenny Cymreigyddion

The Second Attack upon Algeria

Obituary Of Eminent Persons mentioning :- Mrs Elizabeth Fry - Sir Gregory Lewin of Eltham in Kent - General Rebow

Serious Accident On The Midland railway (Near Barnsley, mentioning : Wath and darfield Stations, William Fuller Boteler, Inspector Child and Sergeant Stubbs, Sir John H Lowther

Sudden Death of Colonel Adey

Hutchison Market

New Baptist Chapel at Leicester

Railway Mania by Alfred Crowquill (Pseudonym Jointly used by the Forrester Brothers, Alfred and Charles).

The fairy Oak a Romantic Opera by H C Coape music by henry Forbes (cast mentions Miss rainforth, Miss Fitzjames, Miss Collett, Miss h lane, M Borrani, M Burdini, Mr Allen, Mr Harley, Mr Wieland, Mr S Jones, Mr Howell, Mr T Mathews

Melancholy Death by Fire (Miss Emma Gray of Number 9 Coleman Street, mentioning a young man named Guy and a doctor called Edinbro)



November 1st 1845

mast head





November 8th 1845

mast head

A Shing And A Yow (written A-Shing A-Yow), At The Chinese Collection - Front page)

Page mostly Devoted to Lt Waghorn's Race With The Bombay Mail, From Alexandria To London. - with three illustrations entitled :- Lieutenant Waghorn's Travelling Carriage - Mounted Arab Courier - Lieutenant Waghorn (with his signature)

Longford Castle

Thorwaldsen's Statue Of Lord Byron - half page

St Mary's Islington

A Page Devoted to 'Interesting Discoveries At Lewes' - with 6 illustrations individually entitled :-

The Escavation In Which The Cists Were Found ; The Mount and Priory Ruins - The Cists In Southover Church - Southover Church - Remains of (what looks like) Willey (though the text claims it to be WILLMs) - Remains of Gundrada - Tomb of Gundrada, In The Nave Of Southover Church

Self Portrait of Raphael at 15

Victoria Barracks, Hong Kong - From A Sketch By A Correspondent - (half page)

Chess problem by Mr J W Barnes

A Full page of Illustrations to demonstrate 'The Economy Of A Man-Of-War' - individually entitled :- Ship's Cutter - Capstan - Ship's Pinnace - Sick Bag or Hospital - Six Water Grog - Quarter Deck And Poop - Sailor's Mess Table - Stem - Working A Gun- Ward or Dining Room - Boatswains Mate - Lower Deck Gun - Boatswain's Whistle - Lashing The Hammocks - Weighing Anchor - Stowing Of Stock

Railway Mania by Alfred Crowquill

Scene From The ballet Of 'Le Diable A Quatre' at The Princess Theatre

Sketches In Ireland - Kilkenny (small tear to the bottom of this page, slightly affecting the Killkenny image, but easily repaired)

Full page devoted mostly to Railway with 4 Illustrations individually entitled :- Prosser's New Wooden Guide Wheel Railway (half page) - Guide Wheels Front View - Portion Of Tram - Engine, Tender, And Carriage, Side View

Conspiracies, (starting with Guido Fawkes)

Chinese Youths (with facsimiles of their autographs)

News From China

Lord John Russell at Edinburgh

Ireland : The Potato Disease And The Repeal Fund

Railway News

Lt Waghorn's Race

St Mary's Islington

Thorwaldsen's Statue Of Byron

Longford Castle

Capture Of A Whale in Belfast Lough

Air Churn (invention of the bishop of Derry)

St Stephen's walbrook, and Mr Alderman Gibbs

Strange Delusion (of Mrs Sarah Caney of St Georges Middx)

Police : Improper use of names by Railway Directors

Central Criminal Court - The Recent Railway Robberies mentioning George Maynard alias George Gregory Maynard (not a very imaginative alias), Daniel Garratt, Mr Clarkson, Mr Bodkin, Mr Prance, Mr Ballantine,

Central Criminal court : An Incorrigible Offender - mentioning John Lee alias Robert Dalton, Sarah Walton, Maidstone

Antiquarian Discoveries at Lewes ( remains of Gundrada daughter of William The Conqueror, and William De Warren her husband) - Good Long descriptive article

Portrait of Raphael

Hong Kong

Bellini's Sonnambula at Frankfort and London

Economy of a man of War (H M S Collingwood)

Obituary of Eminent Persons recently deceased, mentioning :- Lord Henry James Montagu Scott of Boughon - Major General Bredin of Plumstead - Sir Gabriel Wood merchant of Greenock, Died at Bath

Railway Mania by Alfred Crowquill (Pseudonym Jointly used by the Forrester Brothers, Alfred and Charles)

Sketches of Ireland - Kilkenny

The Theatres : Drury Lane, mentioning Mr Maddison Morton, The Biche Au Bois, Mrs Selby Harley and Wieland, Mr and Mrs Walter lacy, Mr George Wild and Miss Kate Howard

Prosser's New Wooden Guide Wheel Railway (Mr William Prosser)

The Ingermanland, 74 With His imperial Highness The Grand Duke Constantine On Board, Saluting The Admiral At Plymouth (front page, which is a little grubby, but not affecting the image much)

2 Pages devoted to Lansdown Tower, with two quarter page, 2 half page and 2 smaller images entitled :-

The Tower And Garden - The Sanctuary - Interior Of The Lantern - Staircase And Tazza - The Vestibule - The Crimson Drawing Room.

The Mahogany Wheelbarrow

A Page with three illustrations on 'The Trent Valley Railway', individually entitled :- Trent Valley Railway, The Procession at Tamworth - Sir Robert Peel Entering Tamworth - Sir Robert Peel Raising The First Turf Of The Trent Valley Railway.

A page devoted mostly to St James's Theatre, The Amateurs (illustrated by Kenny Meadows) showing 4 portrait sketches of actors, individually entitled :- Master Mathew (Mr Leech) - Kitely (Mr Foster) - Master Stephen ( Mr Douglas Jerrold) - Capt Bobadil (Mr Charles Dickens)

The Ship 'Tory' In The West India Docks

The Martyr's Obelisk, Edinburgh (From The Parapet Of North Bridge)

Mr Wallace, Composer Of The New Opera Of 'Maritana'

The New National Theatre Lisbon

Scene From The New Opera of Maritana, At Drury Lane Theatre

The Lord Bishop Of Oxford (Dr Wilberforce)

The Very Rev The Dean Of Westminster (Dr Buckland)

Geological Phenomenon (footprints in Rock?)

Chess problem by Herr Kling

The Coming Session (Parliament)

Arrival Of The Grand Duke Constantine of Russia

Foreign Intelligence from Paris

News from America on 'The Oregon Question'.

The River Plate

Discovery of a Diamond Mine at Sincura near Caxoeira in Bahia Brazil

Obituary of eminent persons, mentioning :- James Walter Grimston Earl of Verulam of Gorhambury Hertfordshire - Maurice Mahon Lord hartland of Stokestown Ireland - Elizabeth Baroness Holland of Stanhope Street Mayfair - Ellen Lady Canterbury (daughter of Edmund Power) - Rev Doctor Joseph Procter of St Catherine's Hall Cambridge - The Rev Arthur Savage Wade of Warwickshire

Fire and Loss of Life in Finsbury (mentioning Tabernacle Square, Mrs Sarah Moore, Mr C Peel, Mr C Moore, Mr William baker, Black Horse Kingsland road,)

Extraordinary attempts at Suicide (Mr Palmer 3 Beauvoir Terrace Kingsland Road)

A Curious Suicide on The Mersey (Possibly a tax collector)

The Death of the Rt Hon William Dundas of Quarry House St Leonards on Sea

Lansdown Tower

On the Weather of 1845, in Connection with the failure of the crops

Marriage of Lady Adela Villiers and Captain Ibbetson

The Trent valley railway (mentioning R Stephenson, Mr Bidder, Mr T L Gooch, a field called Gaunt's Close, Mahogany Wheelbarrow designed by Mr Holmes of Liverpool, Lots of the 'Peel family',Colonel Anson, Capt A'Court, G Hudson, Mr Ricarde or Ricardo, Mr Entwistle, Captain Carnegie, Mr Watkins (most of these latter names of MP's.

Frightful murder in Staffordshire, mentioning : Alseger's Bank, Adolphus Fielding (victim), Stonemason Dean (Perpetrator), A Collier named Scott,

The French Plays

St james's Theatre : The Amateurs

Review of the book The Chainbearer or The Littlepage manuscripts, by J Fenimore Cooper

Review of 'The Life of Lorenzo De Medici' by WilliamRoscoe D Bogue

The Alleged Murders aboard The Ship 'Tory' (a good long article)

The Martyr's Monument Edinburgh

Memoir of Mr Wallace

Maritana, Opera in Three Acts

Ireland - The Repeal Association

M Jullien's Concerts

The Railway Progress

Dr Buckland

Lord Bishop Of Oxford

Geological Phenomenon (at Mr Rhodes Quarry in Twintwistle Nottinghamshire (possibly miss spelt, and is most probably Rhodes Wood, near Tintwistle, in Mottram-en-Longdendale, Cheshire)




November 15th 1845

mast head

Lord Mayors Day, The Stationers Companys Barge at Lambeth Palace

'Grand Festivities at Harewood: Triumphal Arch, Procession of Tenantry &c'

'Harewood: Rustic Sports in The park, Norht View of Harewood House'

'Harewood: Races at Wheat Croft, Col. Thomsons Hamlet Winning The Lascelles Cup'

'Harewood: The Nobilitys Ball, in The Banquetting Room'

'The Lord Mayor Taking Water at The New Pier, Blackfriars Bridge'

'Lord Mayors Show, 1845' Full page

November Engraving - - 'The Woodcock' - - 'Ornamental Spade, Used By Sir Robert Peel in Commencing The Trent Valley Railway' - - 'Ludlow Castle'

'Col. Reid, MP For Windsor'

'Scene From La Partie De Chasse De Henri Quatre at The St James Theatre'

'Gown and Town Row, At Oxford'

'Portrait of The Right Honourable John Johnson, Lord Mayor'


the Railway Progress'

'Ireeland< The Repeal Association'

'The Court and Haut Ton, Windsor etc'

'Naval and Military Intelligence'

'Metropolitan News includes The Early Closing of Shops'

'The Elopement and Marriage of Lady Adela'

'Imperial parliament'

'Law Intelligence










November 22nd 1845

mast head





November 29th 1845

mast head




December 6th 1845

mast head



December 13th 1845

mast head

  • Smithfield Club Prize Cattle - 'Mr R. M. Laytons 4yrs 8m Old Hereford Ox - 1st Prize, Mr T. W. Fouracre's 3yrs 11 m Old Devon Steer - 1st Prize, 'Mr W. Trinders 3yrs 10m Old Durham Heifre - First Prize' Front page The Recent Conflict at New Zealand ' with reference to Pah of Heki
  • 'Bruni or Borneo Proper '
  • 'Sketches in Spain: Costumes of the Prado '

'The Royal Palace at Madrid - The Armeria '

'The Smithfield Prize Cattle Show' a view of the interior of the building and show ' Rembrandt Painted by Himself '

'Departure of the Grand Duke Constantine of Russia, From Plymouth' the grand Dukes ship Ingermanland passing the Queen, Sir John Wests flag Ship, Albion, Vanguard, Rodney, Canopus, Superb, President 50, and Daring

'Chess Problem'

'Colossal Statue of Lord Collingwood at Newcastle Upon Tyne '

'Monument to Dr Alison at Edinburgh'

Presnts to Her Majesty and Prince Albert - 'Enamelled Pearl, Glass and Papier Mache Screen Presented to Her Majesty' - - - 'Enamelled Pearl, Glass adn Papier Mache Chess Table Presented to Prince Albert'

'New Lodge, Osborne House '

'Sarcophagus in Which the Portland Vase Was Discovered '

'Agricultural Implements at The Smithfield Club Cattle Show ' showing thirteen wonderful implements with names of the manufacturerers or inventors

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
' The Fall of the Ministry '

'Foreign Intelligence'

'Police - A Young Girl Committed on a Charge of Murder, Martha Browning murdering Elizabeth Mundell of Rochester Row, Westminster. Plus other cases

'Accident and Offences - Serious Railway Accident between Gresford and Wrexham '

'The Suppression of the Slave Trade, Joint Declaration'


The Illustrated London News, Editorial - Resignation of Sir Robert Peel '

'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes

Captain The Hon. Charles Leonard Irby die at Torquay in Devonshire - - - Hambleton Thomas Custance Esq of Weston House, County Norfolk - - - Sir William Reid, Bart., of Barra die on his passage from Ceylon to Mauritius'


'Metropolitan News - The Agriculturists and The Corn Laws '

'Country News'

'Accidents and Offences'

'Court and Haut Ton'






December 20th 1845

mast head






December 27th 1845

mast head

A ten page issue price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including

  • 'Sir Robert Peels Residence, Whithehall Gardens' (front page), Silver Statue of Duke of Wellington',
  • 'The Late Lord Wharncliffe',
  • 'H. M. Iron Steam Frigate Trident',
  • 'St. Paul's Church, Auckland, New Zealand',
  • 'Christmas Tree',
  • 'Chiswick Church',
  • 'New French Protestant Episcopal, Bloombury',
  • 'Christmas: Poulterers Shop, Holborn Hill',
  • 'Newgate Market on Christmas Eve',
  • 'Christmas: Norfolk Coach',
  • 'Leadenhall Market on Christmas Eve',
  • 'A New Planet: Translation' (a translation from Professor Encke of Berlin submitted by G. B. Airy Royal Observatory Greenwich Dec 22),
  • 'General Tom Thumb as Frederick The Great' (A Renowned Dwarf from America),
  • 'Scene at Bolton After the Late Steam Boiler Explosion at Messrs Rothwell and Kitts' (Ten dead includes Eliza and Agnes Coulston, Edward Rothwell, Mr P. Greenhough, Priscilla Scholes, Mary Allen, Mark Winder, Alice Edge, Thomas Mort and Alice Hampson).
  • 'Fashions for the New Year',
  • 'Theatres: Scene from The Cricket on The Hearth at The Lyceum Theatre',
  • 'Lyceum: Mr. Keeley as Caleb and Miss M. Keeley as Bertha',
  • 'Scene from The New Pantomime of The Key of The Kingdom at the Princess Theatre',
  • 'The Pantomimes' (full page), 'Chess' .




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