The Illustrated london News January 3 1846 (16 pages)

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The Illustrated london News 1846

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1846 Lancaster Castle Station

1846 Lancaster Castle Station

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Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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Some Events of 1846 in the Illustrated London News

Robert Peel resigns after repeal of the Corn laws. Lord Russell becomes prime minister

. Treaty of Lahore ends Sikh war

The sewing machine patented in the United States of America

Daily News is first published

December15th - The opening of The Lancaster to Carlisle Railway

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No. 192 Vol VIII January 3rd 1846

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Page 1

Page 1

Images: 1. Government Offices, Downing Street


Page 2

Page 2

Foreign intelligence - Parisiana

France, Italy, United States, India and China



Page 3

Page 3

Articles and News: Police - The dashing swindler Kelly

Accidents and Offences - Suicide of Colonel Gurwood

Suicide and attempted murders through destitution

The convicts under sentence of death


Page 4

Page 4

Images: 1. Trieste - The Harbour

2. Trieste - The environs



Page 5

Page 5

Images: 1. Trieste - The hotel

2. Roustan, Napoleon's Mameluke

3. English and French Squadron off Colonia, Plate River



Page 6

Page 6




Page 7

Page 7



Page 8

Page 8

Image: 1. The birth of the New Year by William Harvey


Page 9

Page 9

Images: 1. Miss Kelly (actor)

2. Mr. Cushman as "Romeo" and miss Susan Cushman as "Juliet at the Haymarket theatre

3. 2 x Illustrations from a French story A Tale of Brittany



Page 10

Page 10

Images: 1.Chess problem No. 102


Page 11

Page 11

Articles and news: The Theatres, The French plays, Adelphi, Drury Lane


The Railway progress - narrow gauge

Our Magazine column for January


Page 12

Page 12

Images: 1. Ancient painting discovered at Carpenters Hall

2. The City Twelth cake

3. Gloucestershire Wassail Bowl



Page 13

Page 13

Images: 1. The English "Tom Thumb"

2. Sopwell Nunnery

3. Abberley Hall (Fire) Worcestershire

4. Wreck of the Dutch Indiaman, Pevensey Bay, Near No. 55 Martello Towere



Page 14

Page 14

Articles and news

Literature, National Sports, Births marriages and Deaths

The Markets

Monetary transactions for the week

New Planet

The London Gazette, The war office




Page 15

Page 15



Page 16

Page 16

Images: St. Pancras Baths and wash-houses

1. Inferior Bath 2. Wringing machine 3. Entrance to the Baths and Wash-houses

4. Ironing and drying room 5.Washing room 6. Superior Bath

7. Hot air machine


January 10th 1846

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Articles on this page

  • The Militia Presentation of Addresses to Her Majesty from the Lord Mayor and Corporation of London, and from the Lord Mayor and Corporation of Budlin
  • at Windsor castle
  • A page devoted to Scenes in Oregon and California :- The American Falls of Lewis Fork - Basaltic Hill on the Columbia River - Pass in the Sierra Nevada, California
  • - Opening of the Sydney Council -Sydney - A General View

The Auxilliary Steam Packet ship Massachusetts

Views of the O'Connell Property in Ireland - 8 engravings entitled - Entrance to Cahirciveen - Interior of Chevane's hut - Hotel at Cahieciveen - Valentia, from Ferry Point - Cluvane's House - Valentia Hotel - Waterville - Derrynane Abbey

Some character sketches on Twelfth Night Character of the cake, The Queen, King, Prince, Premier, The Duke, Sir James, Conscience keeper, Goulburn

New Police court Vincent square Westminster

Plates presented to St Bartholomew's Hospital

The Old English Gentleman

The Grand Ball Costume, Victoria assembly rooms Southampton

The dog ' Emile ' at Batty's ( Astley's) Amphitheatre

A serialised story ' Gerald Gage or The secret ' Chapter 1 - with small illustrations

Arrival of the London corporation procession in the great Quadrangle, Windsor Castle - half page

The Lady Feversham, Tynemouth harbour

Half Timbered house, Chester

The Militia

Conclusion of the experiments with the narrow guage ( Railway)

Scenes in Oregon and California

New South Wales

The Corn Laws

The execution of Martha Browning and Samuel Quennell - at Newgate and Horsemonger lane

Grand Chess match in America

The Brothers Helmsberger

Attempted murder at Nottingham - Woodward of Wellow - attempted murder of a woman named Hind

Grand Ball at Southampton



January 17th 1846

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  • Uniform of the British Militia - small half front page
  • British Museum, restoration of the Parthenon - three third of a page engravings entitled :- Eastern pediment of the Parthenon - The Parthenon after the siege in 1687 - Western Pediment of the Parthenon
  • a fourth engraving on the parthenon - Hercules and Hebe
  • Church of St Mary Magdalene, Taunton
  • The Late M Charlet
  • The Winfarthing Oak ( Near Diss in Norfolk)

Launch of the Amphion screw frigate at Woolwich Dockyard - half page

The war in Algeria, from a drawing by a pupil og Horace Vernet - half page

The Holy Family painted by Murillo - near full page

Protection society's meetings at Wolverhampton - 3 engravings and text on a full page - The meeting in the wolverhampton assembly room - Exterior of the Assembly room - Wolverhampton by night

Model of the car of Juggernaut in the British Museum

New money order office ( Foster Lane)

A Full page musical score and engraving - words and music to ' The returned Lute ' by J Augustine Wade

The opening session ( parliament)

Derrynane Beg and Cahirciveen ' Illustrated'

Obituary of eminent persons recently deceased including :- Earl Granville, Granville Leveson Gower of Stafford - General John Studholme Hodgson

British museum, restoration of the Parthenon

Restoration of the church of St Mary Magdalene at Taunton

Another Murder at Jersey - a Mr Abraham at Seward's Cafe Royal square

Attempt to murder and suicide at Brentford , Thomas Law

Presentaion of the freedom of the city of Glasgow to Lord John Russell


Music - Mr Horn's entertainment, De Folly's Geometrical pianoforte

A Gossip about the Art Union Cartoons

A serialised story ' Gerald Gage or The secret ' Chapter 2

A Gossip about the royal academy exhibition




January 24th 1846

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Articles on page 1 - The Opening of Parliament The Houses of Parliament, Present State of the New Houses of Parliament

page 2 Articles on this page The Houses of Parliament, Present State of the New Houses of Parliament, Foreign Intelligence, Arrival of the Overland Mail, Accidents and Offences

page 3 Articles on this page National Sports, Country News, Chess, The Midland Railway, Music, Militia Exemptions, Centenary Birth-Day, Festival of Pestalozzi

page 4 Articles on this page Centenary Birth-Day Festival of Pestalozzi cont.. The Viaduct of Barentin, on the Rouen and Havre Railway


January 31st 1846

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February 7th 1846

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February 14th 1846

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February 21st 1846

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February 28th 1846

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  • Horrors Of War The News Of The Battle.
  • Parsey's Patent Air Engine & Train.
  • South Nottinghamshire Election- The Hustings at Newark.
  • Chatham Boat Yard. 2 Illustrations of The Death of General Robert Sale at The Battle of Moodkee. Death of Major Broadfoot at the Battle of Ferozepore. Firing The Town Guns on Monday Night For The Victories In India. A Football Match on Shrove Tuesday at Kingston On Thames. A Fire at a Sugar Refinery at St Georges in The East. A Fire at Back Goree in Liverpool. Scene from The New Farce "Lend Me Five Shillings at The Haymarket Theatre. The New School House at Crayke. Richard Cobden Esq MP.






March 7th 1846

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March 14th 1846

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  • Unrest in Poland ' Polish Insurgents ' Front page
  • ' Accident on the Lyons and St Etienne Railway ' outside the tunnel Pierre Benite
  • ' The Fatal Duel at Gosport - Trial of Lieutenant Pym at Winchester '

' Mr Henry The Newly Appointed Magistrate at Bow Street '

' The Racket ( raquet ) Ground - Fleet Prison ' ' Interior of "The Grate"...'

' Demolition of The Fleet Prison ' The prison was situated off what is now Faringdon Road in London

' Scene from the New Opera of Nino at Her Majestys Theatre '

' Loss of "The Great Liverpool " Steam Ship - Taking to the Boats ' near Cape Finisterre

' Curiosity From a painting by M. Vidal '

The Late ' M. Phillipe Dupin ' French Lawyer

' M. Gabriel Julien Ouvrard ' French Financier

' Chess Problem by M. J. Brede of Altona '

The Marlborough Plate ' Magnificent SIlver Plate ' commissioned by The Duke of Marlborough

' Grand Tournament at Caserta, Naples '

' Scene from the New Ballet of Catarina at Her Majestys Theatre '

' Madame Vestris in the New Drama of The Speaking Likeness at the Princess' Theatre '

The Polish Insurrection - ' Polish Volunteer ' - - - ' Polish Insurgents '

' Comet Seen at Shrewsbury '

'The Insurrection in Poland '

'Court and Haut Ton' at The Isle of Wight etc

'Foreign Intelligence'

'Metropolitan News'

The Illustrated London News Editorial - with reference to the Trial of Lieutenant Pym and The Duel - The Buildings Act

' Postscript ' - Two More Murders in Ireland

' Accidents and Offences ' includes The Murder of a Policeman at Deptford - Fire In Bread Street

' Our Magazine Column for March ' includes Home and Foreign Markets for Manufacturers - The Shannon - Mr Disraeli MP - Prospects of Australia - Angling in the Thames - The Painters Model

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes General Sir Evan Lloyd KCH died at Ferney Hall near Ludlow - - - The Hon. Col. Fulke Greville Howard of Castle Rising in Norfolk

' The Philharmonic Society ' - - - The Beethoven Quartett Society '

' Gerald Gage - or TheSecret, By The Author of Susan Hopley etc Chapter IX '

' National Sports '

'Naval and Military Intelligence - Official Return of the Military Force in Ireland up to Nov 5'




March 21st 1846

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  • St Patrick's Day - Drawn by Topham - front page
  • Polish Costumes, Fete of the cock
  • Prince Czartoryski
  • Polish Costumes
  • Druidic stones
  • Chinese bedstead

Plan of the battle of Ferozshuhur

The Field of Jelalabad

The Polish insurrection - The City of Posen - half page

The City of Cracow - The Cathedral - half page

Spanish peasant girl from a picture by Inskipp - half page

New gates to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew

New Royal Marine Barracks at Woolwich

Heating and ventillation apparatus marine barracks

The calcutta

Tom stealing Crowns ( from Hop o my Thumb at the Lyceum ( General Tom Thumb)

Shoe carriage

Fight with the Eagle

Tom and the Ogre

Coming out of Salt Box

Coming out of Filbert - a whole page devoted to Tom thumb sketches and article

Novel use for the electric telegraph

The first View of London

A River Phenomenon

Grand contest of the Omnibus against all England

The House of Czartoryski

United States and the Orgeon Territory

Worth and another Versus Greshan and anotherThe Indian War

Two more murders in Ireland - Tipperary

Stafford election

The insurrection in Poland

New arrangement of the Philharmonic Orchestra

Match at chess between Mr Staunton and Mr Horwitz

Obituary of eminent persons including :- Rev Sir S Synge Hutchinson of Castle Sallack Wicklow - Mrs Hutton of Birmingham -

Milliners apprentices

The Police : A Wholesale female thief at Westminster - Charge of Murder at Clerkenwell - Wife beater at Southwarl

Tracts for the trains Impressions of travel and - Railway Committees






March 28th

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  • General Sir Hugh Gough Bart Commander-in -Chief of the Army in India.
  • Wreck of the "Francis Spaight" in Table Bay.
  • St Michaels Cornhill.
  • Environs of Cracow.
  • 2 illustrations of The Grand Leamington Steeple Chasers.
  • 4 Illustrations of the War In India.
  • Farming Lambing.
  • The Trout.
  • Ruins of Pontefract Castle.
  • The Late Mr John Liston, and a scene from the new comedy "a Beggar on Horseback" at the Haymarket Theatre.







April 4th

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On Saturday last, the Government Sales of Indian Corn and Meal commenced in Cork. Immediately on the depôts being opened, the crowds of poor persons who gathered round them were so turbulently inclined as to require the immediate interference of the police, who remained there throughout the day. Among the poor, who were of the humblest description, and needing charitable relief, the sales were but scanty. The occasion had become of necessity; for potatoes have risen to 11d. market price for 14lbs.; and, some of the leading commercial men in Cork have made a calculation, which shows that the Government can afford to sell the Indian Corn at a much cheaper rate. Our artist at Cork has sketched the crowd immediately on the opening of the store.
We feel gratified to learn that a steamer has been despatched from Cork to Dublin, laden with 600 sacks of Indian meal.

One half, by the orders, is to be despatched by the Royal, and the other by the Grand Canal, to the interior. It must be acknowledged that her Majesty's Government are executing their duty promptly and with energy.

The Cork Examiner of Tuesday, contains the following account of the sale:--

"The bakers in Dublin are selling India meal bread in large quantities to the better classes, as well as to the poor, and all consider it more palatable than the ordinary whole-meal, or brown bread.

"The price fixed on it was one penny per pound. The result of the day's sale is sufficient to dissipate all further doubt, and to demand the most serious attention of the citizens of Cork.

"We understand that 4480lbs. of the corn meal were sold on Saturday, at one penny per pound.

"The committee waited this morning on Mr. Hewitson, to grant them a further supply, they, of course, offering to pay the full price for it; but Mr. Hewitson was compelled to refuse the request, he having no orders from the Government to that effect.

"The people, supposing that the supply would be continued, assembled in hundreds round the depôts; but were informed of the fact of there being no more for sale. Considerable excitement was occasioned by the announcement, and the Mayor, fearing that a disburance might arise in consequence, published a public notice, stating that when the order, which was daily expected, should arrive, further supplies would be distributed."

  • General Sir Hugh Gough Bart Commander-in -Chief of the Army in India.
  • Wreck of the "Francis Spaight" in Table Bay.
  • St Michaels Cornhill.
  • Environs of Cracow.
  • 2 illustrations of The Grand Leamington Steeple Chasers.
  • 4 Illustrations of the War In India.
  • Farming Lambing.
  • The Trout.
  • Ruins of Pontefract Castle.
  • The Late Mr John Liston, and a scene from the new comedy "a Beggar on Horseback" at the Haymarket Theatre.




April 11th 1846

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April 18th 1846

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April 25th 1846

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May 2nd 1846

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May 9th 1846

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King Louis Philippe receiving the officers of the National Guard at the Tuileries on May 1 - front half page

Mr Smith O'Brien MP, In custody at the House of Commons - a full page with 3 engravings and article - engravings entitled :-

Passage to the Peers entrance - The Ante Room - Mr Smith O'Brien's room

A full page devoted to the festivities at Burghley - consisting of 4 images and text - engravings entitled :-

Burghley house north front, Dinner pavilion - Children going to the tent - Tapping the Burghley Vat - The Marchioness of Exeter and Family receiving the children

2 pages with four half page engravings on the Royal Birthday fetes at Paris - individualy entitled :-

Fete in the Place de la Concorde - The Hotel du ville illuminated - King Louis Philippe receiving the congratulations of the people at the Tuileries - The Fireworks

2 pages devoted to Chester Races - text and 4 engravings - one near half page the others approx quarter page - individually entitled:-

The Race for the Cup - Lower Bridge street Chester- Northgate street Chester - Bridge Street Chester on the Cup day

Mr Brotherton MP

Mace of the Royal society

Middlesex house of detention

Paris Fashions for may - half page

The Villa Fountain - by W L Leitch

The Lahore Treaty

Close of the debate on the Oregon Question

India, The Pacification of the Punjaub

Two children drowned by their mother ( Eliza Clark )

Accident to the Dover mail train, between the junction of the Greenwich and bricklayers arms railways with the Croydon

Curious suicide on the Sheffield and Manchester railway - Richard Crooks

Mr Smith O'Brien in Custody

The coming of age of Lord Burghley

The Chester Races

Charterhouse Square Infirmary

The King's Birthday Fetes at Paris

Evolutions of the Fleet before Lord Ellenborough

Mace Of The Royal Society

The Middlesex House Of Detention

Mr Brotherton MP for Salford

Obituary of eminent persons recently deceased including :- Sir Howard Elphinstone of Sowerby Cumberland - Lady Shee of Brighton

Mrs Forster of Newcastle

A Gossip about the royal academy exhibition.




May 16th 1846

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May 23rd 1846

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May 30th

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' Epsom Races - Outside the Spread Eagle Inn ' Front page showing a street scene

' Chess Problem by M. Brede '

' Mister Macaulay MP ' - Thomas Babington Macaulay MP for Calne

' St Bartholomews Chapel at Kingsland ' .

' The New Laboratory at University College London ' engraving showing the students working

' FIne Arts - " King Alfred in the Swineherds Cottage " by Mister H. Warren '

' Fine Arts - " Richard II - Appeal to the Mob After the Death of Wat Tyler " by C. H. Weigall '

' Fatal Collision on the River Mersey - The Damage to the " Rambler "... ' small engraving

'Epsom Races 1846 - The Grandstand '

' Epsom Races - The Weighing Room ' engraving showing the jockeys being weighed

' Epsom - The Long Gallop or Exercising Ground ..'

' The New Entrance to the Grand Stand at Epsom '

' Air Balloon With Sail Furled '

' Air Balloon with Sail Unfurled '

' Guide Rope and Water Darg for Balloon '

' Kenilworth Priory ' small engraving

' Herr Christian Laurentz Kellerman The Celebrated Violoncellist '

' Signor Guiseppe Verdi - The Composer ' .

' The Highland Dwarfs - Finlay - John - Mary Mackinlay ' in the full dress of the clan of Ross

' The Princess Theatre - Scene from the New Play of The King of the Commons '

' The Steine at Brighton - Opening of The Victoria Fountain '

' Madame Jourdain Discovers Her Husband at the Dinner Which he Gave to the Belle Marquise and the Count Dorante - Painted by W. R. Frith '

The Debate in the Peers with reference to Lord Stanley - The corn Bill - Sir Robert Peel - etc

Foreign Intelligence - France - Spain - Belgium - The Polish Insurrection

Imperial Parliament with reference to The Corn Importation Bill - Earl Fitzwilliam - Duke of Cleveland - The Division on The corn Bill

Police column includes Committal of the Self Accused Murderer and Thief Henry Norman

Calendar for the Week

Correspondents Column

Illustrated London News Editorial

Court and Haut Ton - The Birth of Another Princess

Metropolitan News

Country News includes Merthyr Tydfil Celebrates the wedding of Robert Thompson Crawshay Esq

The Budget

Accidents and offences - the Fatal Collision on the River Mersey of The Rambler and The Sea Nymph

Coal Pit Explosion at Swansea .

Accident on The Stamford and peterborough Railway

' Loss of Life on the South Eastern Railway between Pluckley and Headcorn

Mary Ann Lawless Committed for Attempting to Poison Her Husband and Three Other Persons

Fatal Affray With Poachers - A Gardner in the employ of Major C. F. Winteron of Fenwick Lodge Surrey

Launch of a Fine EastIindiaman at Cowes

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes Samuel Viscount Hood of Whitley - - - Charlotte Julia Dowager Countess of Rothes - - - Francis Hildyard Esq Whose Death was Occasioned by a Fall From a Horse in St James's Park died at his chambers at Inner Temple





June 6th

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dublin panorama

' Parade Inspection of Troops at St James's park On Queen Victoria's Birthday - Ibrahim Pacha - Prince Albert - The Duke of Wellington and Staff ' front page

' Ibrahim Pacha of Egypt Landing at Portsmouth - the " Victory " Saluting ' - an engraving showing Lord Nelson 's Flag ship HMS Victory firing canons and with its yards and stays dressed with pennants - also the sailors standing on the yards. - info. Ibrahim Pasha - Basha

' Ibrahimn Pacha Receiving the Mayor and Corporation of Portsmouth '

' The Late Pope Gregory XVI ' engraving from the Portrait in the Vatican by paul Delaroche

' Portable Kitchen Found at Pompeii ' small engr.

' Pompeii - An Apartment in " The House of The Hunter" ..'

Ascot Races

' The Road to the Races - The Long Walk at Windsor '

' Arrival at the Course ' .

' A Sketch on the Road ' - all types of people, some the worse for drink

' The Race Course and Grand Stand '

The Brighton, Lewes and Hastings Railway

' The Brighton Viaduct Across the Preston Road ' a wonderful view of the viaduct and countryside with an early steam train crossing over and a stage coach and horses passing under - the sea and town beyond

' The Rose Hill Cutting ' work in progress showing men balanced precariously on the cliff face while a hrose and truck carries rubble away from the workings

' The Falmer Tunnel ' shows a train emerging from the tunnel

' The Hodshrove Skew Bridge ' a country scene with an early steam train crossing over the bridge and a horse and carriage passing under

' Scene from the New Ballet of " Lalla Bookh " at Her Majestys Theatre '

' Scene from the New Opera of " Stradella " At Drury Lane theatre '

' The Ascot Prize Plate - The Queens Vase - - - The Royal Hunt Cup - - - The Emperors Plate '

' Fireworks at Vauxhall Gardens ' London

England and Egypt

Foreign Intelligence includes: -


France - the Trial and Execution of Peter Lecomte for the Attempt on the Life of Louis-Philippe of France

United States

Ibrahim Pacha Second son and Heir Apparent of Mehemet Ali of Egypt

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased - Pope Gregory XVI - Mauro Capellari - - - WilliamHenry Ashhurst Esq died at Waterstock Oxfordshire - - - rancis Glanville Esq of Catchfrench County Cornwall - - - Countess of Romney

Recent Excavations at Pompeii - From Our Correspondent - Naples 18th May

The Court and Haut Ton - Royal Comings and Goings - Tthe dinner to Prince Albert at Lincolns Inn

Country News

Metropolitan News - The Procession of the Trinity Brethren to Deptford .

Accidents and Offences include Attempt to Murder at Tonbridge Wells, thomas Cheesman a Waiter at the Camdfen Hotes Charged with Cutting the Throa ofFrances Sanders - - -Nine Lives Lost on Ulverstone Sands - - - death from Hydropathic Treatment at The Establishment of Dr Ellis, Stradbrooke Park at Petersham

Imperial parliament - Protection of Life ( Ireland ) Bill - - - Railway Committees - - - Report of the Board of trade on the Gauges

The Duke of Wellingtons Visit to Burfords panorama of the Battle of Sobraon

London Gazette includes War and Foreign Office Appointments - Bankrupts

Births Marriages and Deaths





June 13th 1846

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June 20th 1846

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June 27th

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'musical union


bell ringer



July 4th 1846

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July 11th

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'price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including

  • 'The Reform Club Banquet to Ibrahim Pacha' (front page),
  • 'Great Mexican Meeting in The Park at New York',
  • 'Attempted Revolution in Chili: Santiago from The Fort of Santa Lucia',
  • 'The New Pope, Pius IX', 'The Queen and Her Ministers in Council',
  • 'Meeting at Newcastle on Tyne, Royal Agricultural Society', 'Mr. Henry Halls Farm of Gosforth Cottage' (small), 'Showyards upon The Moor, Newcastle',
  • 'Ground Plan of New Farmery in Berkshire', 'New Farmery or Model Farm in Berkshire',
  • 'Paris Fashions for July',
  • 'Silver Candelabra Presented to Mr. Ellman the Agriculturist',
  • 'Royal Thames Yacht Club - a yacht called The Secret',
  • 'Miss Cushman as Viola and Miss Susan Cushman as Olivia in Twelfth Night at the Haymarket Theatre',
  • 'The Stratford Jubilee Cup' (small),
  • 'Grand Artillery Review at Woolwich - Shell Practice at The Flag Staff on Woolwich Common - Horse Artillery and Field Batteries, Ibrahim Pacha and Staff' (full page),
  • 'Chess' .
  • Also articles (no engravings) including 'Foreign Intelligence', '
  • 'Imperial Parliament',
  • 'Accidents and Offences includes Boiler Explosion at Droitwich at the salt Manufactories of Messrs Ellins and Co',
  • 'The New Cabinet Ministers' and includes Lord John Russell, Viscount Palmerston &c',
  • 'Country News', 'Epitome of News'



July 18th

mast head

The War in Kaffirland, The Death of Captain Bambrick' (front page)

'Burning of The Quebec Theatre' The St Louise Theatre, the article also lists some on the dead

'Accident on The Great Northern Railway of France'

'Mddle.Rachel As Camille in Les Horaces'

'The Late Sir Nicolas Conyngham Tindal, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas'

'Sculpture in the Pediment of the New Commercial Bank, Edinburgh designed by James Wyatt'

'Ruins of Tynmouth Priory, near Newcastle' Small with small article

'Scenes From the War in Kaffirland: Muster of The Malay Volunteers in The Main Barracks, Cape Town'

'Scene in Kaffirland, May 1' The Kaffirs stealing cattle

'Sheep Washing by Dncan'

'Sheep Shearing'<> 'Grand Meeting of The Royal Agricultural Society at Newcastle: The Great Pavilion and Cattle Show'

'The Northumberland and Newcastle Horticultural Societys Flower Show, Rotunda of the Tent'

'Ravensworth Castle

'Mr Williams MP for Coventry'

'Great Meeting of The Royal agricultural Society of England - Prize Implements' Newcastle. With a list of the winners

New Church of St John The Evangelis, Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square'


The Departure of Ibrahim Pacha'

'Foreign Intelligence', 'Imperial Parliament', 'Police', 'Naval and Military Intelligence', 'Country News', The Court and Haut Ton'.

'Accidents and Offences' '

'National Sports'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes Sir Aubrey De Vere, Bart'




July 25th

mast head

It features articles with prints from engravings including

  • 'Sir Charles Napiers Steam Ship, Sidon' (front page),
  • 'The Kaffir War: Kaffirs Bush Fighting', 'Kaffir War: Rescue of The Ammunition Waggons',
  • 'Mr. Ewart MP',
  • 'Sadlers Wells Theatre, New Entrance',
  • 'Grand masonic Festival in Lancashire: Masonic Procession at Bolton - Churchgate',
  • 'Fine Arts: Diana Surprised by Actaeon by W. E. Frost',
  • 'Fine Arts: Repose by Gainsborough',
  • 'Her Majestys Cabinet Ministers - Mr. Macaulay - Earl Grey - Sir George Grey - Mr. Charles Wood - Lord Morpeth - Lord Cottenham - Marquie of Clanricarde - Lord Campbell - Lord John Russell - Marquis of Lansdowne - Mr Labouchere - Lord Palmerston - Lord Minto - The Earl of Auckland - Earl of Clarendon - Sir John Cam Hobhouse' (full page),
  • 'Opening of The Booksellers Provident Retreat, At Abbots Langley on Tuesday Last',
  • 'Fete at Bedford Lodge, Campdem Hill',
  • 'Scene From The Wonderful Water Cure at the Haymarket',
  • 'Ascent of The Nassau Balloon',
  • 'New Masonic Hall, Cowes, Isle of Wight',
  • 'Meeting of The Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland - The Ouse Bridge, York - Multangular Tower, York - Micklegate Bar York - View from The Walls of York',
  • 'Chess problem.
  • Also articles (no engravings) including 'The Sugar Question',
  • 'Foreign Intelligence', 'Imperial Parliament', 'The Court and Haut Ton', 'Epitome of News' ,
  • 'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes - Edmund Butler Earl of Kilkenny at Ballyconra - Thomas Goold Esq. QCat Lissadell Sligo',
  • 'The Alleged Death of a Soldier, Frederick John White, From Flogging at Hounslow in the 7th Hussars',
  • 'Alarming and Fatal Accident of the Eastern Counties Railway at Stratford Station on the Colchester line',
  • 'The Death of John Bernard Logier, A Musical Professor at his residence in Stephens Green Dublin',
  • 'Country News - Opening of The Richmond Railway,
  • Death of Lord William Russel at Genoa',




August 1st 1846

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August 8th

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Three ' Kaffir Chiefs - Umkei - Cobus Congo - Negrimmo ' Front page engravings

' Chess Problem by Mr J. A. Christie '

' Grand Concert of the Artsites Musiciens at the Hippodrome in Paris '

' Cabriolet Phaeton For The Princess Royal of Wurtemberg ' Carriage

' Barouche for the Princess Royal of Wurtemberg ' a carriage

The Great Storm of Saturday Last

' The Sewer at Blackfriars Bridge '

' Brook Hill '

' London From Blackheath During The Storm '

' Houses in Middle Row Holborn '

' Olga Princess Royal of Wurtemberg '

' The Attempt to Assassinate King Louis Philippe at the Tuileries '

' Prince Alberts Visit to Liverpool - The Great Procession to the Site of the Sailors Home ' Full page print from engraving

' His Royal Highness Prince Albert Laying The Fuondation Stone of the Sailors Home at Liverpool '

' Arrival of the Royal Yacht ' on the river Mersey with many people and a steam vessel also sailing ships in the background

' The Late Dwarkanauth Tagore ' also spelt Dwarkanath Tagore and Darokanath Thakur

' London and Richmond Railway - The Wandle Viaduct '

' The Late Louis Bonaparte '

' Angling Notes for the month - The Pike '

' Paris Fashions for August '

' The Royal Southern Yacht Club House Southampton

' Beadon's Folding Life Boat '

' The Euphonia or Speaking Machine '

' The Kaffir War '

' The Kaffir Chiefs '

'Foreign Intelligence'

'Metropolitan News' includes Opening of the Baths and Wash Houses for the Labouring Classes in George Street Euston Square - - The Worlds Temperance Convention

' Imperial parliament '

' Epitome of News Foreighn and Domestic '

' Our Magazine Column for August ' includes The Sectarian Spirit of the Age - - Opening of Hampton Court Palace To the Public - - etc

The Illustrated London News Editorial

'Court and Haut Ton - Her Majesty and The Royal Family '

' Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased ' includes Dwarkanauth Tagore , Joyrum Thakoor died at his Residence St George's Hotel, Albermarle Street - - - Lieutenant Colonel Robert Winchester KH Peninsular and Waterloo Veteran at His Residence in Edinburgh - - - Louis Bonaparte died of Apoplexy

' Postscript ' includes Parliament and Flogging in the Army

' Committal of Mr R. Dun The Barrister to Newgate '

'Country News' includes Thunder Storms in the Country including Hailstorms at Datchet and Horton, plus thunderstorms

'The Markets'





August 15th 1846

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August 22nd 1846

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August 29th

mast head

' Her Majestys Cruise - The Royal Yacht off The Needles Isle of Wight in a Heavy Sea ' front page ' Chess Problem by Mr R. F. Hodgson of the Bengal Civil Service '

The War in Circassia ' Shamil the Circassian Chief ' a wonderful engraving showing the leader of the circassians leading his men on horseback with swords or sabers drawn ' The Assembling of Russian Troops for the Campaign of the Caucasus ' beautifully detailed engravings - info. Imil Shamil or Schamil - religious leader of the Muslim tribes of the Northern Caucasus - leader of anti-Russian resistance in the Caucasian War and Imam of Dagestan and Chechnya written Tchetchnaya in the accompanying article
The Potato Murrain - or Potato Blight ' The Potato Plant ' an engraving showing the leaves, roots and runners of a normal potato ' Diseased Stem - Natural Size ' ' Magnified View of a Slice of a Ripe Potato ' ' Blotches on a Potato Leaf ' ' Section of a Potato Showing the Disease in Progress ' ' The Botrytis Infestans Highly Magnified '

' The Hay Harvest Drawn by Duncan ' ' Wheat Harvest Drawn by Duncan ' ' The Birmingham Musical Festival - The Great Music Hall ' wonderful full page print from engraving Our Mail Train Bag ' small comical engravings ' New Free Grammar School at Chesterfield ' ' The Tomb of Mr Beckford in the Cemetery at Bath ' - info William Beckford English novelist, art critic, travel writer and politician ' The Tomb of William Woollett The Engraver in Old St Pancras Churchyard ' ' State Cabin of "The Queen Victoria" Tacht Built for the emperor of Russia ' ' Dr Leichardt The Traveller in Australia - The Return from Port Essington ' portrait - info. accompanying article makes reference to the death of Mr Gilbert - Mr Calvert and others '..." The Times " Testimonial Tablet in the Vestibule of the New royal Exchange ' in tribute to The Times Newspaper to Commemorate its Extraordinary Exertions in the Exposure of a Fraud upon the Mercantile Public ' Opening of Queens park Manchester ' two engravings '..." The Half Way House " Between Knightsbridge and Kensington '

Also articles ( no prints/photos etc unless listed above) including The Past Session Foreign Intelligence - Parisiana - France and The Late Attempt Upon the Life of Louis Philippe, Trial of Joseph Henri - Spain - Italy with reference to the earthquake in Tuscany giving details Police - Serious Affray at the North Western Railway at Camden Town Station between Irish and English Labourers Employed on the Line etc Imperial Parliament with reference to British Interests in Mexico and Lord George Bentinck - - The Earl of Ripons Explanation - - The Haydock Lodge Lunatic Asylum and Mr Wakley - - State of Ireland and The Potato Crop Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes William The Marquis of Thomond died at Taplow House Maidenhead - - - Thomas Lyon Bowes the Earl of Strathmore died at Holyrood Palace Edinburgh The Potato Murrain (or Blight ) Naval And Military Intelligence - Court Martial on the Hon. Captain John Gordon of HMS America, on Board Her Majestys Ship Victory at Portsmouth Metropolitan News includes The Sanatory Condition of the People Explanation of Lord George Bentinck The Birmingham Festival Tracts for the Trains by Albert Smith - The Rivers, Vallies and Mountains of Fleet Street Gossip of the Week Country News Epitome of News Foreign and Domestic - News in Brief Illustrated London News Editorial Court and Haut Ton - Royal Comings and Goings Accidents and Offences includes Fatal Accident at Kames powde Mill on th Kerry Side of Kyles of Bute - - - Inquest Held on a Portion of the Body of a Female found Off Ship Dock - - -Collision on the Brighton and Hastings Railway at Pevensey Sluices - - - Mysterious Robbery at the Berwick upon Tweed Bank



September 5th 1846

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September 12th

mast head


The Tally Ho Coach - Exeter to Devonport ' Front page

' Encampment of the Californian Legion on Governors Island, New York Harbour '

' Leipzig - Destruction of the Hotel De Pologne by Fire ' small tear to bottom of page not affecting the engraving .

' Westminster Bridge Sketched on Sunday Last - Demolishing the Ill Fated Bridge ...' - - - ' An Alcove on the Bridge ' - - - ' A Watchouse ' .

' Uniform of the Irvine Toxopholite Society '

' Anniversary of the Irvine Toxopholite Society - Shooting at the High Target ' - Archery

' Chess Problem by M. Kling '

' Paris Fashions for September ' two dresses with descriptions of materials used

' Arrival of Her Majesty The Queen Dowager (Queen Adelaide) at Cashiobury Park '

' Improved Military Knapsack - two diagrams ' - invented by Mr Berington ( yellow hand colour )

' The Lyceum Theatre - Scene from th eNew Burlesque of "The Magic Horn" ...'

' The Surrey Theatre - Mr Macready as Hamlet ' .

' Interior of The Smoking Saloon on the Eastern Counties Railway '

' Exterior of The Smoking Saloon on the Eastern Counties Railway '

' St Michaels Mount ' - Her Majestys Cruise

' Landing at Penzance ' .

' The Royal Yacht Passing The Longships Lighthouse, Lands End ' .

Royal Alliances

Foreign Intelligence - Parisiana - France - Spain - Portugal - Island of Madeira - India

Country News includes British Association for the Advancement of Science at Southampton - - -Thunder Storm in Yorkshire - - - Distressing Accident at Middlethorpe, Lincs of Three Boys from a Boarding School at Louth Mr Rogers a Master .

Court and Haut Ton - Royal Comings and Goings

Every Body's Column ncludes The Great Storm of August - - Education in Scotland

The Irvine Archery Meeting .

Small items of news includes The Duke de Montpensier 's Bride The Infanta Luisa - - - Murder at The Red Lion at Tirlemont in Belgium - - - Steam Navigation Act of Parliament ---Ireland - Mr O’Connell and the Ministry - The poetry of Hogg - Superstition in Shetland

Illustrated London News' Editorial

Metropolitan News includes Discovery of a Portion of the Old Palace o fBridewell - - - Thunderstorms in the Metropolis - - - Propoesed Improvements in the City .

Police includes Re-Examination of a Railway director Charged with Forgery, Capt William Richardson The Chairman Tenbury, Worcs and Ludlow Railway Co. - - - Revolting desecration of a Churchyard of which the remains were found at Kingsland Road Bridge near Regents Canal Witnessed by John Gardner of 6 Hertford Street Haggerstone ( London )

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased include Lord Metcalfe Charles Theophilus Baron Metcalfe of Ferne Hill Co Berks at his seat near Basingstoke - - - Prince Hugo of Tour and Taxis Who perished at a duel at Graetz - - - Archibald Kennedy Marquis of Ailsa of the Ise of Ailsa Ayrshire, Earl of Cassillis died at his seat St Margarets at Isleworth - - - The Right Rev. Bishop Luscombe Matthew Henry Thornhill Luscombe attached C of E minister to the Embassy at Paris, died at Lausanne .

Gold, or, The Half Brothers by Camilla Toulmin Chapter VII - short story to be continued

The Markets .

Monetary Transactions of the Week

London Gazette with reference to The War Office and Appointments - - Bankrupts

Births Marriages and Deaths .

Many commercial adverts of the day


September 19th

mast head

Cornwall - Plas House at Fowey ' front page - The residence of J. T. Treffry Esq also Place House

' The Royal Yachts off Pendennis Castle ' a lovely view across the bay

' The Fairy in the River Fal at Tregothnan ' The Fairy being the royal yacht - with a boathouse and a country house in the distance

' St Michaels Mount Cornwall ' the engraving shows the royal yachts HMY Victoria and Albert (which was a twin paddle steamer ) and HMY Fairy with other smaller boats

' Restmormel Castle ' near Lostwithiel or Lostwydhyel

Meeting of The British Association at Southampton

' The Mathematical Section - Professor Wartmann - R. Laning Esq - Colonel Sabine - Professor Oersted - Sir J. F. W. Herschel FRS - Dr Whewell FRS - Professor Wheatstone FRS - Professor Svanberg - Doctor Scoresby - Dr Stevelly '

' Chemical Section - J. Prideaux - Professor Schonbein - Dr. Daubeny FRS - Dr. Faraday - Professor Rose - Professor Grove - Dr. L. Playfair '

' Phsiology Visitors - Dr W. Carpenter - Professor Owen - Dr. Fowler - Viscount Palmerston - John Taylor FRS - Sir Hercules pakenham - The Bishop of Norwich ( Edward Stanley ) '

' Geological Section - Sir Henry De La Beche - Professor Ansted - Professor Forbes - Dr. Fitton - M. - Leonard Horner Esq - John PHillips Esq - M. - G. B. Greenough - W. Hopkins - Marquis of Northampton '

The Geologists Landing at Alum Bay The Isle of Wight ' .

'At Black Gang Chine - Dr Fitton 's Lecture on its Geology '

' The Presidents Geological Lecture on Board the " De Saumarez " Steamer off Whitecliff Bay Isle of Wight '

' Statistical Section - Elton Esq of America - Dr Cooke Taylor - G. R. Porter - Colonel Sykes - James Heywood - Mayor of Southampton '

' Arrival of His Royal Highness Prince Albert at the Meeting of the BA at Southampton ' - info. arriving at The Old Royal Southern Yacht Club Building facing Bugle Street and opposite Royal Pier

' The Earl of Auckland the First Lord of ther Admiralty - Laying the Foundation Stone of the New Steam yard at Morice Town at Devonport '

' Superb Parasol Presented to Her Majesty ' invented by Mr Boss of Bury Street in the City of London

' The Doncaster Prize Plate 1846 ' - The Great St Leger Cup modelled by Mister Alfred Brown showing "A passage in The Battle of Wakefield" .

' The Taglioni Testimonial by Mr Cotterell and Garrard of the Haymarket ' presented to Mlle. Taglioni the Opera Singer of the Italian Oper House

' Chess Problem by Mr H. P. of Newcastle on Tyne '

Scientific Associations

Foreign Intelligence includes:

Parisiana with ref. to The Marriage of the Duke de Montpensier with the Infanta of Spain

France with ref. to Prince and Princess of Salerno - - The Convict Joseph Henri



Egypt and Ibrahim Pacha

Cape of Good Hope and War with the Kaffirs

United States and Mexico - with ref. to Matamoras - General Taylor etc


Illustrated London News Editorial

The Court and Haut Ton - Royal Comings and Goings

Metropolitan News includes CHrists Hospital London - - - Bnk of England Meeting - - - Government School of Design - - - Opening of Fleet Street

Country News includes The Rural Fete at Drayton Manor - - - Sudden Death of Mister Justice Williams at Livermere park near Bury St Edmunds

Scotland includes Extracting Silver From Lead at Wanlockhead

Ireland includes The Repeal Association and Mr J. O'Connell adn Mr J. Haughton

The Napoleon Column at Boulogne

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes:

The Right Rev. William Carey DD Bishop of St Asaph

Edward Rudge Esq died at his Seat The Abbey Manor House at Evesham

Monsieur Jouy Author of L'Hermite died at St Germain en Laye

Mrs Sarah Mawe the widow of John Mawe, died at her house in The Strand, was a celebrated traveller in the Diamond District of Brazil

Death of Charles Hawkins the Cricketer age 28

Mount St Michael .

Murder and Mutilation at Chesterfield Derbyshire - At Hasland

National Sports inlcudes Doncaster Races

Accidents and offences includes:

Fatal Accident at the Whitebarn Colliery near Newcastle

Three Lives Lost on the River Thames

Collision on the Eastern Counties Railway at Brentwood

Loss of Lives from the Falling of a Railway Tunnel, The Marley Tunnel nr Ashburton

Fire at 36 Little Bartholomew Lane West Smithfield

Fatal Shooting Accident at Horndon on the Hill Essex

Police includes:

Country Post Master at Nockley near Rayleigh in Essex Charged With Stealing Money from a Letter, one George Norris Kernot - Info. I think it should by Hockley

The Revolting Desecration of a Churchyard in the Parish of Shoreditch

The Markets include prices of Wheat and Barley etc - Bread - Butter - Tallow - Hay and Straw - Hops - Coals from West Wylam, Killingworth, Riddells, East Hetton, Caradoc, Wearmouth, Tanfield, etc - Meat and Offal

Monetary Transactions of the Week from the City Correspondent

London Gazette - Bankrupts - - War Office Appointments

Births MArriages and Deaths

Naval and Military Intelligence

And more

Classified Advertisements



September 26th 1846

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October 3rd 1846

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October 10th 1846

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October 17th 1846

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October 24th 1846

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October 31st 1846

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November 7th

mast head


Annexed is a pair of melancholy sketches of the localities of the late Food Riots in the south of Ireland-- Youghal and Dungarvan; the afflicting details of which have been duly reported in our Journal. The Artist has refrained from heightening the picturesqueness of these scenes; but they are stern and striking realities of the sufferings of the people, and must bespeak the sympathy of every well-regulated mind.

One of the Illustrations shows the Mall and Mall-house, or Town-hall of the seaport of Youghal, which, though merely a creek to Cork, has a considerable trade, for the accommodation of which there are extensive and commodious quays and a Custom-house. The Mall-house was erected in 1779; balls and concerts are held in it, and here, prior to the dissolution of the Corporation, were held the Borough Courts.

Youghal was the grand centre of the late Food Riots and turn-outs for wages. Our Artist was received somewhat roughly whilst he was sketching in the street, because he would not promise the mothers that their children, then working on the part of Government, should have an increase of wages over five or sixpence, which was insufficient to support them with Indian meal at 1s. 8d. per stone.

The Mall-house is a large, plain, whitewashed building: its situation and the open space which surrounds it, are well calculated to attract crowds; as well as from its large rooms affording accommodation to the Relief Committees. To the right is seen a portion of the Harbour, with the distant hills of the county of Waterford.

The other Sketch shows the Old Chapel-road, Dungarvan, on the road to Youghal, the scene of the late conflict between the military and the "food rioters;" one of the men shot was standing on the spot behind the cart in the sketch.

The distress, both in Youghal and Dungarvan, is truly appalling in the streets; for, without entering the houses, the miserable spectacle of haggard looks, crouching attitudes, sunken eyes, and colourless lips and cheeks, unmistakeably bespeaks the sufferings of the people.

We add a few descriptive notes from a Correspondent:--

"Dungarvan, the scene of the late riots, is the second town in the county of Waterford, and was, from an early period, a place of some importance. Although well situated for carrying on an extensive trade, large vessels being able to come up to the quay, unfortunately, like other Irish towns equally well placed, it presents to the eye of the stranger, an appearance of want and untidiness: yet the Duke of Devonshire, to whom the manor belongs, has spent much in various improvements-- amongst others, a fine bridge has been erected by him across the river, the stone for which was actually all brought from England! This bridge consists of a single arch of 75 feet, in addition to a causeway of about 1000 feet in length, and is justly admired for its fine proportions."

The Quarter Sessions commenced at Dungarvan on Monday week. There were prosecutions entered against fifty-one persons, alleged to have been engaged in the late Food Riots in the neighbourhood. Mr. Hatchell, Q.C., was sent down especially by the Crown to prosecute the fifty-one persons alluded to. A farmer named Quinn refused to prosecute some of those poor fellows. He said "Whatever would be the consequence he never would prosecute hungry people who offered no harm or violence to person or property." Quinn had been sent to Waterford gaol for refusing to prosecute. Fleming, the poor lad that was shot in the knee by the 1st Royals in Dungarvan, on the 28th of September last, died on Tuesday night in the workhouse here, after suffering much pain from the effects of his wound. An inquest was held on the body on Sunday evening. Dr. Christian made a post mortem examination of the body, and a verdict was returned, "that the deceased had come by his death from the effects of a gun-shot wound in the knee, inflicted on him by the 1st Royal Dragoons on the 28th of September last in Dungarvan, whilst in discharge of their duty."

The prisoners stated to be engaged in the Food Riots, arrived at Dungarvan, guarded by a large force of military and police. "Never," says the Cork Southern Reporter, "have I witnessed any scene so affecting as the meeting of the prisoners and their poor hungry wives and children."

On Tuesday, the trial commenced, when fifty of the prisoners pleaded guilty; but through the wise and merciful conduct of the Crown, were discharged, on finding securities to keep the peace; but, the ringleader Patrick Power, was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment, with hard labour.





November 14th 1846

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November 21st 1846

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November 28th 1846

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December 5th 1846

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The Queen Landing at Kings Stairs Portsmouth ' front page

Arundel Castle Sussex

' Entrance Arch to the Castle ' engraving showing the Queens carriage driving through with local onlookers watching

' The Reception in the Grand Corridor '

' The New Diary '  .

' The owls in the Castle Keep '

' The Castle Keep Illuminated '

' The Great Drawing Room ' the Queen with guests

' The Great Dining Room ' with people seated at the table

' The Superb State Bed '  .

' Illumination of the Castle and Town of Arundel ' shows a crowd of poeple near a bridge in the streets of the town

' Chess Problem by Mr W. of the Liverpool Chess Club '

Aylesbury Vale Meet - Stag Hunting

' The Queens Stag Hounds - The Meet, Aylesbury Vale ' from a drawing by Duncan - someone has started hand colouring the engraving, the huntsmens coats in red

' Going To the Meet ' elderley gentleman and his lady companion in a horse and cart  .

' The Start ' again some hand colour to the huntsmens coats in red 

' Enjoying the Sport ' locals enjoying the hunt, as a huntsman falls from his horse - again same hand colouring

' On The Horns of a Dilemma ' a huntsman meeting a herd of Cattle

' Opening of the South Eastern Ralway to Margate - Scene at the Bricklayers Arms Station '

' The Condemned " Glenelg " Indiaman Sailing Ship '  .

' New Church of St Mary The Virgin at South Milford in Yorkshire '


1846 royal yauth

Guardians and Juries

Foreign Intelligence includes Parisiana - France - Spain - United States and Mexico - Cape of Good Hope - Island of Tahiti


Arrival of the Bombay Overland Mail

Our Magazine Column for December

Illustrated London News Editorial

Metropolitan News includes the Weather - - Taking The Veil at the Convent of Mercy in Parkers Row Bermondsey, The Hon Miss Middleton and Miss Byrne  .

Law Intelligience - Another Check to Railway Litigation

Crockford's Club House  .

Accidents and Offences includes The Indifference of the Parish Authorities of St Pancras - - Curious Case of Mistaken Identity and The Hon Mr Best at Birmingham - - - Dreadful fire and Loss of Life at 31 Calcraft Terr New Cut, Lambeth also at 28 Nightingale Street Portman Market - - - Fatal Accident at Merton of Mister William Newman of Mitcham the Medical Herb Grower

Circumstantial Proof of anArtful Robbery, at the Messrs MArtin and Co Linen Drapers in The Whitechapel Road near the London Hospital - - - Suspicious Death at Dulwich   .

Music includes the Royal Italian Opera House - - Sacred Harmonic Society - - Society of British Musicians - - Sacred Concerts - - Mister and Mrs T. H. Severns Concert

The Court and Haut Ton'

Epitome of News

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes Eleanor Marchioness of Westminster - - - Sir George Macpherson Grant of Ballindalloch and 'Invereshie died at Ballindalloch Castle in Elginshire - - - John Barneby Esq MP of Brockhampton County Hereford died at his town residence in Portman Square - - - Grand Duchess Maria Michaelowna in her 21st year

Earthquake in Scotland

Country News



December 12th

mast head

Smithfield Club Cattle Show - Arrival of Fat Sheep at the Bazaar

Small sketches for "Everybody's Column by Albert Smith - Notes from an amateur Concert"

' Austria - The Incorporation of Cracow Proclaimed at the Senate House by the Governor ' view of a square in the city - info. Krakow in Poland

' The Interior of Covent Gardent Theatre ' reconstruction of the interior for the " New Italian Opera Company"

Annual Shows of the Canary Fancy - Bird Show

' Spangled Back ' canary

' Lizard ' canary .

' Mealy Bird ' canary

' Jonquil ' canary

The Smithfield Club Cattle Show

' Arrival of Fat Cattle at the Bazaar '

' Prize Cattle - The Earl of Herefords Old Hereford Ox - - - Prince Alberts Highland Scot - - - Mister Trinder 's Old Hereford Steer - - - Mister Tinders Old Short Horned Heifer - - - Lord Southampton 's Old Hereford Ox '

' Bouquet of Game ' basically a floral arrangement with Duck - Rabbit - Larks - Partridge - Woodcock - Widgeon - Partridge - Teal - Grouse - Golden Plovers - Leveret

' Opening of the Bury and Ipswich Railway - At The Bury Station '

The Ceremonial Spade Used By Queen Victoria and Prince Albert for Planting Young Oak Trees at Arundel Castle

' The Lily and Rose ' Drawn by Kenny Meadows and Engraved by Henry Robinson - engraving showing two maidens

' Sir Edward L. Bulwer Lytton '

' The Winter Garden or Le Jardin D'Hiver at Paris '

' The " Shannon " Steamer on Fire at Plymouth '

Agricultural Implements at the Smithfield Club Cattle Show

' Gillett 's Chaff Cutter '

' Horse Dibbling Machine by Barrett, Exall and Andrewes of Reading '

' Richmonds Vertical Dash Churn '

' Vingo's Seed Depositor '

' Farmer's Mill by Garrett and Son '

' Smith's Double Action Haymaker '

' Coleman's Patent Subsoil Harrow '

' Ainslie's Patent Clay Mill ' .

' Improved Drill for General Purposes by Garrett and Son of Leicester '

' Richmond's Improved Portable Cooking Apparatus of The Victoria Bridge Works at Salford '

' Hall's Brick Making Machine of F. Ransome of Ipswich '

' Smith and Co.'s Improved LEver Cultivator '

Full page with descriptions

The Cattle Show

Foreign Intelligence

Police - includes The Bill Swindlers - - - A Cool Robbery at Marylebone

Law Intelligence - includes The Spottiswood v. Clark Case - - - Plymouth, Alleged Libel Holdsworth v. Gibson - - - Provisional Committeemen and Alley v. Gain - - - The Railway Litigation

The Annual Canary Show

Illustrated London News Editorial

' TheCourt and Haut Ton - Royal Comings and Goings

Metropolitan News includes The Agitation for the Reduction of the Duty on Tea

Country News


Le Bouquet De Gibier or Sporting Nose Gay - A Cadeau for Christmas - A Seasonable Novelty Originated by M. Soyer "The Gastronomic Regenerator " of the Reform Club

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Dece4ased includes Sir Charles Gould Morgan of Tredegar Co. Monmouth died at Tredegar park - - - Lady Emma Pennant died at Her Residence Queens Park Brighton - - - The Right Rev. Dr Scott Roman Catholic Bishop Died at his Reisidence at Greenock .

Ireland - Lamentable Condition of the Country - - - The Repeal Association - - - Serious Fire in Kings County at Mr Mangan of Clonearl - - - Loss of Lives from Carbonic Acid at Glenfield Co. Limerick - - - More Deaths from Destitution at Skibbereen of a Man named Connor - at Pullogh of Carter and Davin - at Co Mayo - at Geevagh - at Ahamlish - at Derrilihan - - - Reported Disturbance in Kilkenny - - - Outrages by Armed Parties of Ruffians on a Man named Davis at Lismore - - - Frightful and Inhuman Murder at Loughorna between Nenagh and Borrisokane - - - Attempted Murder at Croom Castle - - - Murder in Armagh at Crossmaglen

National Sports inlcudes Betting at Tattersall's

The MArkets includes prices of Wheat and Barley etc - Bread - Butter - Tallow - Hay and Straw - Potatoes - Hops - Coals from Adairs Main, Chester Main, Tanfield, etc - Meat and Offal

Monetary Transactions of the Week from the City Correspondent

London Gazette - Bankrupts - - War Office Appointments

Births MArriages and Deaths

Railway Meeting at Windsor .

Death of the Widow of Thomas Hood

Naval and Military Intelligence +


December 19th 1846

mast head





December 26th 1846

mast head




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