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The Illustrated london News 1848

french revolution

1848 The French Revolution

1848 paris

1848 Panorama of Paris

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  • Some Events of this year in the Illustrated London News
    • February - The French Revolution begins
    • The Chinese Junk Keying came to London (see below)
    • Treaty of Guadalupe ends United States war with Mexico -United States gains Texas, New Mexico, California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona
    • Louis Napoleon elected President of France after the abdication of Louis Philippe
    • Public Health Act in Britain following Cholera epidemic
    • First safety match produced
    • The Revolution in Prussia.
    • The Franklin Search Expedition.
    • The Insurrection in Naples
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January 1st 1848


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January 8th 1848

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Grand Soiree at the Glasgow Athenaeum - front page half page (There is a small stain to the border of this page, not affecting text or image)

Mr Cantelo's Patent Hydro Incubator for Hatching Chickens

Chess problem by Moonshee Waris Ali of Delhi

The late Madame Adelaide

The Chapelle Ardente

The Late Madame Adelaide's Chateau, Randan

The late Dr Crotch

Blowing up of the concrete shoal in the Thames (Limehouse reach) There is a separate sketch overleaf, untitled but showing the method of placing the explosive charge on the river bed - by means of what looks like simply a very long pole

Pantomime night - drawn by Phiz - full page of three sketches entitled :- The Gallery, The Boxes, The Pit

A London Thoroughfare - Fleet Street - Half page (showing premises identified as J Sargent at no. 142, Kings and Key)

The Masque in Balfe's new opera 'The Maid of Honour' at Drury Lane - half page

Mr G V Brooke

M Gavarni

The Founder's cup at Pembroke College Cambridge

Paris Fashions for the New Year - page devoted to fashions - including sketches of Paris Fashions for the New Year, Bourse Imitation Filet Dessin, Fleurs En Laine Clochette Dessin, Moitie De La Pelote, Fois Ce Coupon pour La Bande du Plomb

The Glasgow Athenaeum

Mr Cantelo's incubator

The state of Italy - The arrival of 12000 percussion muskets from France

News from Tattersall's

Madame Adelaide D'Orleans

Obituary of Eminent Persons recently deceased - including : Lt Colonel Babington of Gloucester Rd Regents Park; Colonel Thomas Peebles of the Royal marines Barracks Woolwich; Mrs Susanna Eleonora Watkins of Leamington Warwickshire; Alderman Mathias Prime Lucas of Wateringbury Place Kent; Dr Crotch of Taunton (whose son was headmaster of the Grammar school there)

The blowing up of the concrete shoal in the Thames

Total Loss of H M Steamer ' Avenger ' on the Cerilla Rocks - (Three Officers, a Surgeon and five crew survived)

A Pantomime audience by Angus B Reach

Metropolitan brief news including : South Sea House, Tower Ward, Langbourne Ward, Royal college of Surgeons, College of Preceptors, Marylebone Vestry, United Yacht club London, Dividend day at the Bank, Western Jews Free School for Boys, National Defences, Lamb and Flag Ragged schools, Benevolence in Westminster, Mortality in the Metropolis, Proclamation of Outlawry, The Westminster Murder - The case of McCoy and Sale

Country News including brief news of :- The Tenants of the Marquis of Downshire, Birkenhead Dock Commissioners, The North and South Wales Bank, Dinner for emplot=yees of London and North western railway company, Liberality of working men (of Birmingham), The Weather and mails at Dover, Terry Alts in Lancaster - assault on the Whalley family near Blackburn, More highway robberies near Liverpool, Sudden deaths recorded in the Devizes Gazette

Picturesque sketches of London Past and present - by Thomas Miller

Foreign Musical news (Auber's Haydee)

small news : A sensation at Dombey's, Rationale of Travel writing, Periodical passions of the Germans, Russell Square Visits (Mr Osborne), a case for the sanatory commission

Ireland : Injurious effects of Chloroform, Alleged denunciation of the late Major Mahon; Threatening notices against the Roman Catholic Clergy; Assassination of Thomas Brown at Ballydine near Cashel

A Destructive fire at Ahlden Hanover

Dreadful accident at Euston square terminus - injured include John Shay, Daniel Dunnett, Thomas Clarke, Benjamin Gales, Charles Gage, Michael Lewis, Edward Scandling, Thomas Hayley, William Ellier, James Jukes

Police News - a lamentable affair at Wandsworth - Incident involving PC Potter, Mr Beadon, Charles and Emma Burchell, and Thomas Clifford

Accidents and offences - including :- Accident on board HMS Oberon; Disastrous shipwrecks in Orkney - The Violet of Belfast, Adelo of Marseilles, Henrietta of Sunderland,

Thuggee in England - a most wanton murder near Nailsea - victim John Wall perpetrators Charles Manfield Robert Jakeways

Suicide of Mr and Mrs A T Williams of Cleveland street Fitzroy square

Murder of two children (Amina and Robert Blake) by Esther Parker at Clerkenwell

Mr G V Brooke

Mr Gavarni

Paris Fashions


' The Hotel De Ville at Paris - Prisoners in the Vaults ' front page from a drawing by Gavarni from sketches by Charles Chandellier

' Market Day at Thurles in Ireland '

' Scene at a Chapel at Thurles in Ireland '

' Mlle. Jenny Lind at Her Majestys Theatre '

' Stowe - The Lake and Palladian Bridge '

' Prize Fruit Grown at Blenheim ' from a painting by G. Lance

' War Steamers in Kingstown Harbour Dublin Bay Ireland '

' Chess Problem by Herr Kling '

The Slave Trade - ' Plan of A Slave Vessel ' - - - ' The Water Line '

Small Plan or Map of the Fort of Mooltan '

The Sale at Stowe

' Chimney Piece in the Tapestry Room with Portrait of Field Marshal Viscount Cobham ...'

' Bust of the Poet Prior by Roubiliac '

' Majolica or Raffaelle Ware Cistern '

' Ivory Chairs - - - ' Marble Vase '

' Ivory Tankards '

' The Temple of Ancient Virtue at Stowe '

Paris Fashions - Three dress designs

' Vancouver Island The Hudson Bay Company Establishment '

' Her Majesty Cup Presented to the Royal Western Yacht Club ..'

The Peace of Europe

The Weather

Foreign and Colonial News

Court and Haut Ton' at Osborne etc

Ireland and The State Prosecutions with reference to O'Doherty - Martin - Mr Williams - The Potato Blight


Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes Brigadier General George Moore died onboard The Earl of Hardwicke - - - The Right Hon. Sir Augustus John Foster GCH - - - The Rev. Cholmeley E. J. Dering - - - George Stephenson Esq CE The Eminent Engineer of Railway Fame died at his Establishment in Derbyshire age 67

Imperial parliament includes The Slave Treade - - Sugar Duties Bill - - Commercial distress - - Corrupt Practices At Elections Bill - - Vancouvers Island

The Slave Trade

Epitome of News Foreign and Domestic

Meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Science at Swansea

Monetary Transactions of the Week

The London Gazette - The War Office and Appointments - - Office of Ordnance - - Bankrupts




January 15th

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January 22nd

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January 29th

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February 5th

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February 12th

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February 19th

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February 26th

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March 4th

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The Duchess Of Orleans, The Count Of Paris, And The Count Of Eu In The Chamber Of Deputies - Front Page

Attack On The Chamber Of Deputies

The Slaughter At The Hotel Of The Minister Of Foreign Affairs

The Crowd Chanting 'Mourir Pour La Patrie'

Barricade In The Rue St Martin

Two Full page Portraits :- Louis Philippe, Ex King Of The French - The Count Of Paris

The People In The Throne Room of The Tuileries

Orgies In The Palace Wine Cellar

Scenes in The Courtyard of The Tuileries

Sketched In A Saloon of The Tuileries

General Garaube And Staff Before The Porte St Denis

Troops Fraternizing With The People In The Courtyard Of The Tuileries

As This is a French Revolution Special Edition, all of the following comes under that general heading:-

French Revolution February 1848

Thursday (when Paris passed completely into the hands of the people) - A statement from Odilon Barrot and Thiers

Some names mentioned :- Charles Lafitte, Dukes Nemours and De Montpensier, M Marie, M Michel Chevallier, M Ledru-Rollin, M De Lamartine, M Sauzet, Dupont, Arago, Garnier Pages, Cremieux, Louis Blanc, Marrast, Ferdinand Flocon, Albert (a workman)


Proclamations of the Provisional Government with further mention of :- General Bedeau, M Bethmont, Carnot, Goudchaux, Recurt, Geunard, General Covaignac, General De Courtais

The Provisional Government to The National Guard

In The Name Of The French People


Tuesday. The Revolution

Additional Documents, Proclamations and Official Papers (To The Clergy, Army, Public Edifices, The Exhibition atb The Louvre, Chamber Of Commerce, Commanding Officers Of The Army, Inauguration of The republic, Collection of the tolls, Public Works, Destruction of Property, Public Employment, Adhesion tio the Republic, Circular addressed to the rectors of the universities,

Extract from the proclamation of the syndicate of the Bakers

Victualling system in the Navy

Additional Facts and Anecdotes of The Revolution including mention of :- Admiral Baudin, Marie Amelie, Abd El Kader, M Guizot, M Eugene Bareste, Armand Carrel, Emile Girardin, M Pasquier, Achmet Pasha son of Mehemet Ali, Mr Rush,

The French Funds

The Flight of Louis Philippe




March 11th

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Defenders Of The Barricade - Drawn by Gavarni (front Page)

Alexandre Dumas Borne in Triumph By The People

Singing The Choeur Des Girondins; in the Galerie D'Orleans at The Palais Royal - half page

Sketches From The barricades by Valentin - half page

Barricade On The Boulevard Montmartre by Valentin - half page

Louis Philippe Landing At Newhaven drawn by Duncan- half page

The Harbour Of Newhaven - half page again by Duncan

The Bridge Hotel Newhaven

Louis Philippe and his Party At Breakfast at The Bridge Inn, Newhaven

Arrival of Louis Philippe And Party At The Railway Station Croydon

Chess Problem by Herr Kling

Two pages Devoted to The Tubular Bridge Over The River Conway with four near half page engravings individually entitled :-

The Iron Tube On The Platform On Which It Was Built - Floating The Tube To Its Destination - The Tube At The Piers, Just Previous To Being Raised Into Place - The Conway Tunnel Bridge As It Will Appear When Completed

A Page devoted to the lifting mechanisms and the construction of the Tubular Bridge, with 5 diagrams or figures individually entitled :- Transverse Section of The tube - Transverse Section Of The Tube and Lifting Apparatus - Longitudinal Section of The Tube and Lifting Beams - Gun Metal Balls For Expansion Of The Tube - Exterior Appearance Of Iron Plates Riveted Together

Words and Music to Mourir Pour La Patrie, Musique D'Alphonse Varney - half page or more

Clock constructed by Isaac Habrecht, Anno 1589

Claremont - The carriage Front

France A Republic.

France - The Revolution

Funeral of the victims of the Revolution

Circular of the Minister For Foreign Affairs (Lamartine I believe) to All The Diplomatic Agents of The French Republic

Loss of her majesty's Ship 'Snake' near Mozambique and the court martial of commander Thomas Bourmaster Brown and Master Peter Chown

The Orpheonistes in Paris

The Boulevard Montmartre

Fearful scene at an Execution (John Lonergan who murdered Mr W Roe - Henry and William Cody convicted of murdering Edmond Madden) At Clonmel Tipperary

The Income Tax

Obituary of Eminent Persons mentioning :- Rev George Leonard Jenyns of Bottisham Hall, Colonel Durmas of Lewisham, Colonel Cheney, Mr Samuel Vale Comedian

Serious Riots In Glasgow

The House Of Commons : The Income Tax : The Roman Catholic Relief Bill

The Tubular Bridge at Conway


Curious Clock







March 18th

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March 25th

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April 1st 1848

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chinese junk

Chinese Junk image





April 8th

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Procession of Liberated Poles at Berlin - half front page

Grand Masqued Fete at Versailles - Car of La Liberte - small half page

Trees of Liberty - Fete in the Place De La Bourse, Paris - Half page

Patrol in the streets of Paris

Attack on the office of La Presse

The Belgian Demonstration at Paris

The Carnival at Rome - two half page engravings entitled :- The start for the Race in the Corso; The Masdkers and shower of Confetti and Bouquets

The British Institution : Zuleika, Painted by O'Neill, and Joseph Interpreting The Dream of Pharaoh's Chief Baker - (half page) painted by Sir George hayter

Chess problem by Mr M'G-Y

Burial of victims of the Revolution near Berlin - half page

New Weslyan Chapel at Wantage

Arabs who assisted at the wreck f the Avenger : Mohammed Ben Haddad and Sheikh Haddad

The Sutlej Silver Medal

Piccadilly Front of The Museum of Economic Geology

Remarkable Halos and Parhelia seen on the 29th march

Roman and Mediaeval Pottery, recently found near Lincoln

Verdi's Opera of Atilla at Her Majesty's Theatre - The last Scene

The Private Morality of Public Men. (On the French Revolution)

The Liberated Poles (Polish prisoners at Berlin)

Much news from France

News from Spain - Insurrection at Madrid, - mention of Calle de la Visitacion, calle Del Lobo, Calle del Bano, Plaza de Cebada, Calle del Principe in which an Englishman named Whitwell was shot dead

News from Germany - The Frankfort Diet

News of Poland - German National committee of Posen

Obituary of eminent persons including :- Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick of Goodrich court Hereford, Rear Admiral Samuel Hood Inglefield, Arthur Oates Harrison, Esq (of the Oates Harrisons of Ripon)

The Launch of the Aboukir 90 gun ship at Plymouth

The French Republic

Pageant at Versailles

Trees of Liberty in the place De La Bourse

Attack on the office of La Presse

Les Braves Belges

The Patrol

The intended chartist meeting proclamation

News from Ireland - Pike making in Dublin. David Hyland Blacksmith and the case of Thomas Kirwan

The Roman Carnival

Police news - Mansion house and refugees from France; Singular seizure of Illicit Spirits - Messrs Bayford and Lewins Seize spirits in High Street Southwark

Zuleika painted by O'Neill

Joseph interpreting the dream

The Royal Italian Opera

News from Prussia

Burial of Victims of the revolution at Berlin

Prince Metternich's escape

The state of Birkenhead

Wantage Chapel

The Loss of the Avenger

Museum of Economic Geology

The English workmen in Calais

Chartist Movement in Nottingham

Tremendous fire at Mitcham

Loss of the Philomela at Barbados

Loss of the General Wood at Penang

Ancient Pottery lately found near Lincoln





April 15th

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It features articles with prints from engravings including

  • The Bank of England in a State of Defence' (The Chartists Demonstration, front page),
  • 'The Meeting on Kennington Common from a Daguerreotype' (Chartists),
  • 'Part of The Procession at Blackfriars Bridge' (Chartists),
  • 'The Chartist Convention, John Street, Fitzroy Square',
  • 'Mr. Fergus O'Conner MP',
  • 'The Rock of Cashel',
  • 'The New Holland Ferry on The Humber, Belonging To The Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway' (full page),
  • 'The First Locomotive Passing Great Grimsby Church on The Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway',
  • 'Ruins of Thornton College on The Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway',
  • 'Map Showing the Course of The Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway and its Connection with other Lines',
  • 'The British Institution: Light of The Cross by J. Sant', 'The Captive painted By W. Fisher',
  • 'The Insurrection at Milan near The church of The Grazia',
  • 'Volunteers on their March from Rome To The Frontier of The Papal States',
  • 'Election of The National Guards at Paris - Counting the Vote',
  • 'The New Church of St. Matthew, City Road, Consecrated on Tuesday',
  • 'The Abbe Lacordaire'.
  • Also articles (no engravings) including 'Foreign and Colonial News', 'Metropolitan News', 'Country News', 'The Court and Haut Ton', 'National Sports', 'Naval and Military', 'Imperial Parliament',
  • 'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes:- Sir Thomas Baring at Stratton in Hampshire - Sir Thomas Cotton Sheppard at Ryde in The Isle of Wight - Sir Charles William Egleton Kent ',






April 22nd 1848

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It features articles with prints from engravings including

  • 'Demonstration at The Hotel de Ville, Paris on Sunday Last - Lamartine Addressing The Crowd'(front page),
  • 'The Late Signor Donizetti',
  • 'The Late John Jacob Astor of New York',
  • 'Boat for His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales',
  • 'Chinese Youths Recently Introduced to The Queen',
  • 'Gold Box Presented by Commercial Travellers to Mr. Cobden MP',
  • 'Crows Nest at Westminster Abbey',
  • 'Cutting the Black Mark',
  • 'Schleswig and The Chateau Gottorp - German Volunteers on their March from Kiel to the Frontier',
  • 'The Fortress of Rendsburg, The Present seat of The Provisional Government in Holstein - Sketched from the Chateau of the Count Reventlow',
  • 'Christ Crowned with Thorns - Designed and Etched by Vandyke',
  • 'The Tower of London - Chamber in The Beauchamp Tower - Apartment in the St. Thomas's or Traitors Tower - Ruins of The Brick Tower - The Horse Armoury - The Bowyer Tower, basement - Ruins of The Bowyer Tower' (two full pages with interesting article),
  • 'Sketches in Spain - The Holy Week in Madrid', 'Fountain in Madrid'.
  • Also articles (no engravings) including 'Foreign and Colonial News',
  • 'Metropolitan News',
  • 'Country News',
  • 'The Court and Haut Ton',
  • 'National Sports',
  • 'Naval and Military',
  • 'Imperial Parliament',
  • 'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes 'Right Hon. William Tonson Lord Riversdale, - Sir Thomas Neave Bart of Dagnan-Park Essex, - George Henry Elliot Esq of Binfield Park and Hust Lodge Berkshire',
  • adverts of the day
  • It measures 400x275mm (16x10.75").






April 29th

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May 6th

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  • Exhibition of The Royal Acadamy - Chequered Shade by T. Creswick' (front page),
  • 'Scrutiny of Votes at The Salle St. Jean', 'Armand Marrast Reading the Names of The Returned Deputies, At The Hotel De Ville',
  • 'Abd - El - Kader at Pau', 'The Castle of Pau',
  • 'Enthronization of The Archbishop of Canterbury', 'The Most Reverend Father in God, John Bird Sumner, DD., Archbishop of Canterbury', 'The Procession entering the Choir of The Cathedral',
  • 'Plan of The Late Engagement in Schleswig',
  • 'Characters about Town - The Dram Drinker by Kenny Meadows',
  • Mr. J. W. Fox, Member for Oldham',
  • 'New Graving Dock, Southampton',
  • 'Artists Amateur Performance of The Heir at Law, St James's Theatre - The Epilogue, H. Moreland, Caroline Dormer, Daniel Dowlas, Deboral Dowles, Dick Dowlas, Cicely Homespun, T. Homespun, Kenrick, D. Panglos. Mr. Tenniel, Miss Murray, Mr. Wilson, Mrs Tayham, Mr. Hamerton, Miss Cooper, Mr. Topham, Mr Wood and r. Holl',
  • 'Royal Academy Exhibition - The Scotch Fair by Phillip',
  • 'The Grand Fete of Fraternity, at Paris',
  • articles (no engravings) including 'Foreign and Colonial News',
  • 'The Weather',
  • 'Arctic Expedition - Capt. Sir James Clarke Ross',
  • 'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased including General Dalyell, Henry Vansittart of Kirk-Leatham, Couty York, - Miss Hester Rogers of Dowdeswell House, County, Gloucester, - Emily Elizabeth Bulwer Lytton of Knebworth Park, Herts, - Mr. William Tate of Charles Square London',
  • 'Births, Marraiges and Deaths',
  • 'Chess',
  • 'Imperial Parliament',
  • 'The Court and Haut Ton',
  • 'The Church',
  • 'Metropolitan News',
  • 'National Sports',
  • 'Naval and Military Intelligence',
  • 'The London gazette',


Friends Of The Church-Archbishop Of Canterbury
Exhibition of The royal academy-“chequered shade”-painted by T. Creswick, A-(see page 299)
Foreign and Colonial news
Denmark and the Duchies
German states
Italian States
Principalities of the Danube
United States
Nova Scotia
Central America
National Sports- latest betting at Chester
The Paris Elections
Scrutiny of Votes, at the salle St. Jean
Armed marrast reading the names of the returned deputies, at the hotel de ville
Abd-El-kader at pau
The French republican flag
The castle of pau
Royal intalian opera, covent garden
Theatre Royal, Dury-lane-last week.
Zoological gardens, regents-park
Now exhibiting, Bedford gallery
Times of high water at London bridge
Calendar for the week
To correspondents
ILN editorial
The weather
Metropolitan news- The twenty-third annual meeting of this useful society,
Court and haut ton- the court at osborne house
Ireland- the protestant repeal association
Epitome of news- foreign and domestic- the chester and Holyhead railway-the sun of Lucien Bonaparte
Enthronization of the archbishop of Canterbury
The portrait
The patriarchal chair
The most reverend father in god, john bird sumner, D.D., Lord of Canterbury
The procession entering the choir of the cathederal
The war in Schleswig- “Schleswig is a long, straggling town of one street...”
Music- Ancient concerts, Philharmonic society
The theatres
Her majesties
Royal Italian opera- the long promised performance of “La Cenerentola” took place at this house last Tuesday...
St. James- M. Houdin.
Lyceum- a two-act comic drama called the “scarecrow”
The Olympic
Problem No.224 By Herr Kling
The new reform party
Imperial parliament
House of commons
Obituary of eminent persons recently deceased
General dalyell
Henry Vansittart, esq of kirk-leatham, county York.
Miss Hester Rodgers, of Dowdeswell House, County Gloucester.
Emily Elizabeth Bulwer Lytton
Country News- Fires in Edinburgh, and suffocation of five persons, The Irish  prelates in rome
New graving Dock, at Southampton – The docks at Southampton being the depoit for the royal mail steam-packet company,
The dram-Drinker-drawn by Kenny Meadows
Characters about town
The dram-drinker
By Thomas Miller
Parliamentary Portraits
Mr.J. W. Fox, Member for Oldham
New graving Dock, Southampton
Artists’ amateur performance of “The Heir-at-law”, St James’s Theatre- The epiloque
St. James’s theatre- amateur artists’ performance
The exhibition of the royal academy
Royal academy exhibition-“the scotch fair”- painted by Phillip
Exhibition at the old society of painters in water colours
Naval and military intelligence
Church universities
Monetary transactions of the week
The markets
The London gazette
The fete of fraternity
Adverts- Hooper’s dandelion or taraxacum, the young composer.
London; Printed and Published at the office, 198, Strand, in the parish of St. Clement danes; in the county of Middlesex, by William Little, 198, Strand, aforesaid.-Saturday, May 6, 1848






May 13th

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May 20th

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May 27th

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June 3rd 1848

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June 10th 1848

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June 17th 1848

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June 24th 1848

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July 1st 1848

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The Great Barricade at the entrance of the Rue Du Faubourg St Antoine, from the Place De La Bastile - front half page

Carrying the wounded

The conflict in the Rue Du Faubourg St Antoine

Interior of a chamber - A family of Insurgents protecting a barricade in the Rue Du Faubourg St Antoine

Barricade at the corner of the Boulevard Rue Mazagran, near the Porte St Denis - near half page

General Cavaignac, Lamartine, Caussidiere, Pierre Napoleon and staff - near half page

Women on the Barricade near the Porte St Denis

Incident on the Boulevards

The cannonade in the Rue St Jaques sketched from the Pont Au Change - near half page

Shut the windows!

Ovation to martin, The young Garde Mobile

Cannonade in the Clos St Lazare - near half page

Page devoted to Extension to the South Western Railway to waterloo Bridge - 3 sketches entitled : The (present) Waterloo station, York Road; Bridge, Church street Vauxhall; Bridge across the Westminster road

A Supplement entitled : History of the Revolutions in Europe, 1848 , containing the following Images :-

Bivouac on theBoulevards, Paris - half page

The attack on the Pantheon - half page (There are white streaks on this image where the paper was creased during printing)

The conflict in the Clos St Lazare - half page

The fight in the Place Bodoyer, at the back of the Hotel De Ville

Conflict at the Place Maubert - half page

Night Bivouac of troops at the Hall of the National Assembly

The chamber of the first provisional government, Paris - near half page

Moving on to Italy.....

Sacking of Naples by Lazzaroni - near Half page

And in Germany......

Storming the Arsenal, Berlin - near half page

Revolutionary meeting in a cellar in Berlin - sketched by Hoffman - half page

The Emperor of Austria Leaving Vienna - near half page

St Paul's church, Frankfort, wherin the German Parliament hold their sittings

Red Republicanism

Ireland : The proposed Repeal League

News from Italian states - Lombardy, Rome, Naples, Sicily

Civil War in France

The house of Commons : The alleged suppression of Despatches

House of Lords - The missing Despatch

Lots of text on the troubles in France, with quotes and contributions from Cavaignac, A Marrant, M Senard, Lamartine, Arago, Ledru Rollin, Garnier pages,

The supplement which contains considerable text under the titles of :- The French revolution of 1848; Popular Demonstrations; Deputations to the Government; Trees of Liberty; The Elections; The festival of Fraternity; Communist demonstration; National Assembly; The reaction; Disturbances at Rouen; Communist insurrection attack on the Assembly; The festival of Concord; The Napoleonist Emeute; Rachel and the Marseillaise;

The Revolutions of Italy - several thousand words, with news from Turin, Austrian Italy, Venice, Naples, etc

The Revolutions of Germany - again several thousand words with news from : Cologne, Dresden, leipsic, Berlin, Bohemia, Posen etc





July 8th 1848

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July 15th 1848

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July 22nd 1848

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July 29th 1848

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August 5th

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August 12th

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August 19th

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August 26th 1848

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September 2nd 1848

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September 9th

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September 16th

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September 23rd 1848

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September 30th 1848

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It features prints from engravings (often with descriptive articles) including:

  • French national guards in London. Front Page. General Cavaignac. St. Kitts Foreign animals imported for The Earl of Derby. Corrimulzie, from the north side of The Dee. The Linn of Dee. Ballon Descent at the Boulogne fete. Portrait of Lord George Bentick. The Greendale oak in Welbeck Park. Welbeck Abbey. Lord George Bentick. Sketch on the Welbeck estate. (Article: East Lancashire railwayJ The Alderbottom viaduct. The Ogden viaduct. Accrington. The Crown Inn, Oxford The Candos portrait of Shakspere. Progess of a bill – The renewal. Lowestoft harbour, with the improvements. Parish fashion for October. The South Wales training college, at Carmarthen. Silver cradle, presented to the Mayoress of Liverpool. Seal of the French Republic. + many articles etc incl The Austrian revolution and The New Forrest






October 7th 1848

mast head

Sitting Of The German National Assembly

Messina, From The Faro

The Taking Of Messina

Major Edwards, From A Miniature In The Possession Of His Family

Peterborough Fair During The Flood

Marlborough College Chapel

March Of The Troops In India (Double Page Centre Pullout – Holes And Fold Down The Middle Though)

The Irish State Trials

Opening Of The Special Commission, At Clonmel

Room To Which The Jury Retire

Mr Smith O’brien Sketched From The Reporters Gallery

Mr Whiteside Counsel Fro Mr S O’brien

Perth From A Recent Sketch

Progress Of A Bill – The Acceptor Gets Out Of The Way

The Adelphi Theatre - Redecorated




October 14th 1848

mast head

  • The Irish state trials-Mr O’Brien conveyed back to prison, after the sentence. Front Page. Scene at the post-office at Clonmel, after the sentence of Mr S.O’Brien.
  • Grotto on Enderby Island (article The Auckland Islands) Harbour of Auckland Island.
  • Bust of Sir Charles Napier, by Park. Limerick Castle and Thomond-Bridge. Statue of The Duke of Wellington, at The Tower of London. Departure od colonists from Paris, for Algeria. Monument to the late Lord Holland – by E.Baily. Sikh Guns at Windsor Castle – drawn by permission of Her Majesty. The late Earl of Carlisle. Castle Howard, the seat of The Carlisle family. Pas de deux. Scene from the new ballet ”Les Amazons” at Covent Garden Theatre. Statuet of H. R. H. The Prince of Wales. Progess of a bill – the man in possesion. The new lighthouse at Calais. New patent curricle tribus. Littlemore church. + many articles etc incl The Austrian revolution and The New Forrest





October 21st 1848

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  • No 340, Vol XIII, dated, For the week ending Saturday, 21 October1848 price sixpence.
  • Insurrection in Vienna –The conflict at the cathedral. Front Page. The Bastions at Vienna. Conflict at the university, Vienna. Troops at the Belvedere. Westminster Abbey –Edward the confessor’s chapel. (chapter VII (Westminster Abbey) of Picturesque sketches of Lo ndon Past and Present The New Forest: The Southampton Road. Mark Ash wood and charcoal burners. The Great Dee Viaduct on the Shrewsbury and Chester railway. (Nearly full page) The Richmond, Windsor and Staines railway – The bridge at Richmond. Windsor Castle, from The Thames. Patent Spring-stopped decanter. Old St Pancras church – re-constructed. Progess of a bill – The acceptor goes to prison. Clarke and Varley’s atmospheric piledriving machine. Christ Church District Upper School, St George’s in-the-East. + many articles etc incl The Austrian revolution and The New Forrest






October 28th 1848

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November 4th 1848

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  • Visit of the new archbishop of Paris to the Faubourg St Antoine.
  • Front Page. Plan of the operations before Moultan. (article India: Retreat of the british forces from Moultan) Citizens of Moultan and Sikh soldiers.
  • Fall of a sugar-house at Glasgow.
  • Launch of modern gun-brig, in Easywell Park.. Paris fashion for November The New orchestra, Exeter Hall. The Quadrant, from Vigo-Street (article Regent’s Quadrant) The Quadrant, as it will apear from Tichborne-Street with Alterations completed. ”Guy Fawkes” – drawn by Dodgson. Advanced guard of the Croatian irregulars.. The Vernon Gallery. The late hon. And rev. Dr Wellesley. Monuments to the memory of the late Marquis od Downshire. Mr John Reeve, of The Lyceum Theatre. Stone Vase found near Westbury. Remains of the priory of St. Gregory at Canterbury. Fire on Camberwell-Green. The South Wales training college, at Carmarthen. Silver cradle, presented to the Mayoress of Liverpool. Seal of the French Republic. + many articles etc incl The Austrian revolution and The New Forrest.



November 11th 1848

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November 18th 1848

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November 25th 1848

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December 2nd 1848

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  • 'The Insurrection at Rome,: Attack on The Pope's Palace' Front page
  • 'The Late Viscount Melbourne, From The Coronation Picture by Sir George Hayter'
  • 'Brocket Hall, Herts, The Seat of The Late Viscount Melbourne'

'The New Cathedral of Saint Isaac, At St Petersburg' - - - 'The Great Bell' - - - 'The Bronzed Gate'

'Portrait of a Burgomaster painted By Rembrant' Formerly in the Orleans Gallery and Recently Sold at Stowe. Nearly full page engraving

'chess Problem'

'New Church of St Paul, CamdenSquare'

'The Royal Gold MEdal presented by Her Majesty To The Institute of British Architects' Front and reverse

'Mrs Charles Kean as Viola in Twelfth Night at The Haymarket'

'M. Cavaignac in the Tribune of The National Assembly of France'

'Large Tonel of Port Wine'

'The Ministers Anti Chamber'

'Paris Fashions for December' engraving of a fashionable victorian family.

'Scene from The New Burlesque of The Enchanted Isle at THe Adelphi Theatre'

'The Late Sir John Barrow' died in a small cottage at the village of Dragleybeck near Ulverston (Includes obituary)

'The Roman Insurrection'

'Death of Viscount Melbourne (obituary) and Brocket Hall'

'The Court and Haut Ton, Osborne etc'

'The Electric Light'

'Naval and Military Intelligence'

'Metropolitan News'

'Country News includes Intellectual Amusements of Military Officers'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently deceased includes Millicent, The Duchess of Manchester died at Kimbolton Castle in Hutningdonshire - - - Charles Buller Esq MP aged 42 died of Typhus Fever - - - The Rev. Thomas Price died at Curndn near Crickhowell'






December 9th 1848

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  • Alderney Cattle – From The Celebrated Picture, Painted By James Ward Esq, R.A.

Gold Cup Presented By Prince Waldemar To The 50th Regiment

Bloomsbury Baptist Chapel, Opened On Tuesday

View In The New Colony Of Labuan

M. Mathieu Louisi

Remains Of The Railway Arches, At Homerton

The Smithfield Club Cattle Show
General View Of The Cattle Show
The Implement Room
Mr Griffins Heifer. First Prize Seventh Class, £20 And Silver Medal And Prince Alberts Hereford Ox First Prize First Class £30 And Silver Medal
The Earl Of Leicesters North Devon Steer And The Duke Of Rutlands Short Haired Steer

Fat Pigs Drawn By Duncan

Remarkable Hybrid (Pony) From The New Forest

Banvards Panorama – The Bluffs Of Semla, On The Mississippi

It Is My People

Stanfield Hall, Near Wymondham

Experimental Exhibition Of The Electric Light In Trafalgar Square






December 16th 1848

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  • The Cathedral Of Brandenburg

Prague – The Old Town

Prague – Sketched After The Late Bombardment

The Nimrod Sculptures Lately Received At The British Museum
The Siege – Impalement Of Prisoners
The Cup Bearer To The King Of Ninevah
The Obelisk
The Passage Of The River

Election Of The President Of The French Republic
Offering The Candidates Names To The Voters
News Boys Selling Portraits And Caricatures Of Cavaignac And Napoleon
Hotel Of General Cavaignac
Ouvriers Promenanding The Boulevards And Singing “ A Bas Cavaignac
Gardien De Paris Tearing Down The Address Of Louis Napoleon
Taking The Ballot Boxes To The Hotel De Ville

Ejectment Of Irish Tenantry
The Ejectment
The Day After The Ejectment

Chancel Of St. Mary’s Stockport, Restored

Peninsular War Medals
Naval Medal
Army Medal
Yorkshire West Riding Election – The Nomination At Wakefield

The Embarkment Of The President Of Liberia, From Plymouth






December 23rd 1848

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December 30th 1848

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Front Page : Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria

Louis Napoleon, The President Of The French Republic, Taking The Oath Of Office

The President Of The French Republic On His Way To The Palace Of The Elysee National

The Hotel Du Rhin, Place Vedome, Late The Residence Of Louis Napoleon

Paris Fashions For The New Year

New Year's Night In An Irish Cabin - Drawn By Topham (half page)

Scene From 'The Haunted Man' At The Adelphi Theatre (Mr Wright As Tetterby)

The New Year'sCustom At Queen's College Oxford - Take This And Be Thrifty

The Middlesex Hospital Enlarged

New Theatre Erected For The Exhibition of The Cyclorama, At The Colosseum

Trembley's Combined Vapour Engine

Swiss Armoury, Or Refreshment room (at the cyclorama)

The Late M Rossi, Premier Of The Papal States

Present State Of The Tomb Of Napoleon, At St Helena

The Athlete (illustration by Gavarni)

Nothing Les Than A Revolution (Illustration by Gavarni)

A Page with four sketches from Alfred Crowquill illustrating the Pantomimes and Burlesquws - individually entitled :- Scene From Camaralzaman and Badoura, at The Haymarket - Scene from Bluff King Hal at The Princess - Scene From The King Of The Peacocs, at The Lyceum - Scene from Harlequin Lord Lovel, at The Surrey Theatre

3 further illustrations by Gavarni - The Fruiterers Of The Jura - The Orator - The Man Of The Book And The labourer

A further 2 pages of the illustrated Story with 6 pictures by Gavarni entitled :- The Painful Dream - The Baron - Percheron And Comtois - The Club - The Montagnard - The deputation of the Pastry Cooks (This page with the last 2 Illustrations has a crease to it, which will flatten)

Retrospect of 1848

The Abuses at Kidderminster Grammar School

Recent discoveries in St Georges Church Canterbury

Proposed restoration of Bristol High Cross

Loss of a German Emigrant ship (Bramms - Captain Matson)

Pocket-picking Extraordinary (at Manchester - mentioning Mary Murphy, Eliz Dwyer, Jane Brown, Cath Brown, Mrs Mendelson,)

Letter from Paris (quite a long one)

The New President of the French Republic

Supply of Water To London - Henley And London Waterworks

The Shrine of St Edmund

Appointment of Welsh Inspectors of Schools

New Tear's Night

New Years Custom at Queens College Oxford

The Middlesex Hospital

Obituaries of Eminent Persons recently deceased, mentioning :- Thomas Wentworth Beaumont of Bretton Park and Bywell - Col William Tyrwhitt Drake of Little Shardeloes- William Greaves late of Mayfield Hall County Stafford - Mrs Dymoke Welles

Parachutes For Coal Pits (experiments in Brussels)

The Cyclorama

Present State of Napoleon's Grave

The Late M Rossi

Trembleys Combined Vapour Engine (apparently Cheaper than a steam engine, and using vapourised Perchloride)

An Illustrated Tale - Jerome Paturot In Search Of The Best Republic

The Theatres and Christmas Pieces- goings on at Drury Lane - Olympic - Marylebone - Sadlers Wells - Astleys - Haymarket - Princess - Lyceum - Surrey

A full page with a month by month list of the main occurrences of July to December 1848, entitled - Chronology Of Remarkable Events List of Remarkable Events from January to June (part I)




Xmas Supplement 1848

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xmas tree

Christmas Supplement

Christmas Tree At Windsor Castle

Drawn By J.L. Williams (Showing Victoria And Albert)


Carol Singing In The Country Drawn By Dodgson

Making The Christmas Pudding – Drawn By Kenny Meadows
Taking Up The Christmas Pudding “ “

Grandpapa’s Christmas Hamper – Drawn By Duncan

Christmas Sports – Drawn By Wehnert

The Christmas Holly Cart - Drawn By Foster

Fetching Home The Christmas Dinner – Drawn By Leech


The Christmas Welcome – Drawn By Marshall
The Christmas Eve - “ “

The Christmas Waits – Drawn By Kenny Meadows

Christmas Offerings – Drawn By Harvey





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