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The Illustrated London News 1887 - Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee


qvic 1837

The Queen on the morning of her accession. June 20 1837

qvic 1887

Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of India


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1887 xmas

Picture ; ILN Christmas Edition 1887

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

1887 wreck of the steamer Tasmania

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January 1st

A fourteen page issue price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, &c. including

January 8th

A fourteen page issue price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, &c. including

January 15th

A sixteen page issue, price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, &c. including:

February 5th

March 5th

March 24th

'The Queen at Olympia, West Kensington' Front Page

' 'The Queens Visit to Birmingham: New Street Birmingham'

'Birmingham: Lawley parker Esq,Chairman of Reception Cimmittee' - 'Thomas Martineau Esq Mayor of Birmingham' - J. Orford Smith Esq, Town Clerk of Birmingham' - 'Metal Workers Arch, Colmore Row' - 'Floral Arch, Bull Ring' - 'Gun Makers Arch, Corporation Street'

'The Attempt to Murder The Emperor of Russia: The Anitchkoff palace, St petersburg, The Residence of the Emperor Alexander III'

'Russia: Outside the Citadel Church, St Petersburg'

'The New Law Courts at Birmingham, The Foundation Stone of Which Was Laid By the Queen on Wednesday' Large Double page

'Queens Jubilee in Bombay'

'Queens Jubilee in Bomay: Rampart Row'

'Bombay: Sassoon and Co's Offices, Rampart Row'

'The Bull ring, With St Martins Church, Birmingham in 1812'

'Specimens of the Hittite Inscriptions: Inscription At Jerabis ( Carchemish ) on the Euphrates - Lion Figure at Merash, Mount Taurus - Fragment from Jeraris - Eagle at Eyuk, Asia Minor - Bas Relief At Boghaz Keui - Stone Bowl found at Babylon - Inscription on Stone Bowl - Silver Boss, with Bilingual Inscription in Cuneform and Hittite Characters' All on one full page


'An English lady Preacher of The Salvation Army in a Swiss Tavern' Wonderful Double page

'The King of Prussia at a Court Ball in 1862, Pointing Out Bismark, His New Minister of State by R. Caton Woodville' Full page<> 'Life of The German Emperor, William I: On The Eve of The Battle of Sadowa, July 2, 1866' Fullpage

'The Emperor William I at a Boar Hnt' Full page

'Beechams Pills' Full page

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including:
Echoes of The Week

'The Plot to Murder the Czar'<> 'Ladies Column'

'Wills and Bequests'

April 2nd


April 16th

price sixpence.

'Large Whale Captured at Skegness, Lincolnshire'

'With The Shan Column in Bujrmah, Attack on The Rebel Position at Nankon'

'Shan column: The Enlay Lake at Mein Senk'

'The Easter Volunteer Manoeuvres near Dover'

'The American Exhibition, Earls Court, West Brompton and West Kensington: Lassoing Wild Steers - Indian Camp - Indian Chief - Lassoing Wild Horses - Indians' Double Page

'Sketches in Bechuanaland, South Africa: A Barolong Girl - raal at Mafeking - A Goat Herd - Sunday morning worship at Mafeking - Village gossipsat the Well - Woman plucking maize' Full page

'Cleopatra from the picture by Alma Tadema RA' Wonderful double page with a blank reverse

'Sir Dinshaw Manouckjee Petit, Sherriff of Bombay'

The Late Right Rev. J. H. Titcomb DD, Formerly Bishop of Rangoon'

'St Petersburg Police Discovering a Nihilist Printing Press'

'Travelling in West America: Changing Station - Bull Whacker and Mule Skinner - A Warning to Horse Stealers, a hanging - Stage Coach on Runners (skis) - Fast in The Gumbo - Curious Trees in Red Canyon - A Curve on The Deadwood Road - Indians onThe Move - Western Types, Negro, Indian and Mexican - A Bull Train' Double page

Adverts of the Day

Also articles (no engravings) including 'Echoes of The Week'
The Silent Member '

'The Court' (movements of the royal family)

'The Ladies Column'

'Obituary including The Most Noble flora Paulyna Hetty Barbara, Duchess of Norfolk died at Arundel Castle aged 33 - The Right Hon. Charles Newdigate Newdegate died at his seat near Nuneaton - Colonel Sir William Owen Lanyon died at New York aged 45 '

May 7th

May 14th

"After the storm" Double page by E. Morant Cox (Depicts families looking out on to a rough sea)




May 28th



June 11th

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, &c. including

June 25th

price sixpence.

with a large supplement pullout of The Jubilee Service in Westminster Abbey

It features prints from engravings (often with descriptive articles) including:

'On The Victoria Embankment'

'Trafalgar Square' Full page

'Building the Stack on the Malvern Beacon' smal

'Jubilee Mug Given to Each of The Thirty Thousand Children in Hyde Park'

'The Queensx Jubilee Orchid Bouguet'

'Arrival of The Queen at The West Door of Westminster Abbey' Wonderful Double Page


'The Bank of England, Illuminated'

'Illumination of The Calton Hill, Edinburgh'

'The Prince of Wales Starting the Jubilee Yacht Race' Full page

'Beechams Pills' Full page Advert

A huge pullout supplement of The Jubilee Thanksgiving Service in Westminster Abbey, June 21, 1887' measuring 740x510mm (29x20") approx plus borders

'Queen Victoria'.

'Jubilee Assemblage of Thirty Thousand London School Children in Hyde Park' Wonderful Double Page, an aerial view

July 23rd

A Moorland Stream by R. Taylor (Full-page)

Double-Page Spread of the Jubilee Review at Aldershott: Royal Horse Artillery Moving Up to Take Position

Sketches of Bits of Old London

Country Cousins at the Royal Academy Exhibition (Full-page)

Gordon Brown Drawing to Supplement Miser Farebrother Novella

H.M.S. Inflexible (Flag-Ship) Full-page

H.M.S. Monarch (Full-page)

Illustration Advertising Beecham’s Pills (Full-page)

H.M.S. Ajax (Full-page)

H.M.S. Sultan, H.M.S. Invincible, H.M.S. Devastation, H.M.S. Glatton (One Page)

H.M.S. Ajax (Full-page)

H.M.S. Minotaur, H.M.S. Agincourt, H.M.S. Hercules (One page)

H.M.S. Imperieuse (Full-page) See Photo

H.M.S. Collingwood (Full-page) See Photo


July 30th

Double-Page Spread of the Victoria and Albert Passing Down the Centre between the Lines of Ironclads

Sketches Taken on Board the Silvertown (India Rubber, Gutta Percha, and the Telegraph works Company

The Prince of Wales Receiving Foreign Naval Officers on Board the Victoria and Albert

Drawing by Gordon Brown as Supplement to Novella Miser Farebrother

Double-Page Spread of Models of Old English Ships of War

Pictures from the Christmas Edition

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