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The Illustrated London News 1860

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1860 japanese gods

1860 Japanese Gods

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Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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Choir of Lichfield Cathedral Looking West ' Front page

' A Fairy Tale by F. Wyburd in the Exhibition of the Royal Academy ' lady telling stories to her children sitting next to her spinning wheel

' Sir Charles Lock Eastlake DCL FRS President of the Royal Academy '

' The Windings of the Usk from Dany Park The Seat of Capt Crawshay '

'Subiaco in the Papal states near The Frontier of Naples '

' Javanese Musical Instruments Recently Added to the British Museum '

' Mohammed Baux The Miniature Man of India ' This page has had an article cut out but does not affect the engraving and article entitled Indian Dwarf

' Improvements of the Serpentine - Fountain in Course of Construction in the Italian Miel Garden '

' Mendelssohn Festival at The Crystal palace - The Torchlight Procession ' Full page engraving

' The Gloucestershire Rifle Volunteers in the Grand Walk, Pitville Spa '

' The Flower Show in the Pump Room Pitville Spa '

The Embankment of the Thames

Foreign and Colonial News

Scientific News and Royal Institution Lectures - Professor Ansted - Mr F. A. Abel - Dr Spencer Cobbold Imperial Parliament

Wills and Bequests includes Dowager Lady Leigh The Right Hon. MArgaretta - - - General Sir Thomas M'Mahon late of Bryanston Square but died at 10 Great Cumberland Street - - - Major General William Henry Law late of 26 Pall Mall

Obituary of Eminent Persons includes The Right Hon and Most Reverend Thomas Musgrave Archbishop of York died at his town house 41 Belgrave Square - - - Sir William F. Fowle-Middleton, Bart., of Shrubland Hall, Suffolk died at his town house 52 Grosvenor Place - - - General Sir Wiloughby Cotton - - - Lieut. General Berkeley Drummond died at his seat Eaglehurst, Fawley Hants

'The Review By Her Majesty of Rifle Volunteers at Edinburgh: View Looking Towards Arthurs Seat and Salisbury Crags' (front page)

Edmund Buckley Esq of Manchester'

'Magnificent Service of Silver Plate and Desert Service Recently Presented to Sir Samuel Morton Peto, Bart MP' Full page engraving

page missing

'the Review of Rifle Volunteers by The Queen at Edinburgh: The Troops Marching Past Her Majesty' Full page

'Interior of The Soldiers Theatre at Mourmelon Le Grand, Chalons Camp' from a drawing by M Beauce - Half page

'Mons Meg, Edinburgh Castle' - half page

'Quarters For Infantry at The Camp of Chalons' - half page

'Cavalry Quarters at The Camp of Chalons'- half page

Copper Mine or Quarry near Montreal, Canada' - half page

'The Town of Bathurst, New Brunswick'

'The Rev William Wood Stamp, President of the Wesleyan Methodist Society for 1860-61'

'The Opening of Southport Pier'

A page devoted to the revolution in Sicily - two near half page illustrations by a special artist (not named, but I know it is Frank Vizetelly) and each individually entitled :- Sicilian Skirmishers attacking The Advanced Posts Of The Neapolitans On The Left Flank At Melazzo - and ; Garibaldi Cutting Down The Captain Of The Neapolitan Cavalry In The Charge Made By The Latter Near The Bridge Of Melazzo

Chess problem by W S Pavitt

'Bust of Dr Randle Wilbraham Falconer. Late Mayor of Bath'

Fete at Norton Hall, the Seat of C. Cammell, Esq' (near Sheffield I think)

'Fete at Denham Court near Uxbridge'

>'Indian Finance, Future Policy'

'Foreign and Colonial News includes Naples and Sicily - - Sardinia - - The Great Eastern at New York' and more

'Metropolitan News'

'The Main Drainage of The Metropolis'

The Funeral of Rev David Laing

The State Of China

Literature - reviews of Obscure diseases of the brain by Forbes Winslow - Ethica by Arthur Lloyd Windsor - The History etc of The Electric Telegraph by George B Prescott - A Century of Despotism in Naples and Sicily by Susan Horner - How I won the Victoria Cross by T Henry Kavanagh - Our Covenant God by George Erving Winslow

Mr Edmund Buckley of Manchester

Wills and Bequests, mentioning :- Lady Byron's Will, Dowager Baroness St John (Lady Vaughan) , Baron De Hochepied Larpent of The Holmwood Dorking

Mons Meg

Archery - The Cheshire Bowmen in the park of Arley Hall

Copper Mine Near Montreal (slight crease running through this article, can be ironed out though)

Bathurst New Brunswick (slight crease running through this article, can be ironed out though)

Review of Scottish Volunteers

Edinburgh Castle

The Disturbances in Syria

The Shilling Telegraphage of the new company

The Perils of Science (In which Mr Clift nearly died in the mouth of a stranded Whale at The Isle of Dogs

A Run Round the Camp at Chalons

Letter From Garibaldi To Her Majesty

Southport Pier

Rev W Wood Stamp

The Loss of the Ganges Steamer

A Change of air in sickness (a note from Florence Nightingale seemingly)

Obituary of Eminent Persons, including :- Lady Maria Dunboyne of Tipperary - Mary Lady Smith of Hyde Park - Richard Darby of Coalbrookdale

Fete at Denham Court

Fete at Norton Hall

Dr Verwoerd As He Welomes Mr Harold Macmillan to Capte Town ' - Full front page photograph

' A Schematic Representation of the Huge Commercial Bulding Envisaged for Tower Hill in the New Plan for the Devolopment of the Tower of London Precinct ' showing how the development would cut off the London Church of All Hallows from the River ..

' Mr Macmillan Making His Speech, In Which He Fankly Stated the UK Governments Attitude Towards Apartheid, To The south African Parliament ' full pagte photograph

' General Secretary of the NUR Mr Sidney Greene Whose Union Called the Railway Strike '

' Mr W. J. Evans And Mr J. L. Simons of the ASLEF Union Which Opposed the Strike '

' General Secretary of theTransport and General Workers Union Mr F. Cousins at TUC HQ '

' Eighteen Year Old Miss Wendy Lewis of Liverpool Striding Through Bodmin Towards the End of Her 1000 Mile Walk '

' Two Lancashire men Mr Peter Hoy and Mr Keith Symington Walking Among Admiring Crowds at LAnds ' After walking from John O'Groats

' A Parade at the RA Barracks at Woolwich Beneath a Thunderbird Guided Missile '

' A Model of the Open Stage Type of Theatre Which Will Soon, It is Hoped, Be a Feature of Chichester West Sussex

' Komagatake in Eastern Japan - Beautiful Hakone Skating Rink Against the Background of Mount Fujiyama '

' Sent From Russia to Paris For a Van Gogh Exhibition - La Ronde Des Prisonniers and Promenade a Arles ' .

' Viscount Dunrossil Being Sworn in as Governor General of Australia in the Senate Chamber at Canberra '

' Dr Billy Graham The Well Known American Evangelist Addressing a Huge Crowd at the Racecourse at Ibadan in Nigeria '

Mr Macmillan at Cape Town

' Mr Macmillan Talking to the Archbishop of Cape Town An Opponent of Apartheid, Dr Joost de Blank '

' At a Garden Party - Mr Macmillans Empty Chair at Dr Verwoerds Table - Mrs Jansen - the Dutch Ambassador - Nrs Verwoerd - Lady Maud Macmillan - Dr. Verwoerd '

Mining Disaster at Coalbrook OFS South Africa

' Th eClydesdale Colliery at Coalbrook Orange Free State South AFrica - The End of a Tragedy, The Wooden Plug Which Sealed the Drill Hole '

' After the Hole was Finally Drilled - Workers holdin the Microphone Cable '

' King Mohammed V of Morocco i Pilgrims Dress Seen While Travelling fro mJidda to mecca ..'

' M. Debre Addressing the Assembly at Paris Requesting Special Powers for President De Gaulle's Government ' with - Mlle Naffisa Sid Cara - M. Malraux - M. Joxe

' Princess Grace of Monaco Greeting Ava Gardner, one of Her Guests, at the Gala Rose Ball at the Sporting Club in Monte Carlo ' .

' The Bearded Dr. Castro and Mr Mikoyan Hold Up Their Hands ni Greeting After the Shooting Incident at the Opening of the Soviet Trade Exhibition '

' Celebrating the Laying of the Last Yard of Pavement Concrete for a New Runway - Mr Doyle Accepting a Drink from His headman Maikeli '

' Chicago USA - Anaesthetising a Race Horse - Dr E. WynnJones of The University of Oklahoma ..'

' Franconia West Germany - A Statue of a Saint Called a Marteln Enveloped in a Coat of Plastic Material as a Protection Against Frost '

' The Road Between Tokyo and Yokohama at the Hodogaya Golf Course '

' Japan - designed to give Motorists Protection fro mGolf Balls - Girders and Wire Netting on a Highway that Runs Through a golf Course '

' OParis - A Slot Machine Started by the French Coal Industry By Inserting 200 Frnacs the Customer Gets a Paper Bag Full of Coal '

' USA the Allis-Chalmers Experimental Tractor - Mr T. G. Kirkland Points to a Unit of Nine Fuel Cells ...'

The Souce of the Blue Nile - Ethopia

' Mrs Mons Who Made the Journey by Helicoptor Surrounded by Pilgrimsto Sacred Springs of the Blue Nile '

' Where Priests Guard the Waters Which ar eIdentified with One of the Rivers of Eden - the Copse on the Hill Which Contains Two Churches '

'The Spring Whose Waters are Said to Cure All Ills ...'

' An Umbrella Shaded Priest Reading at a Rustic Lectern Surrounded by the Water Bottles of Faithful ' .

full page - Photographs by Mrs Mons

RAF Akrotiri Cyprus

' A General View of the New Primary School '

' One of the Bright and Spacious Classrooms Where the Children are Hard at Work - With an Outlook Towards Mount Troodos '

' A Group of Children From an Infant Class Acquiring the Foundations of Literacy '

' A Singing Class in the Schools Assembly Hall with Mr W. s. Cliff the Headmaster '

' Some of the Children Drinking Their Milk Which is Free of Charge '

' Putting Awy their Valuables - Children at Their Lockers in One of theSunny Corridors '

' At the Royal Air Force Base - A Group of Children in their Smart Uniforms With Flamingo Badges, Watching a Crew of 32 Squadron Board a Canberra '

' Issued In the Clamour Against a Tax on CiderLevied by the Hated Lord Bute in 1763 ' fro an old caricature of an Exciseman

' John Bull as He Still is and As he Was in 1786 - Everything i the Print is Taxed and He Groans Udner the Weight ' from an old print

Excavations at Hasanlu near Lake Urmia in Iran

' A Silver Cup with Applique Electrum Figures '

' A Goddess with a Mirror Riding on a Lion - A Detail From the Golden Bowl ' two photographs

' The Golden Bow of hasanlu ' three photographs on a full page

How a Modern Garage Works - A Swiss Solution to Parking Problems

' The Receptionist Who Can Tell Where the Car Can Go '

' Driving in to the Elevtor '

' By Pressing a Butrton Marked Fertig The Dirver Tells the Receptionist that the Car is Ready for theElevator ..'

' the Car Being Taken into the Elevator by a Grip ...'

' Where All Parking is Worked by an Electronic Brain - A New Garage in Basel ' full page photograph

' For the Relief of Traffic Congestion in OUr Cities - Some of the Plans Which Have Been Devised to Solve this Ever Growing Problem ' a wonderful double page of diagrammatical sketches by G. H. Davis showing The Parcar System of Garages and parking - - - Street parking - - - Parking Meters - - - Turntables - - - theNew Car park under Finsbury Square London - - - Disc Parking - - - Car parks Over Londons Railway Termini in Cannon Street Railway Station

Gardening - Artichokes - Gros Vert de Laon - Green Globe - Gros Camus De Bretagne - Photograph by J. E. Downward

The 1000 Mile Walk of Dr Barbara Moore aged Fifty Six

' Dr Barbara Moore is Greeted at Lands End AFter her Twenty Three Day Walk '

'Swollen Feet Towards the End of Her Walk Dr Moore Taking a Short Rest in a Cornish Village '

' Watched by Smiling West Country People '

' Excited Crowds Almost Mobbing Dr Moore as Police Help Her to Reach ?Her Hotel After the End of her Marathon From John O'Groats to Lands End '

' Portrait of Dr Barbara Moore Walking ' .

Full page

' Jacobite Relics - Amen Glasses Formerly in the Colelction of the Late Captai W. Horridge '

' A Jacobite Decanter and A Gloss Now Repaired '

' Four Engraved Glasses Discussed by Frank Davis '


' Clasical Ruins by Hubert Robert

' Nude with Clasped Hands by Pablo Picasso '

' Countryside at Pont Aven by Paul Gauguin'

' Evening, South View of the Gothic Abbey under Construction at Fonthill by J. M W. Turner '

' The Chateau de Chillon in Autumn by Gustave Courbet '

' The Grand Canal Venice with Fish Market by Canaletto '

' The Departure of Lot and His Family fro mSodom by Peter paul Rubens '

Full Page

Galapagos Animals - the Darwin Foundation Research Station

' A male Lava Lizard Found Only on Hood Island ...'

' A Male Lava Lizard of the Cristobal Island Race ...'

' InDanger of Extinction - theFur Seal of the Galapagos - Arctocephalus Galapagoensis '

' Galapagos Pintails The Only Ducks to be Found in the Islands'

' A Large Galapagos Tortoise with a 4½ Ft. Shell '

' The Galapagos Land Iguana on Las Plazas Island '

' A Group of Galapagos penguins '

' A Male Frigate Bird Fregata Minor Displaying on Tower Island '

' A Young Flightless Cormorant And A Marine Iguana with Sea Lions in the Background '

' Mr Peter Scott Examines a Land Iguana Beside a Large Opuntia Cactus '

' A Fork Tailed Gull Unique to the Glapagos on Its Nest '

Double page with article - ref. to M. Raymond Levecque a Young Swiss Zoologist

' An Illustration Showing the Late Professor Arthur Dendy's Theory that the"Handle" of theUmbrella Sponge Pointed Downwards ' - - - ' AnIllustration of aMore Recent Theory Concerning the Position That the umbrella Sponge Adopts By Dr Burton ...'

' A Photograph Taken With an Under Water Camera from the Trawler Ernest Holt '

Personalities of the Week and Events in the Public Eye

' The Late Admiral Pierre Barjot A Franch Naval Leader '

' Mr P. M. Johnston to Be Ambassador to Cameroon '

' Death of a Leading Soviet Scientist Dr. I. V. Kurchatov '

' The Late Nawab of Bhopal '

' TheLate Rear Admiral Sir Murray Sueter '

' Mr Arthur Lourie The New Israeli Ambassador to This Country '

' TheLate Sir Norman Edgley QC Former Judge at Calcutta High Court '

' Mr Guillebaud - Mr Clegg andMr Bishop - The Independent Pay Review Committee for the Railways '

' Police Chief Superintendent Goyder Appointed Assistant Commissioner of theCity of London '

' Professor Alla Masevich the Soviet Astronomer '

' TheBritish Ski-ing Team and Managers Representing Britain at the Winter Olympics at Squaw Valley California - Mrs W. R. Tomkinson Manager of Ladies Team - Mr R. G. W. Pitchford - Miss W. Farrington - Lieutenant Colonel R. B. Readhead Manager Mens - C. R. D. Mackintosh - Miss J. M. Gibbs - Captai J. W. Oakes - Mr Karl Lammer the Trainer '

' Mr E. Mensforth Chairman of Westland Aircraft Company '

Full page

Curfts Show at Olympia

' Best Bull Terrier Miniature - Mr Z. D. Berry's " Seaways Phoebe " ' photograph of the dog

' Best Dalmatian and Non Sporting Dog - Mrs E. J. Woodyatt 's " Champion Fanhill Fleur of Queenwood " ...'

' Best Basset Houne - Mrs W. M. Jaggers " Ch. Fochno Trinket "...'

' A General View of the Crufts Dog Show at Olypia London '

' Best Maltese - Mrs P. J. pardoe 's Ch. " Summersnow Joanna "..'

' Supreme Champion Crufts 1960 - " Sulhamstead Merman " an Irish Wolfhound with Its Owner Mrs F. Nagle '

' Best Spaniel (English Springer) - Mrs F. Till 's " Ch. Alexander of Stubham " ..'

' Best Newfoundland - Mr F. Cassidy 's " Ch. Sea Urchin of Sparry " ..'

' Best Bearded Collie - Miss K. S. Moorhouse 's " Willowmead Barberry of Bothkennar " ..'

' Best Miniature Pinscher - Mrs M. Sharpe 's " Ch. Chaman Kaama of Tavey " ..'

Double page

' Natural History Series - The Unfortunate Fish Whiuch is an Essential Food for a Wide Variety of Animals ' a wonderful double page of sketches "Drawn by Our Special Artist Neave parker FRSA With the Cooperation of Dr Maurice Burton " - it shows Alaskan Bear - Jaguar - Otter - Otter Shrew - Diving Beetle - Kingfisher - Fishing Spider - Fish Eating Bat - Angler Fish - Raccoon - Fishing Cat of North Africa - Pelicans - Penguin = Gannet - Cormorant - Giant panda of Asia

' One of Three Roman Silver Cups Acquired by the British Museum - Repousse with Birds and Foilage, Time of Augustus ' .

' the Newly Opened Life Room at the British Museum '

' Roman Silver Cup at the British Museum - Scenes from Life of Orestes and Iphigeneia ' ' To Celebrat the Centenary of " Bob " a Famous Mascot of the Scots Guards - Colonel The Earl Cathcart Handing Over a Memorial plaque to Mr W. A. Thorburn Curator of the United Services Museum Edinburgh ' with " Bob " preserved in a case in the background

' TheHorse Guards parade Car Park packed with Cars During Londons One Day Rail Strike '

' To Be Built on the Tyne - An Artists Impression of theNew Shaw Savill Passenger Liner at Vickers Armstrongs Walker Yard '

' Berliners Marching to the Memorial in Plotzensee Commemorating Resistance Members Who Were Executed for their part in the 1944 Revolt Against Hitler - Organised by The League of Freedom '

' Members of the Swiss Militia Being presented with Automatic Rifles on The Conclusion of Their Inital Training - A Barracks in Zurich '

' Arnold Strunk and paul Josef Schoenen Behaving True to Character in Court at Cologne Germany - Convicted for Anti Semitic Activities '

' In Taipeh New Park on Formosa - A Communist Chinese Air Force MIG-15 Which Crash Landed Killing Its Pilot Who Was Buried With Full Honours at the Chinese Air Force Cemetery near Taipeh '

' Mr Khrushchev - President Eisenhower - President De Gaulle as They Will Appear In the Viareggio Carnival in Italy '

' Mr Macmillan Nearing Completion and Will Appear at the Viareggio Carnival '

' Theatre - Scene from " The Lily White Boys " at the Royal Court Theatre ' - showing Philip Locke - Monty Landis - Albert Finney - Ron Stevens

' Scene from " The More the Merrier " - Dinah Felby - Anna Neagle '

' The Result of Londons Phantom Strike - Hundreds of People Lining an Underground Platform in the Evening Rush Hour ...'

' Another Scene of patient Crowds Waiting to be Allowed to Enter the Station on a Chance of Catching One of the Rare Trains ...'

' Wainting in the Rain for Trains That Didnt Run andTaxis That Didnt Come - A Scene i the Strand After the Days Work '

' Motionless in Regent Street - A Scene in the Evening Rush Hou Which theFatuous Rail Strike had Made into the Worst London Traffic Jam Ever '

' The Royal Air Force - Commissions in the RAF ' recruitment advert - full page

' Chess by Baruch H. Wood ' .

' Firestone Tyres ' advert

' Austin A55 ' full page colour car advert

' Picadilly Cigarettes ' full page colour advert

' A Centur of Sanderson 1860 - 1960 ' double page colour and B&W Advert for Arthur Sanderson and Sons of Berners St. London - Wallpapers etc

' Turriff Development Group ' full page advert

' Staybrite Stainless Steel by Firth Vickers of Sheffield - Arthur Price Carthage Range ' cutlery - full page advert

January 14th

cover shows an engraving of Riff pirates attacking a Spanish ship by night.

Inner pages have pictures of a testimonial to the Executive Committee of the Manchester art-treasures exhibition, the Royal Palace of Fredericksborg, Denmark, destroyed by fire, a full-page engraving of the types of the population of North Africa, a portrait of the late Mr. Wright, comedian and classified ads.

The supplement

shows pictures of a ball given by the officers of the 9th lancers at the Royal Public Rooms, Exeter, a full-page engraving of the burial of Lord Macaulay in Poets' Corner, Westminster Abbey,

January 21st

cover has a portrait of Viscount Palmerston, M.P., first Lord of the Treasury.

Inner pages include pictures of hospital ships for China, full-page engravings of the chamber of Mary De Medicis, in the Palace of the Luxembourg, Paris and the throne room of the Palace of the Luxembourg, a portrait of His Holiness Pope Pius IX and of Madame Enderssohn, and classified ads.

The supplement

has engravings of a statue of Robert Lord Clive and Baron Plassey, the market Drayton, Shropshire, a colossal statue of the late General Sir Charles James Napier, Banbury Cross and the Temple Fort of Dwarka, at the entrance of the Gulf of Cutch

February 4th

April 6th


Full issue with supplement

illustration of "A Scene in the Hall Of Representatives, Washington" by "T. [Thomas]Nast" and two illustrations of slaves, one being "The Dandy Slave" , a well dressed Baltimore household servant and the other representing a slave sale in New Orleans with the men dressed in suits and the women in calico. Other images include the interior of an American railway car, a engraving of the funeral of the Late Duchess of Kent in St. George's Chapel, a nice illustration of Worcester Cathedral

April 13th

pp. 327-358

Full issue with supplement

The return of Lord Elgin from China headlines the front page.

Other news of the day includes coverage of the flag adopted by the Southern Confederacy in America, the signing of the treat of Tien-Tsin by Great Britain and China, a book review of Silas Marner, a new novel by George Eliot, and illustrated articles on Rosa Bonheur and C. R. Leslie's "Sancho Panza".

Engravings in this issue include" French Spoils from China Recently Exhibited at the Palace of the Tuileries"; General Claudini and His staff at Gaeta; six (four full- page) engravings of the Volunteer Sham fight at Brighton and Wimbledon on Easter Monday; the attack of a religious procession by Cossacks during the recent outbreak at Warsaw

April 21st

April 28th

May 12th

' Mendelssohn Festival at The Crystal palace - The Torchlight Procession ' Full page engraving

' The Gloucestershire Rifle Volunteers in the Grand Walk, Pitville Spa '

' The Flower Show in the Pump Room Pitville Spa '

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
The Embankment of the Thames

Foreign and Colonial News

Scientific News and Royal Institution Lectures - Professor Ansted - Mr F. A. Abel - Dr Spencer Cobbold Imperial Parliament

Wills and Bequests includes Dowager Lady Leigh The Right Hon. MArgaretta - - - General Sir Thomas M'Mahon late of Bryanston Square but died at 10 Great Cumberland Street - - - Major General William Henry Law late of 26 Pall Mall

Obituary of Eminent Persons includes The Right Hon and Most Reverend Thomas Musgrave Archbishop of York died at his town house 41 Belgrave Square - - - Sir William F. Fowle-Middleton, Bart., of Shrubland Hall, Suffolk died at his town house 52 Grosvenor Place - - - General Sir Wiloughby Cotton - - - Lieut. General Berkeley Drummond died at his seat Eaglehurst, Fawley Hants

June 9th

Search for Stowaways on an Emigrant ship - July 6th 1860

July 21st. pp. 47-70. Full issue with supplement

coverage of the massacres in Syria;

the funeral of Prince Jerome Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon I;

Edward Ross, the "champion shot" of England;

and the English fleet in China, off Kintang.

Accompanying illustrations include two illustrations (1 full-page) of the H.M.S. "Hero" taking the Prince of Wales to North America;

a double page illustration of "The Funeral Procession of the Late Prince Jerome Crossing the Place de la Concorde, Paris";

two engravings from illustrations by T. Baines documenting the Livingstone Expedition to Africa;

a full-page map of North-East China, showing the Gulf of Pechili, the Tien-Tsin River, and the approaches to Pekin;

a full-page illustration of the Prize Shorthorns at the Royal Agricultural Society's Show, Canterbury

July 28th. pp. 71-94.

August 11th

August 18th

August 25th

August 25th

Cover article is on the Tour of the Prince of Wales in North America, continuing coverage of the revolution in Sicily; Artillery Experiments on a Martello Tower near Eastbourne; the recent solar eclipse as seen in Spain as well as the usual social news, obituaries, business and legal news and advertisements usually found in newspapers. The wood engravings in this issue include: multiple views of the Niagara Falls area including Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls from drawings by G. H. Andrews, the Kew Photoheliograph and Temporary Observatory at Rivabellos with facsimiles of the two photographs of the eclipse of the sun; the Imperial Headquarters at the Camp at Chalons from a drawing by M. Beauce; a engraving by Harrison Weir, "Grouse-Shooting"; a illustration of the View from the King's Bastion Quebec [with] the Isle of Orleans in the distance; a illustration of The Revolution in Sicily--the people relanding with their chattels at Messina from a sketch by T. [Thomas] Nast; a engraving of The Departure of Missori's Expedition on the night of Aug 8 from Faro Point, Messina from a sketch by Frank Vizetelly; and a two-page centerfold engraving of Views of the City of Montreal

September 1st

, . pp. 191-214. this issue is coverage of the visit of the Prince of Wales to Canada including a centerfold engraving depicting His Royal Highness landing at Halifax and 5 other illustrations by G.H. Andrews documenting the Prince's activities; other articles of note include coverage of the "George Stephenson" locomotive engine built at Hamilton, Canada, for the Great Western Railway of Canada with accompanying illustration; the 1860 session of Parliament; a regatta at Plymouth with accompanying engraving; Garibaldi and the invasion at Calabria with an illustration depicting Garibaldi at the Faro Point, Messina reconnoitering the Fort Torre di Cavallo, Calabria; and Paris fashions for September as well as local, world, business and arts news.

September 8th

pp 215-238. Full issue with supplement.

Queens Park Edinburgh ' a beautiful double page print from engraving - a panoramic view from a drawing by Keeley Halswell of Edinburgh - The Review by Queen Victoria of Rifle Volunteers

' The Gorge of Sallenches or Sallanches in Savoy ...'

' The Village and Bridge of Sallenches in Savoy '

' The Crystal palace Poultry Show - Sebastopol Geese '

' Roccapalumba A Sicilian Village - Breakfast Hunting ' - the taking or shooting of poultry by the Centre Column of the National Army

' Remarkable Faculae and Spots Seen on the Sun onthe 19 and 20 July - Made by Mr George Williams at his obvservatory at Liverpool

' The Village Smithy ' near full page print from engraving by Morgan from the work of Mr Lewis

' Chess Problem '

' The Abbey near Llanrwst - The Cutting of the First Sod of theConway and Llanrwst Railway '

' The Harvest Moon ' from a Painting by E. Warren

Also articles (no engravings) including
Harvest Prospects

Foreign and Colonial News with reference to France and The Imperial Tour - - - Austria and The Committee of Twenty One - - - Destructive Storm and Conflagration at Leipsic in Germany - - - And more

The Revolution in Naples - with reference to the telegrams received at Mr Reuters Office

The Court at Windsor etc

Naval and Military Intelligence

Coalpit Accident and Loss of Four Lives in The Bottle Pit at Kilburn in Derbyshire

Shocking Railway Accident at Helmshore - Ten Killed

The Weather - Results of Meteorological Observations at the Kew Observatory of the British Association

Wills and Bequests includes Vice Admiral Sir George Richard Brooke Pechell late of Castle Goring Sussex and of Hill Street Berkeley Square, late MP for Brighton - - - Rev Edward Repton MA Canon of Westminster and Shoreham in Kent - - - Fergus O'Connor ( The Chartist Leader )

Ragged Schools Festival at Muswell Hill

The Recent Solar Exlipse as Seen in Spain - a letter from Joseph Beck of 6 Coleman Street - - - Remarkable Faculae and Spots on the Sun .. Letter By Warren De La Rue The Banners in the scan

September 15th

Garibaldi's entry into Naples during the revolution in Italy

the introduction of street railway carriages into England at Birkenhead by Mr. G.F. Train, of Boston;

the Volunteer Review at Knowsley Park

the Prince of Wales visit to North America including

a summary of British possessions in North America as well as the the latest on business, local & world history, theatre, books, etc. The cover shows an engraving of Naples, from the Castel del Carmine from a drawing by S. Read.

the street railway carriage, patented by G.F. Train.

Interior engravings include: 3 images (1 ) of the Review of Lancashire Rifle Volunteers in Knowsley Park

a engraving of the Town and Castle of Gaeta from a drawing by S. Read

a illustration of a View of Damascus from the Hill of Salahiyeh from a drawing by E. Harker

a engraving of The Prince of Wales landing at St. John, New Brunswick, from a drawing by G. H. Andrews

a two page map of Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

The Cathedral at Drontheim, in which the monarchs of Norway are crowned

portraits of French Marshall Francois-Certain Canrobert, and Z.C Pearson, Mayor of Hull, and more.

September 22nd

pp. 263-278.

coloured map of Italy and Switzerland. . No supplement. Extensive coverage of Garibaldi and events taking place in Naples, Italy; engraved portrait

article on James Hodges, the builder of the Victoria Bridge over the St. Lawrence;

coverage of the Prince of Wales in Canada including his presence at the opening of the Crystal Palace cover image of "Garibaldi's Entry into Naples" ,

a sketch in the Strada di Toledo, by T.[Thomas] Nast;

half-page illustrations of the inhabitants of the kingdom of Naples and the Gates of the King's Palace, Naples;

a multiple image engraving of the Prince of Wales visit to Canada;

"The Volunteer Camp, on Crosby Sands , near Liverpool" from a drawing by William Wood;

two illustrations completing the series of Knowsley Park Review, and more.

September 29th

No. 1052. pp. 279-302. Full issue with supplement 6d.

This issue bears a half-page plan of the city of Naples on its cover to accompany an editorial on the Italian Revolution.

Further coverage of the revolution in Naples includes two engravings (one-) from sketches by T.[Thomas] Nast depicting street scences in Naples the day after the arrival of Garibaldi

Garibaldi himself at the Shrine of the Virgin of Piedigrotta.

Articles of note include the announcement of the death of Mr. Herbert Ingram, founder and sole proprietor of the Illustrated London News, who died on Lake Michigan and coverage of the accident of the steamer "Lady Elgin" and the schooner "Augusta" which claimed his life,

the landing of the Prince of Wales in Quebec, depicted in a nice double page illustration, and his visit to Ottawa,

interesting articles on The Chapel Royal at Palermo, the Campo Santo at Pisa,

a new ceramic papier mache process to imitate wood carving,

. A Plan of Naples ' The Italian Revolution - Front page

' The Revolution in Naples - Street Scene in Naples The Day After The Arrival of Garibaldi '

' The Revolution i Naples - Garibaldi at the Shrine of the Virgin of Piedigrotta on the 8th Inst ' Full page engraving

' The Prince of Wales Landing a tQuebec ' A wonderful double page print from engraving - A striking picture of sailing ships and steamers packed in the busy harbour

' Ancona in the Papal States ' a wonderful engraving of sailing boats and the town in the background ' A book Cover Formed by Martins Ceramic Papier Mache Process '

' Paris Fashions for October '

' The Chapel Royal at Palermo '

' The Campo Santo or Cemetery at Pisa '

' Chess Problem by Mr R. B. Wormald '

' Engagement Between the Bourbonnais Neapolitan Steam Frigate and The Ship Gun Battery Faro August 23 '

' Improvements in Calcutta: The Dunkin Bustee in Chowringhee '

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
' The Italian Revolution '

'Foreign and Colonial News'

' Wills and Bequests includes The Right Hon. Lady Mary Pelham - - - Abraham George Robarts Esq Banker of Lombard Street - - - Henry William Tancred Esq QC Mp for Banbury

'Imperial Parliament

'Metropolitan Newsl'

' Obituary of Eminent Persons includes:- The Marchioness of Donegall Harriet Anne died at Paris - - - The Right Hon. Mary Laetitia Countess Manvers died at Thoresby Park Nottinghamshire - - - Vice Admiral George Hewson die at his residence in the Neighbourhood of exeter - - - Major General Sir Michael Creagh KH died at Boulogne - - - Joseph Locke Esq MP died at Moffat in Dumfriesshire - - - George Anthony Legh-Keck Esq '

October 6th

Inner pages include a portrait of the late Mr. Herbert Ingram, M.P., engravings of the"Lady Elgin"...the lake steamer and the "Augusta"...the schooner, Sir Hope Grant and the staff of the British expedition in China, the city of Antioch, school for the deaf and dumb infants at Old Trafford, Manchester, and more.

The supplement

has photos of the Battle of near Capua, Reinhardsbrunn, a country seat of the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the launch of the Screw Line-of-Battle-Ship "Anson" at Woolwich, and full-page engravings of `the Prince of Wales laying the last stone of the Victoria Bridge over the St. Lawrence, and closing the last rivet of the Victoria Tubular Bridge over the St. Lawrence.

October 13th


Inner pages include a portrait of Mr. Edwin James, Q.C., in Garibaldi's Camp, engravings of Garibaldi's march through Calabria, statues in the Oxford University Museum, a two-page engraving of the Prince of Wales in Canada--His Royal Highness laying the corner-stone of the Parliamentary buildings at Ottawa, and more.

The supplement

has photos of China--the British forces in Talien-Wan, plan of the city of Peking, the War in China--departure from Hockly Pier, Odin Bay, of the Sikh Cavalry and troops for the Peiho, a two-page engraving of the Camp of the Second Division of British forces in the Bay of Pearls, Talien-Wan, portraits of Hien-Fou, the Emperor of China and the Princess Frederick William of Prussia promenading in the garden of the palace at Charlottenburg, and a full-page picture of Paris demolitions--removal of a portion of the quartier Latin.

October 13th

pp. 327-358.

Highlights include on-going coverage of the Prince of Wales in Canada and the United States and the Revolution in Italy; the funeral of Herbert Ingram, founder of the Illustrated London News; and coverage of the British forces in Talien-Wan, China.

Notable illustrations include engravings by Frank Vizetelly depicting the surrender of the Neapolitan troops at Soveria, Calabria and a view from Maida towards Soveria; a portrait of Mr. Edwin James who visited Garibaldi's camp; a full centerfold engraving of The Prince of Wales in Canada laying the corner-stone of the Parliamentary Buildings at Ottawa from a sketch by G. H. Andrews; statues in the Oxford University Museum; 8 illustrations from the special artist assigned to the war in China; a plan of the city of Peking drawn and engraved by John Dower; a illustration of Paris demolitions removing a portion of the Quartier Latin from a drawing by M. Thorigny and much more

October 20th

cover has a photo of the ovation to the first Garibaldian who entered the Cape Di Europa, Naples.

Inner pages include a portrait of Don Jose Guell Y Rente, of Cuba, full-page engravings of the review of Her Majesty's troops and volunteers at Cape Town by Prince Alfred, the Prince of Wales in Canada--His Royal Highness descending a timber-slide at Ottawa, the Lumbermans' Regatta, Ottawa, the Arsenal and part of the city of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Garibaldian volunteers and the demolition of Old Westminster-Bridge.

The supplement

has pictures of Capua, from Monte St. Angelo, engravings of the Battle on the Volturno also of the Bahia Railway, Brazil.

October 20th pp. 359-382.

Cover editorial discusses Victor Emmanuel and Italy; includes ongoing coverage of the revolution in Italy and reports from the front on the developing war in China; book reviews; naval and military intelligence; articles on Rio de Janeiro; the Garibaldian Volunteers; and developments of the Bahia Railway in South America. Illustrations accompanying these texts include 4 illustrations by Frank Vizetelly from the Italian front; 3 illustrations (one full-page) by T. [Thomas] Nast depicting the Battle on the Volturno in Italy; a full-page engraving of the "Review of Her Majesty's Troops and Volunteers at Cape Town by Prince Alfred" from a sketch by T.W. Bowler; 2 illustrations depicting the Prince of Wales's visit to Canada by G.H. Andrews including His Royal Highness descending a timber-slide at Ottawa; an overview illustration of the arsenal and part of the city of Rio de Janeiro; two half-page illustrations showing the site of the permanent station at Bahia and the other the heavy works to carry the railway across the Paripe; and more.

October 27th

cover has an engraving of the volunteer guards (32nd Middlesex), generally known as the Six-Foot Corps.

Inner pages contain full-page engravings of the War IX, China--the "Havoc" Gun-Boat, with Fane's horse on board, on its way from Talien-Wan to the Pehtang, and a tent of the 15th Punjaubees at Pehtang, Encampment of British Forces at Talien-Wan, passage through the Straits of Magellan and more.

The supplement

has full-page photos of the Arsenal at Naples, the Free Public Library and Museum Liverpool and a two-page engraving of the reception of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales by the inhabitants of Toronto, Canada West.

November 3rd

pp. 407-430. Full issue with supplement.

Highlighting this issue is the centerfold illustration from a sketch by T.[Thomas] Nast depicting the enthusiastic reception given to the British Volunteers for Garibaldi at Naples.

Other articles of note include the landing of the British forces in Pehtang, China with 2 illustrations by C. Wirgman; the arrival of the "Emperor" and the "Melazzo" carrying British volunteer troops in support of Garibaldi in Naples accompanied by a full-page illustration; and the usual social, fashion, legal and business news of the day.

In addition to the illustrations mentioned above, this issue contains full-page engravings of the "Rifle Fete at Ecclesbourne, Near Hastings";

"The Recent Tir National at Vincennes, Near Paris" from a drawing by J.A. Beauce;

half-page illustration by Frank Vizetelly depicting the searching of Neapolitan prisoners at St. Angelo;

portraits of Her Majesty the Queen Isabella of Spain and the Late Duke of Richmond, Sir Charles Gordon Lennox

November 10th


November 24th

Listed below are all the images (in order) and sizes:

Departure of the prince of wales from portland, united states, for england (front page)

The turner prize plate won by the st george's volunteer corps ()

Sale at calcutta of valuable government presents and lucknow jewels ( - india)

Grand ball given at the academy of music, new york in honour of his royal highness the prince of wales (double page)

Scene from the opera of robin hood, at her majesty's theatre ()

Presentation of medals to garibaldi's veterans in the grand square, naples ( - italy)

Proclaiming the result of the vote on the annexation question before the royal palace, naples ()

The english, french and belguan company's new mail packet "john penn" ()

Interior of the church of st george-in-the-east ()

The imperial stables at the new louvre, paris ( - france)

An imperial drive in the bois de boulogne ()

Paris fashions for march ()

Scene from the new opera "lurline", at covent garden theatre ()

The arrival of the prince of wales in plymouth harbour - h.m.s."impregnable" firing a salute ()

Portion of the facade of lucca cathedral ()

"don quixote in his study" ( - art)

The beaucousin collection at the national gallery ( - art)

Entrance gateway of westminster school ()

Westminster school ()

December 1st

pp. 503-526.

Articles of note include Foreign and Colonial news; the obituary of Sir John Bowring, Governor of Hong Kong; an editorial on the election of Abraham Lincoln to the Presidency; the Great Semmering Railway; an illustrated article on the latest fashions from Paris; Victor Emmanuel's entry into Naples on November 7 and latest social, sports, and arts news. Illustrations of note include the cover illustration of the town and fortress of Peterwardein on the Danube from a drawing by S. Read; portraits of Sir John Bowring and Leaon, the Governor-General of Kwang-Tung and Kwang-Si, China; two illustrations from drawings by the Rev. S.C. Malan of Palermo and the Grotto of Santa Rosalia; a illustration of the Paris Wine Market; a nice wood engraving of "Richard III and the Children of Edward IV" from a painting by Richard Stilke; a illustration of the Great Semmering Railway depicting The Bollerswand Viaduct and Tunnel and The Weinzettelwand Tunnel; two illustrations showing Victor Emmanuel's entry into Naples, one of which is by Frank Vizetelly; and a 3/4 page illustration of Gun Practice on board the H.M.S. "Brilliant"


December 8th

pp. 528-550. embossed stamp on page 529,

The election of Abraham Lincoln to the U.S presidency highlights this issue. Coverage of world, sports, arts and business news is accompanied by featured articles on the Hampton Park Coursing Meeting; the addition of the babirussa to the Zoological Society Gardens at Regent's Park; and the presentation to Captain E. Evans of the Vale of Neath Volunteer Rifle Corps. Notable illustrations include 2 engravings (1 full-page) of the "H.M.S. Brisk" bearing the flag of Rear Admiral Sir Henry Keppel, capturing the slaver,"The Sunny South"; a illustration of The Empress Eugenie in Sir Walter Scott's study at Abbotsford; a engraving of the Farewell Visit of Garibaldi to Admiral Mundy on Board the "Hannibal" at Naples; a portrait of Abraham Lincoln from a lithograph published by G. W. Nichols of New York; the residence of Abraham Lincoln at Springfield, Illinois from a photograph by J.A. Whipple of Boston; 3 illustrations on the war in China; and more

December 15th

' St Pauls Cathedral Showing the improvements Made, The New Eastern Transept in the Foreground ' near full page

' Ralph Farnham One of the BUnker Hill Heroes - With Facsimilie Signature '

' New Offices - The Metropolitan Board of Woks, Spring Gardens '

' His Excellency Count Flahault de la Billarderie ...'

' Monument of the LAte Earl of Ellesmere in Worsley Church near Manchester '

' British And Native Officers of Fane's Horse Serving in China '

' Naples - Padre Giovanni Addressing the People in Front of The Jesuits College ..'

' The Anglesey Column Statue Designed by Matthew Noble ...'

' The Gods of Old Japanese Mythology - The War God Maris Descending on the Holy Boar '

' At Jeddo - First Audience of a British Minister With the Tycoon of Japan at Tokyo ' - tycoon (emperor) is a corruption of the Japanese word taikun The Birmingham Poultry and Cattle Show- White Trumpeter Pigeons - Pencilled Hamburgs - Shorthorn Steer - Speckled Trumpeter - Miel - Turkeys - Silver Spangled Hamburg - Shorthorn Cow ' another wonderful full page print from engraving by Harrison Wear

' Ancient Forcer Found in westminster Abbey '

' Ancient Cist Found in Westminster '

' Chess Problem '
Also articles (no engravings) including
Indian Taxation

Foreign and Colonial News with reference to Italy and the Siege of Gaeta - - - China and The Capture of Pekin and The Flight of the Emperor - - - Switzerland and The Election of the Federal Council - - - And more

Naval and Military Intelligence

Wills and Bequests include General Sir henry Wyndham KCB MP, of Cockermouth Castle Cumberland - - - David Jardine Esq of 23 Cumberland Terrace Regents Park and of Weybridge Surrey - - - Amelia Maria Harriet Kinnier Lady Macdonald formerly of Arlington Street and Albermarle Street Piccadilly and died at Boulogne Sur Mer

The Church and Universities - Preferements and Appointments (list of the men and parishes )

Country News

Metropolitan News includes Mr Disraeli on Church and State

Japanese Mythology and Religion

The Smithfield Cattle Show

The Farm

The Markets

The London Gazette Bankrupts etc

Classified Adverts

Obituary of Eminent Persons includes Sir Henry Marsh of Dublin MD died at his town house 9 Merrion Square North, Dublin from an Apoplectic Stroke - - - Sir Henry Davison Chief Justice of Madras Died at Ootacamund of Dropsy - - - Colonel Charles Kemeys Kemeys-Tynte of Halsewell House Somerset and of Kevanmabley in Glamorganshire

December 22nd

The cover has a portrait of the Duke of Newcastle, K.G. Inner pages contain full-page engravings of the War in China, installation of the Duke of Newcastle at the Mechanic's Hall, Nottingham, as Provincial Grand Master, of the Freemasons of Nottinghamshire, a portrait of Harry Smith Parkes, Esq., C.B. British Commissioner of the Allied Commission at Canton, the Supreme Court of Madras,

December 29th

pp. 591-606. Full issue with supplement

. Wonderful Christmas issue with a special holiday supplement containing stories, poems, illustrations and the words and music to "The Night March of the Volunteers" with poetry by Mark Lemon and music by M. W. Balfe.

Superb illustrations include "Christmas in Leap Year" by Florence Caxton;

"Night March at Christmas-Tide of the Rifle Volunteers" by Harrison Weir;

"Home for Christmas Holidays" by A. Hunt;

"The Font and the Flowers" by J. Leech;

"Prize Animals of the Smithfield Club Cattle Show";

"The Wassail Bowl" by John Gilbert;

"Installation of The Duke of Newcastle at the Mechanics' Hall, Nottingham, as Provincial Grand Master of the Freemasons at Nottinghamshire;

"The Prodigal Son" by S. Read and many more.

The world news, inside the supplement, contains a brief article on the early life of Abraham Lincoln and an illustration of his early home in Elizabeth Town, Kentucky, from a photograph by S. Alschuler of Chicago.

December 29th

pp. 615-638. Full issue with supplement. Spotlighting the illustrations in this issue is a centerfold of the meeting of General Garibaldi and Victor Emmanuel on the 26th of October, near Teano;

also a illustration of the building of the great steam-frigate "Warrior" at the Thames Ironworks, Blackwell;

an engraving of 'the Great Australia", a gigantic clipper-ship,

portraits of The Late Earl of Aberdeen, Sir George Hamilton Gordon and F.W. Bowlby, journalist;

a illustration of the "Triumphal Arch Erected At Naples During The Fetes Recently Held In That City--Musicians and Singers Serenading Victor Emmanuel" from a drawing by Frank Vizetelly, and more

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