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The Illustrated London News 1897

This page
- (c) (copyright) 1995 - 2014 All of the text and images on this page are copyrighted - some of the text and images are copyrighted by a third party and appear here by their kind permission. Please do not reproduce any text or images without express permission.

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32 1303

' The Prince and Princess of Wales with Mr and Mrs Gladstone in the Golden Wedding Porch at Hawarden Castle ' full front page print from a drawing by S. Begg

' The Royal Marriage at Cettinje - Prince Francis Joseph of Battenberg and Princess Anna of Montenegro ' - info. Cetinje

Sheffield - The Queens Visit

' TheNew Town Hall at Sheffield - side Elevation '

' The Main Entrance to the New Town Hall at Sheffield '

' Gable with Statue of Queen Victoria Above the Main Entrance '

Full page of photographs by Bedford Lemere of the Strand and Bolas of Creed Lane

' Southampton - The13th Field Battery of the Royal Artillery Embarking For The Cape South Africa ' from a drawing

' The Prince of Wales AT Cheltenham Inspecting the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars '

' Prince of Wales at Oxford - Returning Along St Giles's From the Review of the Queens Own Oxfordshire Hussars '

Three illustrations drawn by F. H. Townsend for a Story entitled Nicholas Kyriel's Tomb By E. Nesbit

The Greek Turkish War .

' Crete - The Seaforth Highlanders and the 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers Watching the Fightying etween Bashi-Bazouks and Christians Outside Candida ' from a sketch "By Our Special Artist Mr Melton Prior" with handwritten notes - a view of soldiers at a fort encampment overlooking a bay with hills beyond

' The Battle of Velestino - The Greeks Bringing in Their Wounded and Dead From the Fighting Line ' full page from a "Sketch by Our Special Artist Mister H. C. Seppings Wright "

' Battle of Velestino - Reserves of Greek Infantry Closing Up Under Shell Fire '

' Velestino - Greek Infantry Adevancing to Support the Skirmishing Line onthe Left Flank '

' Velestino - A Greek Burial Party ' drawn by Ralph Cleaver from sketches by H. Seppings Wright

' The Queens Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace - The Queen Meeting the Young LAdies ' a double page "Drawn from life by Lucien Davis " - aslo showing Vice Chamberlain The Hon. A. E. Fellowes MP - Lord Chamberlain Miel The Earl of Lathom - Princess of Wales - Duchess of Albany - Princess Victoria of Wales - Sir Ponsonby-Fane - Prince of Wales - - this double page supplement has a blank reverse and is loose with a few tears to border edges

' The Graeco-Turkish War - The Panic Stricken Flight of the Greeks from Larissa ' a double page from a sketch by H. C. Seppings Wright - a scene showing the distraught towns people carrying their belongins on arts drawn by donkey and ox, one distraught woman carrying an empty childs cradle on her back - "......it was a curious sight to see the mirth of some of the small children in the midst of scenes of such distress"

Fashions - ' A Cashmere Costume ' - - - ' A Sun Kilted Dress '

The Textile Industry - Messrs Balm, Hill and Sons Lace Makers of Nottingham:

' Pantagraph Machine at Present in Use - A Pantagrapher at Work Producing the Pattern ' .

' Patent Jacquard Machine - The Jacquard Producing the pattern and Dispensing with the Pantagrapher'

' Chess Problem by F. Healey '

' Vigors Pneumatic Anatomical Cycle Saddle ' advert

' Ellimans Embrocation ' advert

' Hewetsons Furniture ' advert

' Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co. of 112 Regent Street London ' various designs of jewellery - advert

' Sir Joahn Bennett - Standard Gold Keyless ¾ plate Half Chronometer Watch ' advert

' Mappin and Webb - English Keyless Lever ¾ plate Movment Breguet Sprung ' advert

' Swan Fountain Pen ' advert

' Piesse and Lubin of 2 New Bond Street London - Synthetic Scents ' advert

' Muratti's Ariston Cigarettes ' advert

' The Faulkner Diamond and ORient Pearls Co. of Kimberley House London ' various designs of diamond jewellery - Diamond Bee Brooch - Diamond Crescents - Brooch - Rings - Earings etc

Simpson Cycles - The Simpson LEver Chain ' advert

' Bamboo Cycle Co. ' advert

' Bensons Keyless Watches - Lady's Keyless - - - Bank Watch ' advert

' Hot and Cold Water Tap by Lord Kelvin, Sir William Thomson ' advert

' Beethams Glycerine and Cucumber ' advert

' S. Sainsbury's Lavender Water ' advert

' Cash's patent Friction Bath Towels ' advert

' Carters Little Liver Pills ' advert

' Ojo Nubian Tan Paste ' small ad.

' The Wilson Portable Cooking Range ' advert

' Road Skating Co. of 271 Oxford St ' advert

' Spink and Son Diamond Merchants ' small ad.

' Kropp Razor ' advert

' Myrtle Grove Tobacco - Taddy and Co. Minories, London E ' advert

' Diamond Jubilee Tumbler and Cup for Children ' advert for William Robinson of Wolverhampton .

' Boulton and Paul of Norwich - Conservatories etc ' advert

' Dick's Patent Driving Belts - R. and J. Dick of Greenhead Works, Glasgow ' advert

' Beechams Pills - Worth a Guinea A Box ' full page advert

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by James Payn

A Literary Letter - Mr Arthur humphreys

Ladies Page by Pauline Pry

Notes on The Ladies Page by Florence Fenwick Miller with ref to. Mrs Wynford Philipps and Her Scheme for a " Womens Institute "

Revolutionising a Textile Industry

Ecclesiastical Notes

Science Jottings by Andrew Wilson

Wills and Bequests include:

Major General Edmund Manningham Manningham-Buller JP of Brocton Lodge, Brocton in Staffordshire

Mr William Barber of 9 The Boltons, South Kensington and Duisk Lodge, Ayrshire

Mr James Parrott of South Shore, Blackpool and of Salford, Engineer and Machinist .

Mr Henry Nourse of 42 Villiers Place, Piccadilly

Mr George Henry Hayhurst Hayhurst-France JP of Ystym Colwyn, Montgomeryshire

Mr Henry Eyre Linde JP of Eyrefield Lodge, Curragh Camp Co. Kildare

Mr William John Taylor of Centura, Mount Avenue, Ealing

Colonel Cecil Newton Lane CMG JP of Whiston Hall, Shifnal in Salop ( Shropshire )

The Ven. henry Walker Yeoman, Archdeacon of Cleveland, of Marske Hall, Marske By the Sea, Cleveland

Mr Charles Joseph Wade JP of Dawlish, Devon and of the Inner Temple

Captain William Perkins Clark JP of Wyke House, Trowbridge


33 2303


' Colonial Troops in England for the Queens Jubilee - West African Houssas' front page photograph by Lascelles of Fitzroy Square

' Colonial Troops in England for the Queens Jubilee - New South Wales Mounted Rifles ' front page photograph by F. Downer of Watford

' The New Stained Glass Window in Canterbury Cathedral ' to commemorate the thirteen hundredth anniversary of the landing of St Augustine .

' The Victorian Era Exhibition at Earls Court ' full apge from drawings by William B. Robinson

' The Graeco Turkish War - Consul Merlin's Wife Hoisting the Communication Signal From the Roof of the British Consulate at Volo (in Greece ) ' full page drawn by " Our Special Artist Mr H. C. Seppings Wright - info. Volos

' Design for New Building of Rohal London Opthalmic Hospital ...'

' New Medical School Buildings at Guy's hospital, Opened on 26 May ...'

' Senior Alderman of the City of London - The Late Sir james Clarke LAwrence '

' The Late Mr James Hayes Raper '

' Mister William J. Bull Chairman of the Bridges Committee of the London County Council '

' Reverse of the Gold MEdal Presented to the Prince of Wales in Connection with the Blackwall Tunnel '

' Mr A. R. Binnie - Designed the Blackwall Tunnel '

' Le Pere Charmetant - Delegate to the International Asociation of the Friends of Armenia '

' Trooper Herbert S. Henderson VC ' son of Mr Walter henderson the Shipbuoilder of Glasgow

' The Graeco Turkish War - Greek Peasants Flying Before the Approach of the Turks, A Scene on the Road to Pharsala ' full page "From a Sketch by Our Secial Artist Mr Julias M. Price "

Illustrations sketched by Dudley Hardy for a short story - " The Weathercock " by S. Baring Gould

' Greek Turkish War - The Pass of Thermopylae ' with a mill driven by the hot springs - info. place of the famous battle between Leonidas of Sparta and persian invaders

Greek Turkish War

' Russias Foothold in Greece - The Russian Naval Storehouse Near Poros ' from a Sketch by the Rev. W. C. Bourchier of HMS Hood

The Opening of the Blackwall Tunnel -:

' The Address to The Prince of Wales Read By Dr Collins the Chairman of the London County Council ' full page fro a drawing by Holland Tringham or Fringham

' Arrival of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Accompanied Miel by the Duke of York and Princess Victoria of Wales ' photograph by Russel of Baker St

' The Royal Procession Passing Out of the Tunnel ' photograph

The Queens Visit to Sheffield - Supplement

' Mayor of Sheffield - The Duke of Norfolk ' photograph by Dickinson of Sheffield - info. Henry Fitzalan-Howard

' Her Majesty Opening the Entrance Gates of the New Town Hall ' with Mr Langley MP and others - full page "Drawn by Our Special Artist Mr S. Begg " .

' The Procession Passing from the Railway Station to the New Town hall ' crowds of people lining the roadside as the carriage with Quueen Victoria passes by

' Queen Victoria Witnessing the Rolling of an Armour Plate at The Cyclops Steel and Iron Works of the Cammell Company ' full page "Drawn by Our Special Artist Mister H. C. Seppings Wright " - the Queens carriage actually driving through the foundary and her looking at the process through a welders type mask

' Queen Victoria Opening the Entrance Gates of the New Town Hall ' from a photograph by Messrs Bolas of Creed Lane EC - a scene showing thr building with crowds of people watching the Queen turn the key in the electrical apparatus thus opening the gates

' Dr Coward Conductor of th4e Childrens Choir i nNorfolk Park, Being Presented to the Queen ' scene showing the crowds

' Waiting for Her Majestys Arrival in Norfolk Park ' crowds people in the park

End of Supplement pages

Queens Visit to Sheffield

' Mrs Alexander Wilson - Mistress Cutler '

' Mr Alexander Wilson JP - Master Cutler '

' Lady MAry Howard - Mayoress of Sheffield ' sister of the Duke of Norfolk - info. Lady Mary Fitzalan-Howard

' Mr J. J. Moss - Clerk to the Sheffield School board '

' Mr Alderman Franklin of Sheffield '

' Mr Alderman Skelton - Deputy Mayor of Sheffield'

' The Staircase in The new Town Hall at Sheffield '

A Corridor in the New Town hall at Sheffield '

' The gold Casket i Which Sheffield's Address Was Presented to The Queen ' engraing

' A Ward in " Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Maternity Hospital " at Eccleshall in Sheffield, Opened on 21 MAy '

' Mister T. J. Lipton - Donor of £25,000 to the Princess of Wales's Jubilee Dinner Fund ' from a portrait by Professor Hubert Herkomer RA .

' S. B. McGregor and G. A. Nelson ' two cyclists on a tandem, holder sof the One hour worlds record - full page advert for St Jacobs Oil

Fashions - Two Victorian Dress and Hat designs

' Monkey Brand - Vrookes Soap - "Wet Paint" ...' full apge advert

' Home Dyeing with Maypole soap ' full page advert

' Aspinalls Enamel ' advert

' Players Navy Cut Cigarettes ' advert

' Hitchings Baby Sotres for High Grade Baby Carriages - The Trouville Baby Car ' advert for pram

' Rowlands Macassar Oil ' advert

' Koko for the Hair Eradicates Scurf and Dandriff (dandruff) ' advert

' Lazenby's Soup Squares ' advert

' Mappin Brothers - Solid Leather Dress Suit Case ' advert

' Emersons Bromo Seltzer for Headache ' advert

' Parkins and Gotto Gifts ' advert

' Myrtle Grove Tobacco ' advert

' Drew and Sons Dressing Bag ' advert

' Diamond Jubilee Bouquet Perfume by Ed. Pinaud of Paris' advert

' LEvesons Invalid Chairs and Carriages ' fourteen designs of couches, chairs and prams

' Carters Invalid chairs ' eleven designs of chairs, beds, carriages etc

' Ogdens Guinea Gold Cigarettes ' advert

' Carters Little Liver Pills ' advert

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by James Payn

Opening of the Blackwall Tunnell London

Honme and Foreign News

Personal page with mention of Austrian Reichsrath - The Scotts of Abbotsford - Mister Michael Davitt

The Queen at Sheffield

Science Jottings by Dr Andrew Wilson

Ladies Page by Paulina Pry

Notes by FFM - Florence Fenwick Millar - with ref. to The Division on the question of whether women should by allowerd to take honours examinations at Universities - - - Lady Gwendolen Cecil - - - Mr Easterbrook Head Master of Dame ALice Owens Schools etc

Wills and Bequests include:

The Right Hon,. sir Edward Ebenezer Kay Lord Justice of Appeal of 37 Hyde Park Gardens, London and Thorpe Abbotts, Norfolk

Lieutenant Colonel George Denham- Cookes of 6 Princes Gate SW

Mr James Wales JP of " Buckstone " Rawdon in Yorkshire

Mr George Bridge Hilliard of Chelmsford, Essex .

Mr Wynne Howard Edwards JP of Knowle Hurst, Lichfield

Mr Edward Gotto JP of The Logs, Hampstead and of 8 Albany Road, St Leonards

Mr Henry Markby f 155 Westbourne Terr, Hyde Park and of the Firm of Messrs Markby, Stewart and Co. Solicitors of 57 Coleman Street, President of the Incorporated Law Society

Mr WilliamDavys Duncan-Wilson of 9 Sumner Place South Kensington and Carrickfergus in Antrin Ireland

Mr George David Pollock, Surgeon in Ordinarty to HRH the Prince of Wales, of 35 Chester Square and Earlywood near Bagshot

' The Eastern Crisis - The Messneger from the Admirals of theInternational Fleet Arriving at the insugrgents OUtposts at Malaca ' full front page drawn by W. H. Overend - end of title cropped - I think its a place on Crete

' The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race - The Dark Blues Leading at Hammersmith Bridge ' photogrpah by Stearn of Cambridge .

' Selinos Crete - The Combined Fleet of the Powers at Anchor in the Bay '

' The "C" Company of 'HMS Rodney LEft to Guard Spaniakos under the Orders of Commander W.Hewett Seen on the Right of the Flag ' a large group of men

' A SMall Brigade of Combined Forces Including Several of the Men Killed by the Expolosion of Board the Russian Ironclad " Sisoi Veliki " ...' photograph supplied by Mr W. Frost of HMS Rodney

' The War Minister Studying a Map on The Positions Miel of The Greeks and Turks '

' The Village of Kastraki at Thessaly ' a view of the village between two magnificent mountains with a rock formation inbetween

' The Late Rev. Dr Sparrow Simpson- Librarian of St pauls Cathedral '

' The Late Lord Plunket Archbishop of Dublin '

' The Late Johannes Brahms '

' The Late Captain Henry Scott Simeon '

' Scenes on the Greek Frontier - The Monastery of St Nicholas, Thesslay '

' Scens on the Greek Frontier - All Saints Monastery '

' Rosalind by Sir James D. Linton PRI ' full page

Illustrations by R. Caton Woodville for "Frozen Margit by "Q"

' Preparing for Friday by J. Scott in the Exhibition of the Royal Institute of painters ' a friamor monk cleaning some silver plate, as a magpie flies into the room

' The Bar Point to Point Races at Epping - At The Brook ' from a drawing by W. B. Wollon

' Queen Victoria at Cimiez - Taking Her Morning Drive in the Grounds of the Villa Liserb ' full page "Drawn by Our Special Artist Mr A. Forestier "

' Cimiez - The Departure of the Red Penitents at the " Fete Des Cougourdons " ...' full page by A. Forestier

The Eastern Crisis - The Fight at Malaxa on Crete .

' The Warships Bombarding the Blockhouse Just Captured by the Christians ' with hand written notations on the sketch by the artist

' View From the South - TheWar Ships of the Powers Bombarding the Christian Insurgents ' with hand written notations

"Facsimile Sketches By Our Special ASrtist Mr Melton Prior "

Crete - ' The Storming of the Blockhouse of Malaxa A Village near Canea by the Christian Insurgents ' a double page drawn by R. Caton Woodville RI From a Sketch by Melton Prior showing the insurgents attacking the Turkish, the information under the drawing mentions "the young cretan Manos Who was recently an undergraduate at Oxford and now the leader of the young patriots" - info. Chaniá Hania Xania

Crete - ' The Fight at Malaxa - Sme of the Turkish Garrison Attempting to Escape from the Blockhouse ' from a sketch by A. D. M'Cormick

' The Seaforth Highlanders Entering Canea ' troops marching under an arch into the town

The Log of the " Mayflower " - of Pilgrim Fathers Fame:

' Page of Austerfield Parish Register Containing Entry of William Bradford 's Baptism ' - info. Austerfield is a village next to that of Scrooby in Lincolnshire

' The Log of the Mayflower - Cover of the Volume '

' The Log of the Mayflower - A Page From the Book '

The Naval Hospital of Haslar at Portsmouth -: .

' Invalids and Convalescents ' a ward of the hospital

' The Duke of York at Hasler Hospital - Deputy Inspector General Bolster - Inspector General Turnbull - Duke of York - Admiral Sir Nowell Salmon - Sir James Dick - Dep. Inspec. Gen. Coppinger ' - group photograph with others

' The Veteran Inmates ' older patients o a ward

' Eno's Fruit Salt ' full page advert

Ladies Fashions - A Walking Dress and Hat - - - A Silk Muslin Evening Dress - - - New Design for a Watch Bracelet - - sketches by Picador

' Ellimans Embrocation ' a full page showing an equestrian engr. and a golf engr. plus one of the Ellimans Factory at Slough - advert

' Boys Outfits from Isaac Walton and Co. - Eton Suit and Hat - Kensington Suit and Hat - Boston Blouse Suit and Hat - Rugby Suit - Rink Suit and hat ' a beautiful set of engravings showing boys dressed in each suit

' Dr Johnson and Ridges Food ' advert

' The Faulkner Diamond Co. and Orient Pearls ' advert showing various designs of jewellery

' Beethams Glycerine and Cucumber ' advdrt

' Maple and Co. ' furniture advert showing thr University Suite in Carved Oak - chairs, Sideboard etc in a room setting

' A Standard Key Less ¾ Plate Half Chronometer Watch - A Lady's Keyless Watch ' advert

' S. Sainsbury's LAvender Water ' advert .

' Two English Keyless LEver ¾ Plate Movment, Breguet Sprung Watches - Mappin and Webb's ' advert

' Cuticura for Hair And SKin ' advert

' Carbolic Smoke Ball ' advert

' Montserrat Lime Fruit Juice ' advert

' Cockles Anti Bilious Pills ' advert .

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by James Payn

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

A Russian Immigrant by Grant Allen

Personal Column - With ref. to the Death of Johannes Brahms the Composer - - - Dr VonStephan the German Postmaster General - - - Mister F. C. Selous the Traveller - - - M. Sardou - - - Objection to the Admittance of Women to the BA Degree at Cambridge

Home and Foreign News

Science Jottings by Dr Andrew wilson

Literature - Books reviewed include - Sir Evelyn Wood's Cavalry - - - Pioneer Work in the Alps of New Zealand by Mr Arthur A. Harper - - - History in Fact and Fiction by Hon. Albert S. g. Canning - - - Music of the Future by Dr Francis Hueffer and REvised by Mr W. Ashton Ellis - - - An Australian Duchess by Amyot Sagon - - - Four Women in the Case by Mrs Pender Cudlip - - - Day Books by Miss Mabel Wotton

A Literary LEtter by CKS - with mention of - The Marriage of His Friend Dr Robertson Nicoll (O.O.) to Miss Catherine Pollard - - - etc

The Log of the Mayflower

Wills and Bequests includes: Mr Richard Rous Ellicombe of Myddelton House, Roehampton and formerly of Parliamen St, Westminster

Mr Walter Farquhar LArkins JP of 4 Priory Leas, Folkestone and of 104 Harley Street and Formerly of Holm View, Lowestoft .

Mr George Raggett of 19 Essex Villas, Kensington and Warfield Priory, Bracknell, Berks

Dr James Ellison of High Street, Windsor and Former Surgeon to Queen Victoria

Train Times and Excursions for ther Easter holidays etc

Ladies Page by Florence Fenwick Miller

parliament with mention of Mr Balfour - Sir William Harcourt


February 6th

'Mr Fridtjof Nansen and His Daughter, Liv ' a Norwegian

'The British South Africa Select Committee of the House of Commons: Mr W. L. Jackson - Mr H. Labouchere - Mr G. Wyndham - Sir W. Hart Dyke, Bart - Mr Joseph Chamberlain - Sir William Harcourt - Sir M. Hicks Beach, Bart - Sir H. Campbell Bannerman - Sir W. Hart Dyke, Bart - Mr Sydney Bucxton - Mr J, C. Bigham QC - Sir R Webster QC - Mr J. L. Wharton - The Hon E. Blake QC - Mr C. A. Crips QC - Mr J. E. Ellis' Full page

'the Benin Expedition: A Trader Returning to The Coast' full page

'Mr Augustus Henry Allhusen MP' - - 'The Late Mrs Massingberd ' - - 'The Late Sir Spencer Wells' - - 'Captain Walter Lyons Montgomery' - - 'Mr Louis Sinclair MP' - - 'The Late General Sir Robert Phayre, GCB' - - 'The Late Dr Profeit'

'A Fountain Sealed by Sir Walter Besant and Illustrated by H. G. Burgess' chapter VIII

'Major General Sir Frederick Carrington '

'Anglo AmericanArbitration: Sir Julian pauncefote, British Ambassador to The United States and Mr Olney, American Secretary of State, Signing the Treaty' Full page

'the Return of Olivia: The Vicar Dismisses Squire Thornhill' From the Vicar of Wakefield. Full page

'Writers of the Day - Mr Andrew Lang'

'Dr Nansen's Polar Expedition: Releasing the " Fram " From The Pressure of The Surrounding Ice' Wonderful double page drawn by A. Forestier from Dr Nansen's Description'

'The Midnight Sun, Hammerfest '

'Dr Nansen '

'The Benin Expedition: Soldiers of The Niger Coast Protectorate'

'The Benin Expedition: Old Calabar from Consulatte Hill, Looking Down The River'

'The Benin Expedition: Old Calabar, Looking up the River From The church Hill' from a Sketch by Captian L. C. Koe and Officer of the Punnitive Expedition

'The plague in India: The Exodus From Bombay' Full page


'Views on The Beyrout and Damascus Railway: In The Cutting at El Tekieh - - Viaduct and Fort at Khan M'Rad - - Diverting the River Barada at Bessima - - Ascending the Steep Track above the Roman Bridge at Souk - - The Hotel Victoria at Bekaac Coaches Starting for Chtaura - - Station House and Village of Mallakah' Full page

'Fashions: A Dark Red Cloth Costume (not colour) - A Tea Jacket'

'Peek Frean & Co Fairy Cakes' Advert

' Players Navy Cut Cigarettes' Advert\,p\. 'Liptons Teas - A Tea Garden in Ceylon'

'The Coburg Hotel Grosvenor Square London' Advert, now The Connaught

The Association of Diamond Merchants, Jewellers And Silversmiths' Many designs of jewellery, Advert

'Our Note Book by James Payn'

'the Return of Sir Frederick Carrington'

'Literature includes Mr Andrew Lang's New Book - - "Travels in West Africa by Miss Mary Kinglsley'

'A Literary Letter'

'Anecdotal Europe, By The Author of An Englishman in Paris'

'Eclesiastical Notes'

'Dr Nansen and His Book, By One Who Knows Him'

'Science Jottings by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'The Playhouses includes "Olivia" at The Lyceum - - A Free Pardon at the Olympic'

'New Railway into Syria'

'Ladies Page by Florence Fenwick Miller'

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr James Stubley of Batley, Yorkshire, Woollen Manufacturer - - Mr Henry Copland of Broomfield place, Broomfield, Essex - - Mr William Daniel Allen of Endcliffe Crescent, Sheffield, Steel Manufacturer - - The Right Hon. William, Baron Kensington of 69 Grosvenor Street and St Bride's, Haverfordwest, Lord in Waiting to the Queen - - Admiral Sir George Henry Richards KCB FRS of the Cottage, Fetcham, Near Leatherhead, Chairman of the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Co. - - Mr William Dorrell of 34 Baker Street, Portman Square - - Mr William Henry Bolton of 34 Stanhope Gardens - - Mr Ralph Wardlaw Macleod Fullarton QC of the Inner Temple and 1 Holland Park Avenue Kensington - - Right Hon Charles Frederick Ashley Cooper Ponsonby, Baron De Mauley of \ongford House, Lechlade, Oxfordshire'

February 13th

'Hunting Wapiti in Montana: Not So Dead as He Seemed'

'Dr Nansen Presented With the Royal Geographical Society's Gold Medal By The Princ of Wales at The Albert Hall' Full page

'Mr Samuel Woods, MP for Walthamstow' - - 'The Late Dr James Ellison, Physician To The Queens Household at Windsor' - - 'The Late Sir Henry Edwards, Formerly MP for Weymouth' - - 'The Late sir John Thurston KCMG Governor of Fiji '

The Thames in Flood at Windsor: 'Goswell road, Windsor' - - - 'Watching The Water Rise by Windsor Bridge' - -- - 'Eton Playing Field' Submerged - - - 'Eton Playing Field' Submerged - - - View From the Office of Messrs Hills and Saunders, Windsor' - - - 'At the Back of Goswell Road, Windsor' - - - 'The Bridge, Windsor' - - - 'Taking Home The Washing' Fullp age

'a Fountain Sealed by Sir Walter Besant and Illustrated by H. G. Burgess, Chapter XI'

'the Strangre road Accident in Pennsylvania: The Hole into Which The Travellers Fell' Just outside Shamokin in a mining town A Pretty Puritan

'The Strange Road Accident in Pennsylvania: The Wrecked Carriage' at Shamokin

'A Pretty Puritan' Full page

Centenary of The Battle of Cape St Vincent, February 14: 'Sir John Jervis Raised to The Peerage as Earl st Vincent After The Victory' - - 'Nelson in The "Captain" Boarding The "San Nicolas" and "San Josef!..' - 'The "San Nicolas" and "San Josef" Carried By Boarding'

'The Indian Famine: Native Superintending the Distribution of Grain to Famished Men Employed on Tank Construction as Part of the Relief Works' Double page


'To The Health of Dr Nansen! the Royal Societies Club Banquet, February 5, 1897' a wonderful double page showing the tooast to Dr Fridtjof Nansen. Also shwoing Mr Thomas Bryant, RCS - - Dr John Murray - - Admiral Sir George Nares - - Lord Lister, President RSA - - The Danish Minister - - Admiral Sir Frederick Bedfor4d - - Dr Nansen - - Sir Clements Markham, President of the Club - - Cardinal Vaughan - - The Swedish Minister - - Lieutenant Scott Hansen, Chief of the Scientific Staff of the late Polar Expedition - - Admiral Sir Leopold McClintock

'Day Line Fishing Off Svolvaer, Lofoten Islands, Norway' beautiful print from engraving drawn by R. Angell Bordewich

'Kenningsvaer, (Henningsvær ) Lofoten Islands, Norway' again by R. Angell Bordewich. It is spelt with a K in the title but I think it should be Henningsvær

The Daughters of Babylon At The Lyric Theatre' Full page scene

'Ellimans Royal Embrocation' Wonderful full page advert showing the uses for the soothing application

'General Polaveija of The Philippine Islands' 'Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company, Regent Street London W' Advert

'Hamptons an& Sons, Pall Mall East & Belvidere Road' Advert for furnishings

'Chinese Lantern Plant' advert 'Robinsons Patent Barley & Robinsons Patent Groats' Advert

'Tje Swan Fountain' Small advert

'The 20th Century Company, Bicycle Lamp' Small Advert

Eastmans Pocket and Bulls Eye Kodak Cameras' Small advert 'Quaker Oats Stands Alone' Small advert

'Ritter Road Skate' Small advert

'Owbridges Lung Tonic' Advert

'Carters Little Liver Pills' Advert
'Our Note Book by James Payn'

'Dr Nansens Visit'

'The Lofoten Fishing Season'


'Home and Foreign News'

'Concerning Eels by Grant Allen'

'Literature includes M. Zolas Rome (Chatto and Windus) etc'

'Science Jottings by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Ecclasiastical Notes'

'Travel - Naples and Pompeii'

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr Hugh Alleyne Sacheverel Bateman of Bateman - - - Mr Richard Vigors Doyne of 8 Stratton Street, Piccadilly, formerly of the Calcutta Bar - - - Mr George Edwin Williamns of Saltwood Lodge, Queens Road, Woodbury Park, Tun bridge Wells - - - Mr William King of the Ivy House, Denham, Bucks, Farmer and Miller - - - Mr William Edward Stewart FRCS of Harley Street and Late of 68 Brunswick Terrace, Hove - - - Mrs Johana Walters late of 12 Chester Terrace, Regents Park - - - Mr John Reginald Riddell of Spreacombe Park, Morthoe, Devon - - - Admiral Thomas Hutchinson Mangles Martin JP of Bitterne Lodge near Southampton - - - Miss Mathilde Cohen or Bling of The Poplars, 20 The Avenue Road, Regents Park - - - Lady Jane Henriette Swinburne of 20 Ennismore Gardens, the mother of the poet'

February 20th

' Sir Alfred Milner KCB New Governor of the Cape '

' The Rev. Canon Owen New Bishop of St Davids '

'The Late General Sir Wilbraham Oates Lennox '

'Sir Charles Cameron, Bart., MP for the Bridgeton Division of Glasgow '

'Mr james Forbes of Ellabus, Islay '

'The Late Lieutenant A. C. Thomson '

'General Sir Lynedoch Gardiner '

'Count Goluchowski The Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs to Berlin '

'Mr George Abbott of the South Eastern Railway Company '

'The Late Rev. R. Parry, The Welsh Bard " Gwalchmai ".. '

'The Late Rev. S.Harvey Reynolds '

'The Cretan Crisis - Cretan Insurgents Picking Off Turkish Troops in a Mountain Pass' Full page

'A Fountain Sealed by Sir Walter Besant Illustrated by H. G. Burgess '

'The Cretan Crisis: Map Showing The Relative Distances Between Crete and Athens and Asiatic Turkey'

'The Cretan Crisis - Insurgents Lighting a Signal in the Mountains' Full page

' Fort Paleocastro, Suda Bay on Crete '

'The British, Austrian and Turkish Squadrons in Suda Bay ' from a sketch by G. Montbard

'Dogs Belonging to The Prince of Wales, Exhibited at Crufts Dog Show at The Agricultural Hall ' Full page sketch by Cecil Aldin

'The Indian Famine: The Daily Distribution of Provisions at The Poor House in Sholapur ' Double page by R. Caton Woodville RI

'Writers of the Day - Mr Edmund Gosse '

'Floods in the Lea Valley: Scenes in the Clapton District - - - View From Verdons Bridge - - - The Robin Hood - - - Near Horse Shoe Point - - - Spring Lane '

' Falcon on The Watch ' Beautiful full page print from engraving from the work by the famous Archibald Thorburn

'Nelsons Enchantress At The Avenue Theatre' starring Mr Nutcombe Gould and Mr C. Goodhart - Full page

Fashion - 'Dress Worn by Miss Palfrey at the Strand Theatre' - - - 'Dress Worn By Miss Gerard at The Strand Theatre'

'Monkey Brand Soap' Wonderful full page showing a Monkey dressed in an evening suit sliding down a hill on a large box of soap, with a frying pan in hbis hand

' 'Mappin & Webb - Fitted Plate Chests' Advert

' Hovis Bread and Biscuits ' Advert

' Bovril ' advert

'Players Navy Cut Cigarettes ' Advert

'Levesons Invalid Chairs - Carriages ' Prams etc

' Harlene For The Hair ' Advert

'Gustav Lohse's Maiglockchen - Lily of the Valley ' Advert

And more adverts of the day
Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
'Our Notebook By James Payne '

'Home and Foreign News'

'Parliament' with reference to Mr Balfour - Mr Dillon - Mr Chamberlain - The Womens Suffrage Bill

'Science Jottings by Andrew Wilson' with reference to the Bombay Plague - Lord Lister - M. Yersin and his antitoxin (serum) - M. Chassagne and colour photography - X Rays and the influence of Rontgen rays

'Ladies Page by Florence Fenwick Miller ' reference within the column, amongst other things, Mrs Flora Annie Steel - Rev J. Chadburn of Sutton Surrey offering to donate £5000 to the New Hospital for Women, Euston Road to maintain a cancer ward , the surgeons are mainly women ( Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital )

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr Bertram Wodehouse Currie of 67 Lombard Street also 1 Richmond Terrace Whitehall - Combe Warren, Surrey - Minley Manor Hants - - - Mr George Garden Nicoll of 5 Cambridge Gate, Regents Park - - - MR Alexander Devas Druce of Upper Gatton, Merstham Surrey - - - Mr John James Mason of Albion House, St Peters Square, Hammersmith and of Herne Bay - - - Admiral of the Fleet Sir Alexander Milne of Inveresk Gate, Musselburgh NB - - - Mr Wlliam Heather Medows of Conholt Park, Wilts, The Villa des Prairies,Deauville and 45 Rue Jouffray, Paris - - - Mr George William Campbell of 22 Queens Gate Gardens - - - Mr Frederic William Steward of 14 Milverton Terrace, Leamington, Warwick - - - Mr George Frederick Schacht of Windsor Terrace, Clifton, Bristol - - - Mr Edward Samuelson JP of Drwys y Coed, Trefriw Carnarvon - - - Mrs Elizabeth Bowden of 11 Cromwell Road, South Kensington

February 27th

'Mr H. C. Leigh-Bennett MP for Chertsey '

' Major Bor of the Royal Marine Artillery ' 'The Late Lieutenant James D. Cadell '

'The Late Mr Henry Betty '

' The Late M. Blondin

'The Late Commader Charles E. Pritchard '

'The Late Mr. S. Ansell Torpedo Instructor of Rear Admiral Rawsons Flag-ship St George '

Signalling on board a British Ironclad - From a Sketch by an Officer on Board one of the Ships off Crete' full page engraving by W. H. Overend

' ..."A Fountain Sealed" By Sir Walter Besant Illustrated by H. G. Burgess '

Bust of Dr Arnold Unveiled at Rugby '

'The Benin Expedition - Scenes in The Niger Coast Protectorate - government Yacht Evangeline - - - Governmetn Stern Wheeler Beercroft - - - Group of Minor Fetish Deities - - - Prince and Princess Archiboy - - - Two of "Ours" - - - The Consulate General At Old Calabar ' Full page sketch from "Photographs supplied by Mr. W. J. Boshell Acting Postmaster General"

'Section of One of the Towers of Silence' - - - ' Parsee Tower of Wilence on Malabar Hill, Bombay '

'The Eastern Crisis: Cretan Insurgents ' Full page by Ralph Cleaver 'Types of The Greek Army' Full page by R. Caton Woodville

'The Eastern Crisis - Scene off Canea, ( Khaniá ) Crete on February 5: Part of the Town on Fire' A Wonderful double page drawn by W. H. Overend and G. Montbard from a Sketch By W. Burgoyne Lakeman HMS Barfleur, Mediterranean Squadron

'Winter on The Planes of Manitoba - Cowboys Chasing Strayed Cattle ' Full page print from engraving by H. Seppings Wright

'Extremes Meet by Bernard Partridge ' Full page engraving 'Writers of the Day - Mr William Edward Norris ' with a photograph autographed "Faithfully yours W. E. Norris"

' The Haunt of The Bittern ' A wonderful full page by the famous Archibald Thorburn

Fashion 'A Grey Cloth Dress' - - - 'A High Evening Bodice' not colour

'From Buffalo to Pittsburg. a Railway Experience of Two English Girls' Two prints showing Ladies in a railway carriage and the other a "barn dance given by the coloured men"

' Enos Fruit Salts - Plato Meditating on Immortality Before Socrates, the Butterfly, Skull, And Poppy About 400BC' Advert

'Bengers Food for Infants' Advert

'Piesse & Lubin - Synthetic Scents '

'Neaves Food For Infants Invalids Children adn the Aged' Advert

'Chess Problem by C. Dahl of Copenhagen '

'Robinsons Patent Barley ' Advert

'The Hitchings Baby Stores - The San Remo Baby Car ' advert

'Allen & Hanburys Oil' Advert

'The Faulkner Diamond and Orient Pearls - Arghur Faulkner, Kimberley House Regent Street' Advert with fifteen designs of jewellery

'Scrubbs Cloudy Fluid Ammonia ' Advert

'Bensons Ladys Keyless Lever' advert

Eastmans Pocket and Bulls Eye Kodak Cameras' Advert

'Lord Kelvin Water Tap' Advert

And more adverts of the day
Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
'Our Notebook By James Payne '

'Home and Foreign News'


'Science Jottings by Andrew Wilson'

'Ladies Page by Florence Fenwick Miller ' reference within the column, amongst other things, to Miss Stevenson, (later wife to Walter Runciman ) daughter of the Late MP for South Shields, is elected to the committee of the Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society, a woman for the first time

'Wills and Bequests includes Mrs Maria Overend widow of the Late Mr William Overend QC, of West Retford House, Retford Nottinghamshire - - - Mr William Dugdale JP of Symondstone Hall, Paddeham, Lancashire - - - Mr Thomas Porter of Erlegh, Whiteknights, Reading - - - Mr Charles Graham, of Lincolns Inn and 30 Kensington Mansions, Earls Court - - - Mr William Jameson JP of 56 Stanhope Gardens, South Kensington and formerly of Montrose, Dublin - - - Mr William Robert Masaroon JP of 15 Calverley Park, Tunbridge Wells who died at Belfast - - - Mr Anthony Forster of 6 Anglesea Terrace, St Leonards on Sea - - - Colonel John Reeve of the Grenadier Guards and late of Leadenham, Lincoln - - - Sir Edmund Grimani Hornby JP of 9 and 10 Wellswood Park, Torpuay and Lensdon Lodge Ashburton - - - Major General George Borlase Tremenheere JP FRGS of Treneere, Torquay and 13 Spring Grove, Isleworth - - - Mrs Lydia Underdown of 71 Fitzhohn's Aveneue, Hampstead '

March 13th


The Eastern Crisis - Views of Corfu

' The Palace of the King of Greece in the Town of Corfu '

' The Harbour Corfu '


' The Black Eagle Hotel Grindelwald Recently Destroyed by Fire ' ( Hotel de L'Aigle )

' Railway Station at Bognor Partly Wrecked by the Gale '

' M. Theodore Delyannis The Greek Premier '

' Mr Alfred Billson MP for Halifax '

' Dr W. J. Collins London County Council '

' The Late Rev. E. Cobham Brewer LL.D '

' Sir Frederick W. R. Fryer KCSI Lieut Governor of Burma '

' Sir Alfred Billiotti CBN KCMG British Consul in Crete '

' Captain Charles Campbell '

' A Perilous Moment by R. Caton Woodville ' a full page print from engraving - a situation with a wild boar

' The Queens Residence at Cimiez - The Excelsior Hotel Regina ' ( now the AFA International apartments )


What the Queen Sees From Her Windows at Cimiez

' Looking Eastward: The Observatory '

' Another View Towardes The East: Remains of the Ancient Romand Amphitheatre of Cimenelium '

' View Towards The North East Overlooking The Village of Falicon '


The Eastern Crisis: Scenes off Crete

' A Move in Check - Seven Miles West of Canea ' - - also pronounced Khania / Chania / Hania

' Capture of a Greek Steamer With Contraband of War on Board by the British Torpedo Boat Destroyer Bruiser '

' The Eastern Crisis - Bombardment of the Insurgent Camp on the Hills East of Canea by the Combined Fleet of thre Powers, February 21 : Scene From the Fighting Top of HMS Revenge ' wonderful doublee page with the hills beyond and the ships in the foreground

' Some of the Wounded Survivors of the Recent Massacre at Sittia Now Quartered in the Hospital at Canea '

' Mussulmans In Canea Cheering the Sultan Before Sunset Every Evening ' ..... Mussulmans = A Muslim

Fashion - ' A Blue Serge Dress ' not colour - - - ' A Brown Cloth Costume ' not colour

' On the Wild West Coast ' a wonderful full page print from engraving by Archibald Thorburn of sea birds and a seascape, Cormorants or Shags I think


The Trafford Park Estates Manchester

' Trafford Hall - Principal Front '

' Manchester Ship Canal: Barton Aqueduct '

' Portion of Trafford park Three Miles Frontage to the Bridgewater Canal '

' Trafford park and The Ship Canal: Part of theThree Miles Frontage '


A Shropshire Volunteer Trophy by Mappin Brothers

' Ellimans ' Full page advert

' Hampton and Sons ' Furniture advert

' Beethams Gycerine and Cucumber ' Advert

' Swan Fountain Pen ' advert

' Synthetic Scents - Piesse and Lubin ' advert

' New Ritter Road Skate '

' Carters Little Liver Pills ' advert

And more adverts of the day

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
'Our Notebook By James Payne '

' Home and Foreign News '

' A Fountain Sealed By Sir Walter Besant Illustrated by G. G. Burgess - Chapter XIX '

' A Literary Letter ' with mention of Mr Kipling - Mark Twain - Mr W. B. Yates and others by C.K.S.

' Ladies page by paulina Pry '

' Chess Problem by J. S. Boyd '

'Science Jottings by Andrew Wilson' with reference to Scurvy - Mirror Writing and Speech

'Wills and Bequests includes Sir William Fitzherbert of Tissington Hall Derby - - - Mr Henry Christian Lobnitz of Clarence House Renfrew Engineer and Shipbuilder - - - Mr Philop Thomas Godsal of Iscoed Park Near Whitchurch Salop - - - Mr Andrew Melville Robbins otherwise Andrew Melville of 56 Regency Square Brighton, A Theatrical Proprietor died at Swansea - - - Mr James Hopgood JP of South Side Clapham Common - - - MR Charles Crocker of 51 Friday Street EC - - - The Right Hon. James Charles Herbert Welbore Ellis Earl of Normanton of Somerley Ringwood Hants adn 22 Ennismore Gardens - - - Mr KEnneth Robert Murhcison JP DL of Brocklhurst, East Grinstead and 116 Park Street Grosvenor Square - - - General The Hon. Sir St George Gerald Foley KCB Commander of the Legion of Honour of 24 Bolton Street Piccadilly - - - General sir Rober Phayre GCB

March 27th

Queen Victoria on the French Riviera at Cimiez - Her Majesty Returning from a Drive By The Villefranche Road ' a full page view showing the royal carriage and a view of the bay and town in the distance, where HMS Cambrian is seen lying off Villefranche. An old man doffs his hat as the queen rides by


The Eastern Crisis - Greece

Greece ' Crete - Refugees on the Quayside at Canea Arriving from Kandamos' also Chanea ????? Hania Chania - full page print from a sketch by Mr Melton Prior

' Larissa in Thessaly - The Headquarters of the Greek Troops Now Mustering on the Turkish Frontier ' - also Lárisa - from a sketch by the Rev. W. Bourchier or Dourchier of HMS Hood

' Bombardment of the Insurgent Camp at Akrotiri by the combined Fleet of the Powers ' - Akrotiri in Hania Crete

' English and French Sailors Guarding the Road from Canea to Suda with a Turkish Miel Patrol in the Distance ' full page facsimile of a Sketch by "Our Special Artist Mr Melton Prior " with hand written notes within the sketch - also spelt Souda


' The Late Professor James Joseph Sylvester ' Savilian Professor of Geometry at Oxford University - Coupled with Professor Cayley " The Great Twin Brethren of Modern Algebra "

' Rear Admiral Robert H. Harris '

' Sir Hubert Jerningham KCMG the New Governor of Trinidad '


The Benin Expedition Supplement - Sketches by Mister H. C. Seppings Wright "Our Artist with The Expeditionary Force" and others - The Niger Coast Africa

' The Advance Guard - Commander Bacon of the Intelligence Department Sending Back The New of Torpedo Instructor Ansell's Death - Mister Sydney Ansell Torpedo Instructor of HMS St George ' full front page of the supplement

' The Battle of Benin "Rally Round the Admiral!" ' a wonderful double page with hand written notes by the artist within the sketch

' Fighting at Ologbo ' full page - a company of Houssas with Lieut. Fyler and Colonel Hamilton with one maxim gun firing on the village

' The Base of Operations - Warrigi ' signed by Holland and Tringham the engravers

' The Golgotha at Benin ' a full page print showing the human sacrifices of the tribe strewn about in a large open space left to decompose

' The Field Hospital - Being Defended by a Detachment of Marines with Two Max '

' In Search of Water

' Captain Campbell and His Brigade Bringing up the Rear n the Advance on the Town ' double page drawn by W. H. Overend from sketches by H. C. Seppings Wright

' Chief Dore and Three Other Natives Drawing a Rough Plan of Benin City With Matches, Paper and Cork on the Floor of the Vice Consulate at New Benin, Before the Vice Consul and Commander Bacon '

' A View of Benin from One of the Sacrifice Trees '

' A Funeral under Fire - Burial of Torpedo Instructor Ansell With Captain Campbell Heading the Service With Sailors Standing By '

' Lieutenant Robertson Defending the Rear Guard in the Final Advance on Benin City ' from a sketch by Arthur Jule Goodman an american artist

' Rescuing The Wounded From the Fire at a Temporary Hospital ' full page from a sketch by H. Burgess

' Typical Scenes on the Benin Expedition - After a Days March - - The Water Difficulty - - Boiling Water in Native Oil Drums - - Crucifixion Trees - - A Soldier Suffering from a Touch of Sun ' Full page


' Eno's Fruit Salt - Plato Meditating on Immortality Before Socrates ' advert

' The House of Commons Steeplechase at Melton Mowbray - - ~The Race from Burrough Hill - - The First Fall of the Day - - Sketch in the Paddock - - Finish of the Race - - Mr Raymon Greens Willoughby - - Mr J. Pnders Outfit - - Judge Hon. E. Chandos Leigh QC - - Brigade of Guards Race Over the First Fence ' a full page equestrian print by Ralph Cleaver

' The Inter Varsity Boat Race The Crews at Practice - Oxford and Cambridge ' full page photograph

Fashions - ' Up to Date Costume and Hat with Walking Cane ' - - - ' A Silk Brocade Tea Gown ' two fashion sketches by Picador

' Monkey Brand Brookes Soap ' full page advert with the monkey in an evening suit and top hat

' Chess Problem '

Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company of Regent Street - Jubilee Brooch plus various other brooch designs - - Bracelets - - Fine Diamond Necklace or Tiara - - Somne kind of insect brooch (looks like a fly!) - - Pendants - - and more ' advert

' Synthetic Scents by Piesse and Lubin of 2 New Bond Street London ' advert

' Sir John Bennett Standard Gold Key Chronometer ' advert

An interesting if not a little puzzling, advert ' Carr's Stamped Quality Ladder Tapes for Venetian Blinds ' advert with an article giving a notice of an injunction granted by Lord Justice Chitty to James Carr and Sons of MAnchester restraining defendants from selling under their name ......... by Learoyd James and Mellor of 12 Coleman Street London Solicitors. It shows a school master teaching a row of children with no clothes on!

' S. Sainsbury's Lavender Water '

' The Faulkner Diamond Co. Kimberley House London ' showing seventeen designs of jewellery including a bee brooch - Diamond Crescents - " Jack " name brooch - etc

' The 20th Century Cycle Lamp Company ' advert

' Allen and Hanburys Cod Liver Oil '

' Rowlands Kalydor Moisturising Preparation ' advert

' Clarke's Patent Fairy Light '

' Ozone Paper for Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis etc ' advert

' Beechams Pills ' advert

' The Hot and Cold Water Tap Invented by Lord Kelvin - The Palatine Engineering Co ' advert

' Nubian Tan paste ' advert

Plus many more adverts of the day
This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-
Our Note Book by James Payne makes reference to The Spectator - - etc

Home and Foreign News

Parliament with reference to Lord Salisbury and Lord Kimberley

Personal Column with reference to Lord Salisbury and his Influenza - - M. Georges Ohnet and The Practical Joke

A Fountain Sealed by sir Walter Besant Illustrated by H. G. Burgess - - etc

Fashion Column by Pauline Pry

The Ladies Column By Florence Fenwick Miller with reference to the address made to The Queen from the Ladies of the Empire on the Advance in the position of her own sex during her reign, with a list of the ladies who signed it. Plus other items of interest - Florence Fenwick Millar was a victorian feminist, journalist, public lecturer and educator. Involved in the suffrage movement and a promoter of women's rights and education. Also wrote columns and articles under the name of " Filomena ".

Wills and Bequests includes - Mr Edward Balme Wheatley Balme of Cote Wall, Mirfield and High Close, Loughrigg, Grasmere - - - Mr Henry Fell Pease JP DL MP for Cleveland Div of Yorks, of Brinkburn, Darlington - - - Mr John Pearson Cox JP of Nottingham - - - Mr John Brundrit JP of Runcorn Chester - - - Mr Thomas Dickson of 23 Kensington Court Gardens - - - Mrs Jane Eleanor Rodgers of Endcliffe Vale House Sheffield - - - Mr Thomas Wood JP of Bellwood near Ripon - - - Lieut. Col. Villiers La Touche Hatton of 25 Stanhope Gardens South Kensington - - - Mr John Heelis of Brown Cottage Pendleton near Manchester - - - Mr Samuel Taylor QC of 5 Hague Road Withington Manchester - - - Mr Charles Philip Colnaghi of Varuna, Sheringham Norfolk

The Abyssinian Mission

May 29th

August 14th


September 11th

September 18th



September 25th



October 2nd



October 9th



October 30th



November 6th


December 4th

The Honorary Of LL.D. Confrerred Upon The Archbishop Of Canterbury And The Lord Chief Justice At Cambridge: The Public Orator Presenting Dr. Temple For The Degree


A Great Degree Day At Cambridge
The Indian Frontier War
Golden Klondike
The NEw German Military Balloon
The Late Hon. William Owen Stanley
The Late J. B. Burgess,R.A.
Westminster Abbey The Tomb Of Kings by E.T. Murray Smith Illustrated by Herbert Railton

December 11th




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