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The Illustrated London News 1882

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1882 attempt to assasinate Queen Victoria

1882 Attempt to assasinate Queen Vicroria

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Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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The Guildhall London - Reception of Guests in the Library ' full front page print from engraving

The Crisis in Egypt

' Plan of Alexandria Harbour Showing Inner Fortifications and Position of Foreign Ships of War ..'

' Alexandria - The " Great Square " scene of the Rising Against the European Inhabitants '

' Egyptian Troops on Parade '

' Ireland - The LAte Mr Walter Bourke Assassinated at Ardrahan in Galway '

' Sardar Afzal Khan CSI - The New Cabul Envoy '

' Sheep Dog Trials at the Alexandra Palace - Bringing up the Sheep - - - Starting the Dog - - - Not in Yet (the pen) - - - A Steady Drive - - - Wont Move '

' Small Sport in India ' full page engraving from ligh hearted sketches by W. Alston possibly

' Manufacture of Opium: Crude Opium Exuding from the Green Poppy Head - - - Knife of Four Double Pointed Blades for Scratching ... - - - On of the Blades of the Knife - - - Iron Spoon for Collecting Drops of Opium '

' How I Joined the 150th - A Reminiscence Miel of the Last Century ' full page

A Day at ARles -:

' An Old Woman '

' Entrance to the Roman Cemetery '

' A Young Girl '

' Interior of the Amphitheatre '

Remains of the Roman Theatre '

' Exterior of the AMphitheatre '

' Remains of the Forum '

Full page of engravings

' Military Tournament at the Agricultural Hall at Islington - First Life Guards '

' Crisis in Egypt - The Citadel Cairo '

' Egypt - Arabi Pasha's House at Cairo '

' A Lighthouse - Eno's Fruit Salt ' advert

Weather Chart for the Week

This second part of the description features a list of items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Topics of the Week includes:

TheAutumn Session in Parliament with mention of Mr Gladstone - Mr Healy - Mr Biggar - Mr Parnell - Sir Stafford Northcote .

Fenian Armouries



Workmens Dwellings

the Metropolitan Police

Prince Bismarck's "Timber"

The Corps of Commissionaires

Pastimes in cludes the Turf - Cricket - Aquatics

Music includes -The Royal Italian Opera - - Madame Sophie Menter - - Waifs

Legal includes - Mister Commissioner Kerr - - Mr Belt the Sculptor - - Captain Doherty 's Libel Action against Mr J. Lowther MP - - Abducting a Bailiff at Sunderland

Smugglers and Smuggling by W. Wilfrid Cordeaux

New Novels include - The Martydom of Madeline by Robert Buchanan - - A Royal Amour by R. Davey - - Flattering Tales by Mr A. Egmont Hake

Manufacture of Opium


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August 5th

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Sept. 30th


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