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The Illustrated london News 1842

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No. 2 Saturday May 21st 16 pages price 6d

(one penny of this price is newsprint tax)

may 21 p1

Page one

Image : Taking the Veil at Holy Trinity, Bermondsey



may 21 p2

Page 2




may 21 p3

Page 3



may 21 p4

Page 4



may 21 page 5

Page 5

Images: 1. Waghorn's overland route from India

2. Represents the hotels of messrs Waghorn's at Suez

3. Will convey the idea of the station

4. A refreshment stop after 11 miles at a tavern specially built



page 6

Page 6

Articles: The Southend coach on fire,


page 7

Page 7

The Theatres and What's on:


page 8

Page 8

Strawberry Hill and Horace Walpole


page 9

Page 9

More Strawberry Hill and it's contents

Page 10

Page 10

A 25 year old man, tatooed like a native of New Zealand, was charged with being drunk and assaulting the police -

he was named as Moika Makoura (The tatooed spirit)

The payment of Chelsea pensioners.

The Killeagh mills in County Cork destroyed by fire


Page 11

Page 11

News from the United States


Horticulture: The Geranium




Page 12

Page 12

Literature: The voyages of Captain James Cook - parts I to VII

The handbook of needlework by Miss Lambert Murray





Page 13

Page 13


Page 14

Page 14


Page 15

Page 15


Page 16

Page 16









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