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The Illustrated London News 1942

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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January 17th

' General Hsueh Yu-Eh, Known As Little Tiger '

' A Typical Japanese Leaflet, One of Many Dropped on Honolulu '

' The Wake Island Garrison: Marines of the 47th Platoon, US Marine Corps Who Faced The First Japanese Onslaught '

' Atlantic Rescue: The Survivors of a Torpedoed Ship Rescued By a Patrolling British Warship '

' The Flag of Free France Flying Over The Governors Residence on the Island of St Pierre ' islands off Canada near Newfoundland

' The Barrage Balloons of Londons River '

' HMS Galatea Torpedoed and Sunk by a U boat in the Mediterranean '

' HMS Neptune Sunk By Enemy Mines.. Lost in The Mediterranean '

' Japanese Two Man Submarine Washed Up at Honolulu - This Strange Undersea Ship Took Part in the Japanese Surprise Raid on Pearl Harbour '

' The Island Of Tarakan, The Dutch Oil Port Off the NE Coast of Borneo Which Has Been Attacked by The Japanese '

' The New Sub Machine Carbine for Canadian Soldiers '

' A New Rifle for the British Army - the No 4 Mark I Lee-Enfield Rifle and Its Six inch Bayonet, A Comparison with The Old Type '

' Studies of the Prime Minister Addressing the Joint Session of the US Congress. Also William P. Cole Speaker Of The House - Vice President Henry A. Wallace - Senator A. w. Barkley '

' A General View Of The Senate Chamber During Mr Churchill's Historic Speech to a Joint Session of Congress '

' Mr Churchill in Ottawa - The Prime Minister Delivering His Address From The Floor of the Canadian House of Commons '

' A Tell Tale Document: A Chart of Pearl Harbour The Great US Pacific Naval Base, Marked With Hieroglyphics: They Indicate THe Anchorage of Warships and Military Establishments, Which Were Raided By Th Japanese on December 7, Before War Was Declared '

' A War Map of Invaded China, SHowing Marshal Chiang Kai Shek's Three KEy Strategic Situations Where They Contain The Japanese: In The North The Ichang Front - The Pearl River Covering Canton - The Third at Kunming Protecting The Burma Road '

Perak The Worlds Chief Tin Centre,Seized By Japan - ' A Pontoon Bridge Over The Perak River at Enggor: Enggor is on the Main Railway Line and About 20 miles North of Ipoh '

' The Perak River Looking South, At Kuala Kangsar '

' A Jungle Road Near Matang, Perak '

' Limestone Cliffs and Paddy Fields at Padang Rengas '

' The Road Over The High Pass Near Taiping ' (Now also known as Itu Aba )

' Japanese Penetration of Malaya: Main Tin Rubber Centres - Malayan Staple~Industries of Tin and Rubber, Now in Enemy Possession: A Map Showing Production Areas ' Full page

Some Trophies of Tobruk - ' The Recovery of Cyrenaica Rechristened Democracy Lane: A Notice Board in Italian and German Improved Upon by a Cheery Tank Crew, Who Have Been In the Thick of the Fighting '

Some Trophies of Tobruk - ' Indian Troops of THe Eighth Army Filing Along the Modern Motor Road Past the Ruins of Ancient Cyrene, in the Centre is the Temple of Apollo '

Some Trophies of Tobruk - ' Punjabis and Transport on a Cold But Sunny Morning at the Entrance to the Town Of Derna '

Some Trophies of Tobruk - ' Free French Blenheim Bombers of the Lorraine Squadron Commanded By Colonel Pijeaud Killed in Action '

Some Trophies of Tobruk - ' Our Two Main Commanders in the Field - Air Vice Marshal A Coningham with Lieut General N. M. Ritchie '

Cyrenaica ' The Long Trail of German and Italian Prisoners From Tobruk to Sea Transports and Prisoner Camps '

' Trophies of Victory at Tobruk: A Collection of Long Range Enemy Guns in Battered Condition '

General Rommel's Routed Army 'An Officer of the Eighth Army Surveys a German Dual Purpose 88mm Gun near El Gubbi

' An Eighth Army Officer Displays a Skull and Cross Bones Pennant Captured With The German Tank '

' Captured Italian Aircraft a Fiat G50 After Seuzure in the Desert Battle '

' Another Enemy Gun Out of Action by British Artillery, Showing a Dead Italian Gunner in the Foreground '

' Rajput Troops Manning a Captured Italian Anti Tank Gun South of Gazala '

' The Graveyard of Some German Aeroplanes: Dive Bombers Destroyed By The RAF in Libya '

' Captured Enemy Guns in th the Libyan Desert '

' Enemy Dead Among The Wreckage of an Italian Ammunition Column Caught by Shell Fire '

' German Bomb Abandoned on Dera Aerodrome '

' Damaged Enemy Aircraft on Derna Aerodrome '

' A Tank With Cupola Gone and Replaced by a Thin Armoured Shield: Rommels els Secret Weapon in the Battle of the Libyan Desert ' three views

' Maj General S. J. P. Scobell '

' Maj General D. M. W. Beak VC '

' Iraq's Boy King Visits Indian Troops: King Feisal, Accompanied By The Regent, Abdul Ilahi, Shakes Hands With The Brigadier on Arrival '

' Maj General C. F. Liardet Commander of the RAF Regiment for The Defence of Aerodromes '

' General Douglas MacArthur '

' general Wavell With Allied Chiefs Leaving Chungking Airport After VIsiting Chiang Kai-Shek '

' Mr and Lady Diana Duff Cooper in Singapore: Ordered to Return Home '

' Lieutenant Colonel Feliz Pijeaud '

' Captain T. A. Joyce died on Jan 3 '

' The Rt Hon. Nawab Sir Akbar Hydari died on Jan 8 '

' Presentation Parade in New Delhi: Lady Linlithgow Shakes Hands with the Daughter of the Late Subedar Richpal Ram VC '

' Mr Gustave Tuck '

' The Boxing Day Raid on the Lofoten Islands - A British Commando Charging Up A Steep Incline with No Cover to Seize The Sorvargen Lighthouse, Where Germans Surrendered ' Wonderful double page drawn by Captain Bryan De Grineau From a Personal Description by Mr Gordon Holman

' Russian Troops Before Tula '

Tula ' Cossack Cavalry Charging Across The Snow '

Tula 'On the Moscow Front, Red Army Guns Concealed in a Wood '

Tula ' A Dramatic Moment in One of the Numerous Tank and Infantry Battles at Tula '

Tula ' Fur Clad Russian Soldiers Line up To Receive Rewards for Gallantry '

Tula ' Cossack Soldiers Advance on Foot '

Tula ' Russian Soldiers Examing Equipment Left Behind By The Fleeing Germans '

Tula ' Retreating And Ill Equipped German Troops, Only One of Whom is Waring An Overcoat '

Tula 'German Artillerymen Trying to Extricate a Tractor and Field Gun Half Buried in the Snow '

Tula ' Once a Heavy German Tank '

' A Column of Cossack Horsemen Such as Have Been Decimating the Retreating and Desperate Germans '

' In Tula Itself: Russian Soldiers in the Reoccupied Town '

' W. R. Sickert 1884 '

' W. R. Sickert 1936 '

' Great Waste Paper Drive: More Salvage Needed for Munitions ' six photographs

' Tolstoy's House at Yasnaya Polyana in the Tula Region: A State Museum Until Its Recent Destruction by the Germans '

' The Dining Room at Yasnaya Polyana Ilst '

' Tolstoys Study and Bedroom : Showing Early Dictaphones Given Him By Edison '

' A Purple Gallinule - Porphyrio Calvus '

' The Great Courlan - Aramus Vociferus '

' Stanleys Crane - Tetraptery paradisea '

' J. Samuel White & Co Ltd Shipbuilders - The Whitecraft Fast Service Craft ' Advert

' Bovril - The Home Guard ' Full page colour advert of a bull charging a german parachutist

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

The Great World War: Defence of Our Aerodromes by Cyril Falls

Introduction to a Great Painter. "The Life and Opinions of walter Richard Sickert" by Robert Emmons. An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

January 24th

one shilling.

' Johore Bahru Capital of Johore State and Seat of the Sultan. The Causeway to Singapore is Seen at the Foot of the Photograph '

' Another View of Johore Causeway With The Penang Express Passing Along, Singapore Being Its Southern Terminus '

' Japans Thrust Towards Singapore: The Terrain in South Malaya - The Scene of Desperate Fighting and Continuous Retreats in Malayha as the Japanese Thrust Back The Hard Pressed Imperial Forces : A Relief Map of Johore State and Singapore Island ' Wonderful full page map "By courtesy of the Malayan Information Agency" with article beneath

' A March Past of a Polish Army Regiment in Russia '

' Polish Artillery in Russia, Equipment Has Been Sent by the Allies '

' Some of Poland's Cavalry Now Fighting With The Red Army '

' General Sikorski With A Polish Womens Auxiliary Unit in Russia '

Winter in Russia - ' German Infantry Surrounded by Their Dread Enemy, General Winter '

Winter in Russia - ' The Shape of Worse Things to Come: German Soldiers in Kharkov '

Winter in Russia - ' Nature's Panzer Trap: Snow and Mire on the Road of Retreat '

' Panzer Strafing From the Air: Russia's Answer to the Blitzkrieg - Low Flying Aircraft Which Have Mauled The Panzers in Russia, Methods of Attack Illustrated ' a full page sketch "Drawn by Our Special Artist G. H. Davis "

' The Invasion of Malaya By The Japanese: A Map Published in the American Weekly " Life " Which Astonishingly Foretold Every Monve on Singapore The Enemy Has Employed '

' An American Prognostication of Japanese Naval and Air Strategical Lines of Attack, With Oil The Desideratum and Showing the Allies Probable Counter Strategy: This Diagram Map Appeared in the New York " Life " in June 1941 and Accurately Forecast The Enemy Plan '

Singapore Bombed By The Japanese: The First Air Raid Pictures :-

' Singapore Bombed by The Japs: Workmen Clearing Up Raid Debris '

' The Wrecked Tower of a Heavily Bombed Building in Singapore '

' Native Workmen Clearing Away Wreckage Caused By a Heavy Bomb '

' One of the Victims Searching in the Ruins for His Lost Possessions '

' Singapore Street Scene: Tamil Labourers at Work after A Raid '

' Some of the Dwelling Houses Wrecked By The Japanese Bombers '

Gurkhas and Kukris - The Japanese Dread in the Malayan Jungle :-

' Men of the 9th Gurkha Regiment in the Malayan Jungle '

' Gurkhas Making Their Way Cautiously Along a Torrid Jungle Stream ' ' The Kukri - 16 inches Long From Butt to Blade Tip, The Notches on the Blade are Used a sSights When The Knife Is Thrown ' and sheath

' A Gurkha Officer Carrying Out an Inspection of His Mens Kukris '

The Importance of Java in the Pacific War: Its Chief Towns ' Bandoeng The Capital of Mid Preanger '

' Surabaya The Commercial Capital of the Dutch East Indies and an Important Naval Base '

' The Kali MAs ( Golden River ) Which Flows Through Surabaya '

' Batavia ( Weltevreden ) The Capital of Java and of the Dutch East Indies - The Residential Section of the City '

' Weltevreden Queen City of the East The Whole District is Like one Huge park '

Portable Landing fields For Aircraft: The US Marston Strip:-

' A Portable Aerodrome in the Making: American Engineers Laying Strips of Metal '

' Twin Engined USA Bombers Taking Off From a Portable Landing Field Composed of the Marston Strip '

' A Douglas Medium Bomber Coming to Rest on the Corrugated Metal Surface '

' An Aerial View of One of the US Portable Landing Strips '

' Famous British Aircraft: An Avro Manchester Pulverising the Dockyards at Brest - Bombs Gone! Far Below A Speeding Manchester, Smoke and Flames Belch upwards From the Naval Base At Brest ' wonderful double page "Painted By Our Special Artist C. E. Turner " in sepia style

Attack and Counter Attack in the Desert: Eastern Libya Cleared of all The Axis Troops :-

' The English Advance in the Western Desert From December 9 1940 to February 1941 From the Egyptian Border to El Agheila '

' View of a Bombardment - Probably Against Our Positions at Sollum '

' Major Bach The Senior German Officer at Halfaya '

' The Gulf of Sollum on the Libyan Egyptian Frontier: A German Aerial Photograph '

' A View of Sollum ' An aerial view

' View of Sollum With Fort Cappuzo in the Background '

' The German Italian Counter Offensive: A Map Taken From an Italian Paper and Used in Comparison with No 1 '

' German Troops on the Hills at Sollum '

' A Fortress in The Desert: A German Machine Gun Soldier in El Agheila Scans the Surrounding Country for British patrols '

' The Head of the Emperor Lucius Verus '

' A Bust of Jupiter Dating From the Fourth Century after Christ and The Bust After Restoration by Brozzi '

' The 25 Pounder in Action - A British High Velocity Gun Howitzer Which Creates Havoc Among Panzers, in Action in Libya ' a wonderful full page "Drawn by Our Special Artist Captain Bryan De Grineau " in sepia style

' Swooping Low Over St Peter Port, Guernsey, Beauforts of the RAF Bomber Command Attack Enemy Ships at Mast Height '

' Another View of St Peter Port Taken From One of the Raiding Planes and Showing Castle Pier and The Old Harbour '

Bay of Biscay ' A Bomb From an Adventurous Coastal Command Liberator Falls Alongside The Submarine Which Was Detected by The Crew '

Bay of Biscay - ' Supply Ship Seen Taking Avoiding Action '

' The Liberator and Its Significant Donald Duck Emblem '

' Further Afield The RAF Has Been Persistently Bombing Tripoli and Above are Seen Axis Troops Clearing Up Some of the Raid Wreckage '

Mr Churchill Returns Home Again: Bermuda to Plymouth by Air :-

' Mr Churchill With Mr Harry Hopkins, The Presidents Confidential Adviser, at the White House '

' The Prime Minister Addressing The Legislature at the Bermuda House of Assembly '

' At Bermuda - Mr Churchill and Lord Knollys at the British Airways Base '

' The Flying Premier at the Controls of the Bermuda Bound Berwick '

' TheEnthusiastic Scene on the Prime Ministers Arrival in London '

' Home Again: Mr Churchill With His Wife and His Daughter Diana '

' Sir Archibald Clark Kerr Appointed Ambassador to the Soviet Union '

' Sir Stafford Cripps Has Relinquished his post as Ambassador to Russia '

' Gen Sir Alan F. Hartley Commander in Chief India '

' Sir Horace Seymour Appointed Ambassador to China '

' Sir Jeremiah Colman BT Chairman of J. And J. Colman Ltd Mustard Manufacturers Died on Jan 16 '

' Major General Gordon Bennett GOC AIF in Malaya ' ' Field Marshal Von Reichenau - Said to Have Died of Apoplexy '

' Carole Lombard Has Lost Her Life in an Aeroplane Crash near Las Vegas '

' The Hon U. Saw Prime Minister fo Burma '

' Lieut. Com. A. H. Callaway in Command of the Trawler LAdy Shirley Presumed Lost '

' Mr Donald Nelson Chairman of War Production Board in America '

' Mr William S. Knudsen of The US War Department Arms Programme '

The Bristol of Today - An Artist in the Much Bombed City of Historic Memories and Mediaeval Buildings :-

' Old Bristol: The Lovely Llandoger Tavern on the Quayside. It is the Likely Spy Glass Inn of Robert Louis Stevensoins Treasure Island '

' St Bartholomew's Hospital and Christmas Steps '

' The Heart of the Much Bombed City - St Stephens And University Towers - St Nicholas Gutted - All Saints - The Tower of St Mary le Port, The Church Destroyed '

These four wonderful drawings were by Dennis Flanders printed in sepia style
' The Goose Barnacle Lepas Anatifera '
' Coronula Barnacle '

' Thornycroft 40ft Seaplane Tender ' advert

' Jaguar Car ' Advert

' Miles Aircraft - The Miles Hawk Cirrus III ' Advert

' Moss Bross ' Advert

' Dunlopillo Sleeping Bag ' Advert

' Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky ' full page colour advert
'Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles'
'The World of Science - Barnacles by W. P. Pycraft FZS'

February 21st

' Heavily Armed Infantrymen of the Red Army Almost Invisible Against The Snow in their Whit e Camouflage Make a Silent Approach to a German Position '

' Results of Germanys Clothing Appeal: Two German Soldiers Wearing a Czechoslovakian Overall and With Scarves Wound Round His Hed and (right) A Kind of Fur Trimmed Pinafore '

' A Party of red Army Guards, With Tank Support, Go Into Action '

' A detachment of White Clad Soviet Ski Troops Armed With Automatic Rifles, Receive Final Instructions Before Going into Action '

' A Group of Red Army Scouts Moving Forward Through The Snow on Light Trackdriven Vehicles '

' Behind The German Lines: Russian Paratroops, Equipped with Skis And Tommy Guns are Seen Preparing to Blow up a Railway Track '


' Macassar, Celebes - The Main Square, showing the Parish Church, The Dutch Garrison Destroyed All Military Installations Before The Japanese Landed '

' Pontianak in Borneo - This Town Fell into Japanes Hands on January 31 and It Is Thought That They Uses it as A Base to Attack Palembang '

' Manuscripts of the World Famous Russian Composer, Tchaikovsky Used by the Germans For Heating a Motor Cycle Garage '

' ANother Mark of the Beast: The Borodino Museum Now a Blackened And Gutted Ruin Following its Burning by The Germans '

' Sub Lieutenant Edgar Lee One of the Only Five Survivors of the Six Swordfishes Which Were Destroyed in the Channel Action '

' Where Tolstoy Wrote war and Peace - The Room was Converted into a Barrack Room Where Drunken Orgies Were Held Futher Evidenc of What May Be Expected From the "New Order"..'

' A World record in Shipbuilding: The Tanker " Sinclair " Undergoing Trials 100 days After Her Keel Was Laid Down '

' Little Fishing Boats of the Little Yellow Men Tied up at Stevenston, Vancouver, after Canada's Declaration of War on Japan ' craft owned by Japanese fishermen

' AMerican General Lee Tanks of a Canadian Armoured Division (The Fort Garry Horse Brought up to Date) During Exercises at a Training Camp "Somewhere in England" '

' Two Men Aboard a Raft Which Had Been Adrift for Thirty Days, Rescued By a Trawler in the Atlantic ' a " Catalina " was sent to the rescue, and directed to th escene by the aircraft, a trawler took the two men on board

' Unconcious on His frail Craft: A Chinese Seaman Just Before His Rescue by the Canadian Minesweeper " Red Deer " 160 miles off Halifax

' A Map Showing the Relative Positions of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire to South America ' small

' The Island of Aruba: Small map '

' Storage Tanks on Aruba Island - An Enemy Submarine Damaged the Refinery '

' Curacao Oil Refining Centre in the Dutch West Indies - A Drawing by A. Van Anrooy an Officiall war Artist to the Netherlands Armed Forces, Showing Refineries and Storage Tanks '

' Oil Wells and Refineries at Palembang Sumatra - the Japanese Captured This Important Oil Centre jon Feb 16 '

' Warfare on Wheels: Mechanised and Mobile Units of the Modern British Army - In The Above Drawing are Shown Many Types of Mechanised Vehicles Used By The Various Military Units ' a wonderful double page pullout "Drawn by Our Special Artist G. H. Davis '


A wonderful panoramic pullout "A Supplement To The Illustrated London News "

' The Army of Today: A Panoramic Drawing Showing The Vast Organisation Required for an Expeditionary Force (With Full Air Support) Consisting of Only Two Army Corps, and Illustrating its Component Units, Lines of Communication and Supply ' this panorama was "Drawn by Our Special Artist Captain Bryan de Grineau Who Was With THe British Expeditionary Force in France". It measures 100cm X 37cm ( 39 x 14.5 inches ) overall


' The Component Units of a British Armoured Division - An Armoured Division in Panorama: From the Advanced Reconnaissance Force to Rear Supplies ' Full page drawn by "Our Special Artist Captain Bryan de Grineau"

' The Waxwing Ampelis Garrulus ' ' The Wing of the Waxwing '

' Broadcasting Correspondent Saved Fromt he " Repulse " -Ccecil Brown on Board a Destroyer, A Columbia Broadcasting Correspondent '

' The Earl of Midleton died February 13 '

The Late ' Mr Felix Powell Composer of the Song " Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag "..'

' Don Juan Antonio Rios President of Chile '

' Professor Albert Speer '

' The First Meeting of the Pacific War Council - Mr Churchill and Sir Earle Page '

' Lieut Commander M. D. Wanklyn VC DSO RN With The Crew of HM Submarine " Upholder " on Board Which He Earned His VC '

' The Royal Humane Society's Stanhope Gold Medal for the Bravest Deed of the Year; Presented to Radio Operator Douglas S. Fairley '

' Lieut General Percival - British Commander in Chief Malaya Since 1941 '

' The Twenty Eighth VC of the War - Lieutenant (Acting Captain) Philip John Gardner of the Royal Tank Regiment, Saves The Life of a Fellow Officer '

' Admiral William Standley - New US Ambassador to Russia '

' An Aerial View of the " Normandie " on Fire at Her Moorings in New York Harbour - The Damage is Estimated at £1,025,000 '

' The Great Liner Lying on Her Side ( New York Harbour ): She Toppled Over as a Result of the Weight of Water Poured into Her Which Subsequently Froze '

' Royal Visit to the Eagle Club: the Queen Serving Coffee to an Eagle Pilot at The Eagle Club Dormitory Recently ' also with the Hon. Mrs Geoffrey Bowlby and Colonel Dermot McMorrough Kavanagh visit the American Eagle Club and The Canadian Leinster Court Club

' Her Majesty Among " The Eagles " Chatting to Members of the American Forces Who Are Doing Such Splendid Work ' Eagle Squadron of the RAF

' Famous Belgian Aviation Standard Rescued: A Belgian Pilot Officer Taking The Oath of Allegiance Wervfing With The RAF '

' Mr A. V. Alexander Opens a National Waste paper Exhibition at the Ford Showrooms, Regent St '

' U Boat Commanders Unchallenged: Germans Go Unchallenged in Philadelphia ' tow reporters of The Philadelphia Record dressed in German Uniform


Help for Russian- Ships of a British Convoy in the Frozen North

' The Guns of a Warship in a Northern Latitude at Extreme Elevation '

' The Snow Covered And Com;etely Iced Up Deck of a British Warship as it Appeared Recently When Convoying To Russia '

' Crunching Its Way THrough a Sea of Ice a British Convoy in The Arctic Seas '

' Another Picture Showing the Conditions of Intense Cold '

' The White Ensign Billows out Against A Russian Background. The Convoy in the Safety of an Allied Harbour '

' A White Mantle of Snow and ICe Enfolds a British Warship on Convoy Duty in the Far North '


A Victory for Treachery: Pearl Harbour During and After the Date Which Will Live in Infamy :-

' TheThirty Three Year Old Target Ship " Utah " After She Had Capsized in Pear Harbour Following the Treacherous Japanese Attack on December 7 '

' The USS " Oklahoma " Lying in the Mud at Pearl Harbour. The Oklahoma Was But one of the Ships Sunk By Japanese Aircraft '

' An American Destroyer Engulfed in Smoke and Flame: The USS Shaw After Receiving a Direct Hit from A Japanese Bomber '

' AN Undamaged Light Cruiser Steaming Past the USS Arizona - The Arizona Went to the Bottom Following The Attack on December 7 '

' Divers At Work on the USS Arizona Sunk on December 7, "The Date" in the Words of President Roosevelt "Which Will Live in Infamy"..'

' Another Victim of Japanese Treachery - The USS Destroyer Downes Resting on the Bottom of Pearl Harbour, Her Gun Turrets at Water Level '

' A Dramatic Picture Taken at the Exact Instant When A Japanese Bomb Found Its Target During the Attack on Pearl Harbour '

' A Tragedy in Twisted Steel: The 32,600 Ton Battleship Arizona As She Appeared After Being Sunk By Japanese Aircraft '


' Greenwich From One Tree Hill: From a Sketch Book by Samuel Hieronymus Grimm Part of Which is in The Possession of Dr John Isaacs '

' High Street Marylebone - Showing The Old Manor House Fountayne's School Where Handel Visited and Performed - from The Guildhall Library Viscount Wakefield Collection ' ' A Diagram Showing the Extent of the Apparent Shift of Eros From Which its Distance From Us Is Calculated....'


' His Excellency Ivan Maisiky - A Bronze By Jacob Epstein '

' Emperor in Exile - A Portrait in bronze oif Haile Selassie By Epstein '

' Self Portrait of Epstein in Bronze '

' ..."I Feel Like a Guinness" reply "I Wish You Were" ..' A full page Guiness GE 312E advert adapted from the original Fougasse drawing

' The Nuffield Organization Charter ' full page advert

' Haig Whisky ' Full page advert

' White Horse Whisky ' Full page colour advert

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant'

' The Great World War: The GHerman Battleships Return Home by Cyril Falls '

'The World of Science - The Waxwing by W. P. Pycraft FZS'

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles'

' Samuel Hieronymus Grimm of Burgdorf in Switzerland by Rotha Mary Clay. An Appreciation by Sir John Squire'


April 18th

' A Line of Fishing Vessels off The Danish Coast Is Seen Attempting to Cut a Way Through The Tightly Paceked Ice Floes '

' Anothe RAF Photograph Showing the Bombed Matford Works Outside Paris ..'


When The Malta Convoy Gained Port: Actual Pictures of Admiral Vian's Bold Action Against Italian Warships

' Actual Official Photographs of Rear Admiral Vians Sea Battle With Big Italian Units on MArch 22: An Enemy Bomber Trying to Evade a Destroyers Shells ..... '

' Dramatic Actual Photograph Showing TheAction in Full Swing, The SIx Forward 5.25 inch Guns of the Near By Cruiser Are Firing a Broadside At the E£nemy ...'

' A British Destroyer Emerges from a Smoke Screen As She Fires Her Torpedoes at an Enemy Ship ....'

' And The Convoy Goes on Safely to Its Destination, Malta ...'


' A Near Miss on a British Cruiser in the Mediterranean: German And Italian Aircraft Were Continualy Bombing Our Ships Out on Patrol ' - - - ' The Cruiser Sails on Unharmed: A Photograph Taken a Few Seconds Later When the Spray From the Near Miss Had Subsided '

' Vice Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten Appointed Chief of Combined Operations ']

' Admiral Vian on the Bridge of the Cruiser " Naiad " With Him is the Captain, Guy Grantham '

' King Boris of Bulgaria Visits Hitler at His Headquarters: At The Station on His Arrival '

' The Town Hall, Middelburg One of Hollands Finest Gothic Buildings, Now Destroyed by the Germans From a Water colour by James P. Power RBA '

' The Same Town Hall, Middelburg, After The Germans Wantonly Bombedc It in 1940, The Walls Standing are Merely a Swaying Mass of Masonry '


The Men of Vichy - Marshal Petain - Darlan and The Ministerial Council, Sketched From Life

' Scenes at Vichy - The Daily Communique Being Given Out To the Press in the Hotel Du Parc, The Heart of the Vichy Government of MArshal Petain '

' Evening at the Hotel Des Ambassadeurs, Reserved for The Diplomatic Corps. They Are Able To Indulge in Luxury '

' A Sitting of the Council of Ministers at The Pavillon Sevigne - Messrs Carcopino and Benoit-Mechin - Lehideux - Barthelemy - Moysset - Marshal Petain - Romier - Bergeret - Miel - Berthelot - Admiral Darlan - Charbin - Bouthillier - Pecheu - Pucheu - Admiral Platon - Caziot '

' On the First Floor of the Hoted du parc is theCabinet de Travail of the Ambitious Admiral Darlan, A Bitter Anglophobe ' sketch of the admiral

' Where the White Haired Octogenarian Marshal Petain Gives Audience to Ambassadors and Others - On the Third Floor '

From drawings by J. Simont


' A Map of Ceylon Which Island the Japanese Have Several Times Raided with Long Distanc eBombers and Been Repulsed With Heavy Losses ' small map

' The Harbour of Trincomalee Ceylon The HW of Admiral Sir Geoffrey Layton - A Picture Taken From Admiralty House '

' Tank Fighting in Libya: Modern Methods of Desert Warfare - How New Types of Tanks and Guns Have Revolutionised Battle Tactics in Desert Fighting ' full page diagramatical drawings with explanations by G. H. Davis

'Lieut General Ritchie GOC Eighth Army is Seen in the Abov ePhotograph on the Steps of the Caravan Which Serves as His Mobile HQ in the Libyan Desert '

' The General Is Seemn at Work Conning Documents inside The Caravan '

' Rommels Mobile Headquarters in Libya - According to the Germans, The Plans for the Africa Panzer Divisions are Drawn Up and DIscussed '

' General Rommel Seated on a Car in the Libyan Desert - One of the Photographs of the Commander of the German North Afrika Korps Taken From an Anemy Prisoner '

' General Rommel and Major The Rev Bach '


Tiny Malta Which Defies the Axis: The Grand harbour and Airfields

' A View of the Grand Harbour Looking From Towards its Mouth, With Fort Ricasoli; A Part of Valetta and Its Suburb Floriana '

' Another View from Valetta The Capital, With For St Elmo in the Foreground, The Grand Harbour Entrance and The Naval Hospital '

' Mikabba Aerodrome a Picture Taken By An Enemy Aviator During One of Many Raids on It '

' An Aerial View of Hal-Far Aerodrome During one of Dozens of Raids '

Malta The Gallant VC Island: ' Air View of Malta Taken From 10,000 ft, Has Recently Experienced its 2000th Alert, and Since December 4 Has Experienced Only One Raidless Day and Night in Succession '

' A Contour Map of Malta, Marking Principal Defences as Seen byt he Enemy From the North ...' ,HR>

' HMS Queen Elizabeth, Admiral Cunninghams Flagship in the Mediterranean ' a wonderful double page drawing of the battleship by C. W. E. Richardson

' Hernando Cortes From an Oil Painting in the Hospital De Jesus Nazarene Mexico City '

' A Map of a Part of Mexico Showing the Route Taken By Cortes From Vera Cruz to City of Mexico '


The Zaporozhe Dam - Germans Struggle to Repair the Damage

' High Tension Cables Near The Zaporozhe Dam in the Wilderness of the Ukraine Steppes '

' The Dnieper Pours Through The Gaping Chasm Made in the Dam by Russian Engineers, The Breach is 175 Metres Wide and The Germans Hope to Be Able to Harness The Flood '

' Here is Seen The Vast Gap in the Dam Through Which The Waters of the Dnieper Now Pour Uncontrolled '

' Workers of the Todt Organisation Have Drilled Holes in the Base of the Dam in an Attempt to Harness The Waters '

' Workers Drilling Tunnels in the Dam '

' A German Worker Poring Over Blue Prints in an Effort to Elucidate Russian Engineering Secrets '


The Royal Navy: Midshipmen Learning Their Jobs on a Destroyer in Wartime

' Midshipman n a destroyer; Leaving The Bridge After His Watch '

' Training Yet on a Destroyer for a Three Months Couse Our Midshipman, In CHarge of a Gun Crew Sights His Pom Poms '

' On the Bridge The Midshipman Receives a Message From the Signalman '

' On The Look Out Wearing His Duffell Coat and Sea Boots, " A Snotty ", His Naval Nickname '

' An Early Midshipman HRH Prince William, Later William IV '

' The Signalman Hands Over Messages to The Midshipman on Duty '

' On Watch Duty on the Bridge '

' A Midshipman Acting as Officer of the Day Saluting The Commander of a Destroyer as He Is Piped Aboard '

' Seated More or Less Comfortably on a depth Charge ' Revising

' Dinner Timne in the Ward Room With Other Officers '

' Puzzling Out a Chess Problem in the Ward Room...'

' After Three Months Hard Experience int he Destroyer the Midshipman Will Now Return to a Larger Ship of the Fleet

Seems to be the same midshipman in all photographs, from "Young Gentlemen" by Lieut Com. C. F. Walker RN - Double page


' Escaping From the Observation of a Japanese Cruiser, The SUrvivors of a British Destroyer Land on an Enemy Occupied Island i Malaya - A Drawing by Lieut. F. M. Russell Flint RN '

' British Seamen See Their Santuary Ablaze: The Scene as Witnessed and Painted By Lt. F. M. Russell Flint RN ' a wonderful full page in sepia style - more info Francis Russell Flint son of the famous William Russell Flint RA


Minbu Mud Volcanoes of Burma - the Phenomena of the Battle Area

' The Minbu Mud Volcanoes of Burma Situated on the Right Bank of the Irrawaddy - Two of the Larger Cones '

' A Close up of a Cone '

' A View of the Main Group from th South - 170 Miles South of Mandalay ' <>p> ' A Full Sized Bubble in the Crater - The Shrine in the Background is Used to Present offerings to the Local Spirits '

' Looking into One of the Craters, A Bubble is About to Rise '

' The Main Cone Showing Mud Which Has Overflown Down the Sides Not Yet Dry '

now Magway Region in Burma (Myanmar)


' HM Cruiser " Dorsetshire " of 9975 Tons - Commanded by Captain A. W. S. Agar VC At The Time of Her Sinking by Japanese Bombers '

' An Italian Cruiser of 10,000 Tons Torpedoed and Sunk By a British Submarine in the Central Mediterranean, Showing the Type of Cruiser Referred to in the Communique '

' The Aircraft Carier HMS Hermes (Captain R. F. J. Onslow ) Sunk by Enemy Air Attack Off the Coast of Ceylon '

' Miniatures at the V. and A. - Recent Acquisitions on Exhibition ' fifteen examples

Plus many adverts of the day

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant'

'The Great World War: The Coming Battles by Cyril Falls'

' Hernan Cortes: Conqueror of Mexico By Salvador De Madariaga - AN Appreciation by Sir John Squire

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

The Illustrated London News - Centenary Year 1942

On Saturday May 14th 1842 the very First edition of The Illustrated News was published

On May 16th 1942 the Centennary edition was published. Because of Wartime restrictions this edition was a low key, lightweight publication but with a promise of something more lavish to come when wartime restrictions were over.

Although lightweight in comparison to its 90th anniversary issue in 1932, nevertheless it contained snippets from the very first edition and historical comment by Arthur Bryant.

CENTENARY Celebrations of the centenary of the Illustrated London News in 1942 were curtailed by the fact that Britain was once more at war and there were paper restrictions in force: the price went up from 1/-- to 1/6d between 1939 and 1942 (vols. 194-207).

The offices of the ILN were also damaged in the bombing of London. The paper’s war artist, Bryan De Grineau, was honoured by the appointment of official War Artist and there was once again a comprehensive coverage of events.

Cyril Falls, the historian, provided a valued blow-by-blow analysis of events as they occurred. Advertisements in the ILN evinced a suitably martial tone, with slogans like ‘How to win your war of nerves’ (Sanatagon) and ‘Viyella For Service’ (Viyella shirts).

Masthead of ILN Centennary 1942

May 16th

  • Front Cover ads Paripan enamel, Meet me at Fortnums, Gaymers Cyder, Grants Scotch Whisky, Greys cigarettes, Paddy whisky, Ardente hearing aids, Euthymol toothpaste and fially Drambuie
  • inside FC ads "What sort of people does he think we are" Avon tyres save rubber, The Nuffield Organisation
  • Frontispiece The founder of the magazine, Herbert Ingram was considered a great benefactor of his native town, Boston , Lincolnshire to whom the townsfolk erected a statue in 1862 outsde the famous Boston "Stump"

    Statue of Herbert Ingram outside the Boston

  • Our Note Book by Bryant Evans: a 2 page article including 4 photos of different generations of the Ingram family about the History of the Illustrated London News

    To Our Readers
    This issue marks the hundreth anniversary of the Illustrated London News. It had been our intention to celebrate this important occasion with one at least of the elaborate and exhaustive Special Numbers for which the Illustrated News has become famous. All the plans were laid before the war, and we have no hesitation in saying the the special number would have been one of the most important ever produced. But, unfortunately, paper restrictions have stepped in, and are good intentions have perforce come to naught.
    So, till the war is over, this special number must remain in abeyance. When conditions become normal once again, we shall, we trust, make up for the delay by the publication of a record worthy of the centenary of the first illustrated newspaper.

  • 2 pages of Daguerrotypes (first photos) taken from the Duke of Yorks ColumnThe very first edition, May 14th, 1842 A Panorama of London looking North More... The very first edition, May 14th, 1842 A Panorama of London looking South

  • 2 pages of The City of London 1942 the pictorial side of the damaged Metropolis including 5 photos
  • 1 page The Great centenary The Story of the Illustrated London Newsengraving of herbert Ingrams statue 1842The unveiling in 1862 the statue to Herbert Ingram

  • From the First Issue of The ILN of 1842 a full page of nine drawings/engravings showing life in 1842
  • The Great World War: One Hundred years of Warfare, a full page pics of Famous London News War artists, Edward Goodall, Constantine Guys, and 11 other pics with commentary
  • Personalities of the Week in 1942, Admiral Leary and Marshall Petain, LT Gen Willoughby Norrie, etc full page 9 pics
  • A Literary Centenary , an appreciation of the Great writers who had contributed to the Illustrated London News during 100 years, by Sir John Squire. a full page of comment and 17 portrait pics including Robert Louis Stevenson, Thomas Hardy, Hall Caine, Wilkie Collins et al.
  • Full colour Photo of George V1 in Naval Uniform
  • To commemorate "The Illustrated News Centenary : Their majesties in natural colour (King, Queen and the 2 Princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret) a middle page spread of 5 colour photos
  • A full page colour photo of "Conversation Piece" of the Royal Family (princess Elizabeth is knitting by the fire
  • Convoy Drama in the Mediterranean - enemy bomb freighter, 1 page 7 pics
  • Russia 1942 The melting snows herald the opening of gargantuan battles with German invaders, Soviet women guerillas - T Balavenskya of Tuchkovo detachment, 2 pages 11 pics
  • RAF precision bombing, The F.W. 190, naval and RAF regiments, 1 page , 7 pics
  • Vichy French surrender in Madagascar after severe fighting, 1 page , 3 pics and a map
  • Camera Occasions:current events on Land and sea, hms Edinburgh, new type pack for us marines, etc, 1 page, 7 pics
  • The battle of the Coral sea - Japanese invaders repulsed, 1 page, 4 pics and map
  • American Warship design, consideration of speed and range in relation to naval strategy, 1 page, 8 pics
  • How allied pilots recognise Japanese warships from the air, 1 page showing all chinese ttype of ships in silhouette from above.
  • The King and Queen make a 1000 mile tour of the west country, 1 page, 6 pics
  • ads Reynolds Tube Co., Austin Reed for Uniforms, National savings - Mrs Venning
  • ads Ilford Micro copying, Moss Bros for Uniforms, The British Power Boat company, Guy Motors (wartime ideas to assist production)
  • ads inside back cover Forhans tootpaste for Pyorrhoea, Vita Wheat crispBread, The Yorkshire post, Eclipse razor blades, Viyella, Chubb, Macdonalds cigarettes, Wardonia razor blades, Will Rose Happy snap shots
  • ads back cover KLG spark plugs, Old Angus scotch whisky, Dobies Four Square cigarettes, Sportex Scotlands hardest woven cloth

    June 20th

    July 4th

    sixteen page issue (32 sides) price one shilling and sixpence and features prints of sketches and photographs (often with descriptive articles) including : Those with Images :-



    September 5th

    Plus two other photographs - Full page

    ' General Zhukov Commander of Russiann Forces '

    ' General Koniev Hero of Kalinin '

    ' Rzhev on the Upper Volga ...'

    ' On The Outskirts of Rzhev - A Blazing Ruin '

    ' Stanlingrads Tractor Works - Panoramic View '

    ' View of Stalingrad Including the Railway Station ...'

    ' Residential Area of Stalingrad Showing Workmens Flats etc ...'

    ' A Square in Stalingrad ' .

    ' The Harbour at Novorossisk '

    Double page

    British And American Bombing Attacks

    ' Thje Tank Factory at Gien Before the RAF Raid '

    ' Gien Factory in Occupied France Taken From an RAF Reconnaissance Aircraft Before the Bombing '

    ' After the Raid at Gien ...'

    ' Abbeville Aerodrome - Flying Fortresse of the US Army Air Force Attacking ...'

    ' Bombs Bursting on the Runway at Abbeville Aerodrome ' the aerodrome is in the Picardie region northern France

    ' Osnabruck - The Inland Harbour Area Before the Raid on 17 August ...'

    ' Osnabruck - Same Area After The Attack ...'

    ' The Devasted Town of Mainz '

    Double page of Aerial Views

    ' Map Showing the Salient Affected - General Zhukovs Miel Offensive Drive on the Russian Front ' small map

    ' Chinese Victory over the Japanese at Chuhsien - Map of the area ...' small map

    ' Map - Battle Area of the Solomon Islands ' small map

    ' Diagrammatic Drawing of The British 25 Pounder Gun ' wonderful page of drawings by G. H. Davis

    The Six Pounder Gun in Action in the Desert - Five Photographs of soldiers operating the gun

    Rommel Launches a New Attack at El Hemeimat

    ' HQ of a British Battalion on the Edge of the Qattara Depression ...'

    ' A british Crew of a Bofors Gun in Action at El Hemeimat ...'

    ' Two British Patrol Armoured Cars on the Qattara Depression ...'

    ' A Honey Tank of a Hussar Motorised Regiment ...'

    ' Preparing Early Morning Tea ...'

    Plus eight more photographs of troops by The Qattara Depression on a double page - in sepia style

    ' The Short Sunderland Flying Boat of the RAF Coastal Command ' a wonderful double page sepia style drawing by "Our Special Artist C. E. Turner" ...'

    Exploits of The VC Submarine HMS Torbay

    ' In Mediterranean Waters in Gales And High Seas '

    ' Action with an Armed German petrol Carrier ...'

    ' The Dare Devil Exploits of Commander Miers Torbay - Two Enemy Mine Sweepers Her Victims ...'

    ' Off Cap Bianca near Corfu - HMS Torbay Sighted an Enemy Convoy ...'

    ' In Corfu Harbour ...'

    ' Enemy Supply Ships Sunk in Corfu Harbour ...'

    ' Action in Corfu HArbour ...'

    Double page of Sepia style drawings by C. E. Turner with description by Commander Miers VC

    German Propaganda Phtographs - The Dieppe Raid

    ' Tanks on the Dieppe Beach ...'

    ' On The Dieppe Beaches '

    ' One of the 28 British American Tanks Disabled at Dieppe ...'

    ' Two Exhausted German Soldiers Takin gRefreshment ...'

    '..."Tired, Battle Weary and Disconsolate Brityish Soldiers See The Raid Collapse ...'

    Full page

    The Flying Fortress

    ' The Front Gunner in the Glass Nose Cabin ./..'

    ' Dropping Sticks of Bombs at a Height of Three Miles ...'

    ' Upper Gun Turret - In Flight '

    ' Through The Open Doors of the Flying Fortress - A Direct Hit Can Be Seen ...'

    ' TheWaist Gunners firing Through the Open Hatches in The Fuselage ...'

    ' The Stinger Turret in the Tail - Teh Gunner Can Be Seen Behind the SIghting Apparatus ...'

    Full page

    ' Special of Fungi on Cultivated Cereals ...'

    ' Specimans of Wheat Gathered From One Field ...'

    ' ERgot Claviceps purpurea on Cultivated Rye ...'

    ' The Qattara Depression - A Salt Lake InEgypts Natural Defence Zone '

    ' Sparse Desert Weeds Exist on The Qattara Depression ' two photographs

    The Royal Photographic Society Exhibition - Interesting Photographs

    ' Achievement by H. T. Morris ARPS - two birds and two eggs '

    ' Great Expectations by Bertram Hutchings FRPS - Two Chicks '

    ' Action by F. J. Mortimer CBE FRPS - On Board Ship '

    ' The Autocrat by P. Lewis Young ARPS - a Cat '

    Double page of sepia photographs

    Personalities and Events of the Week

    ' Lieutenant John Lowther RNVT Killed in a Flying Accident in Which The Duke of Kent Was Killed '

    ' Pilot Officer Strutt Son of Lord Belper Also Killed in the Crash ...'

    ' Dr Julian S. Huxley Resigns fro Zoological Society ...'

    ' The Late Mr L. Hannen of Christie Manson and Woods '

    ' The Ex Prime Minister of Iraq Raschid Ali El Gailani Greets Ribbentrop '

    ' Ilya Ehrenburg The Popular Russian Writer and Journalist with Red Army Men at The Front ...'

    ' Lord Moyne '

    ' General The Hon. Sir Harold Alexander and Lieutenant General Montgomery ...'

    ' Major General R. L. McCreery CIGS in Middle East ...'

    Full page

    ' Vitabuoy Life Saving Coat ' advert

    ' Tube Investments ' advert showing men loading coal into a boiler on a ship - drawn by F. Exell

    ' German Fighter Pilot Bales Out of an FW 190 - Diagrammatical Drawings by G. H. Davis in Sepia Style ' Full page

    ' Johnnie Walker Whisky ' - Full page advert

    The Schermuty Pistol Rocket ' advert

    - © (copyright) - Sleekburn Prints 2004 - 2007

    This second part of the description features items of news but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

    Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

    The Great World War:The Russian Achievement by Cyril Falls

    The World of Science. Wheat Fields by E. S. Grew'

    Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

    September 19th

    September 26th ' A British Soldier Examines one of the German Tracked Motor Cycle Vehicles' ' Track and Superstructure Were Blasted off TheChassis of this German Tank ' ' An Abandoned German 88mm Gun with Its Heavy Thwing Vehicle ' Plus seven other photographs of the wreckage, on a double page
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------' On Sept 1 in a Night Raid, Australians at El Eisa Captured an Important Positions and 100 Dishevelled Germans ' ' General Alexander The New C in C Middle East, Tours the Battle front With His Deputy Chief ' ' New Zealanders Examine a Sticky Bomb Which Glues Itself to an Enemy Tank and Explodes ' ' A Mines Eye Detector Used to Locate Land Mines ' ' Sappers at Work inthe Desert With a Sound Detector for Mines ' ' A Padre Holds a Holy Communion Service for the Wounded in a Middle East Hospital Tent ' ' A Wounded Man Receiving Holy Communion in a Hospital Tent in the Middle East, with Nursing Sisters in Attendance' ' The Deserted Village 1942 - A Scene in East Anglia ' full page sketch by Captain Bryan de Grineau ' A Map of MAdagascar, With Antananarivo ' small ' A View of the Presidency, Antananarivo, Residence of the Vichy Governor General M. Annet ' ' A View of the Capital, Antananarivo, With The Market Place in Foreground ' ' Timoshenko's Heroic Defence of Stalingrad ' small map
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tank Landing Craft - Assault Material Landed And Reshipped ' A Bofors AA Gun Being Loaded From a Beach n to Tank Landing Craft ' ' A bulldozer Backing on to a Tank Landing Craft ' ' A Churchill Tank On Battle Manoeuvres ' ' A Churchill tank Landed From the Landing Craft, Moves off At Speed ' ' A Bofors AA Gun Being Hauled Along a Beach Towards The Landing Craft ' ' Loading Up The Churchill '
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Malta The Island Fortress of Heroism, Receives Her George Cross ' Chief Confer: Vice Admiral R. Leatham - Maj. Gen C. T. Beckett OC RA - Air Vice Mar. K. R. Park RAF ' ' Sir George Borg Chief Justice of Malta on Behalf of the Island Formally Accepting From Viscount Gort VC, The Governor, The Case Containing The George Cross and The Kings personal Letter ' ' The George Cross in its Case, With The Autograph Award in the Kings Own Handwriting ' ' The Scene in Palace Square, Valetta on September 13 Before the Ruined Palace, during The Ceremony of Presentation of the George Cross, received for The People of Malta By the Chief Justice Who Said "This Cherished Treasure Will be Handed Down to Posterity"..' ' The Commissioner of Police, Malta, Preceded By Two Police Officers, Carrying the Precious Case from THe Palace into the Square ' ' The Playing of the National Anthem After The Ceremony Was Completed, While The Guard of Honour Before The Ruined Palace Present Arms '
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------' Two US Sailors Have A Grand Stand View of the Burning Transport Ship Wakefield Formerly The Liner Manhattan ' ' Calmly They Await Rescue: Life Belted Passengers and Mambers of the Crew of the Wakefield Gathered on the Aft Decks ' ' President Roosevelt Refuses to Touch The Japanese Flag - It Was Captured During the Raid on Makin Island ' ' American paratroops Adopt a New Sub Machine Gun - A US Marine Paragtrooper Takes Aim With The Reising Sub Machine Gun ' ' HM Destroyer Zulu - This Ship Together With the Destroyer SIkh was Lost During The Combined Operations Raid on Tobruk ' ' The Flying Boat Clare - Lost, Not by Enemy Action, During a Flight From West Africa to the United Kindom ' carrying thirteen passengers and a crew of six
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------German And Soviet Photographs fronm Various Battle Zones ' Barges Drawn up at a Landing Place on the Banks o fthe Volga nare Stalingrad ' ' A German Tank Operating From a Partially Dug in Position South West o fKaluga, Where Russian Resistance HAs Been Tough ' ' A German Machine Gunner Keeping Watch Over the Volga From a Position on the High West Bank of thre River, To Which Von Bock's Forces have Penetrated at Some Points Near Stalingrad ' ' Seated ont he Brink of Their Own Grave, Russian Civilians Are Shot in the Back by a German Firing Squad - The Picture Radioed From Moscow Was Found on the Body of a German Officer ' ' A Picture of Camouflaged German Tanks Advancing Across a Flower Strewn Meadown During the Fighting in Southern Russia ' ' A German Tank Advancing Across Ground in the Stalingrad Battle Zone - In The Background, Smoke can Be Seen Rising From Areas of Fighting in the Outskirts of the Town ' ' Their Homes Destroyed by the Invaders, These Russians, Whose Village Has Been Liberated By Soviet Forces Attacking North West of Moscow, Have Taken Up Residence in a German Dug Out ' ' A Scene on the Once Peaceful Volga - A Bulak Tows a Miel Fishing Boat Along a Quiet Stretch of the River ' ' Flames and Smoke Rise From the Shattered Buildings of Stalingrad ' aerial photograph taken by the Luftwaffe ' Russians Were Forced to LEave these Damaged Guns and Vehicles by the Roadside Where They HAd Been Attacked by Stukas ' ' The Heavy Losses Inflicted by Von Bock's Armies Have Led to the Improvisation of Empty Ammunition Carts as Mobile Dispensaries ' ' German Weapons Turned Against Their Own Men, Tanks Captured By The Russians '
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------' The Continent of Australia - Japans Main Objective in the Pacific: The Vast Dominion of Australia, Seen in Perspective, With The Crescent of Japanese occupied Islands Which Threaten It From The North ' a wonderful double page map by G. F. Morrell in sepia tone
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Last Hours of the " Yorktown " Sunk off Midway Island ' SMoke Pours From The US Aircraft Carrier Yorktown H8it By Japanese Aircraft in the Battle of Midway Island ' ' The Crew of theYorktown Slide Down Ropes and LAdders to Small Boats, Which Transferred Them to a Destroyer and Other Vessels ' ' Walking Cautiously Along the Sloping Deck of the Listing Ship, Members of the Crew Inspect Damage Caused By Japanese Bombs ' ' Destroyers Stand by to Rescue the Crew of the Heavily Listing Aircraft Carrier ' ' A Small Salvage Crew ant Two Aircraft Were The Only Occupants of theYorktown When This Picture Was Taken From A Nearby Ship ' ' AN Injured Seaman of the Yorktown Being Transfered to a Rescue Ship by Breeches Buoy. Later the Yorktown Capsized and Sank '
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Personalities and Events of the Week ' Commander E. P. Tomkinson in Command of the Submarine Urge Presumed Lost ' ' Lady Macrobert's New Gift to the RAF - Lady Macrobert Who Has Given Four Hurrican Fighters to the Middle East Command ' - more info... she lost three sons on flying operations ' General Von Kleist - Moscow Claims The Death ' ' Dr S. A. Neave - Hon Sec of the Zoological Society ' ' King Peter of Yugoslavie Prays for His People - A Scene in Westminster Abbey ' ' Freeman of Portsmouth: Admiral Sir William James Receives The Casket From the Lord Mayor ' ' After Lord Gowrie VC had Decorated Lieut Cutler with The Victoria Cross ' ' Sergt. Murray Smythe VC Congratulated: Major General Dan Peinaar Shakes Hands With Sergt Mujrray Smythe of the Royal Natal Carabineers ' ' Rival French Leaders Join De Gaulle: M. Charles Vallin And M. Pierre Brossolette in London '
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------' Maleme Aerodrome Crete After The German Invasion With Air Borne Troops - Many of the JU 52s To be Seen on the Ground Were Crash Landed ' aerial photograph ' The Designer of the Spitfire - The Late R. J. Mitchell CBE, A Painting by Mr Frank Beresford Now Hung at the United Nations Exhibition at Dorland Hall, Regent Street '
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Royal Marines Training ' Royal Marines, Training at A Battle School in the West Country, Launch An Attack on a Cliff Top Stron gPoint During Exercises ' ' Carrying Full 'battle Equipment and Under Fire The Marines Haul Themselves up a Steep Cliff by Means of a Rope ' ' Tommy gun Bullet and Live Hand Grenades Greet an Attacking Party Wading Ashore from a Landing Craft in A Battle Exercise ' ' Wading Through TheSwirling Water ' ' A Bomb Burstin in the Water Behind Them ' Photographs taken at a Royal Marines Battle training school in the West Country
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------US Troops Learn to Swim Through Seas of Blazing Oil ' An American Soldier Prepares to Leap From a 20ft Platform into a Floating Inferno of Blazing Oil - Part of Training Against U Boat Attack ' ' Fully Clothed He Jumps Feet First into The Flames ' ' He Enters The Water With Arms Drawn Back in Readiness to Protect Himself by Splashing Water on to the Floating Flames ' ' Splashing the Flames as They Swim the Troops Forge their Way through the Blazing Barrier '
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------A Truimph of Naval Ship Building - Losses More Than Replaced ' A Diagram of British Naval Losses Since The Outbreak of War, From Capital Ships to Submarines ' full page drawn by C. W. E. Richardson
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scenes From the Life of British War Prisoners in Germany Two Sketches by Lieut J. F. Watton A British Prisoner of War Showing one of the Games Played by Our Men in Oflag IVc - English Stool Ball ' two sketches ' The Dentists Chair In Oflag IVc - Judging by the Agony Expressed by The Pitients Hans, The Operation is a Major One ' ' Train Jumpers - A Means of Escape Frequently Practised by Our Prisoners of War and Admirably Sketched by Lieut Watton ' ' Changing Rooms in the Camp - A Rolled AMttress Does Duty as an Improvised Tent ' ' An Aerial Drawing of the Interior of a Bedroom in the New British Quarters in Oflag IVc '
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Portraits of War Prisoners in Oflag IVc by Lt. J. F. Watton ' Captain H. Vernon Olver Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry ' ' F. Lt. H. N. Fowler RAF Hurrican Pilot ' ' 2nd Lieut R. H. D. Colt The Black Watch ' ' Captain D. J. Rogers RE A Well Known Mining Engineer ' ' Howard Gee A Civilian Soldier of Fortune ' ' Flying Officer F. D. Middleton RAF Second Pilot of Hampden Bomber ' ' Flying Officer P. D. Tunstall RAF A Hampden Bomber Pilot ' ' Lieut A. M. Sinclair 60th Rifles ' ' Abbe Paul Jeanjean 2nd Lieut 403 RADCA ' ' Com. D. Van Doorninck Royal Dutch Navy ' ' Captain K. Lockwood The Queens Royal Regiment ' ' Pte. George Wallace Gordon Highlanders ' ' Major W. F. Anderson Royal Engineers ' ' Squadron Leader W. B. Stephenson Royal Air Force ' ' Lieut Col. Edward Czuruk Ex Vice Commandant, Warsaw ' ' General T. Piskor Kawaler Krzyza Virtuti Militari '
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------' A View Taken in the Clarendon Laboratory Valut showing The Large Telescope ' ' The Weighing instrument in Position ' ' Professor C. Vernon Boys' Apparatus for Determining The Constant of Gravitional Attraction ' ' Samuel White Isle of Wight Boat Builders ' ' White Horse Whisky ' full page colour advert --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
    'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant' ' Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles' 'The Great World War: The Position of Madagascar by Cyril Falls' ' Air Superiority The Deciding Factor. "Victory Through Air Power" By Major Alexander Seversky. An Appreciation by Sir John Squire' 'The World of Science - Weighing The Earth by W. P. Pycraft FZS'
    October 3rd
    Number 2893 - Volume 111
  • ' A close Up of the Rammed Cobalto Showing some of the Crew Scrambling For the Bows Which Are Still Above Water '

    ' The Last of the Submarine - Only One Man Remains on Board, And He Dived at The Same Moment as the Doomed Ship '

    Full page

    ' Four Thousand Five Hundred Aircraft - A Vast Model Armada in Chicago Railway Station Provides a Visual Symbol of America's Huge Aircraft Production Aimed at a Total of 185,000 by the End of 1943 ' Full page

    ' British Airborne Troops Boarding a Hotspur Glider During Training at An RAF Station in this Country '

    ' Fully Equipped Airborne Troops Seated in a Hotspur Glider '

    ' Tractor Planes To Which The Gliders are Attached By Long Tow Ropes, With Their Charges Above the Clouds Before Casting Off '

    ' A Row of Hotspurs - RAF Instructors in the Cockpits are Conducting Lessons for the Men Who Will Fly in the Gliders '

    ' The Pilot of A Hotspur Seated in the Cockpit, The Hood of Which Is Hinged Back and Behind Him is One of the Airborne Troops '

    The German Invasion tide Laps The Caucasus Barrier: A Model of the Main Features as Seen From the Line of Enemy Approaqch '

    ' A Key to the Big Model Design by N. Bel Geddes - the German Advance from Maikop Oilfield Towards Grozny '

    ' A Photograph of the Grim and Forbidding Daryal Gorge with the River Terek '

    ' Drawings Which Show Some But By No Means All of the Multifarious Duties in Which The British Infantryman is Trained to Fit Him For the Exigencies of Modern Warfare ' wonderful double page "Drawn by Our Special Artist Bryan De Grineau " in sepia tone

    ' The Recent Small Scale Commando Raid on Sark - A Map of the Channel Islands Showing Alderney, The Most Northerly and d Also Their Situation off the Normandy Coast '

    Infantrymen - Scots Guards
    ' A Platoon of Infantrymen with Their Equipment and Army Truck - a Battalion of The Scots Guards '

    ' A Line of the Battalions Bren Carriers and Crews Drawn Up on Parade '

    ' Some of the Many Weapons used by the Battalion '

    ' The Battalion Has Its Own Motor Cycle Regimental Police ' ' TheBattalion Motor Transport wth the Motor Cyclists in the Foreground '


    The Men of Stalingrad - Glum German Troops and Sturdy Soviet Reserves

    ' Young German infantry Led into Battle at Stalingrad '

    ' Here are Soviet Reserves in Close Formation also Moving Up to The Battle Front, A Sturdy Battalion of Well Equipped Men '

    ' On the Outskirts of Straggling Stalingrad: German Troops Moving In and OUt of the Firing Line '

    ' Inside The City Itself: A Radio Picture of a Soviet Armoured Car, patrolling an Area of Conflict '

    ' An Enemy Machine Gun Post in a Suburb of Stalingrad, Protected by a Shallow Ditch '

    ' A Nazi Tank Wedged in a Gateway in Stalingrads Suburbs '

    ' A German Airmans Aerial View of the City With Bombs Bursting and Fires Raging in the Dock Area - Beyond Lies The Volga and Sarpinsky Island '

    ' Another View of the South of Stalingrad - Bombs Bursting on Armament Plants and Supply Depots '

    ' Taken From Considerable Height - The Dock Area, Beyond Lies arpinsky Island and The Volga '

    ' A German Bomb Released Falls inthe Southern Sector, The Centre of the City, its Most Congested Area '

    Double page


    ' Epic of Stalingrad ' Double page - a battle street scene showing a tangle of men horses equipment etc., in sepia tone - an atmopspheric scene drawn by Terence T. Cuneo the famous artist


    The Possibilities of a Majestic Post War London

    ' St pauls Cathedral Viewd from the West, The Plans Prepared by Sir Edwin Lutyens Committee Project a Cleared Space Around the Cathedral ...'

    ' Hyde Park Corner - A Majestic Sweep of Roundabout Traffic ..'

    ' Covent Garden transformed into a National Entertaqinment Centre - A New Opera House is Shown North etc...' ' St Pauls From The River, A New Vista is Opened to the South, A Wid Avenue with Grass Centre '


    ' A Chinese Aerodrome in the Making: Thousands of Coolies, Using Plaited Baskets as Transport, Are Employed for Levelling The Ground '

    ' An RAF Aerodrome in the Making: A Section of 50 Yards Wire Runway Receiving a Surface of Concrete '

    ' TheAmerican Heavy Cruiser " Astoria " Sunk During the Occupation of the Solomons '

    ' The US Cruiser Quincy Sunk on August 9 '

    ' The Vincennes The Third of the Heavy Cruisers To Be Sunk off The Solomons '

    The Prime Moinister Giving the Victory Sign on Board a Warship During his Visit to the Fleet Somewhere in Scotland '

    ' The Prime Minister on the Quarter Deck of a Battleship With Him Are Admiral sir John Tovey KCB Etc and Sir Stafford Cripps '

    ' Details of theNEw German Explosive Incendiary Bomb - Explanatory Drawings Showing How the Bomb is Constructed and The Proper Methods of Tackling It ' Full page by G. H. Davis

    Pages from a note book belonging to a sailor off The " Repulse " which later sank

    ' The Prince of Wales (ship) Arriving at Singapore '

    ' A Gurkha in Malaya '

    ' Chinese Art and The Generalissimo's Calligraphy on Exhibition ' Full page

    ' Potentialities of Mass Production of Flying Boats as Troop Carriers and Heavy Freighter Air Planes - A 70 Ton Air Freighter with a Cargo Capacity of 1000 Tons a Yea on a 12000 Miles Route, Could Be Used to Replace Sea Borne Traffice adn Release Warships from Convoy Duty ' a double page diagramatical drawing by G. H. Davis

    ' The Evidenc That The Germans Are Deproting British Subjects in the Channel Islands to Germany - The German Proclamation Seized by Our Raiding Party '

    ' The German Notices Written in English And German Appeared in Recent Issues of Channel Islands Newspapers '

    ' Burnt Out From Bomb Doors to rear Turret - A Wellington Returns from a Raid n Bremen '

    ' More Italian Prisoners Arrive in Britain From The Middle East: Officers and Men Disembark '

    ' Mr Justice Pilcher New Judge Probate, divorce And Admiralty in the High Court '

    ' Our Former Ambassador in Tokyo Arrives Home: Sir Robert and Lady Craigie at Liverpool '

    ' The First American to win the MM in this War - Corporal Franklin M. Koons of The Rangers '

    ' The Home Made Epidiascope in Use Showing How Spectators AMy Collectively See One Photograph or an Illustration Cut From a Periodical in Enlarged Form - This Method is of particular Value to Aeroplane Spotters and Others '

    ' How To Make an Epidiascope - Working Details for the Construction of the Apparatus Shown in Use Above '

    ' A Desert Locust ' - - - ' A Vast Swarm of Locust Which Passed Over Gilgil Kenya '

    The Hopper Grasshopper '

    ' Johnnie Walker Whisky ' full page colour advert

    December 26th

    'The Heir Presumptive to The Throne: HRH Princess Elizabeth' age 16 wearing the insignia of the Grenadier Guards.

    Views of Misurata and Tripoli - 'Misurata, Tripolitania - The Market Square, 300 Miles West of el Agheila and May Possibly See Rommel's Next Stand' - - - 'The Town of Misurata Seen from The Oasis: The First Position. Protected By Wadis and a Salt Marsh, Suitable For a sustained Defence' - - - 'Three Views of Tripoli - the Promenade - Teh War Memorial - The Waterfront' - - - 'Tripoli - the Mosque and Bazaar, The Grand Hotel, The Governors Palace - Rommels Main Object at Present is to Reach It and deny Us The Use of This Important Port'

    'Tripoli: An Aerial View Showing The Hipodrome, Used As an Airport by The Axis, The Whole ARea has Been Extrensively Bombed'

    'An Aerial View of The Port of Tripoli. Axis Convoys Have Been Prevented From Getting to Tripoli'

    'Booby Traps Left by Rommel's Army Retreating Through Libya Included Trick Steel Helmets, show'

    'This Sign Directed Rommel's troops to a German Hospital which, According to One of our Wags, I Now "Under New Management"..'

    'A Line of Hurricane II Fighters of the RAF'

    Rommels Retreat 'An NCO Sapper in Charge of One of our Mine Clearance parties is Seen Cutting the Trip Wire at Rhe Edge of a Minefield' - - - Booby Traps Taking Many Strange Forms' (below)

    'General Alexander C in C The Middle East Forces, Seen Driving His Own Jeep During a Visit To Benghaze After Our Reoccupation of the Town'

    This Picture of Rommel Drinking to Victory at Alamein Was Found On a German Prisoner, One of Thousands Distributed to Axis Troops'

    'A Traffic Cop on Duty During The Eighth Armys Advance. Behind Him is a Batch of Desert Signposts'

    'Water is Another Major Factor in Desert Warfare. The Royal Navy Delivered 33000 Barrels of water at Sollum'

    'Most of the 44 Gallon Water Barrels Were Delivered at Sollum By Tank Landing Craft'

    'Llast Phases of Japans Foothold in Papua: A Map of Buna and Environs'

    'The Line of Rommels Retreat From El Agheila Towards Tripola' A Map of the Terrain Indicating Wadis Which May Obstruct The Pursuing Eighth Army'

    'Parachutes Litter the Ground After a Capture of a Tunisian Airfield. Allied Paratroops Assembling in the Foreground'

    'Moving Up to The Front in Tunisia: Mule and Camel Transport passing Through The Rocky and Barren Country'

    'Germans Fire on Their Own Wounded: Prisoners Carry Their Badly Hurt Comrade Out of the Ambulance. The Driver Was Killed'

    'Units of a German And Italian Motor Convoy After They Had Been Shot Up By Our Fighter Planes in Tunisia'

    'Guarded By French and AmericanTroops, Axis Prisoners Are Marched Back to Base at The End of a Days Fighting'

    'Interrogating Prisoners Captured in Tunisia: Major Yarborough, French Liaison Officer With Advanced US Forces, Questions Two German Prisoners'

    Tunis 'A Contour Map Showing The Capital of Tunisia, Its Approaches, Roads, Harbour and Surrounding Terrain' Full page

    Bizerta 'An Air View Map of Bizerta, Key Point of Air Attacks on Sardinia and Sicily' Full page Drawn by "Our Special Artist G. H. Davis"

    'Herring Bone Convoy: Enemy Merchant Vessels and Warships Form a Curious Waterpatern, Caught By a Reconnaissance Aircrafts Camera In The Ionian Sea' Full page

    'Campaign in tunisia: Spitfire Reinforcements,Welcome Arrival at an Advanced Airfield in Algeria'

    'Taken on an Advanced Airfield: Air Marshal Sir WilliamWelsh, Commanding RAF North Africa'

    'A Native French Spahi Cavalryman, Again Our Ally, Having His Medals Examined By an American Major'

    'Colonel Edson Raff, Chief of the US Paratroop Forces Being Decorated with The Legion of Honour by Gen. Edouard Welvert'

    'A Sniper of Britains First Army at His Post on the Hills nearMateur, Towards Bizerta, Had already Accounted for Twelve of the Enemy'

    'Two Enemy Tanks, Destroyed at Mateur'

    The Empire at War 'A Night Raid on "The Rock": What Gibraltar Looks Like During an Air Raid, When Hundreds of Searchlights Probe The Sky' - - - 'Malta's Front Line Stalwarts: Maltese Children Talking to Sailors Who Have Been unloading Bombs for the Islands Counter Offensive'

    Empire at War 'The Paramount Chief of Ashanti: Sir Osei Agyeman Prempeh II., Colonel of His Home Guard' - - - 'The Home Guard in Ashanti: The Paramount Chief Taking the Salute at Kumasi' - - - Sir Osei, Who Was Knighted in 1937 Wearing Ceremonial Robes'

    Empire at War 'Parcels For the Troops: Packing a 25 Pounder for Shipment Overseas in the Armaments Section of a Royal Ordnance Depot' - - - 'Getting Ready For the Next Victim: The Torpedo Crew at Work in the Submarine, Preparing Her For Her Next Sortie'

    'The Victorious General of the South: Marshal Timoshenko - A Painting By S. Luppov' Wonderful full page

    'Smoke From The Scuttled French Warships Drifts Across Toulon Harbour - An RAF Photograph Taken on the Day After The Fleet Was Sunk, With An Explanatory Diagram Naming The Warships Shown' double page aerial photograph

    Navigating by The Stars, Miles Above The Sea, in an American Bomber Distined For the Raf - 'The Navigator Opens The Hatch and Plots His Course To Britain With Stars and Sextant' Full page - - - 'The Ever Alert Wireless Operator Takes a Message for the Pilot From the Observer' from sketches by the navigator Mr George W. Adamson

    'How The RAF Has Simplified Navigation by The Stars' Four pictorial diagrams

    The Tercentenary of Sir Isaac Newton: His Birthpolace and Relics - 'Sir Isaac Newton by Van Der Bank' - - - 'Newtons Birthplace, The Manor House, Woolsthorpe near Grantham' - - - 'Newtons Historic Prism Purchased by Him At Stourbridge Fair' - - - 'A Lineal Descendant of the Famous Apple Tree at Woolsthorpe' - - - 'A Reduced Facsimile of a Page of NEwtons Great Work, Principia published in 1687, Properties of Hyperbola' - - - 'Newtons Reflecting Telescope "Made Wtih His Own Hands"..' - - - 'Sund Dial Carved by The Great Natural Philosppher on the Wall of Woolsthorpe Manor House, Preserved by the Royal Society

    'An Indian Home on the Capachin Peninsula of Lake Titicaca' - - - 'Verty Early Chimu Anthropoid Pot from Trujillo, Peru - - - 'A Late Chimu Pot Representing Two Potato Tubers and A Pot of the Inca Period'

    The Use of Carrier Pigeons in Desert Warfare - 'Carrier Pigeons in Their Loft in the Desert: With One of the Returning Birds About To Enter' - - - 'Two Pigeons Alighting on their Loft at HQ' - - - The Two Pigeons Who Carried The First Battle Pictures in the Western Desert - crusader and The Blue' - - - 'A Pigeon is Released' - - - 'The Metal Container Holding The Message is Remove' - - -The Message About to Be Fixed to The Pigeons Leg Before Releasing' - - - 'The Arrival Back at Headquarters'

    'The Lost Fort of Santa Apolonia, Lisbon Found in a Garden' full page of seven views

    'The Nebula in Pegasus, A Well Known Example of the Ring Type' - - - 'The Spiral Nebula in Ursa Major or the Great Bear'

    'A Better Sky: A. P. Herberts Suggestions for A Revolutionary Reneming of the Stars' Double page chart

    'The Terry Anglepoise Lamp' Advert

    'Greys Cigarettes' full page colour advert. crease to corner and detached.


    Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
    'Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant'

    'The Great World War: The Year 1942 in The Pacific by Cyril Falls'

    'The World of Science. The Realm of the Potato by E. S. Grew'

    'A Better Sky; or Name This Star by A. P. Hrbert'

    'Russia Yesterday and Today - Napoleons Invasion of Russia 1812: By Eugene Tarle. Russian Glory By Philip Jordan. - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire'

    'Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles'

    'The Chronicle of the Car by H. Thornton Rutter '

    A United States of America Soldier in the UK ' full front page photograph

    ' Badges of Rank in the United States Navy - Naval Officers Rank - - - US Naval Insignia for Rank and Occupation- - - US Marine Insignia ' full page

    ' Badges of Rank in the US Army and Air Force ' full page including trades; eg. Dental Corps – Medical – Medical Admin – Nurses – Military Intelligence – Chaplain etc

    ' HMS BArham Torpedoed and Sunk in the Mediterranean on 25 Nov 1941 '

    The Saga of a Sunderland Flying Boat Brought Down by Two Messerschmitts Somewhere West of Appollonia -:

    ' Crew and Passengers of the Sunderland Sitting on the Wing of the Plane Drifting Towards the Shore '

    ' The Crippled Aircraft Breaking Up After They Reach Shore '

    ' The RAF Fall Prisoners to the Italian Shortly After The Tide Carried Them to Shore '

    ' Eventually the Italians Became the Prisoners of the RAF '

    ' On The Trek Towards the British Lines – Two Officers and A dog Drink from a Welcome Rain Pool '

    ' The Third Day of the Trek Towards British Lines – The Party in the Company of the Arab Guide Who Helped Them '

    Full page

    Burma and Amboina Island – The Retreat From Moulmein:

    ' The Salween River in Burma '

    ' The Burmese Port of Moulmein with The Salween River Beyond '

    ' Amboina Island in the Molucca Isles, Which The Japanese Captured '

    ' Map – Showing the Position of Moulmein Gateway to the Burma Rd '

    ' The Floating Dock in the Naval Base at Singapore '

    ' Map – the Position of Amboina the Dutch Naval Base in the Moluccas '

    Full page

    ' Inside the Flying Boat "Bristol" Which Britain Purchases from the USA – The Dining Room '

    ' Inside the Flying Boat – The Passenger Cabin '

    ' A Dutch Submarine Bringing her U-Boat Prisoners into A British Port '

    ' Prisoners from the Sunken U-95 German Submarine – Captain Lieutenant Gert Schreiber and His Crew Coming Ashore '

    ' The Burial of Pearl Harbour Victims – The Nuuanu Cemetery, Hawaii '

    ' New Battle Dress For theObserver Corps '

    ' TheTanker "Norness" Flying the panama Flag '

    Bardia in Libya -:

    ' Damaged Enemy Vehicles '

    ' A Dug Out With Electric Light in the Western Desert, Inhabited by South African Officers '

    ' General Von Ravenstein the Captured German Panzer Commander Coming Ashore After his Rescue From a Sunken British Ship '

    ' British Pilot Writing Home – His Pet Dog on His Knee '

    ' A Captured Enemy U-Boat Crew in Libya – Passing the Time Making Model Submarines in the Sand '

    ' Axis Naval Prisoners at A Clearing Camp '

    ' Signallers Workin on Telephone Lines in the Western Desert – Putting Tins on the Stays '

    ' South African Engineers After Removing German Tellers Anti Tank Mines at Bardia '

    ' Map – Beghazi and Cyrenaica – Taken By Auchinleck '

    ' Map – Crimea Odessan etc ' with ref. to Marshal Timoshenko

    Events of the Week Page:

    ' The Rev. The Hon. Edward Lyttelton Dies aged 87 '

    ' Mister W. W. Wakefield Appointed Director of Pre-Entry Training at the Air Ministry '

    ' US Women Doctors with the British Army – Major Barbara Stimpson of the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Centre New York City and Lieutenant Achsa Bean of New York '

    ' Lieutenant Colonel The Hon. Sir Azizul Huque Appointed High Commissioner for India '

    ' Sir Edward Meyerstein Dies '

    ' Meeting of Defence Chiefs Called by the Australian Premier – Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Burnett – Mr Curtin – Vice Admiral Sir Guy Royle – Lieutenant General V. A. Sturdee – Mr F. G. Shedden Sec to the War Cabinet '

    ' The Pan-American Conference at Rio – The Foreign Ministers of 21 American Republics '

    ' The Nazi Leader of Norway - Major Vidkun Quisling '

    ' Memorial Service to the Duke of Connaught – Mr and Mrs Churchill Talking to Dr paul de Labilliere the Dean of Westminster '

    ' Sir Cecil grave and Mr R. W. Foot – The Two New Joint Directors General of the BBC '

    ' President Manuel Quezon of the Philippine Commonwealth and General Douglas Macarthur '

    Full page

    ' Malaya - The Japanese Imperial Household Guards Seen in a March Past to Celebrate the Presentation of Their Ensign '

    ' Close Up View of Japanese Imperial Household Guardsmen '

    ' American White Lorry Tank Transporters Used by Our Army ' full page showing five photographs

    The War in Malaya and Singapore -:

    ' Chinese Girls Serving Drinks from a Mobile Canteen to Air Raid Victims During the Retreat '

    ' One of Many Malayan Rubber Plantations Razed to the Ground by Order of the British Forces '

    ' Singapore – Rescueing A Bombed Victim By Stretcher '

    ' View of Singapore and the Harbour Taken FromBehind the YMCA Sports Ground ' principal buildings marked on the photograph

    ' Indian Troops Being Transported in TRucks in Malaya to Oppose Japaneses Infiltration in the Jungle '

    ' Singapore Aerodrome – Brewster Buffalo US Fighters Assembled and Ready for Take Off '

    ' Fake Japanese Five Dollar Bank Notes '

    ' Ipoh Station, Perak – British Refugees From Penang Provided with Refreshemnts by Local Residents Who In Turn Were Later Evacuated ' women queueing for cups of tea or coffee

    ' Singapore – Malayan Rescue and Demolition Squads Claring Bomb Wreckage '

    ' Preparing Trenches for the Defence of Singapore ' .

    ' Japanese Tanks Smashed i Malaya with Jap Casualty in Foreground '

    ' Singapore – Rows of Armoured Cars at the Ready '

    Relief Map:

    ' Singapore Island and The Malaya – Terrain of the Malay Mainland North of Johore Strait ' a wonderful double page map – places shown include Singapore – RAF Aerodrome – River Seletar – River Berlih – Racecourse – City Airport – Ayer Chawan Island – Keppel harbour and Pulau Brani – Pulau Tekong Besar – Pulau Ubin – Kukub island – Tanjopng Bulus – Swampy Jungle – Pulai – Kupang - Miel – R.Malayi – Johore Bahru – Rubber Plantations – Kulai North – Kota Tinggi – River Johore – River Lebam – Tanjong Serat – Pt. Lombat – Pt. Punggai – Pt. Che Lahom – Tanjong Stapa - Alligator Island – Samboe – Tejdekmataikan on Batam – Map Drawn by G. H. Davis

    American Troops Somewhere in Northern Ireland:

    ' The US "Old Glory" Unfurled Among the White Snowclad Hills – American Infantyry Unit Halts in an Irish Village ' a wonderful double page "Drawn on the Spot by Our Special Artist Captain Bryan De Grineau" – locals stand by watching the large infantry of American troops while a Royal Ulster Constabulary policeman gives directions to the American Colonel

    The Japanese Greates Nmaval Defeat of the War – In the Macassar Strait -:

    ' Vital Movements in the Seven Day Battle of the Macassar Strait, With Dutch and US Ships and Bombers Destroying Enemy Warships Etc ' another great double page "Drawn by Our Special Artist C. E. Turner " – it shows scenes entitled 'Large Convoy of Japanese Transports Escorted by Warships Enter The Macassar Straits ' - - - ' Japanese Battleship Sunk ' - - - ' Heavy Cruiser Set on Fire ' - - - ' Cruiser, Four Transports and Destroyer Ablaze ' - - - ' Large Transport Attacked and Sunk ' - - - ' Large passenger Liner Listing ' - - - ' Destroyer Receives Direct Hit ' - - - ' Heavy Cruiser Exploding ' - - - ' US Submarine Torpedoed an Aircraft Carrier ' - - - ' US Flying Fortress Attack on Warships in the Balik Papan Estuary '

    ' Mechanised Warfare on Land – How the Main Tank Force is Screend and Supported by Other Units ' Full page drawn by G. H. Davis Keenlyside

    ' Formation of A Battle Fleet Going into Action – Ships on the Attack with Their Attendant Cruisers, Destroyers and Minesweepers ' full page drawn by G. H. Davis


    ' Father Joseph From an Engraving By Michel Lasne'

    ' Marie de Medicis – by Ruebens in the Prado at Madrid '

    ' Cardinal Richelieu by P. De Champagne '

    The Italian Caproni Campini C.C.-2 Jet Propulsion Aeroplane:

    ' Showing the Shape of the Tail Nozzle Where Hot Gases Are Ejected '

    ' Detailed Sectional Diagram Showing the Jet Propelled Aeroplane – Composite Design Is the Conception of Flight ...'

    ' Another View of the Caproni Campini onthe Ground '

    Full page

    ' Method by Which Confidential Documents May Safely Be Used as Waste Paper – Girls Sorting Official Records ' three photographs showing, what today, we would call a paper shredder

    ' Australian Crew of a 25 Pounder Howitzer Gun ' full page showing five photographs

    ' A Young Malayan Tapir '

    ' An Adult and Young Tapir '

    ' American Tapir with Young '

    ' The Small Protapirus Validus '

    ' Ford Motor Company ' full page advert showing a Televisio

    ' Austin Reed Officers Uniforms ' advert

    ' Dunlopillo Sleeping Bag Reive ' advert

    ' Vitabuoy Life Saving Coat ' advert

    ' Vat 69 Whisky ' full page advert showing the hats of the Airforce Navy and Army

    ' Ferodo Brake and Clutch Linings ' advert

    ' ESSE Cooker Range ' advert

    ' Wrights Coal Tar Soap ' advert

    ' The Oxford and Opposition Coaches by Robert Havell ' from an old print – full page colour advert for BSA Cars etc

    ' Tube Investments Ltd ' full page advert

    Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

    The Story of a Tragic Career – "Grey Eminence" By Aldous Huxley– An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

    The Great World War – The Debate and Its Results - by Cyril Falls

    Science –by W. P. Pycraft .

    Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

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