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The Illustrated London News 1965

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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This is a Hunt Bernard Oversized Printing - Timothy Green Editor

issue presents a Diverse Cultural View of the Sensational 60s - British Outlook on Life

The cover Image Presents a Drawn Image of Callaghan - Callaghan's Tough budget Proposals

The Inside front cover offers a - Sanderson - Wallpapers & Fabrics - Our Man Know his Roses Ad Page - It is Backed with a Parker - Gold Pen Full Page Ad

More Ad Pages Open the Issue
Milan - Italian State tourist Office
Pinnock Finance
Dormobile Caravan
Thornycroft - Ship and boat builders
Rem Martin Cognac
Full Page Qantas - V-Jet Ad Page
Full Page Italian Line
British Rail
Seagers of London gin
Spastics Society
J. Goddard & Sons Ltd

The Budget - The Key Men Behind the Budget With Images of
John diamond
Niall Macdermot
Horace King
Nicholas Kaldor

Our Note Book - Arthur Bryant - With Image of The Queen Elizabeth - Drawn View

Mr. Wilson in Paris for closer Entente with views of
President and Prime Minister's Wife - De Gaulle
Dinner at French Foreign Ministry
de Gaulle shaking hands with Mr. Harold Wilson

The Farmers' Case - Ever since the Government published this year's Farm Price Review, farmers allover the country have been protesting -
Angry farmers marched to the House of Commons
Archie Hall
Clem Smith
Frank Mitchell
Roy Barwick
West country farmers arrive at Waterloo

The Farmers' Case - with details and images

Mr. Wilson Ulster and the Lords - Robert Black
Parliament Building - Belfast

Window on the World
New Delhi - Mr. John Freeman - Dr. Zakir Hunnain
Chile - Mudslide
Tirana Albania - Chou-en-lai welcomed
Camden Alabama - Civil rights demonstrator

Dame Edith Hits Out - - Edith Sitwell - An appreciation by Sir Charles Petrie with Image of Edith Sitwell

Around Britain
Brian London beats bill Walker
London Reachers Association
B.E.A. Silorsky helicopter
Prince Philip in the witness box

Funeral Rites for the Princess Royal - With Images

Dark Blues Triumph - Neat Rowing Images

In an English Garden - Earth Banks by Edward Hyams

BOAC's triple Triumph
Sir Giles Guthrie
Terminal at Kennedy Airport
Drawn view of terminal

Mosaics for Ethiopia show craftsmanship on a magnificent scale - With Art Images

Taming Indus waters to create new fertility in West Pakistan - with River and Dam Views

A Page for Collectors - An Exhibition of Chinese Snuff-bottles - Frank Davis - With Images

Personalities of the Week - with images
Jean Nicoll found dead at home
Dir Patrick Deans leaves for US
Death of Helena Rubenstein
Lord Pender dies
Death of Dr. Hench
..Istvan Kertesz New Principal conductor of L.S.O
Death os Sir William Bowen
Robin Day, Panorama's Roving Reporter is Married in Perth

Bonington Honoured by his Native City - With Numerous Art Images

The World of the Theatre - Hamlet and Horatio - J.C. Trewin - with Views

Love's Labour's Lost opens new Stratford Season - Glenda Jackson - Charles Thomas - Brewster Mason - John Barton - Jessica Claridge

The World of Cinema - Now About These Directors - Alan Dent - with image of Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni in Marriage - Italian Style

The Early Bird is prepared for its first flight - Andover Maine Station - First Commercial Communication Satellite

The World of Motoring - Car of the Month - The 4.2 Litre Mark X Jaguar - by bill Hartley with Image

Books of the Week

Books in Brief

Chess Notes

The Inside Back Cover presents a M.G. Car Co - MG Magnette, MG. Midget .While the Back Cover itself is a Whitebread - Always keep a little Whitbread for your friends Ad Page

5 9856

 Cars and Lorries Wrecked on the Fog Bound M6 Motorway on Guy Fawkes NightWhen Over a Hundred Vehicles Crashed Into Each Other ... ' Full front page photograph - info. nr Hanchurch in Staffs

' Inside of a Burnt OUt and Wrecked Car from the M6 Crashes'

' Twisted Wrecks of Cars at the Keele Service Station Close to the Scene of the Multiple Crash '

' Colonel T. E. St. Johnston Chief Constable of Lancashire and Stephen Swingler Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Transport, Discuss the Problem of the Crash in London '

' The Prime Minister and Mrs Wilson at the Wedding of Their Niece in Cardiff ' a veiw of the congregation, bride and groom and two of the bridesmaids

' Sir Ralph Richardson Takes a Spin on His 120mph Motorbike with Lady Richardson and Their Dog Benjy - On His Norton 750 '

' The Duke of Edinburgh Dressed in White Gown, Cap and Mask When He Visited the Sterile Burns Unit at the Queen Vidtoria Hospital, East Grinstead on 5 November '

Princess Margaret and Lord SNowdon Visit The USA

' San Francisco - By Crowded Cable Car up Russian Hill, Lord Snowdon, With Princess Margaret Inside, Hangs On Outside the Car '  .

' By Rolls Royce Back to Nob Hill - Princess and her Husband ...'

' Princess Arrives at Her First Hollywood Party '

Cartoons - De GAulle Tells France "We Shall Triumph" and three other cartoons from leading newspapers of the day

' Project for a Stained Glass Window for a Gaullist Sainte Chapelle - La Canard Enchaine ' another dig at General de Gaulle

A UNique Collection of British Stamps:

A Book Containing a "Unique Collection of Stamps issued at Ottawa in Commemoration of Queen Victoria and her Diamond Jubilee Miel - large colour photograph

'A Block of 38 Mint 2d. Blues of 1840 from Plate Number I ...' colour

' A Block of 72 Miint ½d. Reds from 1870 from Plat Number 9 ...' colour

' Propaganda Envelope of thr 19c - From Tasmania in 1858 Pleading for World Peace - Sent to 25 High Holborn London '

' Exert of Letter from Teh Duke of York to J. A. Tilleard a Philatelist '

' A Single Reversed Head in a Block of 1d brown Postal Fiscals (revenue stamps) Known as tete beche ..'

' Private Telegraph Stamp of the Electric Telegraph Company - Only Known Example of Lord Alfred Paget 's Own Personal Stamp - His Name Has Been Misspelt '

' Letter frothe Duke of York to J. A. Tilleard a Philatelist Who Later Became the First Keeper of The Royal Philatelic Collection 1910-13 ' letter dated 1902 ' two letters

' New Yorks New Mayor - John Vliet Lindsay ' a wonderful full page photograph - small tear to bottom of page 2.5"


' The Lindsays with Their Children - Margia - Anne - John - Kathie - and His Wife '

Art - Domenico Beccafumi

' St Anne - A Study for "The Birth of the Virgin" in Siena '

' Bearded Man - Possibly a Portrait of Michelangelo '

' Boy in a Cap - Believed to be the Artists Son '

' head of an Emaciated Man '

' Ploughman and Oxen '

' Pilot Whales in the Thames ' photograph of four from a school of about 20

' Whale in the Thames and Killed at Deptford Pier in 1842 ' from an old engraving

' Stained Glass Makers Craft - Jasper Kettlewell Fitting The Glass into the Church of All Saints at Benhilton Surrey

' Molly Kettlewell Holds one of the Completed ANgels ..'

' The Complete Design for th Figure of St Peter '

' Jasper Kettlewell Compares a Piece of Glass...'

' The Window at Benhilton ' colour

' The Central Figure - Christ in Majesty with St Peter and to The Right St Laurence ' two color photographs

Lost City Found in Peru -:

' The Circular Fortress of the Lost City of Pajaten ...'

' Two of the Heads of The Circular Wall '

' A Striking Condor Relief ...'

' One of the Long Stariways ...'

' Close Up of one of the Heads Plumed with Ray Like Slabs of Slate ...'

Southeby's First Auction of Vintage Cars - photographs by Gerry Cranhan

' Auctioneer Tim Clarke, Flanked by Sotheby Employees, Scans the Crowd to Catch Bids on a Bicycle ' or Velocipede

' Dutchman Gerald Nowee Found Prices Too High '

' Dergby Garage Owner Eric Allsop Bought a 1906 Cadillac ...' photograph of the man

' P. W. Louwmann a Zoo Owner From holland Bought a Horch ...' photograph of the man

' American Philip Wichard Viewed the Sale fro man 1897 Daimler Wagonette ' photograph of the man

' James Leake from Oklahoma Surveys the 1911 Rolls Royce he Bought for £9800 '

' Johnny Thomas a Garage Owner in Carmarthen Says "I Cant Buy at These Prices" ..'

Double page

'The Field of Battersea - A Duel Between Duke of Wellington and Earl of Winchilsea in 1829 - A Comtemporary Drawing by W. Heath '  .

' Portrait of a Mother and Daughter in Papeete by Gauguin- Now Belonging to Walter Annenberg and Exhibitred at Philadelphia Museum of aRt '

' The Photograph of the Mother and Daughter ' taken for the above

' Franklinia or Gordonia Altamaha Flowering Tree '

' Elephants on a South African Game Reserve ' advert for South african Airways - full page

Theatre - Scene from " Saved " at the Royal Court - Tony Selby - Barbara Ferris - in Edward Bond 's Controversial Play

This next page is entitled the Cinema - I can only say that the original owner of the magazine did not like or took offence to the photograph of the scene as it has been ripped out - the subject of the missing photograph being "Vaghe Stelle dell' Orsa" by Luchino Visconti - a scene with Claudia Cardinale and Jean Sorel

' Findlaters Dry Sherry ' full colour page advert showing photographs of a Fisherman - A Skier - a fox hunter

' Girard Perregaux fine Watches ' advert showing three designs

' Gordons Dry Gin ' advert

' James Hare Ltd of Coronet House Leeds I ' advert

' Coast of Gran Canaria - The Rock at Puerto de las Neives '

' Diano Marina - The Garden of Italy ' photograph of a beach for the Italian State Tourist Office

' Becas Real Turtle Soup ' advert

' Caribeach Hotels ' possibly a view of the St Lucia Beach Hotel now Almond Morgan Bay

The New Tunis Hilton '

' Schhh Youn Know Who ' full page colour advert for Schweppes Tonic Water

' Consulate - " Cool as a Mountain Stream " - Menthol Cigarettes ' a full page colour advert

' Senior Service Satisfy ' full page colour advert

' La visite de L' Escadre Anglaise au Havre 1929 by Raoul Dufy - Recent Acquisitions - Tooth of 31 Bruton St London ' advert showing the painting

' Longines Flagship Automatic Watch ' full apge colour advert

' Longines - Take This Time ...' Ten Watches with prices - double page colour advert

' Highland Queen Scotch Scotch Whisky ' full page colour advert - a print showing Mary Queen of Scots Arriving at Leith on her Return from France - loose page

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

The M6 Fog - page by Roger Eliot with photographs by Ray Green

De Gaulle Tells France: "We Shall Triumph" - page by Peter Kirk

San Francisco Cable Cars Intrigue Princess Margaret

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

John Lindsay Mayor of New York - Profile by Richard Schickel

Art Page by Frank Davis - Domenico Beccafumi The Last of the Great Sienese

Gardening by Edward Hyams

Letters to the Editor from P. G. de Bourcier of Ashstead, Surrey - - - Anson Herrick of San Francisco USA - - - Terence E. Clark of Worcester Park, Surrey


Books of the Week by Charles Petrie - An Appreciation - A Sanguinary Institution "The Dual"

New Fiction by Patricia Hodgart

Book Reviews - Gauguin in the South Seas by Bengt Danielsson - review by AC - - - Painting in the Twentieth Century by Werner Haftmann - by CB  .

As Brutal a Play as Any Within Memory - " SAved" - Theatre review by J. C. Trewin

Cinema by Alan Dent - page partly missing as described above

Bridge Notes by Edward Mayer - Learning the Game

Chess Notes by Baruch H. Wood - Baron Munchausen's Game


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