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The Illustrated London News 1940

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

Lancastria survivorsLancastria sinking

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The Illustrated London News "Inside Knowledge" 1 of a series published at the beginning of 1940s


The cover below measures 21x15ins

This book contains the following drawings

A centre page feature measuring a 41in long x 15ins long

and features the



This is a superb sectional plan of the Queen Mary and give details like no other has ever done which includes all the usual passenger details but also, ales and stout store,milk,butter & ice cream store,fruit ripening room! fruit stores,vegetable/salad store, fresh/frozen fish,poultry & game,bacon and eggs, hospital,dispensary, printers shop,oil filling station, species room ,beer stores, wines & minerals, registered mails, mail space, general cargo, tanks, baggage, double bottom to name but a few areas that are displayed.


A Column of Smoke Shooting Hundreds of Feet into the Air - The End of The " Admiral Graf Spee " ... ' an amazing front page aerial photograph

' The Blackened Hulk of the Admiral Graf Spee ...'

' Graf Spee - The Ship Subsiding Like a Burning Pyre ...'

' Massive Funnel Lurches Over to Starboard Taking the Mainmas with It ...' full page photograph from a still of a British Movietone Newsreel

' the First Australian Air Contingent Lands i nEngland - the Royal Australian Airforce Leaving a Ship '

The Pope ( Pius XII ) Meeting with The Italian Sovereigns in Rome

' Their Majrsties Kneeling at Prayer in the Basilica of St Peter After Their Visit ' .

' King Victor Emmanuel Saluting on Leving the Basilica with the Queen '

' Crown Princess Maria of Piedmont Kissing the Popes Hand inthe Hall of theKings Guards at the Quirinal '

' A Detachment of the Swiss Guard '

' The Pope Arriving at the Quirinal in an Open Car '

The Insignia of Rank of RAF Officers Compared with Their Equivalents in the Navy and Army ' a double page " Specially Drawn by C. E. Turner "

' Fish - The Malapterurus electricus - African Electric Cat Fish '

' Electric Star Gazer Fish Astro copus Disected ...'

' Fish - The Electric Ray EIssected ' drawing

Finland Bombed on Christmas Day:

' An Apartment House in Helsinki Shattered by a Soviet Bomb '

' Finns Good Humouredly Discuss a Crater Made by Soviet Bombers '

' A Residential Quarter of Helsinki ...'

' Christmas Shopping - Shoppers Seeking Shelter in Helsinki...'

' Keeping Watch - Members of the VSS The home Defence Organisation , Including Two Young Women, On Duty on a Helsinki Roof Top '

' A MAss Bombing Raid on Viborg o Christmas Day ...'<>

Finlands War -:

' Finnish Soldiers Examining a Sewing Machine When a Soviet Supply Column Was Ambushed in N. Finland ...'

' Russian Light Tanks Captured by the Finns...'

' A Finnish Marksman in His Post inthe Snow on The Mannerheim Line ...'

' A Member of Finlands White Cloaked " Ghost " Army Putting Up an Army Notice on the Northern Front '

' A White Cloaked Finn Taking Ranges with a Portable Instrument in the Snow '

' A Commander of a unit in Eastern Finland Receiving Orders by Mounted Courier '

' Cattle Bearing Owners aLAbels Loosed inthe Karelian Isthmus Area, Where Volunteers ar Caring For Them - To Deprive the Russian Invaders of Meat '

' Finns v. Russian Tanks - Bombing From Pits Under the Snow and Hidden in Camouflaged Pits ' full page from a drawing by G. H. Davis

' Frozen Solid as They Fell - Russian Troops Machine Gunned by a Finnish Patrol ' .

' Stalin in Effigy - Captured War Material in Northern Finland '

' After The Soviet Retreat in the Salla Setion - A Mule and Baggage in the Snow Bound Forest '

' A Finnish Patrol on Skis ...'

' Finnish Soldiers Examing a Soviet Light Tank '

' Soldiers on the Finnish Front Rushing to Position in the Forest '

' Shot Down by Finnish AA Fire - One of Many Soviet Bombers '

' Onthe Karelian Front - The Smoke of War Contrasting with the Snow in a Village Street '

' ANother Russian Bomber Brought Down ...'

' Effects of Artillery Fire on Finnish Soil at the Eastern Front - A Village '

' A Convoy Halted for the night and Caught by teyh Finns an dCaptured - During the Kemijaervi Counter Offensive ' full page photograph

' The Second contingent of the Canadians Reach Britain After Being Escorted Across the Atlantic - Members of the Canadian Active Service Force Disembarking at A West Coast Port '

' The Second Contingent of Canadians Being Welcomed by Mr Anthony Eden '

The Maginot Line - ' The First Drawing to Reach England of British Troops in Action Against the Nazis - Rival Patrols Meet with Bombs and Coshes, Rifles are Only Used in an Emergency, As their Flash Gives Away Their Position ' a wonderful double page "Drawn by Our Special War Artist in France Captain Bryan De Grineau " < p>

At The Panama Hat Fair in Cuenca - The Hat Weavers Stage a Fiesta ';

' The Pirates Map of the Galapagos - A Composite Whole Copied in England From Charts Made on the Spot and Presented to Chares II on His Accession ' from an old map

' The Harlequin Beetle of the Galapagos Resting on Fauna '

' A Giant Land Iguana From Seymour Island Galapagos '

' Repeatedly " Sunk " by ther Nazis - The Aircraft Carrier " Ark Royal " at Rio de Janeiro Where She Arrived the Day the Graf Spee Was Scuttled '

' The " Tacoma " Which Aided the " Admiral Graf Spee " interned at Montevideo by te Uruguayan Government as a German Naval Auxilliary Vessel '

' The Crowd at Montevideo Harbour - Cheering the Graf Spee on the Assumption She Was Going Out To Fight and Not To Scuttle herself '

' The New Zealand Station Cruiser Which Shared in the Brillian Victory Over the " Admiral Graf Spee" - HMS Achilles at Callao on the Pacific Coast '

' Gathered to Watch the End of the Admrial Graf Spee - Cars and People Stretching as Far As the Eye Can See on the Avenida Costanera at Montevideo '

' The Submarine that Let the " Bremen " Go But Torpedoed a U Boat and Two German Cruisers, Returns to Port - Commander Bickford of The " Salmon - - - Group of the Crew on Deck With Commander Bickford in teh Conning Tower ' two photographs

Art of The War at Burlington House:

' A figure Representing Peace by Ernest Gillick ARA '

' Mr Winston Churchills Famous Ancestor - John Churchill First Duke of MArlborough by Gilbert Bayes ' .

' HM King Albert I of Belgium Who Was Killed Rock Climbing in 1934 - A Bust by W. Marsden ' .

' Passing Sails by Montague Dawson '

' Line Ahead by Charles Pears '

' Caledonian Market by harry Morley ARA '

' A Canadian Soldier - by Augustus John '

' The Great Roof Westminster Hall Showing King Rihard II Inspecting Its Reconstruction by F. O. Salisbury '

A Representative Exhibition of Contemporary British Art:

' We Want The King by Leonard J. Fuller '

' The Forth Bridge by Robert P. Reid '

' King George VI by Oswald Birley '

' AnArtists Impressionof an AA Unit - Salute for Invaders by Tom Van Oss '

' The Controller of ENSA Sir Robert Seymour Hicks - by Maurice Codner '

' Trawlers in Swansea Bay by Neville S. Pitcher '

' The Evacuee by Evelyn Clutton-Brock '

The World of the Kinema -:

Scene from "The Real Glory " at th Odeon - Gary Cooper

Scene from " The Rains Came " at the Gaumont - Myrna Loy - Tyrone Power

Scene from " Remontons Les Champs Elysees " at thr Academy - Sacha Guitry - Marie Claire Passaro

Scene from Remontons LEs Champ Elysee - Sacha Guitry

' Mr Hore-Belisha Visits The Canadians at Aldershot '

' Miss M. L. Haskins Author of the Quotation Which Concluded the Kings Christmas Broadcast - "Go Out into the Darkness and Put Thine Hand in the hand of God " ..'

' AnRAF Pilot Who Made a Forced L:anding After the Big Heligoland Air Battle - Sergeant H. Rouse Between Tow Enemy Guards '

' Admiral Darlan With Admiral of the Fleet Sir Dudley Pound '

' The Bolshevik "Non Agression" Pact with Kuusinen, Prelude to the Finnish War - Otto Kuusinen - Zdanoff - Molotov - Marshal Voroshilov - Stalin '

' Mr W. J.Jordan the High Commissioner for New Zealand Visits The New Zealand Soldiers at Aldershot '

' The Air Ministers Toast to the Royal Air Force - Sir Kingsley Wood Seen Toasting All Ranks in a RAF Sergeants Mess ' on Christmas Day

' The Late Sir Frank Benson - Eminent Shakespearean Actor '

' Corporal Thomas William Priday - the First British Soldier Killed in Action '

' The Minister of Supply Rolls up his Sleeves Miel During his Tour of Lancashire Munition Factories - Mr Leslie Burgin '

' A VAndyck Portrait " Queen henrietta Maria " Goes to San Diego California from the Marquess of Ailesbury '

' The " Fuehrer " of the German American Bund Sentenced to 2½ Years Imprisonment - Fritz Kuhnb Entering Sing Sing Prison New York '


When the " Bremen" Ran for home - A Luxury Liner Disguised:

' ON the Look out in the " Bremen ", Germanys Huge Liner on Her Homeward Dash - got in Thanks to the Chivalry of a British Submarine ' a sailor on look out .

' Quantities of Lifebelts and Rugs Piled Ready for Immediat Use in Her Once Luxurious Great Hall ' .

' Pepared in Accordance with Nazi Tradition, To Destroy the Ship - Tins of Benzine, With other inflammable Materials at the Ready '

' While th eBremen Sails at Full Speed, Members of the Crew Paint the Yellow Funnel Grey ...'

' Securing Their Money Against the Chance of Being ast Away or DCaptured - Stewardesses and Hairdressers Sewing American " Greenbacks " Into the Crews Clothing '

' Steaming Full Speed Through Thick Fog ...'

' .. " Ein Augenblick Hochster Spannung" - The Commander Says They Shall Not Have OUr Bremen ...' crowd of men with Commodore Adolf Ahrens

' Members of the Bremens Personnel Listening In With A Portable Wireless Set ....'

Discoveries at Ugarit in Syria

' At Ras Shamra - The head of a Large Feline Statue in Terra Cotta '

' Views in the Royal Stables Showing Stone Mangers for the Hroses '

' A Trough Fixed in the Pavement to Water the Royal horses '

' A Bronze Horse Bit ...'

' A Stone Drainage System ...'

' The Entrance of a Drain in a Courtyard ... '

' A Lead Grille Which a Native worker is Preparing to Remove - part of the Ugarit Sanitary System ...'

' In Interior View of the Main Sewer Nine Feet Underground ...'

' STatuette of a God Wearing a Tiara ...'

' Rhytons for Libations inthe Form of the head of a Bovine or Goat Like Animal '

' A LArge Incense Spoon The Handle Shaped like the Head of a Swan '

' A Copper Statuette Representing a Seated Goddess Wearing a Turban with Breasts Exposed '

' A Dagger from the Hykos Epoch ...'

' The Oldest Steel Weapon Known - A Superb Battle Axe from Ras Shara ( Ugarit ) Made by Mitannian Craftsmen in the Second Millennium BC ... Full page showing three photographs

' This Years Royal Christmas Card Sent By Their Majesties to the Army - The Navy and The Air force ' three cards


' Mongolian Pony by an Unknown Artist of the Ming Dynasty - Messrs Spink '

' Six Menage horses Belonging to William Cavendish First Duke of Newcastle by Abraham Van Diepenbecke - Messrs Spink '

' A Posy of Flowers a Glass Bowl Miel by Jean Baptiste Monnoyer - Messrs Ellis and Smith '

' The Bakers Shop by Job Berckheyde - Mr Paul Larson '

' Flowers in a Sculptured Vase by Rachel Ruysch - Cooling Galleries '

' St John at patmos by Jan de Cock - Wests Galleries '

' St Catherine and St Barbara by the Master of Frankfort - Mister F. A Drew '

' A New Pictorial Record of Gilbert and Sullivan Operas ' advert

' RMS Queen MAry ' advert for a model

' 28 Palace Street Canterbury - the Old Dutch House ' advert for Players Number 3 Cigarettes .

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

The War with Nazi Germany - The Coming of the Canadians - by Cyril Falls

The World of Science - Fish - Electric and Non Explosive Mines by W. P. Pycraft by E. S. Grew .

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

The State that Owns the Lost World - " Ecuador the Unknown" By Victor Wolfgang von hagen - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

The world of Kinema by Ivor Brown





' Captain De Grineaus are The First Authentic Drawings Made in the Maginot Line ...One of the Strong Forts Surrounded by Concealed Anti Tank Traps and Machine Gun Emplacements ... ' wonderful double page drawn by Captain Bryan De Grineau

' Floating Balloon Barrage Units in the Thames Estuary - A Speed Boat Checking on the Barges in Heavy Weather '

' RAF Personnel Attached to the Floating Balloon Barrage in the Thames Estuary Photographed in their Floating HQ ...'

' Aircraftmen of the Balloon Barrage at Sea Being Inspected i nTheir Oilskins and Lifebelts by Air Vice Marshal O. T.Boyd ...'

'Guarding against Aerial Minelayers - A Balloon Anchored to a Barge Watched by RAF Officers From a patrol Boat '

' A Photograph Taken From the Thames Estuary from the Hold of a Balloon Barge ...'

' The ARP Vigil at St Pauls - Their Job to Combat Fire in the Building Caused by Bombs etc ' a wonderful full page drawing by "Sir Muirhead Bone Appointed Official Artist to the Admiralty..."



' Short Snouted Sturgeon Acipenser Guldenstadtii ' - - - ' A Cornish Fish - The Pilchard ...' - - - ' The Cod Gadus Morrhua ' - - - ' A Young Nurse Hound Scyllium Catulus '


' The Bombardier Gun Layer Has Just Fired This Gun Howitzer - The Latest Artillery Development ' full page drawn by C. E.Turner from a sketch made at the Front


Victors in The River Plate

' Interned By the Uruguayans for Assisting the Admiral Graf Spee - The Tacoma ...'

' The" Achilles " Steaming Slowly into Buenos Aires on 3 Januuary ....'

' The " Ajax " Berthed in Montevideo Showing Four of Her Eight 6inch Guns ...' ' Mister Millington Drake and Sir Henry Harwood Shaking Hands in Montevideo '

' Enjoying Their First Shore Leave Since The Defeat f the Admiral Graf Sppee: Men of the Ajax on Horseback Outside Montevideo '

' Montevideo's Welcome To The Ajax - An Enormous Crowd Watching With Sir Henry Harwood - Mr Millington Drake (British Minister in Montevideo) - and Uruguayan Army and Navy Officers '

' Sunk After Being Mined off the South East Coast - Two Views of the Union Castle Steamship " Dunbar Castle " Lying partly Submerged ... ' full page - article makes reference to Captain H. A. Causton who died from his wounds and Chief Officer Mr H. H. Robinson who Witnessed the disaster

' TheSpitfire - Loading up the long Belt of Ammunition '

' The Spitfire - Cartridge Cases Dropping from the Fixed Browings to the Ground - The Spitifires Eight Machine Guns in Action From a Stationary Plane ...'


The Effect of Frost on Hollands Defences

' Dutch Soldiers "Attacking" a Farm on Skates During Manoeuvres on the Frozen Water ']

' A Tank Sticking Fast Where the Ice has Thawed ...'

' Infantry with Light Machine Guns and Rifles Practising on a Frozen Waterway ...'

'Another Example of the Help of Semi Thawed Ice: An Armoured Car Makes No Headway Once the Ice Breaks '

' A Section Advancing Rapidly on Skates During Recent Manoeuvres '

Full page


The War in Finland

' One of the Russian Tanks Captured by the Finns - An Anonymous Hero Climbed on it and shot the Crew Through the Sight Holes '

' Burning, Before Retreating, All Shelter in the Path of the Invader '

' A Bareheaded Finnish Detachment raying Before Going into Action '

' Russian Prisoners Entering a Bath House ...'

' Prisoners Verminous Clothing Being Burned in the Snow at a Finnish Police Outpost ...'

' Soviet Dead Frozen Where they Fell, Caught by the Finns in the Snow Covered Forests'

' A Pile of Bolshevik War Booty Captured by the Finns ...'

' Finnish Medical Staff Dressing a Soldiers Wound at A Field Dressing Station in a Wooden Shelter in teh Salla Sector ...'

' Placing a Casualty in an Ambulance, Screened with Saplings in the Salla Sector '

' A Finnish Encampment in a Snow Covered Tract on the Northern Front ...'

' A Motor Cycle with Skis Drawing a Trailer Fitted With Runners '

Double page with article making reference to the destruction of the Russian 44th Division - - Lake Kianta - Salla And Petsamo Regions


A Tigress About To Chase Crows Away From Her Kill - Taken By Mr Champion the Famous Big Game Photographer ' double page


' the Earthquakes and Sisasters in Turkey

' Erzindjan - a Family huddled Round a Fire Outside a Make Shift Hut '

' Erzindjan - Showing An Emergency Tent for a Homeless Family Amongst the Ruins ...'

' A Woman Shivering Outside Her Rough Shelter - In a Region Where Hundreds Died from Exposure ...'

' Homeless Survivors Watching Rescue Operations Beneath a Collapsed Building ...'

' TheTurkish President Consoling a Peasant Woman in a Stricken Village '

' Household Belongings Retrieved From Ruins Assembled in a Camp Formed for Survivors '

' A pathetic Picture of an Anatolian peasant Woman Nursing Her Child Beneath a Hastily Erected Shelter amid The Wreckage of Her Home '

' The Desperate Atempts to Bring Supplies to Survivors - A Relief Train Held Up BySevere Weather ...'

' A Soldier on Guard Outside a Collapsed Building in One of theONce Prosperous Towns Now a Heap of Ruins '

' Mounted Turkish Troops at Erzindjan ...'

' The Ruins of the Grand Mosque at Erzindjan ...'

Double page


' The Author of "From 1900 Onward" Admiral Sir Reginald Bacon '

' Winston Churchill '


Evacuated to Blackpool - Ministry of Health Staff from London

' Work Going on in a Ballroom of a Luxury Hotel '

' Working in the Solarium with its Coloured Glass Walls '

Plus photographs of three other locations in the luxury hotel

Full page


' The Wreckage Caused by a Hit on a Trinity Light Vessel ...'

' The Wrecked Bridge of the Trinity House Vessel After The Attack ...'

' A View from the Galley of the Trihnity House Vessel ...'

' Women Pilots to Deliver Planes to the RAF From the Factories - Teh Womens Section of the Air Transport Auxiliary - Eight Lady Pilots '

' The Beatty and Jellicoe Memorials in Trafalgar Square Left unfinished Until Peace ...'

' Special Khaki Uniform for Salvation Army Women Officers Going to France: Photograph Showing Two ladies, Comparing the Old and the Wartime Head Dresses '

' A Crowd in an East Coast Town Watching Anti Aircraft Shells Bursting Round an Enemy Raider .....'


Personalities of the Week

' Captain F. P. Barclay Awarded TheMilitary Cross by Lord Gort ...'

' Lord Gort Talking With Air Marshal A. S.Barratt .....'

' M. Paul Reynaud French Minister of Finance ...'

' Count Csaky the Hungarian Foreign Minister And CountCiano in Venice ...'

' Queen Mary Visiting Middlesex Hospital - Welcomed by the Nurses ...'

' French Newspaper Owners in London - Guests of the British Council - Mr. H. N. Hall (Brtsh Embassy in Paris) - M.Marsillac of Le Journal - - M. Houssaye of Havas Agency - - M. Chastenet of Le Temps - - M. Gaubert Vice Pres. of French Newspapapers Federation - - M. Miel - - M. Brisson of Le Figaro - - M. Dupuy of Le Petit Parisien '

' An American Christmas Scene at the White House Party - Mrs Franklin D. Roosevelt - Mrs Sarah Delano Roosevelt - Mrs Franklyn D. Roosevelt Junior with Young Franklin on her lap - - President Roosevelt - - Mrs John Boettiger - - Franklin Roosevelt Jnr - - John Roosevelt - - Anna Eleanor Dall - - Diana Hopkins andCurtis Dall Jnr - - Plus a little child toddler crawling away from the main group '


' The " Undine " One of Three British Submarines Believed Lost ...'

' The " Starfish " One of the Three Submarines Lost ' the other being " Seahorse "

' The Danube Covered With Ice at Budapest - One of Germany Few Remaining Trade Routes Blocked ...'

' 'After Bombs Had Fallen on Roemoe theDanish Island Which Adjoins Sylt A Nazi Minelaying Base - The Local Postmaster Standing in One of the Craters....'

' A Power Operated Multiple @Gun Turret in a British Fighter ...'

' The " Witussi " a German Liner Caught By South African Flying Boats ans Scuttled When it Became Clear She Would Habe to Go into Simonstown - On Fire and Sinking '

' One of the Hallstatt Period Grave Mounds Near the Hili of Sag in Hungary - Three Diagrams ' --Plu a Map Showing the Position of the Hill of Sag near Celldomolk in Hungary

' Pottery - Childrens Toys - Swords - Dishes - Vases etc From the Iron Age Discoveries in Teh Settlement on the Hill of Sag in Hungary ' Double page

' A Tigress Reclining Beside Her Kill - Photograph By Mr F. W. Champion of the Indian Forest Service ...' Plus Two other photographs by Mr Champion

' Dr Antonio de Oliveira Salazar - Prime Minister of Portugal ' a wonderfull full page from a painting by Henrique Medina



' On the Set During the Screening of A. J. Cronins "The Stars Look Down" - Michael Redgrave - Margaret Lockwood - Carol Reed (Director ) - Emlyn Williams '

' A Mine Scene from "The Stars Look Down" - Emlyn Williams and Michael Redgrave '

' Scene from "The Light That Failed" - Ronald Coleman - Muriel Angelus '

' Scene from "The Light That Failed" - Ida Lupino '


' Print Promoting the War Effort by Arthur J. W. Burgess - Advert for Northern Aluminium Company ' it looks like a short s30 empire aeroplane maybe Sunderland Mark I or some kind of Sunderland Flying Boat, not sure, but its about to rescue the crew of a sinking ship (Im not getting into which ship!)

' Moss Bros of Covent Garden - Officers Greatcoats '

' 28 Palace Street Canterbury - The Old Dutch House ' in the Notable Numbers Series of Adverts for Number 3 Cigarettes


Postage Stamps

' Belgium - Bruges Cathedral '- Belgique

' Luxemburg - the GrandDuchess Charlotte ' - Luxumbourg

' Denmark - Queen Alexandrine ' - Danmark

' Newfoundland - TheFirst War Provisional 4 cents '

' A Little Bovril promoted Energy ' a full page colour advert of a man chasing a young bull

GEC Electric Kettle ' advert < P>

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-
Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant

The World of Science - Teh Varied Uses of Fish Oils by W. P. Pycraft

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

The War With Nazi Germany: The War in the Air by Cyril Falls

Submarines, Armaments and The Dover Patrol "From 1900 Onward" by Admiral Sir Reginald Bacon KCB KCVO DSO - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

On The Threshold of History in Central Europe: The Tombs of Rulers of Settlement at Hill of Sag Western Hungary by Eugen Lazar - info - possibly pron. Saghegy or Sag-hegy

The World of the Kinema by Ivor Brown

Unique Photographs of a Tigress at Home - A Temperamental Jungle Lady ... By F. W. Champion MA FZS Indian Forest Service - info. A pioneer of wildlife photography

Books of the Day By charles E. Byles

The Art of th ePostage Stamp


January 27th

Heligoland From the Air - Three Examples ...Heligoland at the End of the Last War (1914-18) - - - Heligoland as it Appeared WHen Germany Began Refortification (1937-38) - - - A Photograph Secured by The RAF ' front page

' The Only Bitish War Artist on the Western Front - Captai Bryan De Grineau MC ' .

' Capt. De Grineau A War Artist on the Western Front in Two Wars: A Drqwing Mady the Captain De Grineau When He Was Serving as a Gunner at Beaumont Hamel in 1917 ...'

' An Impressionistic Drawing ....French Artillery Forward observation Post Showing a British Officer With French Observer and A Signaller Behind Telephoning ORders ....' drawn by Captain Bryan De Grineau

' The Famous Soixante Quinze Still in Action - A French 75 Gun on the British Sector of the Maginot Line ' by Bryan de Grineau

' Going to Work by Bicycle and Tramway in the Undergournd of the Maginot Line - The Closely Guarded Tunnels Showing Troops on small trams and a soldier on a bicycle ' a wonderful double page "Drawn by Our Special War Artist in France Bryan de Grineau

' A Seaweed Used in the West of Ireland for Human Food as Well as For Feeding Cattle - The Carragheen or Irish Moss ( Chondrus Crispus )...'

' The Channelled Wrack - Pelvetia Canaliculata '

' A Brown Seaweed Used for Glandular Swellings and Anti Fat Preparations - The Bladder Wrack Fucus Vesiculosus '

"Nazi Propaganda Boasts - That Betrays ..." - Three sketches from a German War Artist .

' A U Boat Captures a Freighter '

' German Airmen Attack an English Patrol Ship '

' Not Even Safe in Convoy - A Merchant Ship Being Torpedoed '

' On Leave in Paris - French Equivalent of a Sight Common in London ' a frenchman back from the front met by his fiancee - Drawing by J. Simont

RAF Aerial Photography

' An RAF Air Photograph of a German Aerodrome Near Hanover Showing Bombers Taking Off ...' Full page aerial photograph

' RAF Photograph of the German Naval Base At Wilhelmshaven ' aerial photograph

' Munster ' aerial photograph with a Key showing - Gas Holders - Motor Transport Sheds - Barracks - Railway Sidings - Allotment Gardens - Aerodrome - etc

' Seaplane Base on Sylt ' with a key showing various buildings etc

' Town of Osnaburck on the River Hase in Hanover ' key showing various areas adn buildings

' Oldengburg ' with key

' The Docks At Harburg near Hanover ' full page aerial photograph

Personalities of the Week

' Acting Wing Commander Richard Kellett DFC '

' Aircraftman C. R. Driver DFM Aged Nineteen ...' - info Charles Ronald

' Pilot Officer G. W. F. Carey DFC '

' Mister R. A. Smithe Keeper at the British Museum Dies aged sixty seven ...'

' Mister R. J. Sykes Chairman of London Press Exchange Dies aged 77'

' Senator William E. Borah Dies Aged 74 '

' General Smuts Back at Groote Schuur - South African Prime Minister With Mrs Smuts and Their Grandaughter '

' The Queen at ALdershot Command - Chatting with a Sergeant '

' Princess Alice with the Commander Miss Mary Runciman of A British Ambulance Unit for the Womens Transport Service (F.A.N.Y.) to work with The Finnish Red Cross '

' The King and Queens Visit to Aldershot Command - Bonnets Off, The King Receiving Three Cheers from Scottish Troops - the Queen Looking on with others '

Zuyder Zee Holland - ' Men of An Ice Breaker Cought by th eFloes, Call for Assitance by Writing "Hulp Spoedig" (Immediate Assistance) in Coal on the Ice and the Ice Breaker Friesland Which Was Damaged ' two photographs

' Holland - A Circular Ice Saw 'Cutting Across a Frozen stretch '

' At Staten Island New York - A Huge Fleet of Lorries Awaiting Shipment, in the Foreign Trade Area, For France '

' TheWaltham Abbey Gunpowder Factory Explosion - One of Many MArke tGardeners Glass Houses Wrecked '

' Rome - Ski-ers on the Montagna del Duce Looking like a Swiss Ski Slope '

' Australia - Six Thousand "Diggers" of the Australian Expeditionary Force Swinging Down Martin place in Sydney On Their Last Parade Before Sailing Overseas ' a wonderful full page photograph with the General Post Office and TheNational Bank of Australia with Pitt Street Beyond '

Life in the Sunderland Flying Boats

'In The Cockpit - Sergeant Navigator Checking His Position with a Bubble Sextant '

' The "Chart Room" on Board a Sunderland Flying Boat Working Out a Position with His Complex Instruments '

' One of the Big Short Sunderlands on Coastal Patrol Duty .....'

' The Side Gunners at Their Positions ....'

' A Photograph Conveys the Immense Size of the Sunderland with the Four Gun Turret in the Tail ' also shows two crew in the water and others on the top of the plane

Double page

' Drill on a New British 25 Pounder gun Howitzer Mounted on a Ground Wheel .....'

' The Destroyer " Grenville " Which Was Sunk by Mine or Torpedo in the North Sea '

' A British Destroyer Sunk, It Was Feared, With the Loss of All Hands - Flotilla Leader HMS " Exmouth " Commanded by R. S Benson .....'

' AnElectrically Propelled Vehicle's Chassis Showing How the Batteries Are Carried '

' Hauling on Board Fish Killed by a Depth Charge Explosion .....'

Finnish Ski Troops Bringing in Soviet prisoners After The Battle of Suomussalmi ...'

' Taisto Maki the Finnish Holder of Five Running Records, Reported to be Wounded By a Shell Splinter '

' The Equipment for W.T's Ambulance Drivers for Finland .....'

' Finnish Soldiers Gathereid in teh Lamplight for Hot Refreshment .....'

' Finnish Troops Rushing into the Cover Provided by Pinewoods During a Low Flying Bombing Raid by Russian Planes ......'

' Swedish Aid for Finnish Wounded - An Injured Man Being Treated by Nurses Belonging to the Swedish Red Cross .....'

Lake Kianta and Suomusalmi

' A Soviet Amphibian Tank '

' Part of a Vast Quantity of War Material Abaandoned by the Reds '

' Finnish Soldiers Removing a Russian Feield Gun Left by the Fleeing Soviet Forces after Suomussalmi '

' Russian Tank Which over Ran Its Own Anti Tank Gunds at Suomusalmi .....'

' Finnish Soldiers with a Soviet Quadruple Barrelled Anti Aircraft Machine Gun on the Suomusalmi Front .....'

' An Appalling Scene Marking the Place where a russian Column Was Caught in a Clearing, During the Defeat of the Soviet 44th Division ......'

' A Captured Coach Used as a Soviet Army Wireless Wagon ' - A Relic of the Crimea?

' Dead and Unidentifiable Russians of the Routed 44th Division Lying Where They Fell after Suomusalmi ......'

' Prisoners from the 44th Division Awaiting Transport to a Prison Camp '

' A Soviet Soldier Lying Frozen as He Fell, Shot in the Very Act of Trying to Connect Field Telephone Wires .....'

~Double page

' The ARP SEvices - Reinforcements from the London Region Together With Units of the SE Region .....'

' ARP Equipment from the London Region at Chatham During the Large Scale Demonstration .....'

' ARP Practice at Paddington .....'

' The Duke of Windsor at the Sandbagged Entrance of His London Hotel .....'

' King Faruk Being Greeted by General Macreedy the Miel Commandant of the British Military Mission in egypt - At Abbasieh near Cairo '

' Mary The Princess Royal Serves Tea to Soldiers in the Station Canteen at York Run By The WVS, wearing The Uniform Of the ATS ' - Auxiliary Territorial Service (later renamed the Women's Royal Army Corps )

IMperial Airways Flying Boat " Corsair " in the Belgian Congo

' Lying Half Submerged in the River Dangu After Striking a Hidden Rock When Taking Off From a Specially Constructed Dam .....'

' Being Manoeuvred Down The Narrow Channel For Turning Into the Artifickal Lake .....'

' Natives Fetching Stone Quarried Near by For Constructing The Dam ....'

' The Damaged Plane Lying Half submerged in the River Dangu with One Wing Jacked Up by Pontoons .....'

' The Dam Constructed by Native Labour From Local Materials '

' TheHole Made in the Hull of the Airliner by The Forced Landing '

Full page

Strategy of the Finnish War and the Chief Sectors and Events - Six Maps

' A General Map of Finland .....'

' The Petsamo Front Where the Russians Have Been Held Up .....'

' TheSuomosalmi Sector .....'

' TheSalla Sector .....'

' The Front North of Lake Ladoga ...'

' The Finnish Sector .....'

Foreign Correspondents at the Ministry of Information - M.O.I.

' News of Wartime Britain for Buenos Aires - Mr Spearman of " La Nacion " at Work with Refreshments Being Brought Him By His Wife '

' M. Gunner Henriksen Reading Over a Copy in the Press room - London Correspondent of the Danish Paper " Politiken " ...'  .

' Making Notes From an Official Press Report is Dr H. W. Egli of the Swiss Papers " Neue Zuricher Zeitung " and " Der Bund " .....'

' Mr T. A. Raman of the " Hindustani Times " Delhi, Discussing the Days News with Miss Palmer of the " National Tidende " Copenhagen ....'

' Miss Molly McGee The London Correspondent of the " Toronto Mail and Globe " Canada - Looking at Her Type Script ......'

' M. Stefan Litauer TheWellKnown polish Journalist and president of the Foreign Press Association, Talks to Sir John Cameron The Chief of Foreigh Affairs ...'

' A Foreign Correspondent Booking His Telephone Call .....'

' Mr Rea of " La Stampa " Talking With His Editor in Turin Italy .....'

' The Censor CanInstantly Cut Off the Call '

' M. Stefan Litauer - M. Juho Timonen The Finnish Journalist of " Uusi Suomi " of Helsinki - and Miss Palmer of " Nationale Tidende "...' or National Tidende

Double Page

Excavations in Cyprus

' The Remains of a Great Neolithic Settlement at Khirokitia Between Nicosia and Limassol in Cyprus '

' Stone Shallow Rectangular Bowl '

' Rare Clay Bowl Uneathed During The 1939 Excavations '

' A Lifelike Male Head - A Chthonic Deity ...'

' A Model of a Circular Enclosure with a Sacrifice to the Chthonic Earth Deities Discovered at Vounous ...'

' IN TheHouse o fSacrifice Showing Infant Remains on Adult Skeletons with Other Infant Skeletons in Holes ...'

' Lower Floor in the House, Where Infants Were Sacrificed, Showing The Throne .....'

' TheEnd of th e " Colombus " The German Liner Scuttled When Her Attempt to Run The Allied Blockade Failed - In The North Atlantic ' three photographs showing "the outbreak of fire near the Liners mainmast - The Ship ablaze - and the US cruiser which Picked up the Crew"

The World Through Animals Eyes

' How a Room Appears to A Dog - A Monochrome Scene .....'

' How a Barnyard Apears to a Fly - The Mosaic Effect .....'

' TheFisherman as a Fish Sees Him .....'

' How a Barnyard Appears to a Hen .....'

Full page

'.... "All Clear " at the Queens Theatre - Beatrice Lillie as TheCountess, Gathering Information from All in the Noel Coward Skit n Spy Stories "Secret Service" ...' .

' Beatrice Lillie as Master Ernest in "Sic Transit Gloria" Teh Diverting Duet Betwwen the Two Choirboys ...'

' Bobby Howes Waring as A Choirboy Master Reggie ...'

' ..."Lullaby Balloon" sung By Bobby Howes and Fred Emney in "All Clear"...'

' Margaret Lockwood Affects the Heart - Howards Aspirin Does Not ' advert

' The Thresher Trench Coat - Thresher and Glenny Ltd ' advert

' Midland Bank Limited Statement of Accounts '


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant

The World of Science - Edible and Medicinal Seaweeds by W. P. Pycraft FZS

Sickle And Swastika - "Hitler Speaks" By Hermann Rausching "...I Was Stalins Agent..." by W. G. Krivitsky - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire '

The War with Nazi Germany: The Western Front in the Picture by Cyril Falls

Cypriot Ingant Sacrifices to the Earth Gods, in the 4th Millennium, At Khirokitia - By P. Dikaios The Curator of the Cyprus Museum and Director of the Excavations at Khirokitia ( Porphyros Dikaios )

Books of the Day - The World under The Sea by r. Webster Smith - - - Celluloid Safari By Stirling Gillespie FRGS - - - Columnby Charles E. Byles

The World of theatre by Ivor Brown




April 6th


' Crowds Gathered at Leith as The " Cossack " Docks ' full front page - Bringing home The Altmark prisoners that were rescued by the destroyer "Cossack" from the German prison ship "Altmark" in the Jossing Fjord in Norway

' Captain P. L. Vian Who Took His Ship "Cossack" into Jossing Fjord to Rescue The Prisoners ...'

' Freed From the Altmark - Two Lascar Seamen Imprisoned with The British ...'

' An Altmark Prisoner - Engineer Keith Brown of the " Tairoa " Captured by The Admiral Graf Sppe, With a Carpet That Served as Bedding ...'

' Three of the Rescued British Seamen '

' The Altmark Captives Cheering As The Cossack Got into Leith ' men on board the ship

' A Sailor, Wearing a Captured Altmark Cap, Gives an Ironical Nazi Salute - The Cap Inscribed "Marinen Achrichtenschiff" Which Means Naval Intelligence Vessel ...'

' Two Worn, Unshaven, But Happy Seamen ...'

' With Topmasts Gone and Many Holes Covered by Fresh Paint - The Exeter is Cheered into Port at Plymouth ' full page photograph of the ship coming in alongside

' Splinter Holes in the Funnels and Superstructure of the " Exeter " Tell of Her Fight With the Graf Spee ....' full page

A Peacetime " El Dorado " Now "Spook Hall" - A French Cafe Used for Drying Out RAF Parachutes:

' Drying Out RAF parachutes IN A Former Cafe in France ' a wonderful double page drawing by Captain Bryan de GRineau

' The Osprey - Pandion...'

' The South American Condor ...'

' The Bateleur Eagle - Helotarsus ...'

' TheAfrican Eared Vulture - Otogyps auricularis ...'

The ANZACS en voyage for the Near East:

' Diggers Aboard Ship and Waiting to Disembark at Suez - Members of the Second A.I.F. ( Australian Imperial Force (2nd AIF) in Palestine (B.I.P.P.A.) '

' Some of the Convoy of Luxury Liners Which Carried the Troops to Suez '

' Some of the Provost Corps of the 2nd AIF At Revolver Practice on Board Ship '

' ..."For Auld Lang Syne " Played on New Zealand Pipes as the Lighters Approach Suez (BIPPA) '

' Mr Eden Aboard the Leading New Zealand Transport at Suez (PNA) '

The Severest February for a Century - Snow Scenes:

' ADutvh River Ship Crushed by the Ice and Sunk inthe River Waal '

'[ Swnow Piled 6ft High in a Main Street in Budapest '

' An Ice Transport Convoy (Boats) Setting Off to Cross the Frozen Blet Between Seeland and Funnen in Denmark For The First Time in Fifty Years '

' A Crane Twisted and Broken, Crushed inthe Ice on the River Waal in Holland '

' Drift Ice on the Rhine Near Milligen in Netherlands ...'

' Shovelling Thick Snow Away from Side Walks in Paris - The Champs-Élysées '

' A View of ther Danube Beneath One of Budapests Bridges ..'

' A Building Near Copenhagen Completely Englosed by Snow and Ice '

' The Danube Frozen - Rumanians Drawing Sledges Crossing the river From Oltenita to Turtucaia '

' Towering Mass of Ice on the River Waal in Holland Threatening a House ' .

' A Danish Ice Breaker Opening up a Passage Across the Sea Separating Denmark And Sweden - The Kattegatt '

' La Sevigne D'Angleterra - Painting ' Mrs Boscawen

' The Great Letter Writers Husband - The Right Hon. Admiral Edward Boscawen ' from a painting

' Mrs Boscawens Younger Daughter, Elizabeth Duchess of Beaufort ' from a painting

' The Dining Room at Mrs Boscawens " Hatchlands " by Robert Adams

' A Maginot Gallery with Men Standing Ready Beside the Entrances of Magazines ' tunnel on the Maginot Line - full page photogaph

' An American Swedish Volunteer Ski-ing Regiment Which Has Joined the Finnish Army to Resist the Russian Invader '

' Voluntary American Ambulance Workers Transporting FInnish Wounded From the Front to Field Dressing Stations '

ON The Scandinavian Front Finland -:

' Russian Guns and Other Mobile Material Captured North East of Lake Ladoga '

' Clearing Up the Wreckage and Salvaging Soviet Light Guns Left AFter the Battle of Suomusalmi - A Dead Horse Lies Unputrefied Due to the Cold '

' A Long Line of Captured Soviet Armoured Cars ...'

' A Tangled Pile of Russian Corpses on the Salla Front Frozen Solid - In the Forground Stands a Member of the Finnish Red Cross '

' A Finnish Church Burning Fiercely from a Russian Incendiary Bomb ...'

' At Suomusalmi - A battered Soviet Armoured Car of the 44th Russian Diviesion ...'

' The British Destroyer " Cossack " Running Alongside the " Altmark " In Jossing Fjord ' a wonderful double page drawn by G. H. Davis - the caption mentions Captain Vian - Lieutenant Commander Turner - Mr J. J. F. Smith A Gunner

' Altmark Prisoners Hamering onthe Walls of Their Ammunition Room Prison, Blowing Whistles and Thrusting a Flag Through The Grating .....' double page drawn by C. E. Turner with an inset sketch of the german ship with the Norwegian Examination Vessel alongside

' The Altmark With the Graf Spee '

' The Altmark Fly8ing the Nazi Flag Aground in a Norwegian Fjord ...'

' A Photograph of Jossing Fjord in Peace Time - A Little Whit House onthe Road Alongside '

' The Altmark Aground in Jossing Fjord - Her Stern to the Right ...'

' A Stern View of the Altmark Showing Members of Her Crew o nDeck and Others on the Ice Below ...'

Full page of photographs

Personalities and News of the Week:

' LIeutenant Commander B. T. Turner Who Led the Boarding Party from HMS Cossack ...'

' Mr Robert Smillie Who Died Aged 83 - President of the Scottish Miners Fedeeration 1894-1918 ...'

' Lieutenant Commander R. T. White Command of the Destroyer HMS Antelope ...'

' Dr Elizabeth Sloan Chesser - Famous Woman Doctor Died Aged 62 ...'

' Mahatma Gandhi Arrinving in Delhi For His Abortive Conversations with the Viceroy ' and others

' Mr Arnold Mason ARA ...'

' Mr R. MacDonald Hutchison aka Harry Tate The Comedian Died aged 67 ...'

' Mr Gus Elen The Costermonger Comedian Died aged 77 ....'

' The New United States Minister To Canada at Ottawa - Mr James H. R. Cromwell and Mrs Cromwell With Mr Mackenzie King ' - info Mrs Cromwell nee Miss Doris Duke daughter of the American Tobacco " King "

' Major General Freyberg VC Commanding the New Zrealand Expeditionary Force inthe Middle East ...'

' The CinC of the French Forces Near East - General Weygand with Sir A P. Wavell Inspecting British Troops near Cairo '

Full page of photographs by Topical, Barratts, Universal, E and F, Keystone, Lafayette, BIPPA

' The End of A U-Boat - Column of Burning Oil Sen From a British Destroyer '

' The " Repulse " Claimed Sunk by Lord Haw-Haw - Sailors Cleaning the 15 inch Guns ' .

' Men of " Exeter " and " Ajax " Marching through the Streets of Plymouth to the Banquet at the Guildhall '

' HMS Antelops the Destroyer Which Sank Two German U Boats in One Fay ...'

' The Blue Star Liner " Sultan Star " Torpedoed 200 Miles WSW of Lands End ...' the caption mentions Nr Winsor the Sultan Stars radio operator - the ship before the attack

' Men of HMS Exeter with Drakes Drum Which Was Brought to the GUildhall Banquet aty Plymouth '

' HMS Daring Torpedoed With a Loss of All But Five ' caption mentions Commander S. A. Cooper

' Sinking of The Graf Spee - The Forward Foc'sle Handrails Disappearing '

' The ADmiral Graf Spee in the Plate Estuary - The Rusting Control Tower and Huge Funnel Twisted byt he Explosion When She Was Scuttled ...'

' The King Saluting After The Presentation Ceremony of New Colours for a Battalion of Welsh Guards at the Tower of London '

' Ther Queen Elizabeths Visit to a First Aid Post and Child Welfare Centre - Talking With London Mothers '

' RAF Pilots Who Located the Nazi Altmark ' two RAF Pilots looking at a map

' Mister Winston Churchill Speaking on Board HMS Exeter '

' Two Men Inspecting Finished Farthings at the Royal Mint to Detect Faults as They Pass Over the MAngle '

' A Notice for Prisoners Brought to England Fronthe " Altmark " By a Member of the "Cossack" Boarding party - Putting them on Bread and Water For Trying to Attract Norwegians Attention ' signed by the Commander

' Survivors Relate Their Experiences as Prisoners on the Altmark at the Ministry o fInformation - Former Seamen of the Trefanion - Tairoa and Doric Star - Mr P. W. Filcec - Seamen Gosling - McMinn - Tanner - Mr Aubrey Jenkins '

The Clearing House for War Prisoners at Geneva

' Where Information About War Prisoners is Exchanged - The HQ of the International Red Cross in Geneva - Also the HQ of the World Prisoners of War Centre '

' ..."All indesretion, voluntary or involuntary will be the object of sanctions" the Official Order of Service for Workers signed by Max Huber the President '

' Workers at The Sub Department of the Polish War Prisoners at The Cdentre in Geneva '

' With a Swoiss Boy Scout in Attnedance - The Gtrandf Hall of thye War Prisoners Centre of the International Red Cross at Geneva '

' Sorting Letters etc at ther Prisoners Centre '

' Service Francais - Service Britannique - The President The Swiss Writer M. Jacques Cheneviere Instructing Miel Women Helpers in Filing '

' Young Polish Women Specially Employed to Solve Language Difficulties ...'

' A Pig Thrown Overboard by The Crew of a Torpedoed Ship - Now th eMascot of a Naval Drifter '

' The " Exeter " Tortoise Shell Cat Mascot with Its Keeper '

' The " ADmiral Graf Spee " at Plymouth! - Two of the Exeters Crew Proudley Exhibiting The Canary ...'

Discovered in Cyprus - Mines Where the Mycenaeans Got Their Copper:

' White painted Pottery fron a Large Store Room Discovered at Apliki ' photograph of three bowls

' Specimans of Clay Pipes of Tuyeres ... ' three pipes

' A Torch Holder of about 1225-1100 BC ...'

' Jars Found in Situ ...'

' Bowl of a New Type Not Previously Noted in Cyprus c1350-1300 BC ...'

' A Jug ...'

' Entrance and Store Room of a House in the Bronze Age Miners Settlement at Apliki ....'

Full page photographs "By Courtesy of The Cyprus Department of Antiquities "

Swiss Soldiers on The Frontier:

' Detachment of the Swiss Frontier Ski Patrol in the High Alps Carrying Snow Shoes, and Using Skis as Rifle Rests ...'

' Swiss Mountain Troops - One Loaded with Wood for Cooking ...'

' Nationald Militia Watching The Swiss Flag Hoisted 9000ft Up ...'

' Sleeping in An Igloo or Snow Cave '

' A Ski Patrol Equipped with Snow Shoes, Steel Helmets and Mountaineers Rope ...'

' TheSwiss Federal Republic Mountain Ski Patrol iin Full active Service Dress ' .

' The Swiss Counterpart of the Finnish Ski Patrols Camouflaged by White Uniforms ...'

' Patrol on The Swiss German Frontier ...'

' Alpine Troops Roped together ...'

' A Soldier Digging an Igloo or Snow Hole as a Shelter for the Night ...'

' Ankochen in Einer Schneehutte - Taking a Hot Meal in a Snow Hole ...'

Theatre - "Lights Up" The Cochran Revue at the Savoy -:

Scene from "Lights Up" - Evelyn Laye and others

Scene fron "Lights Up" - Clifford Mollison - Phyllis Stanley - Martyn Green - Evelyn Laye - James Hayter

Scene with Evelyn Laye

Scene with Martyn Green

' Bentley Car on The Mickleham Bye-Pass in Surrey ' advert

Officers Service Mackintoshes and Raincoats fro Moss Bros ' advert

' A Typical English Byway near Weobley in Herefordshi8re - A Wolseley 12hp Saloon ...'

' Players Please ' advert

' The Barling Denture Pipe ' advert

Advert for the ILN on a full back page

' Blouses from Debenham and Freebody ' advert

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

La Sevigne D'Angleterre - "Admiral's Wife " by Cecil Aspinall-Oglander - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

The War With Nazi Germany - The Attitude of the United States by Cyril Falls .

The World of Science by W. P. Pycraft

Mines Where the Mycenaeans Got Their Copper, Discovered in Cyprus

The World of Theatre by Ivor Brown

Chronicle of the Car by Harold Nockolds



May 18th

' During a Recent Defence Test - Driving a Field Gun with Horses in a Flooded Area ... '

' A Flooded Field in a Dutch Village Next to a Canal ...'

' Dutch Soldiers Wearing Waterproof Thigh Boots in the Flooded Country ..'

' A Machine Gun Carrier Being Man Handles in a Flooded Zone ...'

' A Light Tank Ditched in a Flooded Area ...'

Full page

Winston Churchill 's Cabinet

' Sir Archibald Sinclair '

' Mr Anthony Eden '

' Mr Clement R. Atlee '

' The Right Hon. A. V. Alexander '

' Mr Churchill '

' The Rt. Hon. Arthur Greenwood '

' Lord Lloyd '

' Right Hon. Herbert Morrison '

' Mr Bevin '

' Mr. L. S. Amery '

' Mr Duff Cooper '

Full page


Holland From the Air

' Rotterdam - An Air View of the Maas '

' Rotterdam - The Norder Island With Bridges in the Centre of the City Where Nazi parachutists Were Rounded Up ...'

' Rotterdam and The Country to the South - The Norderisland - Waalhaven Airport - Marine Maas ' etc

' Rotterdam Town Hall and Post Office with Th eBeurs a Few Steets Away Seized By Parachutists ...'

' The Oostplein For a Time the Principal Nazi Vantage point on the North Bank '

' The Bridges Over The Hollandsches Diep Near Moerdyk .....'

' Amsterdam Seen from the East - Ymuiden in the Distance ....'


The Belgian Army

' The Chasseurs Ardennais ...'

' Belgian Infantry Accompnying Guns ...'

' Belgian Chasseurs Ardennais with a Trench Mortar and Light Howitzer ...'

' Belgian Chasseurs ...'

A Belgian Motor Cyclist ...'

' A Casemate and Asparagus Anti Tank Rails in a Belgian Defensive Position ...'

' A Belgium Aritllery Position ...'


' Nazi Air Attack During the British Advance - Passing Over a Level Crossing - "The Germans Bombed the Railway but with Little Effect" ...' a full page drawing by Bryan De Grineau signed and dated Belgium May 10 1940


' 1914 - Repeated with a Difference

The BEF ( British Expeditionary Force ) Advances into Belgium - While Refugees Depart

' French and British Troops Advancin Along the Road to Liege ...'

' The Belgium Refugees Again Flee From Germany Hordes - Women and Children on Open Lorries ...'

' The Local People Gesturing Thumbs Up and Throwing Lilac to the British Troops in a Belgium Town '

' the Barrier is Raised on the French Belgian Border to Admit British Troops ...'

Double page of sketches by "Our Special War Artist on the Western Front Captain Bryan De Grineau " with hand written notes within the drawings


British and German Troop Carriers

' the Junkers JU 52 Aircraft - the Standard Troop Carrier of the Luftwaffe ... '

' The Latest British Troop Carrying Aircraft The Bristol Bombay ...'

' Junkers Ju 89-90 The Famous Large passenger Machine as Adapted for Troop Carrying ...'

Three diagrammatical drawings by Mister G. H. Davis on a full page


Invasion by Parachute Armies

' Three Sectional Drawings Illustrate Different Methods of Troop Landings by German Parachutists '

Plus four other diagrammatical drawings by G. H. davis showing German Troop Carrying Ability


' Invasion by Parachute - The Technique Miel Originated by russia Put into Large Scale Operation by the Nazis ' a wonderful double page of illustrations by C. E. Turner in sepia style

' Map Showing Aerodromes and Inundation Areas (floods) ' a maps showing the " Low Countries " Holland Belgium Luxemburg N. France etc - a large double page map

' The Scene of the German Break Through The Belgium Lines ... A Map of the Country Between Brussels and Liege and South of the Albert Canal with Vital Communications '

RAF Bomb NAzi Troops at Katwijk and Waalhaven

' Planes on the Beach at Katwijk North of the Hague Photographed by RAF Bombers ...'

' After The Bombing One of the Junkers can Be Seen Flung up The Beach ...'

' Waalhaven Aerodrome Near Rotterdam - Buildings Completely Demolished and Still Burning ...' aerial view from the RAF bombers


Precautions Taken in Britain Against Nazi Invasion

' Police and Troops Stopping Cars to Check ID ...'

' Halting Cars - Another Method of Stopping and Checking Id ...'

' Sandbags and An Old Farm Wagon Slow Down Traffic Along a Coastal Road ...'

' Rehearsing - Troops Erecting Sandbag Walls Agcross pavements ...'

' A Lorry Conveyting Aliens Arriving at an Internment Camp ...'

' A Trestle and Barbed Wire Barricade Across a Road ...'


People in the Public Eye

' Sir Terence O'Connor Died ..'

' the Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxemburg Arriving in Paris with Her Husband, Eldest Son and Mother After Escaping the German Invasion ..'

' the Dutch Royal Family Escape the Nazi Gansters: Princess Juliana with Her Children Crossing the Road in to the Gardens of Eaton Square '

' Prince Bernhard Helping to Carry His Youngest Daughter in a Gas Proof Cot on Arrival In England '

' The Prince and Princess of Piedmont Leaving the Vatican After a Visit to the Pope '

' Princess Marie Jose of Piedmont Arriving at the Papal Mass iin the Dress of a Red Cross Nurse ...'

Full page


' The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Training in England - Riding Motor Cycles ...'

A Long Line of Riders of the Royal Canadian Mounted police and Their Machines ...'


Homes Wrecked by Nazi Bombs in Belgium Holland And France

' Homes on Fire in the Vicinity of Schiphol Aerodrome after it was Bombed ...'

' A Street Near Schiphol Airport - Houses on Fire Caused by Incendiary Bombs - ARP workers arriving ...'

' A Ruined Street in Nancy ...'

' Smoke Pouring from the Ruins of a Wrecked House After a Bombardment of Brussels ...'

' A Scene of Destruction in Belgium by German Bombs ...'

' The Interior of a House Destroyed by Bombs in a Town in the Paris Region...'

Full page


British Warships and A Convoy Bombed ...

' One of The Long Series of Futile Air Attacks on British Warships in the North Sea and off Norway - A Salvo Falling Astern a Britsh Destroyer '

' The " Rodney " Which is Hit by a Bomb The Same Evening ...'

' The Multi Pom Poms Used By the Royal Navy ...'

' Another Miss ...'

Full page


' During a Bombing Raid on a Convoy off Norway ....'

' Two Warships in Station Ahead of the Aircraft Carrier ...' photographed from the aircraft carrier

' Bombs Falling 100 Yards Away fromn ther Aircraft Carrier ...'

Full page


The Bombing of Namsos and Aandalsnes

' Smoke and Flames Rising from the Small Norwegian Port of Aandalsnes were British Troops Were Landed ....'

' The Bombing of a Street in Namsos - Mr B. M. Powell a US Camera Man Describing the Incessant Attacks, Stated ....'

' Stretcher Bearers Hurrying Along a Road in Namsos .....'

' A French Sailor on Duty Before the Ruins of a Church After Systematic Bombing in Namsos ....'

' Namsos Harbour - British Escort Vessel HMS Bittern On Fire After an Epic Fight off the Norway Coast .....'

' A Remarkable Photograph Taken on Board The " Bittern " After A Heavy Bomb Had Hit Her ... Her Guns Pointing Skywards Still in Action ..'

Full page


' British and Allied Troops Marching Alongside the Quayside on theeir Arrival at A North Scottish Prot From Norway ...'

' On Board a British Warship Just After Re-Embarkation at Namsos - A Frenchman Englishman and Norwegian ...'

' The Blud Devils Disembark: The Scene on the Quayside as th eFamous French Troops The Chasseurs Alpins Arrived on British Soil ...'

' A Chasseur Alpin Mounts Guard over His Comrades Equipment After Eisembarkation ...'

' General Carton De Wiart VC Who Commanded the Troops at Namsos Photographed on His Retur with Members of the Friends Ambulanc Unit ...'

' Smiling Blue Devils With a Bundle of The Skis ...'

Full page


' The Great Spotted Woodpecker '

' The Wryneck '

' TYhe Rare Ivory Billed Woodpecker Campophilus Principalis of Mexico and S. US ...'

' Burberrys Uniforms ' advert

' The Latest Hillman Minx Saloon Model in Surrey ...'

' Mappin And Webb - A Sterling Silver Dressing Table Service for Ladies ...' advert

' Steradent ' advert

' Horlicks ' Advert

' Lieut. E. Grahame Johnstone DSC RNVR - by Doris Zinkeisen ' small portrait

' The Eclipse Red Ring Razor ' advert

' The North British Rubber Co Ltd ' - An advert with a comical poem about golf and a golf club etc - Colour

' Swan Pens ' advert

' KLG Sparking Plugs ' advert

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-
Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles - reviews include Independent Egypt by Amine Youssef Bey - - - Cities and Men By Inman Barnard

The War With Nazi Germany by Cyril Falls

The World of Science - World Varieties of theWoodpecker by W. P. Pycraft FZS

The Chronicle of the Car by Harold Nockolds


Long Lines of Bren Carriers being Entrained to Join Their Units ' Front page

' Mr Ernest Bevin TheMinister of Labour and National Service at The Microphone for His Broadcast '

President of the Turkish Republic General Ismet Inonu with Dr Refik Saydem Prime Minister and Kemal Gadeletch The Chief Secretary Full Page

Facing The Italians In Africa - British Forces in Egypt

' Camouflaging With a Net a Two Pounder Anti Tank Gun in the Desert

' Scottish Bren Gun Crews During Desert Manoeuvres in Egypt '

' British Tanks With Their Crews Near Cairo Awaiting Order to Move Off into the Desert '

' Scottish Infantry Occupying A Rock Strewn Rise - In the DIstance a Bren Gunner With His Weapon '

' A Trench Mortar Detachment of A Scottish Infantry Regiment Operating in the Glaring Sun of the Western Desert '

' A british Tank Movuing forwrd in Egypt '

- © (copyright) - Sleekburn Prints 2004 - 2007

' Buglers of a Scottish Regiment Sounding in the Morning Sun '

India's Answer to Aggression - Photographs of Her Troops in Egypt

' The 5000 Year Old Pyramid Tombs of Cheops, Kephren and Mycerinus in the Background; Bren Gun Carriers of the Indian Force with Their Crews Halted on a Desert Road Beyond Mena Village '

' A Bren Gun Carrier Advancing Across a Stony Stretch of the Western Desert Accompanied by an Indian Infantry Detachment '

' Indian Troops Erecting Barbed Wire Entanglements i Front of their Trenches '

' A bren Gun Carrier Moving Across Undulating Stretch of Desert Followed by an Indian Infantry Detachment '

' Rajputs - Descened From Noted Fighting Stock, At Firing Practice During Desert Manoeuvres '

' A Schematic Drawing Showing The Fleet of Aircraft Neede to Carry Evan A Thousan Dmen For an Aerial Invasion and Convey Their Light Howitzers, Stores, Ammunition, Motor Cycles and Cycles; with Accompanying Parachute Troops. Dive Bombers, Heavy Bombers, And Fighter Escort Make up Nearly 150 Machines ' a wonderful double page by "Our Special Artist G. H. Davis "

' The Mangrove ( rhizophora ) '

' The Trunk of an Ancient Beech Tree '

' The Remarkable Buttressed Roots of the Indiarubber Tree Ficus Elastica '

' RAF Battle Bombers showing An Enemy Column of Horse Drawn Vehicles Being Attacked at Low Level With German Soldiers Running Across a Field and Bombs Bursting on the Convoy '

A Low Level Bombing Attack By Battle Bombers on an Enemy Supply Miel Column in the Dunkirk Area; with A Salvo of Incendiary Bombs Just Released and Bombs Burstin on the Vehicles '

' The Widened Sphere of the War Opened Up[ Since Italy Joined the Conflict ...' a map Paris, Slovakia, Odessa in the north down through Morocco Algiers Iran ANd Arabia to Uganda Kenya Abyssinia in the south

' A Map of Stricken France, Broken By Overwhelming Forces '

' A Melancholy Memory: Thje Spot Where the Armistice Was Signed on Nov 11 1918 in The Forest of Compiegne '

' The Granite Slab Marking the Spot Where The Armistice Was Signed in the Forest of Compiegne '

' The Table in Marshal Foch's Coach Where the Armistice Was Signed in 1918 '

' A German Motor Cyclist Speeding Past The Pitiful Wreckage of a French Convoy of Refugees, Halte dby The Roadside, Which In Encumbered With Dead Horses - Refugees on the Roads Often Hampered the Allied Defence '

' Broken Carts and Scattered Be;pmgomgs - All That Remains of a Party of Fleeing Refugees Overtaken By The Invaders '

American Lockheed " Hudosn " Planes of the RAF Over Heligoland

' A Navigator With High Magnification Binocul;ars, Takes a Look at the Island of Sylt '

' The Photograph Taken As the Hudsons Flew Along the English Coast, Shows The Extensive View Afforded The Navigator Through the Transport Nose of the Machine '

' Two fo the Formation of Five lockheed Hudsons Flying only 50ft Above the Sea in the Heligoland Bight Area '

' The Wireless Operator Reporting on the Action by Radio to His Home Station '

' A Very Light Pistol Which The Wireless Operator is Loading, Is Uses for Signalling '

' Af ter the Hudsons Arrived Safely Home, The Rear Gunner Found That One of the Carrier Pigeons, Undeettered by the Action, Had Laid an Egg During the Flight '

' The Navigator From the Transparent Nose of the Hudson Hands up a Note to His Pilot Giving Details of a Change of Course '

' The Wireless Operator Signals With An Aldis Lamp tothe Other Aircraft to Close Formation '

Double page of sepia style photographs

- © (copyright) - Sleekburn Prints 2004 - 2007

Photographed From Skies Now Filled With German Bombers for "Psychological" Reasons - Familiar Paris

' A General View of theCity Taken From the Eiffel Tower, Showing The Pont Alexandre III Across The Seine '

' A View Showing the Louvre, The Palais Royal Gardens and the Covered Markets '

' Bombers Roar Daily Over This Beautiful City to Impress the Parisians With What They Have Escaped by Capitulating ' view of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the distance

' The Heart of Paris, Ancient Lutetia, Later Known as the Ile De La Cite With the Church of Notre Dame '

Four photographs on a double page

' The Defender of Verdun Who Decided To Ask TheGermans for A Cessation of Hostilities on June 15: Marshal Petin '

' The British Prime Minister Who Made M. Reynaud The Supreme Offer of Union With The British Empire: Mr Winston churchill '

La Ville Lumiere - Now in the Shadow of the Swastika

' Paris From St Cloud, Occupied Again By the Enemy '

' The Church of Notre Dame '

Two beautiful drawings in sepia style by Flight Lieutenant Austin Blomfield - Full page.

' British Warships A Magnificent Book of Illustrations ' Book cover

' Two Pages of "British Warships".. '

Personalities of a Critical Week

' Captain Geoffrey D. Burton Director General of Tanks and Transport '

' Sir Charles ( Coupar ) Barrie '

' Colonel H. L. Nathan MP '

' Lieut Col Charles I. Kerr '

' Brig. Gen. E. L. Spears '

' Lieut Gen. Sir Clive Liddell Governor and Commander in Chief Gibralter '

' Admiral Sir Andrew B. Cunningham CinC of British Naval Forces it he Mediterranean '

' Air Marshal Sir A. M. Longmore AOC in Chief Middle East

' Viscount Fincastle Killed In Action '

' Mr E. Stanley Hall FRIBA Died June 16 '

' The Italian Ambassador, Signor Bastianini, Leaving London With His Wife and Youngest Child on June 13 ' - Giuseppe Bastianini

' Major General H. R. S. Massy '

- © (copyright) - Sleekburn Prints 2004 - 2007

' Lord Cromwell MC Reported Missing '

' The Polish Submarine " Orzel " Famed For Her Escape from he Baltic When Poland Was Invaded, Now Reported Lost '

' Passengers of The " Washington " Wearing Lifebelts i the Ships Lifeboats Afgter She Had Been Stopped by A German Submarine '

' A British Cruiser Sunk by an Italian Submarine: The 23 Year Old " Calypso " A Veteran of the Last War '

' A Lifeboat of the " Doric Star " Sunk by the " Graf Spee " Arrives at the London Docks '

' St Valery En Caux Where Six Thousand British Soldiers Were Captured, Weather Conditions And Heavy Fog Preventing Their Rescue '

' The Heroic Defenders of Calais - British Prisoners Whose Stand Did Much To Make Possible the Dunkirk Evacuation '

' Members of the Local Defence Volunteers Marching Through Central London '

' A Mystery Plane After Striking a Barrage Balloon Cable Catches Fire and Crashes into A Silo on the East Coast '

' A Method of American Aircraft Delivery Made Necessary By Neutralty Regulations: A Lockheed Bomber Being Towed into Canada ' by horses

' The Kings Visit to a BEF Division in the West Country: His Majesty Decorating a Coldstream Guards Officer with The DSO - Lieut Col. A. Cazenove '

' The Principal Weapon in Air Fighting: Aircraft Machine Guns - American British, French, German and Italian Machine Guns, Capable of Firing 1200 Rounds Per Minute; The American Long Barrel Type 37mm Shell Gun; and the Hispano Suiza Moteur Canon ' also Browning - Vickers Rifle Calibre Observers Gun - Rheinmettal Borsig - Chattelleraut France Standard Aircraft Machine gun - Breda SAFAT Italian - Full page gramatical drawing with explanation by "Our Special Artist G. H. Davis "

' Mrs Fitzherberts House at Brighton From a Drawing by Desmond Leslie '

' In the Words of George IV "The Only Woman I Ever Loved": An Engraving of Mrs Fitzherbert '

' The Funeral Procession of Miss Regency - A Caricature including Mrs Fitzherbert Done in 1789 by James Gillray '

' A Portrait of Mrs Fitzherbert Engraved by Roffe '

' Large British Tanks ont he Move Through London '

' Intensive Tank Construction in a British Factory - A Cruiser Tank Slung From a Travelling Crane '

' A Tank Climbing on to One of the Flat Trucks '

' Factories in Australia As Well As Canada Ar EBuklding Armoured Fighting Vehicles, This Photograph taken in Melbourne '

' The Ordnance Works at Melbourne Showing a Long Line of Light Armoured Fighting Vehicles '

' The Tanks Are Rolling Through tHe Shops in Long Lines in this British Factory '

And other photographs showing tanks going through trials

' Victim of the Devilish Scientist in " DR Cyclops " - charles Halton as One of The Humans Beings Reduced to Pygmy Size '

'... " Dr Cyclops " Frank Yaconelli - Victor Kilian - Janice Logan - Chrles Halton and Thomas Coley '

' Albert Dekker in the Title Role of Dr Cyclops With Janice Logan and Thomas Coley '

' White Horse Whisky ' full page advert

' Schweppes Lime ' Full page advert

' A Bronze Ye Wine Vessel of the Shang Yin Dynasty Sold at Sotherbys for £1400 '

' A Closely Crackled Grey Lavender Bopttle of Chines Ju Ware at Sotherbys '

' A Khmer Stone Torso fo the Eleventh Century From the Eumorfopoulos Collection at Sotherbys '

' 29 New St Worcester - King Charles House ' cigarette advert

' Eclipse Razor ' advert

' North British Golf Balls - The Super Charged SS ' a full page advert showing an RAF fighter plane and titled Per Ardua ad Astra

' Service Watches - The Goldsmith and Silversmiths Co Lts ' advert

' Horlicks - Three Sleep Groups ' Advert

And other adverts of the day

- © (copyright) - Sleekburn Prints 2004 - 2007

'Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant'

'The World of Science - Trees and Their Stange Roots by W. P. Pycraft FZS'

' The War With Nazi Germany: The French Tragedy by Cyril Falls '

' From Sedan to The Debacle - A Diary of the Battle of France '

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles'

' the Only Woman George IV Ever Loved - Mrs Fitzherbert and Connected Papers By Shane Leslie. An Appreciation by Sir John Squire '

' The World of Kinema by Ivor Brown '

' The Chronicle of the Car by Harold Nockolds '


General Sir Archibald Wavell With Mr Anthony Eden Inspecting Indian Troops in the Egytian Desert ' and others - Full front page photograph

' Dunkirk - A Blazing Lorry i a Street Strewn with Debris, After a German Air Attacik '

' Commander French Naval Forces Admiral Jean Abrial with M. Pierre Bargeton at Bastion 32 Dunkirk '

Germany Tells of ITs War Methods - Aerial photographs

' Aerial Photograph Taken Over the Dutch Aerodrome at Katwijk Shows Parachute Troops Landing and Some Fifty German Transport Planes Which Had Landed as the Way was Made Clear For Them ' full page aerial photograph showing "The Pattern of A Combined Attack by Parachutists and Air Borne Troops"

' Parachutist Landied in Neighbouring Fields and Gardens in Order to Attack the Waalhaven Airport at Rotterdam ' with an inset photograph showing "Empty Containers Used to Land Arms and Suplies"

' A LAter Stage inthe Attack on Waalhaven Airport ...' full page aerial photograph

' Germanys War Methods:

' Rubber Boats LAshed Together by German Engineers to Transport Field Guns '

' Rubber Boats Lashed Together with Infantry Crossing ' photograph stated to have been taken at Maastricht

' A Bridge Blown up in Belgium to Hidner the Advance of the Nazis - A Few German Infantry Men Seen Crossing by Means of a Catwalk of Rubber Boats '

' Germans Crossing a River by Bridging Rubber Boats '

' A bridge Built on Rubber Boat Pontoons in Belgium ...'

' The Junkers 87 DIve Bomber Used in Their Attacks in the West - Nicknamed A Stuka an Abbreviation of Sturzkampfflugzeug '

' Showing the JU 87's Doble Wing with junkers Flaps ...'

' The JU 87's Method of Lowering the Main Bomb Previous to Releasing it ...' diagram "Courtesy of Flight Magazine .

' TheDive Bomber inm Flight ...'

' A german Drawing of Dive Bombers Attacking a Polish Railway Station ... ' signed but cant make out name

' A German Heinkel III Ablaze - Photographed by the British Fighter WHich Destroyed It ..'

' A Messerschmitt o nFire - Photographed from a British Fighter ...'

' A Dornier 17 With Starboard Engine and Wing on Fire Seen From a British Fighter ...'

' Queen Elizabeth Laughing with Wounded Ofrficers at a Hertfordshire Hospital '

' Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Kingsley Wood Addressing The Guildhall at The Launch of National Savings Week '

' TheNew Uniform for the Eirean Army and the Old Type '

' A Convoy of Gallant Little Dunkirk " Armada " Passing Lambeth Bridge '

' A Manchester Policeman Practising with an Automatic Gun in Preparation for Parachute Troops '

' The New Church House at Westminster '

' Opening Creemony at the New Church House Westminster - King George VI - The Queen - Archbishop of Canterbury '

' Map - Illustrating the Growth of Modern Italy fro mthe ucleus of Piedmont with Sardinia, in 1860 into a Dictator Ridden Power ...'

' Rheinmettal (German) - - - Oewrlikon (Swiss) - - - Madsen (Danish) - - - Hispano-Suiza (French) - - - A.A.C. (Anerican) ' Drawn by "Our Speial Artist G. H. Davis "

' Aircraft Shells - Three Sizes ' as above

' The Aircraft Shell Gun Effective Weapon Against Tanks ' drawing showing an attack by RAF on German tanks - by G. H. Davis

HM Destroyer Ardent (Lieut. Commander J. F. Barker) Presumed Lost with HMS Acasta in Connection with the WIthdrawal of Allied Forces from Narvik ...'

' Presumed Lost Whilst Covering the Withdrawal fromn N. Norway - Aircraft Carrier " Glorious " (Captain G. D'Oyley-Hughes )

' Block SHips Sunk Across theLock Gates at Zeebrugge to Render the Port Useless ...'

' Map - Covering The Area fronm the Maginot Line to the Sea ' full page showing the "atest developments in The Battle of France "

Rumania - The Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of King Carol's Accession:

' Rumanian Children Making a Monogram at a Strajeri Festival - The Kings Name '

' Anti Aircraft Guns on Display at Bucharest ...'

' King Carol, Who Is A Grandson of Queen Victoria, Laying the Foundation Stone of the New Bucharest University ....'

' KIng Carol Decorating the Colours of a Regiment near Bucharest ...'

' King With Crown Prince Michael Reviewing Youghful Units of the New Rumanian Army ...'

' The King At The Consecration of A Church @ Costesti ...'

People in the War News:

' Captain B. Warburton-Lee VC - Posthumously Awarded ... During the Battle of Narvik ...'

' Flying Officer D. Garland VC ...'

' Sergeant T. Gray VC RAF ...'

' Flying Officer E. J. Kain Killed Accidently in France ...'

' Vice Admiral sir B. Ramsay Commander of the Dover Patrol ...'

' Mis ter J. Davidson Pratt - Appointed Deputy Director General for Chemical Research Experiment ...'

' M. Eirik Labonne Apptd. French Ambassador to Soviet Russia ...'

' General Billotte Killed in Action ...'

' Major General The Hon. H. R. L. G. Alexander Who Remaine4fd in Command of the BEF in Dunkirk ...'

' Lieutenant General Sir R. F. Adam - Apptd. General Officer CinC Northern Command ...'

' King Haakon and Crown prince Olav Driving Miel to Buckingham Palace - Norways Royal Fugitives ...'

' General Sir Robert Gordon-Finlayson - Apptd. General Officer CinC Western Command ....'

' The King Inspecting the Canadian Seaforth Highlanders ...' and others

' French Heavy Tanks Confront the Enemy While Overhead, With The Sun Behind Them, The French Aeroplanes Attack with Bomb and Cannon - The Horrible Drama of Modern Macnine Warfare in Northern France ' a double page drawn by J. Simont showing the death and devastation shown by the operation

'Animal Behaviour - A Male Stickleback Watching Over its Nest - - - A Four Days Old Cuckoo Pushing An Egg out of the Nest - - - TheCourtship Attitude of a Toad - - - A Young Cuckoo in a Reed Warblers Nest ' illustrations by Erna Pinner .

' Map - Italy Illustrating Her Strategic Vulnerability: Showing Naval Bases, Airports, Seaplane Bases, Landing Grounds and Railways; And Gibing Distances Between Italy and Corsica - Sicily and Malta - Pantellaria and Tunisia ' full page map by George Philip and Sons

' TheEntire British Navy with the Dominions Fleets in Silhouettes - A Silhouette Chart Which Shows Every Combatant Unit of the British Navy As It Was at The Outbread of the War, Including Ships Under Construction ...' a very detailed chart by Richardson - Double page

As Above but of The Italian Navy - Full page chart

As Above but of France and Her Navy - Full age chart

German Bombs on Paris - ' An Apartment House Wrecked ' plus seven other photographs including a school

The Moons Influence on the Fertility of Sea Creatures - ' The Marine Worm Eunice Viridis or Palolo Worm ' - - - ' The Marine Worm Myrianida ...' - - - ' The Land Crab Known as the Malio or Gecarcinus ' ...'

' Meeting the Threat of Air Borne Invasion in Britain with Suggested Measures for Foiling Nazi Troop Carriers ' twelve diagrams on a double page "Drawn by Our Special Artist G. H. Davis "

Theatre - Two scenes from Patrick Hamilton's Play " Gaslight " - Diana Wynyard - Anton Walbrook - Frank Pettingell .

Theatre - Two scenes from " Primrose Path " at the Gaumont Haymarket - Joel McCrea - Ginger Rogers - Marjorie Rambeau

Black And White - Scotch Whisky ' full page advert with the famous dogs, a West Highland Terrier and a Scottish Terrier

' Lillet - Le Meilleur Aperitif de France ' advert

' GEC - Coldair Electric Refrigerators ' advert

' Sweet Memories of Devo n - Exmoor - Fingle Bridge - Apple Orchards at Whimple - Dartmoor Ponies - Exeter Cathedral - Having Lunch ' full apge advert for Whiteways Devonshire Cyder ( Cider )

' Gas Masks - Fastners by Neweys Ltd of Birmingham ' advert

' KLG Spark Plugs ' advert

' Highland Queen Whisky ' advert

' The hotel Majestic at Harrogate ' advert

' Martini Vermouth ' advert

' Lloydfs Auto Sickle ' advert

' Bailey's Turnstiles Supplied to Greyhound Tracks, Racecourses Etc ' (very) small advert

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles - Brasseys Naval Annual Edited by Rear Admiral H. G. Thursfield - - - Lords of the Air by Harry Harper - - - The Nazis at War by Willi Frischauer - - - The Yacht Masters Guide and Coasters Companion by Frank G. G. Carr etc

A Critique of Animal Instinct - " Animal Behaviour: IMpulse, Intelligence, Instinct" By Dr Johann A. Loeser - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire .

The War with Nazi Germany - the Somme Aisne Battle by Cyril Falls

The World of Science - The Moon's influence on the Fertility of Sea Creatures by W. P. Pycraft FZS

The World of Theatre by Ivor Brown

And more



June 22nd

June 29 th

July 6th

July 13th



August 10th

The Home Guards at Osterley Park Middlesex - Blowing Up Tanks, A Demonstrtion at the School for Guerilla Warfare ' Full Front page

'...." Alcantara " The British Armed Liner Which Hit the Disguised German Auxiliary in Action off Briazil ' with reference to Captain J. G. P. Ingham DSO RN

' The Clean Lines and Absence of Excrescences on The Hurrican Fighter Compared with The Numerous Excrescences on the German Messerschmitt ME 109 Fighter ' Full page with explanation - Diagrammatical drawing by G. H. Davis

Gibraltar and How a Secret Weapon Failed Against It in 1782

' A British Inventors Improvement ...A Section Drawing of a Bomb Proof Floating Battery Miel Reproduced From an Unpublished Manuscript - By Sir William Congreve ....'

' The Repulse of the Floating Batteries .. Painting By Sir Thomas Whitcomb ...'

' Gibraltar From the Mediterranean Side Showintg the Rain Catchments...' photograph

' Aerial View of Gibraltar ....'

' The Approach from Spanish Road Showing Galleries Blasted From the Rock ...'

' Aerial View From Spain - The Township of La Linea and its Bull Ring, No Mans Land and The Only Road into Gibraltar Town ...'

' Aerial Vie Taken From the Rock Looking into Spain ...'

' A Mid 18c Plan of Gibraltar Showing Spanish Batteries and British Defences in the Siege of 1727 .. "Plan of the Peninsula and Part of the Isthmus of Gibraltar ..." ..'

' An Aerial View of the Rock ...'

' A Modern Map of Gibraltar ...In Comparason with the 18c Plan ...'

Double page with photographs by Messrs Thomas Cook and Son, Ocean Pictures and Flandrin, Gibraltar

Drawings for the Illustrated London News by The Official Polish War Artist Feliks Topolski

' A Volunteer From Argentina - A Polish Soldier '

' An English Lesson in The Open Air for the Poles at One of Their Camps in Scotland ' with handwritten notes by the artist within the drawing

' A Polish Infantry Officer ' - handwritten notes by the artist within the drawing

' Polish Infantryman in an International Mixture of Uniform ...' - handwritten notes by the artist within the drawing

' A chaplain in the Polish Army ...' handwritten notes within the drawing

' Officer of The Mountain Brigade Which Fought in Norway and France ...' - handwritten notes within the drawing

' Oflficers and Men Listening to a Comrade Playing Chopin at a Concert they Gave to Scottish People .....' - handwritten notes within the drawing

' Lady Warrender President of the "Polish Armed Forces Comforts Fund" at a Camp .....'

' General Dreszer Taking Over the Command of the Mechanised Cavalry, Under General Maczek, Now Missing, Fought Bravely in France .....' handwritten notes within the drawing

' A Touching Message ... Displayed Behind An Accordion Player at a Concert in Scotland '

' Information About Lost Families Being Read by aSoldier ....'

A Wonderful double page

' The Ankara School of Civil Aviation in Turkey...'

' Ankara Turkey - Ataturk Boulevard

' Caterpillar Lorry with Searchlight Tender of The Turkish Army ..'

' General Ismet Inonu TheTurkish President Addressing the Peoples Party Conference ...'

' Body Armour and Protective Visors for The Army etc ' with an explanation and comparison with protective items of 1914-18 and earlier year - Diagrammatical Drawings on a Full page by "Our Special Artist G. H. Davis "

' A German Military Ceremony in "Paris Place" Berlin ...'

' A Berlin Divison of Infantry on Its Return From France Marching Through the Streets ...'

' German Troops Marching Through Brandenburger Tor into Unter Den Linden - Swastikas Hanging from the Gate ' Brandenburg

' German Schnellboote or Schnellboot - Motor Torpedo Boats ....'

' A German MTB at Speed .....'

'On Board a Motor Torpedo Boat - Loading a Torpedo ....'

' The Crew of an S-Boot (or S-Boote ) Crew Sight Their objective .....'

' A German Sailor Hand Poised Awaiting to Fire a Torpedo .....' the sailors cap has Schnellboot-Flottillen on the cap tally or band

France - The French National Assembly in the Theatre of TheCasino De Vichy .....'

' Pierre Laval Deputy Prime Minister in the petain Government Arriving at the Casino de vichy .....' two other men also in the photograph

' King George VI Knighting Air Marshal Barratt CinC RAF in France '

' Captain Ervine-Andrews at Buckingham Palace Awaiting the VC ' with another man seated next to him

' Miss Bertha Herring Awarded an MBE by The King at Buckingham Palace ...' for help in arresting Udham Singh

' Londons Defences - Queen Elizabeth Watching an Anti Aircrart Gun Being Trained '

' Hull - the King and Queen Speaking with VIctims of Air Raids in a Bombed Street ...'

' The King Presenting the OBE to Mrs Cardwell Who Captured a German Airman Single Handed '

' Norwich - A Police at The Entrance to a Shelter Which Withstood the Blast of a Bomb '

' Hull - The Queen Talking to the Mother of a Boy ....' in a row with other women

The article makes reference to Mrs Florence Goutrey of Hull talking to the King and also a boy of thirteen in a bombed street

' Britains Defence Exercise - A Mobile Reserve Division of Northern Command Attacking an Aerodrome "Captured" by the Enemy ...' a fascinating scene showing the troop movements, Vehicles, Bicycles, Armoured tanks or Beaverettes and Buses etc with the village in the background and a hovering Lysander in the distance - A double page drawing "Specially Drawn ...by Captain Bryan De Grineau "...

' Philadelphia - USA's Huge Reserve of Old Destroyers - " Flushdeckers " Laid up in the Docks ' an amazing aerial photograph of the docks crammed full of these ships at Philadelphia

South African Troops

' Africa - Acting Sergeant J. Lind Leading a Section of South African Dispatch Riders on Active Service - Mr Lind is a Well Known Racing Motor Cyclist '

' Bren Gun Camouflaged by South African Troops ...'

' A Wireless Van ...'

' A South African Highway - a Column of Camouflaged Armoured Cars ...'

' Pipe Major of A Scottish South African Unit ...'

' An Observation Post Well Camouflaged ... '

' Rastus the Goat and Beryl The Sprinbok - South African Regimental Mascots with Their Keeper ...'

' Field Batter GunCrew in Actio

' n '

' Bruce Mitchell the Well Known Member of the Springboks Cricket Team Now a Private in the Army'

' Field Artillery in Action '

' South African Officers In a Tactical Discussion with Their Brigadier .....'

' Practising With Trench Mortars in Bush Country ...'

Double Page

' Wreckage from One of Two Nazi Planes Shot Down by the Steamer "Highlander" ...'

' The Flying Boat " Clare " Leaving A British Port on a Transatlantic Flight by British Overseas Airways ...' BOA or BOAC

' An Appeal to Reason by th e"Homicidal Lunatic" of Berchtesgaden - Hitlers Leaflets Being Examined with Amusement by ARP Wardens '

' A French Poster " A Tous Les Francais " from General De Gaulle ...'

' The Canadian Active Service Force, Including Many American CItizens, Reaches Britain - "Cancucks" Answering Cheers from the QUay ...'

' The Second Canadian Division MArching to their Cam ...'

Personalities of the Week

' Pilot Officer B. H. Black The International Rugby Player - Killed on Active Service ..'

' Captain J. G. P. Ingham - Commander of the Alcantara ...'

' Dr Frederick Cook Who Claimed to have Discovered the North Pole Dies in New York ...'

' Mr M. Shigemitsu Japanese Ambassador in London ...'

' Mr. S. Makihara One of the Japanese Subjects Arrested in London ...'

' The Crew of the British Overseas Airways Flying Boat Clare- Which Crossed from Foynes to Botwood in ... - Mr J. L. Burgess (Radio Officer) - Captain E. Rotheram (2nd Capt) - Captain Kelly Rogers (Commdr.) - Captain E. R. B. White (Navigator) - Mr C. E. Wilcockson (Radio Officer) ...'

' Signing of the Military Agreement Between Poland and Britain at 10 Downing Street - Mr Churchill - General Sikorski - Lord Halifax - Sir Archibald Sinclair - Sir John Anderson ' and others

' The Prince Consort of Luxemburg and His Children - the Royal Refugees Who Lunched with the president of the United States - The Prince Consort (Felix of Bourbon, Prince of Parma ) - Princess Gabrielle - Princess Alix - Princess Adelaide - Prince Charles - Princess Elisabeth (or Elizabeth ) - Prince Juan ' family of Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

' House of Hapsburg - Ex Empress Zita of Austria-Hungary at Lunch With Her Sons and Daughter On Their Way To New York ..'

' Major General V. W. Odlum Commanding Canadian Troops - On Board Ship ...'

' The Maharaja of Mysore Dies aged 56 ...'

' Lord Beaverbrook - A New Cabinet Minister '

Full page

Mr Churchill " We Shall Fight on the Beaches .." - On a Surprise Visit to the North East

' Winston Churchill at a Gun Emplacement on The Coast ...'

' Climbing an Emplacement to Speak to the Infantry ...'

' At A Field Gun Emplacement ...'

' Leaving a Camouflaged Tunnel Leading Down to a Cliff Top on the Coast ...'

' Mr Churchill Holding a Tommy Gun ...'

' Inspecting a Guard on Honour of the North Stafford Regiment ...'

Full page

' On Shore Coastal Defences - A Battery OP ' Full page photograph of the men at work inside the Observation Post showing various instruments used to gauge distances and range finding on targets at sea, plus aircraft identification charts covering the walls

' Japanese Blockade Lifted Round The British and French concessions at Tientsin - Road Barrier being Removed by Japanese Soldiers '

' The Princess Royal's Visit to Navy League HQ in London - Viewing the Comforts with Lady Lloyd ...' - The Princess Mary Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood

' A Destroyers Height finder in the North Sea, Manned by Two Sailors ...'

' Chevrons on the Funnel - A Minesweepers Score Card for the Recording of Destroyed Mines ...'

' A German Propagnada Photograph Showing the Capture of Jersey - Control Tower at the Airport ...'

The Bicentenary of "Rule Britannia "

'Dr Thomas Augustine Arne Composer of teh Music ' and ' Bartolozzi's Cricature of Him Playing the Song ...'

' James Thomson To Whom the Authorship is Ascribed ' with the words to the song - six verses

' A Page of the Composers Original Score of Rule Britannia ...'

' 18c Print of Cliveden House Near Maidenhead Where Rule Britannia Was First Sung .....'

' The Amphitheatre at Cliveden House, Now The Seat of Lord Astor , Where Rule Britannia Was First Sung ...'

Full page

The Army Chaplains Depot for Training Padres

' Canon R. S. B. Sinclair MC Lecturing with The Commandant of the College ...'

' A Group Listening To A Lecture ... Five Padres '

' The Rev. Stanley Astbury MC Commandant and Canon R. S. B. Sinclair Talking on the Tennis Court at The Chester Depot - the Only School for Padres in the Country ...'

' Padres in the Gymnasium at the Depot ...'

Full page

' Mussolini and The Armoured Train Given to Mussolinei by Hitler '

' German And Italian Troops Mounting Guard over The Two Coach Train at TheTime of the Presentation ...'

' The First Three VC.s of the War - Captain B. Warburton Lee - Posthumous - - - Flying Officer D. Garland - - - Sergeant T. Gray RAF '

' Captain H. M. Ervine Andrews VC Lancs Regt '

' Lance Corporal Harry Nicholls VC Grenadier Guards Awarded Posthumously in the Defence of the River Scheldt - Seen Here at Bayonet Practise '

' Burberry Service Weatherproofs - Fashion sketch drawn by J. Scott ' advert

' National War Bonds ' advert


' Scene from "A Cottage To Let" at Wyndhams Theatre - Alastair Sim - Gillian Lind - C. Jervis-Walter - Leslie Banks - and a very young George Cole '

Another scene from Cottage to Let - ' Alastair Sim - George Cole - George Butler - and others

Scene from "Thunder Rock" at the Globe - Michael Redgrave - Mister Bernard Miles - Frederick Valk - Percy Parsons '

Another scene from Thunder Rock - Rosalind Atkinson - Selma Vaz Dias - Fredda Brilliant '

Three examples of Bladder Wort

' Salute To Achievement - Three Battleships in Convoy ' a full page colour advert in a series to promote The North British Rubber Co Ltd and The North British Golf Ball

' 52 The Cartway at Bridgnorth ' advert promoting Number 3 Cigarettes

' KLG Spark Plugs ' advert


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

The War With Nazi Germany: Looking Forward to the Offensive by Cyril Falls

The Phoenix of Our Century - "Modern Turkey" by John Parker MP and Charles Smith - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles include - Christian Verse Edited by Lord David Cecil - - Fifty Years Work in London by Arthur Foley Winnington Ingram - - The Pope Speaks by Charles Rankin - - The Greater English Church by Harry Batsford and Charles Fry

The World of the Theatre by Ivor Brown

The World of Science by W. P. Pycraft FZS - The Living Tombs of the Bladder Worts

September 7th

September 14th

' Metropolitan Firemen Fighting a Dockland Blaze '

' The Pool of London Vividly Illuminated Showing Shipping Standing Out in the Glow From the East End Fires ..'


Devasted Churches

' Goering Claimed He Personally Directed the Raid in Which This London CHurch Was ruined ..'

Seven photographs of bombed churches in the London Air Raids - Full page


' Training for the Home Guard - Riflemen Being Trained to Meet Dive Bombing Attacks ' a full page sketch "Specially Drawn by Terence T Cuneo

' An Italian Field Gun With Barrel Holed Captured in the Libyan Desert '

' A Battlefield Scene on The Libyan Frontier with Italian Equipment Totally Destroyed '

' A Royal Jewel Commemorating Englands Delivery From The Armada - Portraits of Queen Elizabeth and of Drake ' Full page colour

' ....." With All Speed " A Fine Study of Light Craft Operating in a Choppy Sea By Arthur J. Burgess ' beautiful colour print

'...." The Challenge " A Pastel of Battle Cruisers Executing a Sweep in Northern Waters by Arthur J. Burgess ' colour print

' Smoke and Steam Issueing From the Bartolomeo Colleoni Before She Sank '


Nazi Air Savagery - The King Sees Goerings Work for Himself

'A Damaged Office Building and Shops '

' The Omibus in the First Floor Front ' of a blcok of houses or offices


' The King on Tour of the Stricken Districts in the East End and Elephant and Castle Areas '

' The King Shaking Hands With Little Joan Miles The Daughter of the School Caretaker - While Her Mother and Siste Looked On..'

' The King Visiting Districts in East and South East London and Talking to Sufferers ' Full page

Fifteen photographs showing bomb damage in London including hospitals, flats, stables, nursing home and more - Full page


Goerings Savagery

' A Place of Entertainment - A Cinema in London Hit by a Heavy Nazi Bomb '

' Debris From Smashed Living Quarters in East London '

' Wanton Destruction - Wooden Paving Blocks Thrown Up By A Random Bomb '

' aBroken Mains and Sewers Near Elephant and Castle '

' In the East End - Mr Churchill sees Goerings Work for Himself '

' A School - A Classroom With Desks Overturned and Burned Rafters '


Dock Fires and Street Damage

' Tower Bridge in Silhouette Caused By the Fires from Bombs in Populous Riverside Districts on September 7 '

' Damage in a London Street Where Fires Were Started and Buildings Demolished '

Full page


' The Fires in the Docks Started by Nazi Bombs: Londons Skyline Silhouetted Against The Blaze ' a wonderful double page sketch "Specially Drawn by Captain Bryan de Grineau "


' A Map Showing the Bases in british Territory and Islands Leased to the USA by a Momentous Agreement ' showing- The Avalon Peninsula Newfoundland - The East Coast - Bermuda - Bahamas - Jamaica - St Lucia - Trinidad - Antigua - British Guiana

'....." The London Area " - The Zone Covered By a Circle (on the map) of Ten Miles Radius From Oxford Circus in the Usual Connotiation of This Phrase When Used To Describe Air Raids ' map of London and outlying areas


London GHQ in the Fight Against Nazi Bomb Fires: The Control Room of the Fire Brigade and AFS

' London Regional Fire Control Room - The Slotted Pins Represent Pump Crews ...'

' Telephonists Taking Calls From Stations of the London Fire Region '

' The Control Room Switchboard At The London Regional Fire Control '

' On Duty in the Watch Room '

' Cheerful Girl Telephonists of the WAFS on the Night Shift at the Control Room '

' Girls Plotting the Fires and The Number of Engines at Work on Each, On the Regional Maps at The London Regional Fire Control Room '

' Map Showing The Whole of London and The Location of Fire Stations Used for Mobilising Fire Appliances When LArge Conflagrations are In Progress - The Control Room '

' The Underground Fire Control Room '

Double page


The End of the " Colleoni " - The Sydney Sinks Italys Crack Cruiser

' Shows How Her Bow Was Blown Completely Off ' two photographs

' A Photograph Stated to Show the Opening Phase of the Action With The Colleoni - A Heavy Black Cloud of Smoke Hangs in the Sky '

Full page


Rescuing Italian Sailors from the Sea - The End of the Colleoni

' Several Sailors on a Rubber Boat Others Holding on to the Spars and Floating Supports, Struggling Towards Their British Rescuers '

' Showing Seamen from the Sunk Italian Cruiser Swimming Alongside The British Destroyer Which Saved Them '

' Italian Survivors of the Adction being Helped on Board a British Destroyer and Another Being Dragged Through The Water on a Life Line '

' Safe and Sound on the Deck of the British Rescue Ship - Swarthy Italian Sailors with British Officers Being Brought into Alexandria - Practially The Entires Ships Company Was Saved '

Full page


' Lord Horne Died Aged Sixty Nine '

' Lance Corporal Harry Nicholls VC '

' Leading Seaman J. F. Mantle VC - Posthumously Awarded '

' Professor P. S. Gerbrandy Minister of Justice in the Netherlands '

' King Carol of Rumania Who on Sept 6 Abdicated in Favour of His Son '

' General Antonescu The New Prime Minister of Rumania '

' Prince Michael of Rumania Who Has Succeeded His Father for the Second Time '

' The Members of the Canadian American Joint Defence Board - Dr Keenleyside - Mr Hickerson - Brigadier Stewart - Captain Murray RCN - Commander Sherman USN - Air Commodore Cuffe RCAF - Major Gailey - Lieut General Dembick - Mr Bigger - Mr Moffatt - Mr Mackenzie King - Mr La Guardia - Mr Ralston - Captain Hill USN '

' The US Ambassador With American Military Observers in Britain - Colonels Scanlon and Lee - Generals Strong and Emmons - Mr Kennedy - Admiral Ghormley - Captain Kirk - Commanders Stevens and Hitcock - Major Greenwell - Colonel Loucks - Colonel Hunter - Colonel Spaatz - Commander Bailey - Lieut Commander Ammon - Lt Cdr Austin - Lieut Forest - Major Conrad - Major Macdonald - Major Studler - M. Miel - Lieut Macdonald - Lieit. Campbell - Ensign Mailliard '

' The Crown Princess of Norway and Her Children Reach America ' in the Amnerican steamer " American Legion "

' The Crown Princess of Norway and Her Children '

' To Guard Americas Front Door - The Great Bay or Sound of Bermuda Where the US Is Being Granted Facilities for Naval and Air Bases '

' Hamilton Capital of the Bermuds - An Aerial View Looking Roughly NE Showing Land Locked Harrington Sound in the Distance '

Moths - ' The Tongue of Ophideres fullonica - - - The Spiny Tongued Moth Ophideres fullonica - - - The Lingual Ribbon or Rasp of the Common Whelk Buccinus radatum '

' Schweppes Sparkling Lime ' Full page advert


TheStory in Paintings of Food Production Essential in War - From the Mural paintings by Julius Moessel in the Field Museum of Natural History Chicago

' Papuan Planting Taro '

' Primitive Man as a Food Gatherer '

' ANgola Women Preparing Their Crops, Africa '

' Preparations for Potato Planting in Peru '

' Threshing Grain with Flails in Europe '

' Rice Growing on a Terraced Fields in the Philippines '

Full page


The Weeks Food Facts - A New Salad - The Blackberry Crop - How to Dry Plums - Chief Protective Foods ' advert from the Ministry of Food

' The Name of Burberry ' advert

' Swan Pens ' advert

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant'

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles'

'The War With Nazi Germany: Northern Ireland and The War by Cyril Falls'

The Unique Power That Confronts Hitler - Our British Empire by Stephen Leacock. An Appreciation by Sir John Squire'

'The World of Science - The Rasping Tongues of Fruit Eating Moths by W. P. Pycraft FZS'

' The World of the Kinema by Ivor Brown - Old Bullies and New Wars '

December 7th

'British Mechanised Forces on Their Way To The Front: A Column of Bren Gun Carriers Passing Through a Greek Town Watched by The Natives'

'A Glimpse of Elbasan, With ITs Old Mosque: Italians From Pogradets Retreated to This Town'

'The Bishop of Canea Blessing Bren Carriers and Light Tanks as They Passed Through a Town of Greece'

'First Contingent of RAF Personnel With their Full Kit at a Greek Port Just After Disembarking From a British Warship'

'The Gateway into Elbasan: It Lies Directly on the Road to Tirana, Albanias Capital and The Port of Durazzo'

'Captured Italian Airmen in a Greek Camp'

'Pogradets, A Picturesaque Township on the Shores of Lake Ochrida, Which Fell to the Greeks on Dec 1 after Fierce Fighting and Greek Bayonet Charges'

'Greek Soldiers on Their To The Front'

'The Balloon Barrage: Death Dealing Cables for AA Defence' - - - An Operator of the Balloon Barrage Scanning The Skies' - - - 'Instruction in Fabric Sewing' - - - 'Balloons Leaving The Hangar for Handling Practice. The Pigs as They Are Nicknamed'

The Balloon Barrage - 'A Balloon Being Inflated ont he Traing Ground' - - - 'Preparing to Send The Balloon Aloft' - - - A Balloon Parade Before a Practice Flight' - - - 'A Filling Station: The Balloon Operator Manipulating The Gas Bottle Cocks When Inflating The Bag' - - - 'A Lesson in Bedding Down: Instructor Demonstrates with a Scale Model'

'Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles F. A. Portal, Chief of Air Staff'..."A Striking Portrait in Pastels by Mr Kennington". Wonderful colour full page

'Portrait of a Flying VC - Flight Leiutenant R. A. B. Learoyd VC., The Hero of the Dortmund EMS Canal Raid on August 12. By Eric Kennington' Another great colour full page portrait

Nazi Tactics in the Channel - 'A German Patrol Outpost Boat, Skilfully Camouflaged' - - - 'Nazi Minesweeper Supposedly Under the Cliffs of Dover. The Berliner Ilustrirte Zeitung' - - - 'Schnellbooten, Germany Much Vaunted E Motor Torpedo Boats. Armed With automatic 1.5 inch Guns'

'A Map Demonstrating The Increased Vulnerability of the Heel of Italy AsThe Result of the Establishment of Advanced Allied Air Bases in Albania - Showing The Ports of Brindisi, Otreanto and Taranto, Bombed by The RAF Fleet Air Arm'

'The Battle of Greece: Archbishop Chrysanthos, Head of the Greek Orthodox Church, With Rear Admiral C. E. Turle and Air Commodore J. H. D'Albiac, After a Service at The Cathedral in Athens'

'General Metaxas, The Greek Prime Minister, Photographed with Major General M. S. Gambier Parry and a High Staff Officer of the Greek Army'

'Strategic RAF Bases in Greece: A Map Illustrating Principal Airports and Seaplane Bases' Full page

'A Peacetime View oon The Roafd From Santi Quaranta, The Southern Albanian Port'

'A Picture Received From Athens Showing Ammunition Being Replenished i a Greek Fighter Aircraft'

'Greek Soldiers in Action Against Italian Troops on Albanian Soil'

'The First Briton to Die For Greece: The Funeral Procession of an RAF Sergeant Killed in Action on the Epirus Front After The Outbreak of War Between Italy and Greece, Passing Along the Rue Des Philhellenes in Athens'

US Army Flying Fortresses For Britain. Two photographs of the Flying Fortress and one of a formation of six

British GOC's in Greece, Mauritians in Egypt - 'The Arrival in Egypt of the 1st Mauritius Contingent of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps: Volunteers Being INspected by Lieut General Sir Henry M. Wilson'

'The Arrival on Greek Soil of the General Officer Commanding British Troops in Greece: Air Commodor J. H. D'Albiac Being Greeted at Candia, Crete, By The British Vice Consul'

'an Historic Photograph,m Showing General Sir Archibald Wavell, Commander In Chief of the British Forces in the Middle East,Stepping Ashore During His Recent Visit by air To Crete'

African (Imperial Forces in Kenya: Training Abyssinian Troops - 'Abyssinian Warriors: A Sharp Shooting Squad Instructed by south African Officers' - - - 'A German Junker in Kenya Being Loaded with Bombs Preparatory to a Raid on Italian Territory. The South African Government Have Converted These Passenger Carrying Planes into Heavy Bombers' - - - 'Close up View of Abyssinian Soldiers on the March' Three soldiers - - - 'A South African Unit in the Arid Turkana area, on the Borders of Abyssinia' - - - 'A South African Mortar Detachmenton Guard in a Sandbagged Emplacement in the Turkana Border Area'

'Tanks in the Desert'

'An Alert in the Western Desert: Pilots Hurriedly Donning Parachutes and Helmets, Whil an Officer Chalks up Those to Take the Air'

'RAF Armoured Cars in the Middle East'

'IN The Western Desert: An Itlaian Bomb Bursting Near Indian Infantrymen takin gCover Behind Rocks' An RAF Airman Placing a Cross Made From Their Planes Wreckage Over The Grave of Five Italians Shot Down in the Desert'

Further Severe Damage Sustaine dby The Italaian Fleet in Eluding Battle off Sardinia on VNovember 27 - 'HMS Renown The Flagship of Vice Admiral Somerville, The First British Capital SHip to go into Action , Off Narvik Against Another Capital Ship, the Scharnhorst in the Present War'

'The 35000 Ton " Littorio " on Her Trials'

'The Italian Destroyer " Grecale " Carrying Four 4.7 Omcj Gims'

'The British Cruiser HMS Berwick, The Only British Unit to Sustain Damage in the Mediterranean Action of Nov . One Officer and Six Ratings Were Killed'

'A Map by Reference to Which The Mediterranean Acton of Nov 27 Between British and Italian Fleets May Be Followed Chronologically'

'The 10000 Ton Italian Cruiser " Fiume "..'

'The FDestroyer " Lanciere " , The Rome Radio Admitted That She Was Seriously Hit'

Nazi Bombers Latest Havoc - 'The Shell of the Handsome Museum at Brtistol, Wrecked by The Mass Bombin of Objectives of Non Military Value' - - - The Ruined Interior of the Great Hall of Bristol University, Bombed by The Nazis' - - - 'A Beautiful and Ancient Church of Bristol Today an Utter Ruin' - - - 'The Savoy Hotel, London, Damaged by Blast and Flying Fragments When A Nazi Bomb Recently Fell on It' - - - 'The Carlton Another Famous London Hotel Damaged in a Recent Air Raid. The Bomb Passing Through the Roof Above the Main Staircase, Fell into The Well, Wrecking the Restaurant and Palm Court Lounge' - - - Another Hospital Bombed, A Recent Sufferer by The Nazi Blitzkreig, a Wrecked Maternity Ward in a Well Known London Hospital, Showing Nurses Clearing Away Debris'

'How the Flash Light Bomb Takes a Night Photograph: After Being Dropped From the Aeroplane, The Bomb, with Its Parachute, Falls Until the Moment of Ignition - A Phot Electric Cell, Which Actuates a Control Box and Causes the Camera Shutter to Expose the Film' the flashlight bomb illuminating the ground below. Sketch

'A Photograph Taken on a Dark Night by Artificial Light Produced by a Flashlight Bomb'

'An Area Five Miles Square Photographed From the Air on a Pitch Black Night With Light from a Flashlight Bomb: A View of Rochester, New York'

'Britains Retort to The German Panzer Ironclad Division: The Dingo, Latest Type of Fast Scout Armoured Car' Double page sketch by Bryan de Grineau "Our Special Artist"

'The King Visits RAFR Bomber Crew Room, Where Last Minute Instructions Are Given to Assist Them in Finding Their Targets'

'HMS Javelin Damaged in a Channel Mouth Engagement'

'Pilot Lands Two Locked Planes: Amazing Aerial Feat by a Member of the Royal Australian Air Force' a flight between Forest Hill, near Waggta, To Corowa and Narrandera

'HM Submarine Triton, Sister Ship of the Triad: The Admiralty Announces That Triad is Overdue and Must Be Presumed Lost'

'Another Nazi Ruse Calculated To Worry Our Defences: The Swastika on The German Planes Painted Over For Night Bombing

'Revealing The Blacked Out Swastika on the Tail of a German Bomber'

'Italian Aircraft Raid The Corinth Canal: Bombs Bursting on the Canal During an air Attack By Mussolini's Bombers'

'With The Polish Army in Scotland: Men of the Polish Tank Regiment Standing by French Tanks Brought Ovefr To Britain By Them'

'Known To The RAF as Lobster Pots: A Diagrammjatic Drawing of One of the New German Rescue Buoys Anchored Ten Miles off The French Coast for Use By Nazi Crews Forced Down By RAF Action in the Channel - Rettungsboje ' Full page

' Professor N. Joprga, Former Prime Minister of Rumania, Whose Murder By The Nazi Inspired Iron Guard was Reported on Nov 29'

'Major Helmut Wieck Commander of the Richthofen Squadron, Reported Missing'

'The Late Lord Rothermere, Who Died in Bermuda on Nov 26 - Newspaper Owner, Financier and Politician died at Bermuda'

'Lieut Gen. C. J. E. Auchinleck, Appointed Commander In Chief in India'

'M. Jean Chiappe, Killed on the First Stage of his Flight Out To Beirut to Take up the Appointment of High Comissioner for Syria'

'Returning Members of the Spanish Air Mission To England - Captain Sarios - Colonel Ansaldo - Captain Llorens '

'King Michael In Bucharest with His Mother, Princess Helen, After Reascending The Throne'

'M. Molotov in Conference With Hitler '

'The Funeral of the Late Viscount Craigavon at Stormont, Co Down'

'An Armoured Car Leading The Funeral Cortege of the Late Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Seen Leaving Belmont Presbyterian Church, Belfast'

'Guinness is Good For You - Opened by Censor - Passed By Censor' Full page colour Guinness advert, number GE 986

'Johnnie Walker Whiskey' Full page colour advert

'The Apar - Tolypeutes Tricinctus, The Only Armadillo able to Roll Up Its Armou Clad Body' - - - 'An Extinct Giant of The Armadillo Tribe: The Glyptodon Clavipes' - - - 'The Peba Armadillo - Tatusia Novemcincta'

'The Queens Gift to New York in Aid of a Way chirity: A Gold Cigarette Case and Bomb Splinter sold For £1250'

'Ronson - The Lighter That Lights' advert

'The Nuffield Organization - Morris - Wolseley - MG - Riley - Morris Commercial' Full page advert

'Wrecked By a Nazi Bomb: A Corner of One of the Wards of the Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children From Which The Little Ones Were Rescued'

'Rolly Royce The Best Car in The World - 25-30 hp Wraith' Advert 'The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company Ltd' Advert

'The Greek Government Just Issued Drachma Gold and Silver CoinsBearing the Effigty of King George II - Shown in Facsimile Size in Their Order'

'The Salvation Army' advert

'Destined For the Mercantile Marine: Boys From The Barnardo Nautical School Undergoing Training'

'Waifs & Strays Society' advert

'Dr Barnardo's Homes' Advert

'Harris Tweed' Advert

'Lloyds Pennsylvania Motor Mower' small advert

'Keep Warmer on Bovril - Model in Mink 400 Guineas' Full page advertNorth British Golf Balls - The North British Rubber Company Ltd' Full page advert with black highlander terrier

'Warm Dressing Gowns - Debenham & Freebody, Wigmore Street London W1' Advert

'Watermans Ink and Pens' advert

'Dunlopillo Sleeping Bag' advert

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant'

'Some English Dictators by Milton Waldman. An Appreciation by sir John Squire'

'The War With Nazi Germany: The Mediterranean Situation by Cyril Falls'

'Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles '

'Issue of New Greek Gold and Silver Coins by H. Pirie Gordon '

'Philanthropic War Services Rothy of Support'


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