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1937 to 1946

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1937 - Red cover + Isack van Ostade’s ‘Frost Scene’ 64pp Illustrationinl b/w by Edmund Blampied and in colour by Margaret Lane and Daphne Allen. Stories by Ronald Knox ( The Motive ) and Laurence Housman ( Extremes Meet)

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1938 - Red + Jan Steen’s ‘Grace before Meal’.
66pp Illustrations in b/w by Edmund Blampied, Steven Spurrier and Gordon Nicoll and in colour by Muriel
Broderick C E Turner and E.H.Shepard. Stories by Edward D.Dickinson, Cyril Hare, Helen Simpson and
Eardley Beswick (full page colour unless stated) - Jan Steen (Grace before Meat, cover), Kenneth Inns (B & W illus. story by Agnes Herbertson), Compliments of the Season (no name), Gerard van Battem (Market Scene Dordrecht, double page colour), C E Turner (Air-Minded Father Christmas: Presents by Parachute), Gordon Nicoll (B & W illus. of story by Helen Simpson), Steven Spurrier (B & W illus, story by Eardley Beswick), Jan Gossaert, called Mabuse (Madonna and Child Enthroned with Angels), Gabriel Jacques de Saint-Aubin (Une Parade), Benjamin Robert Haydon (detail from Punch and Judy or Life in London), Joseph Wright (Dressing Pussy for Christmas), Matthew William Peters (Lady Elizabeth Compton), J M Nattier (The Princess of Rohan, quarter page colour), Antoine Coypel (A Lady Dressed as a Pilgrim, quarter page colour), Boucher (Woman with a Fan, quarter page colour), Greuze (Young Girl in Pink and Yellow: Diana, quarter page colour), Drouais (The Marquise de Beauharnais, quarter page colour), L R Trinquesse (Woman Wearing Grey Hat, quarter page colour), F J Schall (Bacchante, quarter page colour), Prud'hon (Mademoiselle Mars, quarter page colour), J J Tissot (An Unappreciative Audience, double page colour see photo), Terborch (The Spaniel, half page colour), Hondius (two small dog sketches in red), Painter from the school of Caspar Netscher (Dogs with tasselled ears and bells on their collars, half page colour), Paul de Vos (Three Springer Spaniels and Partridges, half page colour), Old Christmas Card designs by various people - W M Egley, J C Horsley, Kate Greenaway, etc., W R S Scott (B & W illus. story by Cyril Hare), Muriel Broderick (Driving 'Fool Plough' through the streets, and The Mummers, 2 full page colour illus), Edmund Blampied (B & W illus story by Edward D Dickinson), Hogarth (detail from A Family Group, quarter page colour), British School (detail from An English Family at Tea, quarter page colour), British School (The Cups that Cheer, half page colour), Mogul art (Nature in Mogul art), Allart van Everdingen (March and January, two half page colour illus.).  There is a long poem by Helen Graham. Full page adverts in colour for - Dewars, du Maurier, McVitie & Price, de Reszke, Gold Flake, Yardley, Brylcreem, Mackintosh's, Sunbeam-Talbot, Grey's Cigarettes, Martini, Craven A, Black and White, plus lots of other adverts full page and smaller in black and white. 

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1939 - Red + Sir Oswald Brierley’s ‘The End of the
Voyage’ 56pp Illustrations in b/w by Edmund Blampied and in colour by A Groves-Raine. Stories by Kate
O’Brien, Marguerite Steen and John Dickson Carr ( New Murders for All) also colour pictures - "Girl With Cherries In Her Hat" by Auguste Renoir; "Mrs. Scott" by Sir Joshua Reynolds; " The Music Lesson" by Gabriel Metsu; and "The Drowsy Landlady" by Gabriel Metsu.   The front cover " The End of the Voyage"  There are ads for Van Heusen Shirts & Collars, Grants Scotch Whisky, a full page colored advert for Craven"A" Cigarettes that says "will not affect you throat" by Carrera Ltd,

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1940 - Relief picure seen through the stereoscope: An Eighty.Years.Old. Pastime, Pages 2,3&4: (article) Life in the Fifties Recorded by Stereoscopic Photographs, Pages 5,6,7,8 cont pg13: (story) The English Spinster By Margaret Lane Illustrated by Steven Spurrier, R.B.A, Page 9: (picture) The old clown: A circus study by Albert Bailley, Page 10 & 11: (photos) Our England: The Christmas country side transformed by snow. 1; A village church in Yorkshire 2; A Devonshire Lane near Buckland 3; A village street in Sussex, Page 12: (drawings) Three Dog studies by Lucy Dawson. 1; We have the best seats. 2;Mistress is coming at last. 3;Come on, what about a spot of hunting, Page 13: (story)The English Spinster Continued, Page 14,15, 16: (story) Sudden Storm by Ethel Mannin Illustrated by Jack M. Faulkes , Page 17: (full page picture) Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII.'S Second Queen and Only Love, Page 18: (full page picture) Anne of Cleves, The Butt of the Sorry Farce of 1540, Page 19: (large picture) Catherine Howard - Fairest and Most Ill-starred of Henry's Queens, Pages 20 & 21: (4 x half page pictures) Drawings by Late Amedee Forestier, Pages 22 & 23 (pictures) A page of Old Ballet Prints, Page 24: (picture) The Childrens Hour A charming water-colour sketch by Sir David Wilkie, R.A. (1785-1841), Page 25: (story) cont. Sudden Storm, Page 26 & 27: (story) Heroic Hector by E.D. Dickinson Illustrated by Terrence T. Cuneo, Page 28, cont pg34: (story) The Trial Rabbit by Phyllis Bottome Illustrated by J. Dewar-Mills, Page 29: (picture) The Young King-A Poetic Fantasy by Oscar Wilde, Pages 30 & 31: (picture) Double paged: The Sea- the Highway of Commerce in Wartime from the painting by Frank Mason, Page 32: (poem) An Old Border Ballad. Traditional Illustrated by Nicoll.R.I., Page 33: (advertisement) Highland Queen (scotch) Page 34: (story) continued; The Trial Rabbit, Page 35: (advertisment) Player's Page 36: (story) continued; The Trial Rabbit Page 37 & 38: (pictures) Winter, Outdoors and Indoors, A hundred Years Ago; 1; A snow scene: by William Mulready (1786-1863) 2; Blind Man's Buff: by Sir David Wilkie (1785-1841) 3; Scene on the Ice: by Hendrik Avercamp (1585-1663) 4; Winter at Dordrecht: by Abraham Van Kalraet (1643-1699).Page 39: (advertisement) Gifts by Yardley (stamped: The Geraldton Club)Page 40: (picture) The Old Curiosity Shop; A Dickensian Scene)Page 41: (advertisemnet) Huntley & Palmers Biscuits Page 42: (advertisement) Craven 'A' Cigarettes, Page 43: (story) continued The Trial Rabbit, Page 44: (advertisement) Ronson Lighters, Page 45: (advertisement) Drambuie; Swan Pens; Eno's, Page 46: (story) Wally the Warden by Douglas Newton, Page I: (articles; advertisement) Dr Barnardo's Homes; The Royal Cancer Hospital; Arethusa, Training Ship, Page II: (advertisemement) The Royal Navy (book), Page III: (advertisement, article) Grants Scotch Whisky; The Illustrated London News in Wartime. Page IV: (story) Brides of Leviathan Three Queens of Henry the Eigth and finally page -a: (advertisement) Brylcreem (hair cream) Back Page: (advertisement) Haig (scotch)

1941 Illustrated London News Christmas Edition - A Story 'When Greek Meets Greek' By Graham Greene.
Adverts 'British Prisoners Of War Books And Games Fund' - 'Dr. Barnardo's Homes' - 'Players Navy Cut' Tobacco....Dewar's White Label Whiskey....Huntley & Palmers Biscuits
Portrait Called 'Christmas Carols' From The Painting By John Opie- Advert For The Royal Navy Guard.- A Story 'Trouble In The Terrace' By Martin Armstrong- Story 'Much Better Dead' By Margery Sharp- Portrait 'Notre Dame De Thermidor-Therese, Madame Tallien By Jacques Louis David.- 'The Last Brigade''a Rocky Mountain Patrol' 'At The Waterhole' Canadian Canoe-Men' All By Arthur Heming- Story 'Neptune's Exchequer-The True Tale Of The Ambrogian Treasure'.
A Section Of 'Childhood Through The Centuries some Colour Pictures Of Children From 1625--1760.
double Page entitled 'The Four Seasons-Reproductions In Colour Of A Set Of Four Beautiful And Exquisitely-Drawn Illuminations From The Rare 'Book Of Hours' Of Jean De France, Duc De Berry (1340-1416) One Of The Treasures Of The Musee Conde, Paris'
3 Pages Of 'Dancing Through The Ages: From The 18th To The Twentieth Century' From The Drawings Of Serge Ivanoff.
Story 'The Ruination Of Snake-Face' By R.B. Saxe.-Advert For Highland Queen Grand Liquer whisky - Haig Whisky.Ford.Drambuie.Salvation Army.Austin Reed.Koneray Pleated Skirts.- Back Cover Christmas Greetings From Black & White Scotch.

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1942

1943 xmas cover

Illustrated London News - Christmas edition 1943

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1944

Illustrated London News - Christmas Supplement 1945

Illustrated London News - Christmas Supplement 1946

45 pages, No 5163A Vol 209, large format measures 26 X 37 cm (10.25"x14.5"). On the cover is Victorian beauty Miss Lelita Taylor by George Richmond, R.A, An Illustration by Walter Scott, A Merry Christmas by Harlot K Browne, La Tasse De Chocolat/A First Taste of Chocolate by Nicholas Lancet, Television & Radio by Steven Spurrier, A.R.A, The Peep Show by Henry Singleton, Dancing Dogs by H Singleton, Lady Caroline Howard (child) by Sir Joshua Reynolds, Edward VI (child) by Hans Holbein, French Tourists in Victorian London by J J Tissot, St Nicholas Bestowing a Dowry on the Daughters of the Impoverished Noblemen by Gerard David, Caesar About to Cross the Rubicon by Jean Fouquet,Pompey in Flight after the Battle of Pharsalus by Jean Fouquet, The Apothecary's Shop by Willem Van Mieris, Youth by Francisco de Goya, A Little Girl of Good King Charles' Day by Cornelius Johnson/Janssens, Centre page double spread: The Rush to Catch the Last Post by George Elgar Hicks. Christmas ballets from Sadlers Wells, Covent Garden:-Puss in Boots, Sleeping Beauty with Margot Fonteyn & Robert Helpmann from Kodachromes by Frank Sharman, FRPS. Red Riding Hood, The Blue Bird Princess with Violetta Prokhorova. Water Colours by Edward Walker ARCA, of Little Homes of England: The Age of Malory, Age of Pope, Age of Shakespeare, Age of Milton. Stories by Stella Gibbons, Evan John, Barbara Bingley and Elizabeth Kyle, with illustrations by Victor Bertoglio, Gordon Nicoll RI, Steven Spurrier ARA, and Terence T Cuneo


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