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1901 to 1936


Illustrated London News - Christmas 1901 -

A Herbert Gendy portrait on the cover shows a woman with Holly berries

in a gold rectangular frame. b/w illustrations by Gunning King,

Hal Hurst and S. Begg etc.

Stories by W.E. Arden, W. Pett Ridge, E.F. Benson and

A.E.W. Mason (The Picture in the Bath)

Illustrated London News -Christmas 1902

- Shows a girl with a Rose corsage and a red ribbon in her hair.

Illustrations in b/w by Cyrus Cuneo, Lucien Davis,

Charles de Lacy and A. Forestier etc.

Stories by 'Q' , Mrs Campbell Praed and Flora Annie Steel

Illustrated London News -Christmas 1903

- shows a girl in a red cloak and long fair braided hair carrying parcels

and followed by a servant with 3 plucked turkeys.

illustrations in b/w by Max Cowper, H.H. Flere

and Gordon Browne etc.

Stories by Maarten Maartens, Jack London (The Faith of Men),

Lloyd Osbourne and Mary Cholmonderley.

Illustrated London News -Christmas 1904

- shows a winged fairy with a lyre sitting on a rock with a lighted lamp.

Illustrations in b/w by C.E. Brock, Holland Tringham, Percy F.S. Spence and Lawson Wood.

Stories by Mayre Lindsay, Arthur Morrison and 'Q'

Illustrated London News -Christmas 1905

Unsigned cover shows a girl in red and a boy in a blue sailor suit

with an orange sitting on a swing in a snowy wood. 48pp.

Illustrations in b & w by Allan Stewart, Cecil Aldin, Lawson Wood, etc

Stories by E.F.Berison, Charles Marriott and ‘0’

1906 xmas cover

Illustrated London News -Christmas 1906

shows an auburn haired girl feeding Christmas pudding to a dog. 44pp.

Illustrations in b/w by Alec CHall, Cyrus Cuneo W,

Russell Flint and Lawson Wood, etc.

Stories by Alfred Tressider Sheppard. Walter Wood,

Maud Stepney Rawson and Walter E.Grogan. .

1907 xmas cover
Illustrated London News - Christmas 1907

44pp Illustrations in blw by WRussell Flint and Barribal

and in colour by Lawson Wood and Panett.

Stories by Samuel H.Adams, Walter F.Grogan, Maarten Maartefls,

F.A.Steel and Carlton Dawes.

1908 xmas cover
Illustrated London News - Christmas 1908

Illustrations in b!w or monochrome by Holland Tringham, Gordon Robinson,

John Hassall, Max Cowper, Gordon Brown, Cyrus Cunea and G.CWilmshurst

and in colour by Lawson Wood and Cecil Aldin.

Stories by Marjorie Bowen, Max Pemberton and William J. Locke.

1909 xmas cover

Illustrated London News - Christmas 1909

Frank Haviland cover shows a portrait of a girl in an oval frame

in blue with a coral necklace against a background of burgundy

is actually a portrait of the well-known English actress and dancer,

Gabrielle Ray (1883-1973), as she appeared in The Merry Widow

at Daly's Theatre, Leicester Square, London.

( John Culme, Footlight Notes http://footlightnotes.tripod.com)

44pp Illustrations in blw or monochrome by Murray Dixon

Gordon Robinson and Norah Schlegel

and in colour by G A.Gilbert, Lawson Wood W H Barribal

and Elizabeth Stanhope Forbes.

Poem by Laurence Housman (The Polar Bear came out of the Wood )

and stories by Owen Oliver and S.R.Crockett photos  

story by Owen Oliver illus Frank Reynolds;

"Watch and Key drawn by R Caton Woodville;

story by S R Crockett illustrator Cyrus Cuneo;

Christmas Rose from painting by G A Gilbert;

poem by J W Foley illus or decorations by J Scott Williams;

poem by Laurence Housman "Polar Bear Came Out of the Wood"

illustrator Arthur H Birchland;

Dreamland Princess & Woodcutter's Little Daughter from paintings

by Elizabeth Stanhope Forbes;

verses by C E Byles illustrator A Forestier; -

Sudden Squall from painting by Fred Bauhof;

Santa Claus Unmasked from painting by Ernest Prater;

Bogey Girl from painting by W H Barribal;

Quoth St George to Dragon ...from painting by Lawson Wood

Illustrated London News - Christmas 1910

W.Barribal cover shows a girl in a Jester’s hood with bells and balloons 44pp.

Illustrations in b/w or monochrome by Gordon Browne and G C,Wilmshurst

and In colour by Charles Crombie, Maxfield Parrish, Edmund Dulac and Lawson Wood,

Stories by R E.Vernede, Mayne Lindsay and Stanley Portal Hyatt

full page colour plates are: The Christmas Belle from the painting by Frank Haviland,

A Dark Horse & Under Fire from the paintings by Lawson Wood,

Once Upon A Time Land from the painting by Edmund Dulac,

Everybody Interviews the Benign Dragon that Fought St. George

& The Master Hero Returns in Triumph

( painted by Maxfield Parrish for Kenneth Grahame's "Dream Days")

and A Fool's Errand! from the painting by Charles Crombie.

Large black & white prints are: In the Harbour of Home:

Christmas in the Old Country by Percy F. S. Spence,

On A Fine Crisp Christmas Morn by Gordon Browne,

On A Snowy Christmas Eve: After the Theatre by G. H. Tapps,

The Bachelor's Christmas: Round the Punch-Bowl by R. Canton Woodville.

A lot of other small prints and old adverts:

Beecham's Pills, Eno's Fruit Salt, Swan Pens,

Sir John Bennett Jewelry, Scrubb's Ammonia, Association of Diamond Merchants

1911 xmas cover

Illustrated London News - Christmas1911

44pp Illustrations in btw by S.Begg, Frank Reynolds and J Barribal, etc.

tinted by Cecil Aldin, Howard Somerville and SzankowskI

and in colour by G Bovy, Edmund Dulac, S.Baghot de Ia Bere,

Harry Rountree, Tony Sarg, Lawson Wood and Charles Crombie,

Stories by Maarten Maartens, Richard Harding Davis and Leonard Marrick

Illustrated London News - Christmas 1912 - inner picture 1912

Embroidered sampler cover with a central oval showing a girl ‘listening 44pp

Illustrations in b & w by Lawson Wood and Claude A. Shepperson,

tinted by C E,Brock and Andre Devanbez

and in colour by Tony Sarg, Kay Nielsen, E.J.Detmold, Edmund Dulac,

Warwick Goble, W Heath Robinson, Charles Robinson and Hal Hurst.

stories by Netta Syrett and O’Henry (Christmas by Injunction).

When Love was Lost and Life was Vain ;

Pierrot Forlorn" - an illustration entitled "In the Autumn of Youth", taken from the painting by Kay Nielson

"The Giant among the Pygmies : Gulliver in Lilliput"

and "The Pigmy among the Giants : Gulliver in Brobdingnag" drawn by Andre Devambez

Unpublished : Christmas card drawings of the Good Old Days by different artists

"As Known by the Novelist who Loved it Best :

A Dickensy Yuletide" "Christmas in Dickens' Day" illustrated by C.E.Brock

Numerous advertisements eg Bird's 'A Smile in Every Cup' custard,

Dinneford's Magnesia, Mackintosh's Toffee deLuxe etc etc

1913 xmas cover

Illustrated London News - Christmas 1913

Embroidery cover with a square showing St. Joan. 44pp

Illustrations in b/w or monochrome by Gordon Robinson,

Kay Nielsen, Andre Devamboz and Willy Pogany

and in colour by Hal Hurst, Claude A.Shepperson,

Kay Nielsen and Brunelleschi,

Stories by Laurence Housman (The Fisherman and the Sea-Grig

+ The Promise of Beauty).


1914 xmas cover

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1914

Blue cover of a soldier with a Christmas pudding with the flags of the Allies. 32pp.

Illustrations in monochrome Dy A.C.Michael, S Begg, Lionel Edwards,

Lawson Wood and A Forestier.

Stories by ‘Bartimeu’, W Douglas Newton and G Lonotre

1915 xmas cover

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1915

Christmas Number Unsigned cover shows a returned soldier

being waited on by his wife and three children in a stone-floored kitchen. 32pp.

Illustrations in monochrome by G.Vemon Stokes, S Begg,

A.Forestier, Strimpl, Anton O. Fischer, A.C.Michael

and Will Owen

Stories by W Douglas Newton, The Friend L.N Andreyev (The Friend)

and John Buchan ( The King of Ypres). and Armoured Vehicle,

Legend of the Bowmen of Mons,

Illustrated London News - Christmas Number 1916

Cyrus Cuneo cover of a wife accompanied by her two children

‘toasting’ the portrait of her officer husband. 32pp.

Illustrations in monochrome by S Begg, A.C Michael, F Pegram,

Chevallier Tayler, A.Forestier, Balliol Salmon and Felix Lorioux.

Stories by E. St John Hert and E.Nesbit ( Princess of Rosyposia)

including Fight the Good Fight, Christmas in the Ward, Letter Home,

The Ghost that Saved, Kiss from the Trenches

Illustrated London News - Christmas Number 1917

1918 xmas cover

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1918 - Cover shows a scene from the main story -
Sax Rohmer’s ‘The Golden Scorpion’. 64pp Illustrations in monochrome by J R.Skelton, S.Begg and
A.Forestier and in colour by George W.Gough and Rafael Kirchner.

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1919

Among the artists represented are:

Percy F. S. Spence, Noel Flower, A. Forestier,

Arthur Rackham, Anna Whelan Betts.

: Pears' Soap, Fry's Cocoa, Crossly, Vauxhall, Eno's Fruit Salt,

Palmer Cord Tyres, Humber, Arrol-Johnston,

Sunbeam, Daimler, Valet Auto Strop Safety Razor,

Bird's Custard, Chas.Baker & Co. clothiers,

Swan Fountain Pens, Dubarry's Perfumes, Erasmic Soaps & Perfumes


1920 xmas cover

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1920

inside Cover - The Spirit of Christmas - Arthur Butcher

1920 xmas cover

Illustrations in b/w by G.C Wilmshurst, E.H.Shepard and Noel Flower,

tinted by P Monahan and in colour by W.E.Webster,

Kay Nielsen, Frank Dadd and Lawson Wood.

1921 xmas cover

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1921

- E. Mary Burgess coloured cover of a girl on a sledge in the snow 48pp.

Illustration in b&w by Ernest H. Shepard, tinted by Felix Lodoux,

Lawson Wood, Etienne Drian and Will Owen

and in colour by Louise de Vallieres and Louise Jacobs.

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1922 -

includes a complete novel by Sax Rohmer, illustrated by W R S Stott. Other illustrators are - cover,

Ann Russell, Arnold Mello (4 full page colour),

Edgard Maxence (1 full page colour),

George Barbier (2 Full page colour), J Detmold (1 full page colour),

Leo Fontan (1 full page colour), A K MacDonald (2 pages two-tone story),

Nerman, (2 half page two-tone), John Pearson (1 full page colour),

W R S Stott (double page colour), Jean Maxence (4 half page two-tone),

Pierre Gaston Rigaud (2 full page colour),

S H Sime (2 full page two-tone), Kay Nielsen (1 full page colour),

Edmund Dulac (1 full page colour), Maxfield Parrish (1 full page colour),

Simpson (Eno advert full page colour), Jacob Maris (1 full page colour),

Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale (1 full page colour),

Pears soap advert , Hovis advert Rowles (half page colour),

Erasmic soap advert Raphael Kirchner (half page colour),

and a Birds Custard advert no name (full page colour). Cecil Aldin - 56 pages,

ILN Xmas cover 1923

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1923


1924 xmas cover

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1924 -

includes -Japan Under Snow - Old Tales Retold: 3 of fairyland by Felix deGray -

Ten Thirty Waterloo by Herbert Shaw -

Legends of the Flowers: 4 in color by Eleanor Brickdale

- Our Very Best People by Enda Ferber -

Mowgli follows the tree road by Suzanne Lagneau

from The Second Jungle Book


Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1925 -

includesFour full page color plates by artist Edmund Dulac of Scenes from Biblical History,

including "The Expulsion from Eden"; "The Flood"; "The Doom of Lot's Wife"; and "The Death of Samson."

A full page colour advertisement for Hovis crackers with children illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell.

A double page spread in colour by Ernest H. Shepard (illustrator of Winnie-the-Pooh)

titled "Tyburn Tree" - the love story of a highwayman on his last ride to Tyburn.

A full page color plate by Lawson Wood titled "Just Like Old Times for Noah."

A memoir titled "Memories" by John Galsworthy, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1932,

of his favorite black cocker spaniel dog, beautifully illustrated by Maud Earl.

A quarter page advertisement for jig-saw puzzles illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell.

A full page plate by Lawson Wood of a chubby British "Bobby" policeman titled "Where the Plum Pudding Went."

Full page colour advertisements for Abdulla Cigarettes,

Haig Whisky, Bird's Custard, Boots Gift Departments,

Dewar's Whiskey, Lifebuoy Soap, Yardley's Lavender,

Pears Soap, Cadbury Chocolate, Bovril Broth,

Peerless Soap and Player's Navy Cut Tobacco & Cigarettes

(featuring a baby holding three cigarettes aloft).

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1926 -

Gordon Nicoll cover showing a Regency street scene with a man in green and a woman in pink.

l00pp; Illustrations in colour by Cumbrae Stewart, K Blackmore,

Cecil Aldin, George Berbier, M.Wheeler, C.E.Turner,

Felix de Gray and E WaIlcousins. Stories by Eleanor Farejeon,

D.M Stuart and Laurence Housman ( The Ass’s Mouth)

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1927 -

Felix de Gray cover of people sledging on
ice and a jewelled border 52pp;

Tinted illustration by Gordon Nicoll and in colour by
Felix de Gray, Arthur H Buckland, C.E.Turner,

Edward Osmond, Erte and Jose Segrelles.

Stories by
Barbara Bingley, Susan Ertz, Winifred Duke,

Dorothy Margaret Stuart and Valentine Williams.

ILN Xmas cover 1928

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1928

No.4675A issued on 26 November -

Felix de Grey cover of a scene with a Christmas tree in the days of Dickens with fans and crinolins with a purple border.

56pp, Illustrations in b/w by Gordon Nicoll, Reginald Cleaver and S.Spurrier

and in colour by G. Mossa, Jose Segrelles and Jacynth Parsons.

Stories by George Preedy, J.D.Beresford, Barbara Bingley, Winifred Duke,

H R.Wakefield 6 pictures illustrating this story(illustrated by Illingworth).

The Children's Christmas Friend from a picture by Laura Knight (full page colour),

paintings specially for ILN by Jacynth Parsons,

Animals that went to heaven according to Moslems:

their 'Qualifications', and Animals that went to heaven according to Moslems: their Arrival (double centre page colour),

Gertrude Lindsay, The Making of the Christmas Gift from the picture The Blue Macaw (full page colour),

J Dewar Mills illustrating a story by Winifred Duke (2 black & white pictures),

Zarh Pritchard, two pictures painted under the sea,

A Real Fairyland in a Coral Lagoon of Tahiti and A Real Fairyland under water off Scotland (both full page colour),

Reginald Cleaver illustrating a story by Barbara Bingley (4 pictures sepia and white),

Edward Osmond illustrating This is Ol Maurice of Trouvain

(8 colour pictures, 2 on each page plus decoration round the story, plus 2 in black and white),

Jose Segrelles, specially painted for ILN An Artists Visions: Dante's 'Inferno' (1 full page colour and 6 half page colour ones),

A H Watson illustrating verses by Mrs Marion St John Webb

specially for ILN (colour round 2 poems on 2 pages),

Steven Spurrier illustrating a story by J D Beresford (4 pictures in black and white),

The Seat of Wisdom after the picture 'Sedes Sapientiae' by Mark Symons (full page colour),

The Duet after the painting by J Finnemore (double page colour),

The Balloon Man after the picture by Ernest Townsend,

'Our Ancient Word of Courage, fair St George': The Patron Saint of England,

colour-photogravure from the salon picture by Georges Scott (full page colour),

The Toast of the Town repro. in colour-photogravure from the picture by Gordon Nicoll (full page colour),

(article - Almanacs of Yesteryear with colour pictures -

2 full page colour and 4 other pictures in colour from the collection of M Henri Laveden),

G Mossa illustrating a story by Katherine Horton (4 large pictures in colour),

Gordon Nicoll illustrating a story by George Preedy (5 pictures in either sepia or black and white,

1 full page), Madame Livia Kadar (colour picture - Maurice of Trouvain continued),

Going to the Fair - A Hundred Years Ago, initalled C E B (C E Brock), one third page in colour,

Frank Reynolds -

Black & White Scotch Whisky advert full page colour,

Percy F S Spence, The Messenger of Good Cheer in the Days of Old:

'Victory for our troops and a Merry Christmas to you all!',

half page black and white. Full page adverts in colour for -

Columbia, Dewars Whisky, Oxo, Erasmic Soap,

4711 Cologne, Birds Custard, Players Cigarettes,

Hovis, Gold Flake, Boots, Ovaltine (B & W for Ovaltine),

plus other B & W adverts such as Alvis, Sunbeam, etc.

1929 xmas cover

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1929 - Cover shows Rubens’ ‘Virgin and flowers’.
54pp. Illustrations in colour by Jose Segrelles and Cecil Aldin. Stories by H.F.M Prescot, Katherine Hortin, Anthony Armstrond, lanthe Jerrold and Laurence Kirk

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1930 + back cover Advert

- Cover shows Carlo Crivelli’s ‘Madonna and
Child + blue border 54pp. Illustrations in colour by Edward Osrnond, Leon Carre, Jose Segrelles and
Gordon Jackson. Stories by D.M Stuart, L.P Hartley, Valentine Williams and Winifred Duke

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1931 -

Felix de Gray cover shows a herald in a pink cloak on a white charger. 56pp.

Illustrations in b/w by Gordon NicolI and in colour by C.S. de Tejada

A. Forestier, Saiten Tamura, Ernest Dinkel, Mossa and Felix de Gray.

Stories by Katherine Hortin, H F M Prescott, A M Mackenzie,

Barbara Bingley, D.L.Murray and St. Vincent Troubridge.

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1932 -

Cover shows ‘The Virgin and Child’ by
Andrea della Robbia. 52pp.

Illustrations in colour by Jose Segrelles.

Norman Linsay, Lilian Rowles and
Gordon Nicoll. Stories by K.R G.Brown,

Marguerite Steen, Barbara Bingley and Daphne du Maurier (The
Happy Valley).

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1933

-Felix de Gray cover of the 4 Kings in outrageous dress 54pp

Colour feature of Jose Segrelles paintings of Wagner's The Ring specially commissioned by ILN.

Two colour plates of Cecil Aldin dogs.

Norman Lindsey plate and accompanying text 'Man's Happiness'.

Wonderful circus feature by Lady Eleanor Smith with five evocative paintings by Seago.

"Bitter Variance," illustrations by Gordon Nicoll; "The Lace-Maker," by J. Vermeer;

"The Ring," six illustrations by Jose Segrelles; "Manfred's Descent to Ahriman's Fiery Realm

" full-page illustration by Gustav Adolph Mossa;

"Inside the Ring--fence (circus), five illustrations by Seago;

Full page cover adverts for Morris cars, Bovril, Whitbread's Pale Ale,

Dewar's, Mackintosh's toffee, Oxo.
Illustrations in colour by Felix de Gray, Cecil Aldin, Seago,

Jose Segrelles and Gordon Nicoll. Stories by Marguerite Sreen and Carola Oman

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1934 -

Cover shows Botticelli’s ‘Mother and ChiId'.
56pp; a-h other pages Illustrations in colour by Priod, Edmund Dulac-,

Jose Segrelles and Gordon Nicoll Stories by Eardley Beswick.

Angela Thirkell, Douglas Newton and Carola Oman

1935 xmas cover

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1935 -

Cover shows Claude CoeIlo's 'Angel Heads’. 60pp,

I - I other pages. Illustrations in colour by Frank Reynolds.

D.M.Wheeler, Jose Segrelles. Gordon Nicoll and Esmund Osmond

. Stories by E.F Benson and Freeman Wills Crofts (The Vertical line ).

Illustrated London News - Christmas Edition 1936 -

the first Red cover. +‘ Shisaku in Snow’ by Hiroshiga

66pp Illustrations in colour by Frank Reynolds, Edmund Blampied and Charles Robinson.

Stories by W Townend, Norah Cotterill and Marguerite Steen,

Two pages illustrations by Ernest H. Shepard, of "ballad of Bygone Ladies,

" a poem by Villion, translated in verse by C. E. Byles.

"Legends of the Flowers," three full pages in colour, told and illustrated by Muriel Broderick

. "Ancestors of the Motor Car: Steam Carriages Take the Road,"

five pages in colour, including a double-page watercolor by Charles Robinson.

"When Winters Were White: Christmas as the Masters Saw It,

" four full-page colour reproductions, plus one double-page reproduction.

"Christmas at Dingley Dell: Mr. Pickwick Salutes the Old Lady Beneath the Mystic Branch,"

a double-page, full-colour illustration by Frank Reynolds.

Short stories by Mark Hellinger, author of "The Ten Million,

" Marguerite Steen, W. Townend, Agnes Grozier Herbertson,

Cybil Bolitho and Cen Fearnley, all illustrated. . presentation plate by A. W. Devis

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