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Illustrated London News - Christmas issue 1960 - Flower studies by Raymond Booth, Dogs of Different Eras, The Golden Haired Madonna by Quentin Matsys, Ballet Stories in Silhouettes by Lotte Reiniger: Ondine, The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Cinderella and The Ballet Story. Plus, Flowers and Feathers:Some Elaborate Fashions in Women's Hats, Rootes Motors, car adverts for Ford Anglia Jaguar and Triumph etc Articles by Ian Niall and illustrations by George Ditton, the ups and downs of Womans Crowning Glory by James Laver, illustrated by E.H. Shephard.and 11th century Manuscripts

Illustrated London News - Christmas issue 1961

Illustrated London News - Christmas issue 1962 -Victorian Beauty Behind The Veil; “The Fair Nun Unmasked”, by H. R. Morland (1716-1797); The Story of Pantomime and How This Christmas Show Evolved; Seven Deadly Sins; England Under a Mantle of Snow; Rising From a Carpet of Snow: The Ancient Church of Wotton, Surrey; When the Ivy-Tod is Heavy with Snow; Pine Trees in Surrey, Wearing their Wintery Garment of Unsullied Snow; Thirteen Hundred Lamp-Posts and a Zoo, by Roger Longrigg and Illustrated by James Neave; The Revival of Interest in Victorian Art: Putting Up the Holly and the Mistletoe For Christmas, The Navy Shows a Preference-How Not to Treat a Girl, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not As Depicted in a Painting by W. P. Frith exactly one hundred years ago, Townsmen and Countrymen Enjoying the Sunshine by the Serpentine in Hyde Park a Century Ago; The Silver Nutmeg by N. K. Lock and Illustrated by Edwin Phillips; My Strange Pets by Jane Burton; Ookie & Co.,

Illustrated London News - Christmas Issue 1963, The Artist's Ideal Of Beauty, Pantomimes Of Yesteryear By J.C.Trewin, The Image Of Christ In Art, The English Countryside Under Snow, Father Christmas Comes To Orbins By Julian Symons - Illustrated By James Neave, Deadman's Corner By George Denby - Illustrated By Gerritt Vandersyde, An Artists Look At Birds In The British Winter From Paintings By Raymond Booth, Scenes From The "Big Top" At Bertram Mills Circus

Illustrated London News - Christmas issue 1964, The illustrations and summary of the earliest English Novel Pamela plus 12 of Joseph Highmores Paintings reproduced. James Neave artist colour pics of Smithfield at Xmas. 12 Characters from Dickens in clay Pics.Centrefold of Martyrdom of Hippolytus.The Virgin and Child Enthroned, with Four Angels” by Quinten Massys (1466-1530); Fruit, Flowers and Insects Observed by Jan Van Kessel; Food and Feasting: The Artist’s Impression Through The Centuries; Priceless Offerings to the Christ-Child Born in Man’s Heart: Symbols of Ancient Wisdom Brought by the Three Travelers; Christmas Spirit by Anthony Gilbert and Illustrated by Juliet Pannett; The Dover Road and Some Dover-Calais Crossings by Sail and Steam, by Sidney Bernard; The Carol Singers by Josephine Bell and Illustrated by Gerritt Vandersyde;

Illustrated London News - Christmas issue 1965, Contents include Brooke Marine Designs, Lovely coloured pics of craft traditions of East and West meet in the Persian Crown Jewels.Dutch Art pics. French and English artists that have been inspired by London's River.Royal Artists and article. Great Tiger in your tank full page coloured ad for Esso Royal Artists, Fred by John lavender, Illustrated by Rosalind Hoyte, Westminster Abbey, Penguins, Seals and Flying Birds – an artist’s impression of the animal Population of the Southern Continent of Antarctica, French and English artists who have been inspired by London’s River, A Christmas Dinner by Noel Mostert, Illustrated by Ivan Lapper, The Last Look Round by John Pudney, Illustrated by John Ross, Sublime Tobacco’s Art and History, Christmas Time In Sweden, Hermitage Collection Shown in Paris, Craft Traditions of East and West Meet In The Persian Crown Jewels


Illustrated London News - Christmas issue 1966, Great coloured pics including Adoration Of The Magi by Giotto. one large pic and eight smaller pics of the artist. Very nice article and pics of Christmas Cards Through the Ages. 4 pages. Art plus 6 pics in colour of Grimm's Fairy Stories at a glance.Double page coloured pic by Hendrick Avercamp who paints the pleasure of Snow and Ice. Skaters and others. Also a double page pic of the Sir Winston Churchill at the finish of The Tall Ships Race.1966. Lovely full page coloured pic by Christian Gibson Temple of a black kitten in the centre of a ring of Elves with a full moon in the background. Titled 'Enchantment' Back cover has two pics of Brooke Marine fast boats

Illustrated London News - Christmas issue 1967, Russian Icons, Light On London, An Eminent Victorian In Wartime London - Ghost Story By Alan Dent, Illustrated London News On The Map Specially Drawn By Ionicus, Shepherd's Watch - Short Story By Alan Dipper, The Gometra Soiree, Hearrts And Flowers - Valentines, Guinness Advert

Illustrated London News - Christmas issue 1968, Chevening House 4 pages of pics and article. 4 pages on The London Taxi. Superb Worcester Royal Porcelain models in colour & B/W on 4 pages. Centre fold pic Concours D'Elegance by Jean Francois Swebach des Fontaines. Artists impressions of Caernavon Castle.3 fine coloured pics. 'Cockneyland' Article and pics. 'His Work is The sea'.Montague Dawson superb coloured

Illustrated London News - Christmas issue 1969, Featuring great pics and articles like The Christmas Story in Stained Glass.Four threequarter page pics. Penfound Manor at Poundstock in Cornwall, The Great Hall is Saxon in Foundation. four pages of pics and an article...A double page coloured pic by The Dutch artist Molenaer who painted the subject , A Winter Scene'Another double page pic Looking down on London.Aerial view.in colour.Double page ad of Brooke Marine boats.

Illustrated London News - Christmas issue 1970, Old and New Panto stars,and a centrefold loose page of 'Winterscene with Skaters' by Van der Venne .The Hero's Home, colour pictures of Blenheim Palace. a story by Arthur Duncan - "The Ghostly cavalier".Also part of the loose pullout pages are pictures of The Sensual Pleasures by Franz-Christoff Janneck, and Secrets of the Toy Cupboard Pics old toys. Happy and Glorious an article and great pics of cars and some owners titled 'Pick of the Century.The royal children in informal pics

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