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The following year 1893 brought two royal weddings which were commemorated by two special issues each. The first wedding was that of Princess Marie of Edinburgh and Crown Prince Ferdinand Victor of Rumania which was held on January 10, 1893 at Sigmaringen in South Germany, the residence of Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern, father of the bridegroom. The Princess was the second child of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh (Alfred, the second son of Queen Victoria and the Russian Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna who were married in St. Peterburg in 1874). The wedding proceedings were three-fold, consisting, first of the civil marriage in the Red Room of the castle of Sigmaringen; secondly, of the Roman Catholic marriage in the town church of St. John; and thirdly of the Protestant church marriage held in an extemporised chapel adjoining the Ancestor’s Room in the castle. The first number, dated January 1893,

(Appendix List no. 25) detailing families of the bride and bridegroom, the wedding presents and showing photographs of the bride and groom, is more in the nature of a pre-wedding number as is suggested by the front wrapper, only the top fifth of which is ornamental. The ILN title frame is decorated with bridal sprays and a vase of orange blossom. The overall colour is blue and the words ‘Marriage of Princess Marie of Edinburgh’ appear on the date line. The issue is number 2804, vol. 102, pages 33-64, measuring 30 x 42 cm and was priced at sixpence. next page >>

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