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The following week’s issue (number 2805, vol. 102, pages 65-105, measuring 30 x 42 cm and priced at sixpence)

(Appendix List no. 26) was the main special wedding number which details in blue and sepia tinted pages all the ceremonies outlined above as well as containing an illustrated section on Henzollern-Sigmaringen,the castle of Krauchenwies, where the couple spent their honeymoon and Bucharest, the capital of Roumania, the future home of Princess Marie. This issue, dated January 21 1893 has a specially designed wrapper in pink and blue. against a background of stylized emblematic and bridal motifs (coats of arms, a bridal veil, intertwined initials, a lovers’ knot, cupid’s arrows and flowers) are the photographs of the bride and groom. next page >>

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