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The issue published during the first week of June 1893 entitled ‘Summer and Jubilee Number’

(Appendix list no. 24) continues this commemorative theme and was enclosed within a splendid fully coloured pictorial wrapper. Framed by columns and a portico in the Grecian style are the Chief Muse Calliope and Cio, Muse of History. One holds a folded scroll with the words ‘Illustrated History of the World’ and the other holds a manuscript with ‘1842 Jubilee Year 1892’ written on it. The background is that of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the whole is capped by two cupids holding an hour-glass. The first part of the issue contains the usual holiday pictures and stories (including Arthur Conan Doyle’s “A Question of Diplomacy”) and the second part is devoted to articles and illustrations eulogizing the ‘Jubilee of Illustrated Journalism’. The issue has 48 pages (32 for the Summer section and 16 for the Jubilee section), measures 30 x 42 cm and was priced at one shilling. next page >>

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