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The ILN was able to blow its own trumpet in 1892 since that was the year the magazine celebrated its Jubilee - fifty years of Illustrated Journalism.

Andrew Lang’ s Jubilee Ode hymns the wide-ranging influence of the journal in the following two verses: Through every land goes forth her hand, The Illustrated News, In temples of Roraima stand framed fragments of her views. Her pictures are the people’s book Those the unlettered please, And gladly on her pages look The Zulus and Chinese The double number of May 14 1892 (no. 2769, vol. 100, pages 577—612) (Appendix List no. 23) reviews the changes that had taken place since 1842. There are chapters on the founding of the ILN, special sections dealing with the artists and literary contributors to the Journal, a blue tinted section comparing the holders of High Office in 1842 and then in 1892 and a substantial essay by Walter Besant entitled ‘England in 1842’.

This issue has a white wrapper with a blue design. The central area shows a classical votive shrine over the top of which, within a scrolled framework, is the word Jubilee. Two caryatids support the entablature on which are sculpted the Roman numerals MDCCCXLII - MDCCCXCII. Obscuring a section of this part of the design is the figure of Old Father Time with scythe, trumpet and hour-glass standing on a globe within the niche on which the words Europe, Africa and Asia are clearly seen. Seated on the steps of the shrine is an impressive allegorical female figure mapping out the future. To the left and right of the shrine stand soldiers in the uniform of the 1840’s and 1890’s respectively.next page >>

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