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Royal tours were to play a large part during the early part of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. The first (and biggest) Royal Tour of the present reign, in 1953 and 1954, was basically the round-the-globe Commonwealth journey which Her Majesty as Princess Elizabeth was about to accomplish when her father died. Now the itinerary was greatly extended and the programme stuffed with engagements beyond counting. The travellers were away from the UK for six months and logged 50,000 miles, visiting Bermuda, Jamaica, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand (for 6 weeks), Australia (for 2 months), Ceylon, Aden, Uganda, Libya, Malta and Gibraltar.
The tour started on November 23, 1953, and the ILN produced its special ‘The Royal Tour’ number on November 28, 1953

(Appendix List No. 154). It shows the Queen setting off on the B.O.A.C. stratocruiser ‘Canopus’ for the flight to Bermuda, the first stage of the tour. The other pages have scenes of places the royal pair would be visiting during the tour.
The cover displays a formal coloured portrait of the Queen in her robes and the Duke in ceremonial dress. Surrounding the rectangular frame are the coats of arms of all those countries the royal couple would be visiting. This is issue number 5980, vol. 223, pages 849-900, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at two shillings.

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