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The ‘Welcome Home Number’ of May 22, 1954

(Appendix List No. 155) was issued as a record of the Nation’s thanksgiving for the safe return of the Queen. The incidents of the tour had already been illustrated on 80 pages and with 300 photographs in all the intervening issues. This number opens with HMY ‘Britannia’ sailing up the Channel being welcomed by ships of the Home Fleet. Other photographs show the ship steaming up the Thames, entering the Pool of London and mooring above Tower Bridge. The processional drive to the palace is covered at every stage culminating in the scene of the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace being acclaimed by crowds flocking down the illuminated Mall.
An 8 page coloured section has as its centre fold a diagramatic drawing by G. H. Davis of ‘Britannia’ showing her internal layout. The cover has a coloured portrait of the Queen and the Duke in formal dress. Surrounding the rectangular frame is a thick frieze of yellow foliage hanging from the branches of which are the Coats of Arms of the Commonwealth countries visited during the Royal Tour.
This is issue number 6005, vol. 224, pages 821-892, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at four shillings.

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