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The news of the conquest of Everest reached London on the eve of June 1, 1953, just in time for the announcement to precede the great event of the Coronation of the following day.
Mount Everest, which lies in the Himalayan Range on the border between Nepal and Tibet, is the highest mountain in the world, rising to a height of more than 8,800 metres. Many attempts had been made to climb it, and although some mountaineers had come very close to the summit, none had actually reached it. In 1953 the Geographical Society of London and the Alpine Club sponsored a new expedition led by Colonel John Hunt. Elaborate preparations were made before the climb began, and the expedition followed a route which had not been tried before. By May 28 the mountaineers had reached a height of nearly 8,500 metres and on May 29 a New Zealand member of the expedition, Edmund Hilary, and a Sherpa guide, Tenzing, reached the summit.
It was the words of ‘The Times’ that summed up the nation’s feelings: “Seldom since Francis Drake brought the ‘Golden Hind’ to anchor in Plymouth Sound has a British explorer offered to his sovereign such a tribute of glory as Colonel John Hunt and his men were able to lay at the feet of Queen Elizabeth for her coronation.” These words of course, suggested the design for the cover of the Naval Review Number’ of June 20.
On June 27, 1953, the ILN published 'The Conquest of Everest’ number

(Appendix List No. 153). The magazine shows the members of the expedition, the preparations made for the ascent, the equipment used, the stages of the ascent and the reaching of the summit. Other pages show photographs taken from the summit, the triumphant return from the peak and the congratulations bestowed on the man. A final section shows Tenzing at home in Darjeeling, Edmund Hilary at home in New Zealand and Colonel John Hunt at Katmandu, capital of Nepal.
The cover of this issue is the normal advertising wrapper with the words indicating the special nature of the magazine in the upper half.
This is issue number 5958, vol. 222, pages 1065-1108, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at two shillings.

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