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The state visits to Wales and Northern Ireland are covered in the normal weekly issues of the ILN and it was left to the final commemorative magazine to sum up those important events in which the Queen had taken part during the month of June. This issue, ‘A Royal Garland'

(appendix List No. 152) published in September, is a panoramic number with each event occupying a space of about 46 by 29 cm. Apart from the actual crowning of the Queen, there is the Coronation Procession and Decorations; the Derby; the Gala Performance at Covent Garden; the Thanksgiving at St. Paul’s, the Royal Tournament; Trooping the Colour; the Visit to Guildhall for luncheon; the great Naval Review; the Ascot meeting and the Royal Visit to Scotland.
The front cover is in red with a photograph of the Queen taking the salute at the Birthday Parade in an oval frame. Stylized floral motifs in gold and blue provide decorative borders and corner blocks. The back cover has a large coloured floral centre piece adapted from a reproduction of the title page of the French Floreligiuna, known as “La Guirlande de Julie”. White roses, thistles and shamrocks on a grey background fill the rest of the space.
It has 32 pages, measures 52 x 37 cm and was priced at six shillings.

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