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The Festival was inaugurated by the King on May 3rd, 1951 at St. Paul’s Cathedral and the ILN commemorated this event, by a
‘Festival of Britain Opening Special Number’
issued on May 12th, 1951

(Appendix List No. 138). The design team’s belief that there was a hunger for visual stimulation is given ample proof in such architecturally fantastic buildings as the Unicorn Cafe with its suspended umbrellas and flagpoles, the Sea and Ships Pavillion with its projecting stern of specialised craft; the giant telescope inside the Great Dome of Discovery; the brightly coloured globes beside the Telecinema Pavillion and the Royal Festival Hall. All is grills and screens and balls and decks and terraces and fountains and colour.
A four page colour section shows the Battersea Pleasure Gardens, a helicopter’s view of the Exhibition site and the South Bank Exhibition at night.
The coloured cover depicts a young man and woman, symbolising partnership, work and domestic peace. The man stands beneath a Union Jack and the woman lays a hand on a globe. Beneath them curves the River Thames on the south bank of which is displayed the Festival in all its colour.
This is issue number 5847, vol. 218, pages 717-788, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at three shillings.

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Appendix List
138. -Opening of the Festival of Britain - 1951
139. - Festival of Britain Exhibitions Number - 1951
140. - Festival of Britain Exhibitions Number - 1951