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On September 22, 1951, a medical bulletin issued from Buckingham Palace announced that the King had been advised to undergo an operation. On Septenber 23 the operation to remove his left lung was successfully performed. This sudden reverse upset the planned tour to Canada and the USA of Princess Elizabeth and, the Duke of Edinburgh and their departure was delayed until October 1. This was a tour of 6 weeks in North America: across Canada coast to coast twice and into the USA. It was an odyssey during which, representing the King and Queen, a vigorous Elizabeth and Philip scored a popular triumph. The ILN published a
‘Canadian Royal Tour number'
on September 29, 1951

(Appendix List No. 140). Because of the King’s illness and operation the tour programme had been altered, so the editor had to apologise for discrepancies in the issue and stated that the issue “must remain in its present form as a record of what was projected.”
The main section of the magazine is devoted to the Royal tour and shows aerial views of the five great cities of the Dominion; an illustrated review of the itinerary; the leading figures in Canada and a four page colour section showing Princess Elizabeth with her family. Of course, a substantial section is taken up with the King’s illness and operation.
The cover shows a coloured portrait by Karsh of Ottowa of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh framed by a simple frieze of maple leaves.
It is issue number 5867, vol. 219, pages 469-512, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at two shillings.

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