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History was recorded with the special
‘Everest Flight Photographs’

number of April 29th 1933 (Appendix List no. 99) with illustrations of the most amazing feat ever accomplished in aviation and aerial photography up to that time - the first flight over the summit of Mount Everest. This triumph of British aeronautics was achieved on April 3rd by two biplanes of the Houston—Everest Expedition. Both aeroplanes cleared the crest and spent some fifteen minutes flying near it. This issue reproduces the best of the actual photographs taken of the summit of Everest at heights of 6.5 miles or more.
The top third of the cover shoes a panorama of the mountain range with the Great Peak in the centre, crested with a snowy plume. The overall colour is different shades of blue.
This is issue number 4906, vol. 182, pages 593-628, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at one shilling.

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