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Naturally, Britain prided herself on being “the world’s greatest commercial Empire” and, to celebrate this feeling, the ILN published on May 2nd 1925 a bumper issue entitled ‘Commerce and the Empire’

(Appendix List No. 87) in which the trades and industries of Lancashire and Cheshire are highlighted, with special emphasis given to Manchester and Liverpool.
In the section ‘The Romance of Manchester’ we are given a history of
city, shown its beauties, told about the civic officials and public men and led around the main industrial factories. The section ‘The Epic of Liverpool’ does the same thing for that city. Two superb coloured pictures by C. E. Turner embellish this issue:’ Morning on the Mersey’ and ‘Horrockses Century Mills at Preston’. There is also a 4 page panorama of the Manchester Ship Canal.
To exemplify the issue’s theme that •‘cotton is the Sun-King around which all the industrial planets revolve”, the colourful cover, also by C. E. Turner, shows cotton-picking on a Louisiana plantation (where, at that time, two-thirds of the world’s cotton crop came from). At the top of the frame is the coat of arms of Manchester and at the bottom are the coats of arms of Lancashire and Cheshire.
This is issue number 4489, vol. 166, pages 781-84, measuring 37 x 27 cm and priced at one shilling.
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