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The variety of exhibits was almost immeasurable. One could see Ashanti natives weaving, Burmese playing music, Australians shearing sheep and employees from Neville’s bread displaying the company’s latest techniques for slicing and wrapping their loaves. Indeed, it was a view of Imperial life and history in miniature. By July 9th, this ‘shop-window of the Empire’ had received over 6.5 million visitors.

On July 19th 1924 the ‘Wembley Empire Exhibition Number’

was published (Appendix List No. 86) in which a closer look was taken of the pavilions and entertainments. The most popular features turned out to be the Queen‘s Dolls’ House, the Amusement Park and the models of the Prince of Wales and Jack Hobbs sculpted in Canadian and Australian butter!
The cover shows Britannia in a red cloak standing on the ramparts of “Castle Britain” looking out to sea and holding a laurel wreath. She points to ships on the horizon bringing trade and prosperity to the home country.
This is issue number 4448, vol. 165, pages 97-172, measuring 37 x 27 cm and priced at two shillings.

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