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On October 3rd an unusual issue of the ILN appeared

(Appendix list no. 68). It was not a ‘special’ in the accepted sense but its cover is fully pictorial. In a rectangular frame is a British submarine on the Surface with the Union Jack flying. To either side of the frame are the flags of Great Britain and Russia, and over the top are the flags of France, Japan, Belgium and Serbia.

The reason for this illustration was the sinking of three British cruisers on September 22nd. H.M.S. ‘Aboukir’ had been torpedoed and was in danger of sinking HMS ‘Hogue’ and 'Cressy’ stood by to pick up survivors. Within ten minutes the other two ships were struck and all three ships sunk. As a result of this tragedy the Admiralty stated: “No act of humanity, whether to friend or foe, should lead to a neglect of the proper precautions and dispositions of war, and no measures can be taken to save life which prejudice the military situation”. The special design of the submarine, therefore, symbolizes the Admiralty’s determination to protect and defend the navy.
This issue is number 3937, vol. 145 (pages 469-496), measure 30 x 42 cm and cost sixpence.


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