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In late February 1915 another panorama number was produced entitled ‘Great-War Deeds of the Royal Navy and the British Army’.

(Appendix list no. 69) This publication deals with the incidents of gallantry performed by the Royal Navy, the Royal Australian Navy, the Royal Air Service, the Naval Brigade, the British Army, the Territorials, the Indian Army and the Canadian Contingent. It consists of 28 photogravure proofs of paintings together with a 3ft 4in panorama depicting what was claimed to be one of the finest achievements in the history of the British Army: the defeat of the Prussian Guard, the corps d’elite of the German Army, before Ypres on November 11th 1914.
The cover is in leather-effect dark green with an oval picture in brown surrounded by a laurel wreath. The picture shows a wounded soldier protected by his companions against a background of corpses, exploding shells and a destroyed gun emplacement.
This issue cost half a crown.

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