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In August 1874 an Anglo-American expedition had set out under H. M. Stanley to explore Central Africa. Its basic purpose was to unite the fragmentary discoveries of Speke into one complete whole, to finish Baker's and Burton’s explorations and finally to take up the work which had been left incomp1ete by Dr. Livingstone. The expedition was successful and Stanley’s feat of navigating the Congo for nine months from November 1876 to August 1877 caused the Geographical Magazine to state that the achievement “places Mr. Stanley in the First Rank among African Discoverers. To celebrate his return in early 1878 the ILN compiled a special number entitled
‘Stanley in Africa’

(Appendix List no. 7) which contains sketches and descriptions by Stanley himself and a detailed account of African travel by George Augustus Sala. The magazine appeared on February 6th, 1878. The pink wrapper shows Stanley standing in the prow of his boat ‘Lady Alice’ which is being rowed by natives down the Congo river. It contains 40 pages, measures 42 x 30 cm and cost one shilling next page >>

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