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War was the theme of the 1877 special number. During 1875 and 1876 anti-Turkish revolts took place in Bosnia-Herzegovenia and Bulgaria which were brutally suppressed by the Turks. As a result Serbia and Montenegro declared war on Turkey. Popular pressure in the name of pan-slavism (that is the notion that Russia should help emancipate its ‘slav’ brethren from despotic Austrian and Turkish rule) forced Russia to declare war in April 1877.On May 3rd the ILN published a special number titled ‘Russia and Turkey’

(Appendix List no. 6) It contains engravings of scenes in Russia and Turkey and frontier countries in Europe and Asia, sketches of manners, customs and everyday life of the people, portraits of leading men on both sides as well as a large map of the seat of war in colours. Articles describe the armies and navies of the contending powers, the theatre of war, a tour of Russia and the Turkish Admininstration. It consists of 36 pages, measures 42 x 30 cm and cost one shilling. The wrapper is in grey, red, black and white depicting emblematic devices and geometrical designs. The top half of the wrapper shows the two-headed eagle of Russia and the bottom half the star and crescent of Turkey.next page >>

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