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The magazine was able to celebrate its centenary with a
‘Hundredth Birthday’ number

(Appendix List No. 130) on May 16th 1942, but it was a mere shadow of its proposed shape. A note to the readers stated “It had been our intention to celebrate this important occasion with one at least of the elaborate and exhaustive Special Numbers for which the ILN has become famous. All the plans were laid before the war... But, unfortunately, paper restrictions have stepped in, and our good intentions have perforce come to nought. So, till the war is over, this special number must remain in abeyance.” In fact, it would not be until 1967 that a birthday number was again published the 125th.
This 1942 number examines the life and work of Herbert Ingram, the founder of the magazine; the full publishing history of the paper; scenes of the London of 1842 compared with the blitzed London of 1942; biographies of writers and artists who had contributed to the Journal during its 100 years and, not unnaturally, a hundred years of warfare. The highlight of this issue is a four page series of natural colour
photographs of the Royal Family taken at a special sitting granted by the King and Queen to mark the occasion of the centenary of the ILN.

The cover is the usual advertising wrapper, but the top quarter has the full panorama of the Lord Mayor’s processional barges gliding along the Thames with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the centre background in black. The dates 1842 and 1942 on either side of the title and the title itself are in red and the two words London News are festooned with decorative tendrils.
This is issue number 5378, vol. 200, pages 656-592, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at one shilling and sixpence.

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