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Rejection by Germany of Britain’s ultimatum to suspend her attack on Poland sealed Europe’s fate, for on September 3rd 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany. However, unlike the First World War, the Second World War only inspired one special issue of the ILN connected with the conflict. A series of panorama-style numbers was published at irregular intervals, but these were in the nature of informative publications detailing weaponry and the tactics of warfare in a technical or diagramatic way.
on April 9th 1940, the Germans began their full-scale invasion of Norway, and their first targets were the country’s ports, especially the ice-free port of Narvik from which the Germans could ship back he vital supplies of iron ore. In addition, these ports could be used as bases from which the German navy could sweep down on British shipping in the North Atlantic.
On April 27th 1940, the ILN published ‘The Naval Epic of Narvik’

(appendix List No. 129) which tells the graphic story of the British attack on and capture of that port and the destruction of ten German destroyers with the loss of only two of her own.
The first attack took place on April 10th and was led by the ‘Hardy’ which was 1st together with her sister ship the ‘Hunter’. The second attack on April 13th was led by the ‘Warspite’ commanded by Admiral Whitorth accompanied by a strong force of destroyers. The first attack had seen the destruction of three enemy vessels, but this second attack wiped out the remaining seven destroyers.
Other pages show the destruction of Stavanger, the only land aerodrome in West Norway and the landing of the B.E.F. in Norway without a single casualty.
The cover is the usual advertising wrapper with the special nature of the issue indicated in bold letters towards the top. It is issue number 5271, vol. 196, pages 541-576, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at one shilling.

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