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In March 1937 the ILN issued its seventh Record publication,
The Coronation Record Number

(Appendix List No. 115), a thick 72 page item with many pages in full colour. The nine chapters detail the ritual and significance of the Coronation Service; anecdotes and incidents of past coronations; ancient services and offices performed at English coronations; the Regalia to be used at the Coronation; legends of the Coronation; the King’s State coach; the origins of the Coronation Service; a personal record of the life of the King Emperor, and a personal record of the life of Queen Elizabeth.
The cover of this issue is in rich blue, with an attractive leather effect surface with border decorations based on a rare Canevari binding of 1534 preserved in the British Museum. In the centre is a silver plaque framed in gold bearing the portraits of the King and his Consort. The magazine is protected with a tissue guard.

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