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Having acceded to the throne early in 1936, King Edward VIII became more concerned with his domestic and personal affairs than with his official life as the year went on. On November 16th he announced his intention of marrying the recently divorced American Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson. Parliament, the people and the Dominions were against a divorcee beside the Throne and were against a Sovereign’s morganatic marriage. The King had to go. Early in December the whole story broke in the British press and on December 10th Edward VIII renounced the Imperia1 Throne and his abdication was official and final.
On December 11th, by night and by British warship, he left the shores of Britain to begin his chosen exile. Before he left he made a poignant broadcast, his famous farewell in which he declared that he could not discharge his duties as King ‘without the woman I love”.
The news broke so suddenly that the constitutional crisis simply filled the ordinary issue of the ILN (No. 5095, vol. 189) for December 12th. For the student of those days that is the issue to refer to, with the worried face of the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, on nearly every other page.
The following week, on December 19th, a special
‘Accession Number and Abdication of King Edward VIII’
issue was produced

(Appendix List No. 114).
The front page shows the anxious face of Edward’s brother, the former Duke of York and now King George VI, as he hurries to London from Fort Belvedere on December 10th, the day on which King Edward announced his renunciation of the Throne to the Houses of Parliament. The pages that follow illustrate King Edward’s message to Parliament being read by the Speaker, Captain Fitzroy; the Proclamation of the new King on December 12th; the life story of the new King and that of Queen Elizabeth and, of course, full coverage of the heir presumptive, Princess Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret. Hector Bolitho also wrote a moving personal record ‘The Tragedy of a Renunciation’, King Edward’s life, from childhood to constitutional crisis, over 26 pages. This issue comes with three plates in colour depicting King Edward at various important stages of his career and one double page photogravure supplement of the new King and Queen from the painting by Philip de Laszlo.
The cover of the magazine shows a sepia photograph of King George VI dressed in his Admiral’s uniform with the Queen by his side. The coloured pictorial surround is the same as that of the Thanksgiving Number of 1929.
This is issue number 5096, vol. 189, pages 1095-1164, measuring 37 x 26 cm. and priced at two shillings.

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