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Following the popularity of the earlier supplemental issue the ILN produced a 44 page ‘The Cape-to-Cairo route’ issue

which hymns the praise of the South African Railways (Appendix List No. 94). It was in 1857 that a railroad was simultaneously begun from Alexandria in the north and from Cape Town in the south. Then, in 1930, the two ends of the projected railway were approaching each other. The supplement, issued on February 22nd 1930, celebrates this engineering dream about to be realized and presents a detailed illustrated review of all those countries that the railway had already passed through or was about to pass through.
The cover is a fine coloured illustration by C. E. Turner of the ‘Union Express’ a train-de-luxe which could cover the 900 mile run from Cape Town to Johannesburg in 28 hours.
This issue is number 4740, vol. 176, measuring 38 x 27 cm and priced at one shilling.

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