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Repeating the success of previous issues extolling the part played by the dominions in furthering British trade, a special ‘South Africa Number’

(Appendix List No. 91) was issued on October 8th 1927, with a subtitle ‘The Great Dominion of South Africa: its History, Commerce and Social Condition. This issue contains several colour pages, the most impressive being the double page spreads showing the landing of Johann van Riebeck at the Cape in 1652 and the Union-Castle Line Royal Mail motorship 'Carnarvon Castle' passing the Needles on its way from Southampton to South Africa. The many coloured pages are reinforced by fully illustrated articles on the history of South Africa, the Kruger National Park and the country’s social life, resources, government, travel, finance, banking and commerce.
The front cover is a coloured picture by Gustave A. Laux of Vasco da Gama passing Table Mountain during his voyage round the Cape in 1497 Framing this scene are examples of native flora and fauna and coats of arms.
This is issue number 4616, vol. 171, pages 573-632, measuring 38 x 27 cm and priced at one shilling.
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