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In similar style, on April 17th 1915, came an issue devoted to the campaign in the "The Dardanelles and the Carpathians".

(Appendix list no.7l)
The Dardanelles is the narrow strait separating Turkey in Europe and Turkey in Asia. If the Allies gained control of that strait they would open a route to supply Russia with desperately needed munitions, would knock Turkey out of the war and be able to attack Austria through the Balkans.
Churchill persuaded the Government to make this a naval operation and so, in February 1915, French and British warships began bombarding the Dardanelles shore. In the magazine section on the Dardanelles are illustrated the March 18th attack, the sinking of the French warship ‘Bouvet’ which ran into a minefield and sank with all hands, and the counter attack from the Turkish batteries on the shore.
On the Eastern Front, in late March, the Russians had just taken from the Austrians the strong fortress of Przemysl (which guarded the railroad line to Lemberg where it crossed the River San), thus releasing 8 Russian divisions to Ivanov, Commander of the Southwestern Front, which gave him enough extra strength to be able to threaten the Austrians with a renewed offensive across the Carpathians towards Budapest.
In the magazine section on the Carpathians there are scenes of the occupation of Przemysl, the actions of the Cossacks around Uzzok and the Russian march towards the Hungarian Plain.

The two apparently successful offensives are fully illustrated in the issue of April 17th, a normal weekly issue (number 3965, vol. 146. pages 485- 516) with the words ‘The Dardanelles and the Carpathians’ written in italic script within the title frame. it measures 30 x 42 cm and cost sixpence.


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