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One of the King’s first acts was the investiture of his eldest son Edward as Prince of Wales.
The Prince was then a Midshipman in the Royal Navy, having been Promoted just before the Coronation. As a Midshipman, and consequently an officer, the Prince went through his Investiture as a Knight of the Garter and bore his part at the Coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey

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To coincide with the Investiture held on July 13th, the ILN published a semi-special number on July 15th, 1911(Appendix list no. 60) which traces the history of the ceremony (which was modelled on that of the Investiture of Charles I as Prince of Wales by his father James I in 1616), details the history of and the legends connected with Carnarvon Castle, illustrates the Investiture insignia and portrays the chief figures in the ceremony. Presented with this issue was a photogravure enlargement of a portrait by Lafayette of the Prince of Wales in the uniform of a naval cadet.
The cover of this issue is the usual advertising wrapper, but the title frame contains to the right, a shield with the Prince of Wales feathers, and to the left a shield with the Welsh dragon. Beneath each shield and linked by a long stem, are the emblems of the rose, thistle and shamrock. (Wales being a Principality and not a Kingdom is not represented by a floral emblem).
This issue, number 3769, vol. 139 (pages 110-148), measures 30 x 42 cm and was priced at Sixpence.
The subsequent ordinary number (3770) details the actual Investiture ceremony in all its stages.

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