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The second special number was the
‘Pre-Coronation Number’
of June 24th

(Appendix list no. 57) and it contains illustrations dealing with every item of the preparations for the Coronation, the Procession, the decorations and the Naval Review. It includes portraits of the great officers of state, coronation guests, the standard-bearers and the train-bearers and all those others taking part in the elaborate ceremonies in the Abbey and elsewhere. The brilliantly coloured cover shows the actual bearers of the four standards at the Coronation descending a Stone Stairway with the betasselled standards swirling. They are Mr. Frank S. Dymoke, the King’s Champion, bearer of the Standard of England, Mr. Henry Scrymgeour Wedderburn bearer of the Standard of Scotland, The O’Connor Dan, bearer of the Standard of Ireland and the Duke of Wellington, bearer of the Union Standard. The issue is number 3766, vol. l3 (pages 981-1040), measures 30 x 42 cm and was priced at one shilling.

The third special number was the
‘Coronation Panorama Number’
issued on June 27th

(Appendix list no.58). It consists of Double-size pictures of all those ceremonies which took place on June 22nd, 23rd and 24th: the Coronation, the Procession through the city, the Illuminations, the decorations and the Naval Review at Spithead. Of the 28 illustrations two are in colour and six are tinted.
The front cover is in brilliant colours. To the right stands a young woman robed in purple with decorations representing the national emblem of Great Britain. She holds St. Edward’s Crown. At her feet sits another maiden with a maple-leaf embroidered russet dress (representing Canada, the greatest Dominion) holding a sceptre. To the left a sari-clad maiden (representing India, the greatest Dependency) holds the Inperial State Crown and at her feet another young woman, dressed in silks, holds a sceptre and lotus blossom (representing the Eastern colonies). In the centre on a red satin cushion on a flower-bedecked plinth is the orb. The whole background is in yellow against which is the silhouette of Westminster Abbey.
The price of this number was two shillings.

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