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Since the turn of the century Portugal had been afflicted by declining stability and prosperity. Crisis followed crisis until an assassin killed King Carol and the Crown Prince in 1908. The wounded younger prince, Dom Manoel, became Portugal ‘ s next sovereign but anti-monarchical and anti-clerical pressures became so violent that the murder of a prominent republican by a Royalist officer on October 4th 1910 led to a naval mutiny and rioting in Lisbon. By October 5th a provisional Republican government under Senhor Theophile Braga was proclaimed. King Manoel, fearing that his continued presence in the country might provoke civil war, sought protection in Gibraltar.

1910 portugal special

On October 15th, 1910 the ILN issued a semi-special number which fully covers the revolution in Portugal and the overthrow of the House of Braganza (Appendix list no.55). There are illustrations of the battle of Lisbon, anti-clerical demonstrations the shelling of Lisbon by Portuguese Warships lying in the Tagus and the flight of the dethroned King.
The front cover of this number is in the red and green colours of the new Republic and the title engraving shows the fallen flags of the House of Braganza and the raised standards of the Republic. An armorial shield with military embellishments is in the centre of the frame against a background of Lisbon standing above the River Tagus.
This issue, number 3730, vol. 137 (pages 565-604) measures 30 x 42 cm and was priced at sixpence.

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