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The long delayed state visit to the City, which should have taken place on June 27th, was made on October 25th. On the following day a Thanksgiving Service was held at St. Paul’s Cathedral to return thanks for the restoration of the King’s health after his serious illness (paralleling a similar service held in 1872). These events were commemorated in a special double number issued on November 1st 1902 entitled
‘Royal Progress and Thanksgiving Number’

(Appendix list no.45) The illustrations show the King’s progress from Buckingham Palace to the Guildhall and thence south of the river by London Bridge returning via Westminster Bridge to Buckingham Palace. The ceremonies connected with the Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul’s Cathedral are also fully illustrated. The cover of this issue is in red, white and blue. It depicts an allegorical female figure representing the City of London standing on a dais holding a chalice in her hands. Behind her is a throne beneath an ornamental canopy’. Beside the throne is a winged dragon holding a shield with a red cross displayed across its surface. In the background looms the silhouette of the Cathedral of St. Paul’ s. This issue, number 3315, vol. 121 (pages 637-684) measures 30 x 42 cm and was priced at one shilling.

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