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It was followed five days later (July 15, 1893) by the normal weekly issue (Number 2830, vol 103, pages 57-88, measuring 30 x 42 cm and priced at sixpence) which had a special wrapper.

(Appendix List no. 28). This issue details the highlights of the wedding ceremony, the departure of the bride and groom for Sandringham Park, the illuminations and decorations in the City, the wedding presents and the royal procession from and back to Buckingham Palace. Contemporary opinion was that this wedding was greeted “with a general demonstration of festive gladness and of public sympathy unequalled in London since the wedding, 30 years ago, of the Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark”. The wrapper of this number is in pink and blue and depicts a variety of garlands, sprays and bouquets of summer flowers as well as such wedding motifs as chiming bells and entwined initials. The words ‘Royal Wedding Pictures’ fill the central space. next page >>

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