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In November 1886 an expedition to bring relief to Emin Pasha, the Governor of the Eygptian stations at Wadelai on the Upper White Nile, was sent out under H. M. Stanley. Emin Pasha, who was Dr. Edward Schnitzer, a German physician, had been cut off in the equatorial Province of the Sudan after the capture of Khartoum and the death of General Gordon, since January 1885 and was threatened by the southward advance of the Mahdi’s conquering forces. Stanley reached Emin at Kavalli, on Lake Albert Nyanza, on April 29th 1889. The relief expedition reached Zanzibar in December 1889. On March 3rd 1890 a special number was published under the title ‘The Emin Pasha Relief Expedition’

with the descriptive sub-heading ‘Mr. H. M. Stanley’s march through the great forest region of central Africa from the Congo to the Nile Lakes (with sketches and descriptions by officers of the expedition)’. (Appendix List no. 20). The narrative details the incidents of the perilous march from Yambuga, the meeting with Emin Pasha on the shores of the Albert Nyanza; the imprisonment of Mr. Mounteney-Jepherson (commissioned by Stanley to treat with the Eygptians and Sudanese on the Nile) and Emin Pasha; their release at the approach of the Mahdi’s army and the departure of the whole expedition in April 1889 with hundreds of fugitives from the Sudan, by an unexplored route until they reached the Eastern sea coast opposite Zanzibar. The blue wrapper shows the meeting of Emin Pasha and Stanley at Kavalli, on Lake Albert Nyanza, with a background of jubilant natives. The issue has 32 pages; measures 30 x 42 cm and was priced at one shilling. next page >>

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