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Nearly every month of 1977 saw the ILN full of Jubilee news with full ‘cover story’ reportage; but two issues are worth special mention. The first is the issue from June, 1977 (number 6947, vol. 265) which has 25 years of royal pictures together with a complete guide to Jubilee events.

The second is the issue for July, 1977 (number 6948, vol. 265) which gives full coverage of Jubilee Day, June 7, when the Queen drove from Buckingham Palace to St. Paul’s Cathedral for the Service of thanksgiving and then went to Guildhall for 1uncheon.
This issue has photographs of the Jubilee which began officially on May 4
when the Queen heard loyal addresses from both Houses of Parliament and which culminated with the pageantry and friendliness of Jubilee Day.
‘Life and Death of Mountbatten’
was the title of the issue produced by the ILN in October, 1979

(Appendix List No. 176).
For more than 30 years, Earl Mountbatten of Burma had spent every August in the quiet fishing village of Mullaghmore, County Sligo. On the morning of August 27, he and members of his family set out for a day’s fishing. The boat had hardly left the harbour mouth when it was ripped apart by an IRA bomb. Earl Mountbatten, aged 79, statesman and warrior, was killed instantly as were his grandson, Nicholas, aged 14, and a 17 year old boatman.
Lord Mountbatten was the son of Prince Louis of Battenburg and Princess Victoria (daughter of Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse) and was born on June 25, 1900 at Frogmore House, Windsor. “Dicky” Mountbatten held a unique position in the British establishment. He entered the Royal Navy in 1913 and in Wor1d War Two became Supreme Allied Commander in South East Asia, retaking Burma. Appointed Viceroy by the Attlee government, he presided over the transfer of power to India and Pakistan. In 1955 he became First Sea Lord and, following his formal retirement in 1965, became what has been described as a ‘high-powered odd-job man.’
The ILN issue has an appraisal and pictorial record of his life and a report on his funeral which was held in Westminster Abbey on September 5.
The cover has a photograph of Earl Mountbatten of Burma by Norman Parkinson. It is issue number 6975, vol. 267, containing 170 pages, measuring 30 x 23 cm and priced at sixty-five pence.

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