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Recording a significant milestone in its career the ILN celebrated its
‘125th Anniversary Issue 1842 - 1967'
on May 13, 1967

1967 125 anniv

(Appendix List No. 170). Since details of the genesis and growth of the magazine have been given previously, Suffice it to say that this issue is devoted to evoking the life span of the ILN through its own history and through the world of politics, fashion, science and the arts which it has observed. To be specific, there are substantial sections detailing milestones of the era, the history of the ILN, six monarchs; archaeology; art; communications; writers zoology; architecture; theatre; fashion and travel.
The cover is in black with bold gilt lettering. Along the outside edge are a series of contrasting pictures depicting the monarchy, architecture, travel, fashion and warfare.
The issue consists of 114 pages, measures 37 x 26 cm and was priced at five shillings.

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